Final Fantasy VII - PC

Also known as: 'Final Fantasy 7'
Viewed: 2.5D Combination
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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Final Fantasy VII PC Released, Then Un-Released News

DRM issues prevent users from authenticating.

06 Aug 2012

Tetsuya Nomura Ignores FF Versus XIII, Debunks FFVII Remake News

But where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

16 May 2012

Final Fantasy VII Pitched for Classic FM Hall of Fame News

Campaign to get video game music in the spotlight

18 Jan 2012

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: February Feature

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24 Dec 2010

Square CEO: We're Exploring Final Fantasy VII Remake News

Hints at joy or pain

23 Mar 2010

Chaos as Square Enix Considers Final Fantasy VII Remake News

Publisher asks Japanese fans their thoughts on Twitter; regrets.

08 Mar 2010

Kitase Still Not Tired of Final Fantasy VII Queries News

But still no FFVII

16 Feb 2010

Peter Molyneux: No 'OMG!' on PlayStation 3 News

Lionhead founder loves on LBP

24 Sep 2008

Final Fantasy VII For PS3 - Confirmation Coming in Last Remnant? News

Plus: FF XIII playable demo rumoured

01 Apr 2008

Final Fantasy VII and XIII Heading to PlayStation 3? News

Ports, sequels, spin-offs?

24 May 2006

Updated Final Fantasy VII Headed for PlayStation 3 News

It must be rumour day.

22 Jun 2005

Square Enix pledges Massive E3 Showing: New FFVII, FFXII Confirmed and More! News

Full-on roll-out assured – fanbase overjoyed.

25 Apr 2005

New Final Fantasy VII: A New Reason to Cry News

Snowboarding for mobile phones. Really.

08 Mar 2005

Square Enix confirms new Final Fantasy VII spin-off for PSP News

Crisis Core to join UMD movie, PS2 and mobile games

27 Oct 2004

PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy VII update: It lives! News

With a subtitle that sounds a bit like dog poo – It’s all good

16 Sep 2004

Final Fantasy VII Remake – The Rumour That Wouldn’t Die News

New claim made by Japanese games mag.

21 Jul 2004

Game-based Movie Mania continues at pace News

Doom, Metroid, John Woo and more.

04 Jun 2004

Incredible Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy row unfolds as new game confirmed! News

Square Enix explains portable RPG soap opera

22 Apr 2004

PSP Final Fantasy Double Pack to Ignite E3? News

Rumour mill throws up a beauty.

13 Apr 2004

The Rumour That Wouldn’t Die. Final Fantasy VII set to Return! News

This time as a Devil May Cry-style action game?

24 Feb 2004

ELSPA and CVG Reveal Your Top 30 Games From the Last 30 Years News

No real surprises here - strong Nintendo and Sega presence confirms PlayStation generation hasn't got it sewn up yet.

05 Dec 2003

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children western hopes bolstered News

Extra-Japan release ‘almost certain’.

22 Oct 2003

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children production team revealed News

One for the Square hardcore, no less…

07 Oct 2003

No Final Fantasy VII remake – Gaiden unlikely News

Backwards compatibility enough says Square.

01 Oct 2003

Final Fantasy VII movie shock News

Worst fears materialise as game is denied.

29 Sep 2003

Square fulfil your Fantasy News

Final Fantasy VII may get a sequel according to the series' producer.

11 Nov 2002

Final Fantasy Confirmed for GameCube News

Square/Nintendo partnership yields new development studio.

11 Mar 2002

Japan gets a second instalment of Final Fantasy X as Europe and America wait News

Bah! Some countries get all the luck!

12 Nov 2001

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