Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec - PS2

Also known as: 'GT2000'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Racing: Car

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02 Jul 2007

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16 May 2002

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14 Nov 2001

Gran Turismo 3 Concept Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show News

An add-on for the amazing GT3 featuring 20 new cars was revealed recently, starring the concept cars that rarely make it into production.

26 Oct 2001

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GT3 hits Stateside while Europe prepares News

11 days and counting.

07 Sep 2001

Just 1/1000th of a Second In It Press Release

GT3 Trials too close to call.

21 Aug 2001

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec European Winners’ League Launched Press Release

piggyback interactive launches online challenge to find the fastest driver in Europe.

25 Jul 2001

Going Shopping Tomorrow? News

Page 3 girls, free stuff and rock music! A day in the life of a killer app launch.

19 Jul 2001

Gran Turismo 3 PAL Vs NTSC Head to Head News

Testing,, one-two.

19 Jul 2001

Gran Turismo 3 tops the charts in Japan Shocker News

You are not going to belive this!

16 Jul 2001

Sony Awards Japan’s Top Sellers News

Sony Computer Entertainment has recently announced the top selling PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games in Japan.

29 Jun 2001

Gran Turismo 3 licensing becoming an issue? News

Strange goings on at E3

12 Jun 2001

More 'games music is rubbish' news News

If you want GT3, don't read this

04 Jun 2001

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec complete car listing News

All the cars you could ever need

28 May 2001

Gran Turismo 3 sells like hotcakes in Japan News

Shock horror, GT3 sells like mad

28 May 2001

Gran Turismo 3 just keeps on getting better News

Tripple screen madness for GT3

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Sony and Polyphony Make Us Very Happy…again! News

Sony pushed the boat out with their display for GT3. Big plasma screens, six-way link-up, steering wheels and Corbeau racing seats were all featured.

21 May 2001

Countdown to UK Gran Turismo 3 launch plus Secret info News

GT3 blamed for office productivity slump! Game officially banned Shocker.

15 May 2001

Gran Turismo 3 problems in Japan – Sony makes a stand News

DVD lens issues thwart SCE's finest hour

10 May 2001

Sony Gran Turismo 3 adverts released! News

If you understand this, let us know

27 Apr 2001

Sony talks of Gran Turismo sequel News

Online sequel in the works!

19 Apr 2001

Final Gran Turismo 3 A Spec shown in Full Glory News

Finished and polished, GT3 rolls out

02 Apr 2001

Gran Turismo 3 A Spec gets a European Release date News

The world's finest racer gets pencilled in for Europe

12 Mar 2001

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec delayed News

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but unfortunately one the most anticipated PlayStation 2 games Gran Turismo 3 is being put back.

17 Jan 2001

Gran Turismo 3 pre-orders start News

If you’re still unsure about the PlayStation 2, there is one game that will easily make up your mind.

18 Dec 2000

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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