The Godfather II Gets Free Multiplayer Patch

Free versus paid-for multi-player DLC: fight!

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The Godfather II Gets Free Multiplayer Patch
Electronic Arts has announced that it will make a free patch available for The Godfather II from launch, adding an additional multi-player mode to the game.

The patch will enable players to take the game's 'Think like a Don' strategic element online. EA tells us that, "Players can now challenge one another in 16-player battles for their in-game currency from the single-player game.

"As a Don online, players can recruit others to join their family by giving them a cut of the profits. But if a player loses as Don, the in-game currency they wagered will be removed in their single-player campaign and their empire can come crumbling down."

The 'Don's View' strategic element of the game gives players a 3D representation of their criminal empire, enabling them to plan hits and attacks on enemy rackets.

The feature joins four other multi-player modes. You can find out more about the game on SPOnG's dedicated Godfather II page.

While EA is offering this multi-player patch for free, Capcom kicked up a stink recently with the revelation that an online versus mode would be introduced to Resident Evil 5 as paid-for DLC. 'How come we have to pay for what other games offer for free?!' came the cry from rankled gamers.

Capcom's Christian Svensson, VP of strategic planning at the publisher, responded, calling "BS". He argued that no-one was complaining that they weren't getting value for money before they knew about the DLC.

"Secondly, whenever we do PDLC, that content exists with its own budgets, it's own profit and loss analysis with its own forecasts. If it didn't, that extra content wouldn't have been put into production, because it did not fit within the production budget of the base product", he added.

Svensson recently stressed the importance of digital distribution to Capcom's strategy - at least as far as the PC is concerned. So, (aside from the fact he was always likely to stick up for Capcom products) he would be inclined to defend paid-for DLC, wouldn't he?

The Godfather II launches on April 10th in the UK.


WAKABOOOO! 16 Jul 2011 03:09
I use the patch and it only says I dont have sufficient acces to modify the game
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