Little Monsters: Curious Calvin In The Treasure Of Bulstrode Castle - PC

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Little Monsters: Curious Calvin In The Treasure Of Bulstrode Castle (PC)
Also for: Power Mac
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Ransom Publishing (GB)
Released: 5 May 2000 (GB)
Ratings: No rating


There was more than a little concern among the SPOnG staff when we learned that children’s educational titles were on the agenda. To a handful of young men, weaned on brutality and mayhem, the mere thought of education turned them white with fear. Heck, even thinking about thinking is enough to send these guys into a state of panic.

However, all was forgotten shortly after putting the disc in the machine, and in no more than five minutes, respective childhoods were being revisited. This particular title’s central character is a boy that any seven-year-old, or parent thereof, will recognise immediately. Always questioning, and disliking not knowing or being involved, Calvin’s curiosity is aroused by the discovery of a magic treasure map at the castle. The map shows that there is treasure to be found in the castle, but parts of the map are missing.

Exploring the castle is Calvin’s priority, and as he approaches the gates, the beefeaters will test his literacy, and with your help, he’ll be able to enter the castle and visit the shop, sign the visitors’ book and meet up with a friendly ghost. There are a host of reading and writing exercises to pass to help you find the missing pieces of the map, and thus uncover the treasure.

The Little Monsters series of educational titles is a nigh on essential additional tool for a child’s learning experience. With Curious Calvin and his friends, parents can gauge just how much junior is developing, and the kids themselves will fully enjoy the challenge.