"Driven to Kill by Call of Duty" The Lure of Dying UK Print Journalism

UK's Daily Mirror puts the amroured personnel carrier in front of the horse

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"Driven to Kill by Call of Duty" The Lure of Dying UK Print Journalism
We're thinking of starting an entirely new area of the site given over entirely to the mainstream media getting their knickers in a twist and their facts wrong about video games. Today, the UK's Daily Mirror, an apparently left of centre red-top tabloid.

The front page of today's Mirror is the headline: "Driven to Kill by Call of Duty" and cynically uses the fatal shootings in Washington DC to make a link between shooter Aaron Alexis, who yesterday shot dead 12 people at Washington Navy Yard and the game.

This is much along the lines of the story we covered yesterday in which broadsheet paper, The Daily Telegraph screamed about Alexis' videogame 'obsession'.

The Mirror's story is the usual half-chewed, throwaway stuff about, "Alexis went on his gun rampage after becoming addicted to violent video games. The maniac spent 18 hours a day on horrors such as Call of Duty." And according to a friend of his with no medical qualifications cited, this pushed the gun nut over the edge.

Over the edge of what? The fact that he had documented medical problems and yet was allowed under even more insane US gun laws to 'bear arms'?


headcasephil 18 Sep 2013 09:40
cant we tell a new gta is out. i go to dark rooms eat yellow pills listening to electronic music because i played pacman
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