Has PSN Outage Put You Off PlayStation

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Topic started: Mon, 9 May 2011 18:56
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Mon, 9 May 2011 18:56
I mainly played the very good Warhawk on the psn and all other online games like C.O.D. are only played on my xbox since the controller is much better for f.p.s. and the xbox interface is much better than the ps3's which is quite sterile
Wed, 11 May 2011 14:46
@captainpugwash I completely agree, since getting my 1st 360, i played the gears of war3 beta, (not a fps i know) but this game is utter carnage! Theres nothing like this on my ps3!!! I urge 'war game' fans to try this, you dont have to pledge your allegiance with MS, or even buy one, (360) just try a friends game, fantasy or not this is chaos! I understand why people love this, its right up my street, please try it, playstation gamers would love it because i know the standards we expect, theyre very high!
Just try it GOW? More like WOW!
I really dont like our 'best' shooter KZ3 anymore, its just normal in comparison. Dont hate me! Just hate good games! Dont be ignorant/blind. You'll see.

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