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Topic started: Mon, 7 May 2012 16:38
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Mon, 7 May 2012 16:38
Crysis was the epitome of what a PC developer could do, with gameplay that was fairly complimentary for the most part. The multiplayer mode of Crysis 1 was honestly something that should have translated over to Crysis 2. They had a great foundation to build off of and just completely swept it under the rug.

Of course we want it only on PC. Have you seen what happens when you develop for console? We get a lackluster multiplayer mode with tiny maps and chaos freaking everywhere. It was a complete ripoff of Call of Duty in every way shape and form. Suddenly we also lose the little tiny details that made Crysis 1 so great because consoles can't afford to render them with everything else. Seriously, go into Crysis 1 and attach a laser pointer to a weapon, then shine it through a water bottle. IT REFRACTS AND WRAPS AROUND THE BOTTLE. THAT S**T WAS AWESOME. IT IMMERSED ME. Now, if I try that in Crysis 2? Ohhhhh the bottle isn't even transparent. It just has this ass ugly texture that can't even be helped with the "high resolution" texture pack.

Yeah Crysis 2 overall looked better, but it definitely was missing a lot of the minor details that made stopping and looking around in Crysis 1 really worthwhile. And I did enjoy Crysis 2 a good bit. However it was a REALLY ungraceful sequel when compared to the Original and Warhead. They just had SO much more to offer.

So yes, when we see what consoles do to (what started as) OUR series then of course we want it to stay ours. Now, had Crysis 2 retained everything I just mentioned, and those problems were on the console side of things only (meaning that the multiplayer on PC wasn't anything like it is currently, and it retained all the gameplay variation and small details graphics wise) then i'd believe that is how it should be.

In fact, I'll go as far as to say that it is pretty obvious Crysis 2 was developed for consoles first, and then ported to PC. The release of the demo to Xbox first as well as the lack of PC oriented settings is easily evidence towards that. If it had been developed for PC first, then we wouldn't have seen the lack of small details like we did. We wouldn't have seen the multiplayer become such a mess and completely butchered.

Crytek, just get your act together.


A long time fan since Far Cry.

P.S. - Do tessellation right next time. Don't try to think you're "supporting" enthusiasts by lazily implementing it like you did.
Mon, 7 May 2012 19:11
WRONG! After the port that was Crysis 2, linear gameplay,COD-like MP,etc I dont think many PC gamers care. It was great when it pushed the limits of PC hardware but that was their ONLY gimmick. EA killed another Dev but keeps it shuffling like a zombie.
Mon, 7 May 2012 23:54

For all your stories about refracting lasers in bottles, there is a simple truth for me.

I played Crysis 1 on the PC, and never finished it.

I played Crysis 2 on the Xbox and loved it... because of that I went back and played Crysis 1 on the Xbox, and enjoyed it much more because of the refined control scheme.

I've never given one single f**k about laser pointers refracting in bottles. I have cared about the ability to control a character in a sandbox that way I want to.

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