Microcosm - CD32

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Microcosm (CD32)
Also for: PC, 3DO, CDi, FM Towns, Sega MegaCD
Viewed: 2.5D Third person, into the screen Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Psygnosis
Publishers: Psygnosis (GB/US/JP)
Released: Apr 1994 (GB)
Unknown (US/JP)


Before developing Lemmings on every platform then available made Psygnosis a 'big' name and got them snapped up by Sony, they had a bit of a reputation for being demo merchants, the quality of who's intros far exceeded that of their games. Microcosm falls dangerously into this trap, but it is also by far the most technically advanced CD32 game to be issued, and acts as a fine demo for the console.