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Games: Destiny: The Taken King
Allow me to let you peek behind the curtain slightly.

SPOnG's editor Mark sent an email to all staff writers on 20th November asking for our game of the year choices. He wanted us to submit our result by December 3rd. I'm writing this on the evening of December 2nd.

Now, this isn't down to my usual 'leave it to the last minute' policy as writing about my GOTY is usually the easiest thing I have to write all year and something I enjoy doing. No, this year I've left it to the last minute because writing about 2015's GOTY is nowhere near as simple.

It's been filled with absolute classics and picking between them has almost exploded my skull. I narrowed down a shortlist consisting of Bloodborne, Rocket League, Batman Arkham Knight and Rise of the Tomb Raider but my final choice would change daily.

I had the most fun playing Rocket League, but Bloodborne is a masterpiece. Batman Arkham Knight is about as perfect as a AAA game can get while Rise of the Tomb Raider blew me away with it's pretty visuals and incredible set pieces.

I couldn't settle. That was until I noticed that I was missing something.

There was one game that I hadn't even considered and it was the one that I'd spent the most time with. It's a game that found me falling hopelessly addicted to and one that would see me planning out my free time to play.


Now, I know what you're thinking. "It didn't come out this year." But hear me out.

Although I enjoyed the game at launch, it wasn't until the influx of new content that I fell hopelessly in love with it. The updates, new quests and new systems that we've seen over the past 12 months have evolved a good shooter into something that not only kept me coming back for more, but one that I've enjoyed every moment of.

So I'd be lying if I picked any other game. The ones I've mentioned here are all worthy contenders and any other year would have breezed to the top of my list, but if I'm honest with myself Destiny is the game that runs deeper than anything.

You can read Dave's full take on Destiny: The Taken King, here. You might also want to give Dark Calls, the podcast in which he guides fellow SPOnGer James Farley through Dark Souls, a listen.

Games: Destiny: The Taken King

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