Gunship - Amiga

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Gunship (Amiga)
Also for: PC, PlayStation, ST, C64, Spectrum 48K, Sinclair Spectrum 128K, Amstrad CPC
Viewed: 3D First-person Genre:
Combat Game: Helicopter
Media: 3.5" floppy disk Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Microprose (GB/US/JP)
Released: Aug 1989 (GB)
Unknown (US/JP)


Long before Gunship 2000, four years before to be exactly, Microprose flexed their muscles on the Amiga helicopter flight sim stage. And with the kind of aplomb one has come to expect from Microprose. Train in a AH 64A Apache helicopter, and then take on some of the numerous missions in this excellent example of an early(ish) Amiga 3D game.

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