Velvet File - PS2

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Velvet File (PS2)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Strategy: Management
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: DaZZ Soft. Co.: DaZZ
Released: 29 Mar 2001 (JP)


This bizarre PlayStation 2 title from Dazz is strategic giant Mechanoid game. This is turn based strategy title that will satisfy your hexagonal needs. Velvet File is a good indicator of where turn based games are heading. If you own a PS2, and like games where you have to think, Velvet File is worth checking out.

Velvet File is split into several missions and your objectives are made clear at the start of each mission. Before you start you can choose one of four different characters and select your type of mech. Then it’s time to customise your gigantic robot with weapons and abilities. You can even change the colour of your mech if you so wish.

Because the PlayStation 2 can deliver such incredible visuals, the cities are rendered with an extraordinary amount of detail. In each turn you choose how far to move each Mech and what attacks to perform, if necessary. You then get to see the results of your actions in full 3D. The battle sequences can be very spectacular.

Using the shoulder buttons you can rotate the battlefield, and you can also zoom in and out of the playing field. This is useful for planning your strategies as you can get a clear view of what lies ahead. Then you can determine the best tactics for the situation, but watch out for surprise attacks.