Primarily SPOnG exists to provide a reference to gamers everywhere. However, we also offer a number of professional services to gamers, games retailers and software publishers, these include:

Games content and information delivery

Used globally by retailers, distributors and insurance companies, SPOnG is the market leader in providing quality information your customers need about the games they want to buy.

Take a moment to peruse the titles listed in the current charts and, from our publicly available database, the depth and richness of SPOnG's data is immediately evident; packaging and in-game screens, age ratings, release dates, genre classification, accessories and summary.

To bolster the publicly available content, SPOnG's video games data feed delivery service ties the all important barcode to the relevant box shot / packaging, publisher and release date, along with the RRP and release type (Initial Release, Platinum, Player's Choice, etc.), providing single, coherent SKU for each game released - all provided in a single package that's easy to import into your on-line store or back-office system.

The uses don't just stop at on-line retail; without SPOnG's games content the identification and selection of products would be a lengthy process for the many non-specialist and temporary staff employed by our clients in the insurance, warehouse and distribution sectors.

If you want to know more about our unrivalled content delivery and how it will generate sales while saving you money, get in touch.

Our XML DTD for video games content is available at:

Podcast Hosting

Got an idea for a new video game-related podcast and need a way to get it out there? Or do you already host one and need to grow your audience? We can help! It doesn't stop at hosting - we'll help you get through the grind of getting your show onto iTunes and other discovery networks. Just drop us a line to find out more.

Press Release Publishing

Send us your press releases and we'll publish them. Simple as that. Oh, well, they have to have some bearing on video games, obv. They won't be forever forgotten in an undiscoverable corner of the site, unloved and abandoned. Oh no! They'll be referenced to your company page, the relevant people and game pages too. Even the rubbish ones!