Feature Shane sucks at Everspace

But he thinks it's pretty neat anyway

Interview Suda51 on Travis Strikes Again

Goichi Suda chats the Switch, games characters talking to game characters, unlocking the Joycon

Feature Games of the Year 2016: Titanfall 2

A big, bold step forward

Interview The Sausage Factory Episode 101: Video Edition

Will Glow the Wisp by Part Time Indie

Interview The Sausage Factory 100: Video Edition

Forced Showdown by Beta Dwarf

Feature Games of 2015: Sausage Factory Favourites

Yes, another Fallout 4 mention...

Feature Games of the Year: Fallout 4 (II)

Yes, we do love Fallout 4...

Feature Games of the Year: Unreal Tournament

Yes, it's in alpha. No, we don't care

Feature Games of the Year: Fallout 4

Because no, Dark Souls is not allowed

Feature Games of the Year: Destiny

Rise of the Bloodborne Rocket Batman of Destiny

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1. Feature// Shane sucks at Everspace
But he thinks it's pretty neat anyway
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