Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Dreamcast

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Dreamcast)
Also for: PC, Power Mac, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, N64
Viewed: Combination Combination Genre:
Combat Game: Infantry
Strategy: Combat
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Red Storm Soft. Co.: Red Storm
Publishers: VIE (ES/GB/IT)
Released: 2 Feb 2001 (ES/GB/IT)
Ratings: 15+
Accessories: Visual Memory Card, Vibration Pack


In 1999, with the cold war behind them, the nations of the world turned their attentions to the elimination of the global terrorism menace. John Terrence Clark, an ex-Navy SEAL, now working for the American Central Intelligence Agency, proposed the formation of a multi-national organisation to combat the threat of terrorism at any place on the globe. With the backing of the Director of the CIA and the President of the USA, Clark's organisation was formed with the code name Rainbow. Based in Hereford in the UK, Rainbow draws on the expertise of the SAS, the American Army, Germany's GSG-9 and the Israeli Mossad, amongst others.

Now, you take over where John Clark left off. As the leader (the 'six' in Rainbow Six) you plan the operations, choose your team, equip your men and lead them against terrorist organisations in actual combat. Rainbow Six combines the strategic planning of an anti-terrorist operation and the heart-pounding thrill of special operations combat missions into a game that develops into a headlong rush to save the world. Based on the book of the same name, Rainbow Six draws on the characters and situations created by Tom Clancy to provide a rich story to accompany the game play.

Rainbow Six is challenging to the extent that it requires lots of skill, time and patience. And while this may seem a little off-putting to begin with, progressing through the game with success is ultimately rewarding. The feeling of satisfaction on completion is often the best measure of a game's quality, and it shows that the developers have achieved a good balance of gameplay.