First Looks// EGX Rezzed 2016: Dungeons and Robots

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Ever wandered the halls of a deep dark and very dank dungeon in a videogame and wondered what it would be like if rather than controlling some warrior or wizard you were a hulking great robot that was practically impervious to anything? Well wonder no more, for Dungeons and Robots is pretty much what I just described and I spent not an insignificant amount of time with it at Rezzed 2016.

The initial screen for Dungeons and Robots consists of a load out selection menu that allows players to either select a pre-defined robot or make their own. There is a weight limit to each one, forcing the player to be judicious in their selections and compromising defence over offence to get the most optimised robot.

Once that is out of the way the traditional dungeon crawler game begins proper, with the player seeing their chosen robot dropped into an underground realm. This place is of course teeming with creatures that want to dismantle the player's robot piece by piece.

They're going to have to get through the huge arsenal of weapons the player has at their disposal of course. The achilles heel of all robots in Dungeons and Robots is the power the player has at their disposal. It's very limited and has a slow recharge rate. To overcome this weapons fire needs to be kept at a minimum or else the player will be reduced to a pile of gears and electronics by the rampaging denizens of the dungeons.

I experienced only the single-player game, but it does support up to four players in co-op as well as crafting of weapons and armour, and all of the levels are procedurally generated to ensure replayability.

One thing to note was the control scheme for Dungeons and Robots. There is a need for the player to rotate the camera as they move around the dungeon. This runs against the fixed camera ethos of most dungeon crawlers and I personally found it difficult to manage at first. I often became lost as I tried to navigate through the underground lair. This can be quickly overcome by studying the map carefully before progressing on, however.

Dungeons and Robots is out on Early Access for Windows PC.

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