All Star Racing Compendium - PlayStation

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All Star Racing Compendium (PlayStation)
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Racing: Car
Arcade origin:No
Soft. Co.: Midas
Publishers: Midas (GB/GB)
Released: 31 May 2002 (GB)
20 Jun 2003 (GB)
Ratings: 3+
Features: Vibration Compatible
Accessories: Memory Card


All Star Racing Compendium is a compilation of four games in one – and all for under £15. The games in question go by the names of GT Racer, Classic Car Racing, Super Car Challenge and Stock Car Frenzy.

In GT Racer you can select a Le Mans-style car from a total of three, then select from three F1 style tracks on which to race.

Classic Car Racer is a nostalgic look back to the era of the classic car. Three different classics can be selected before racing around the cliffs and mountains of Italy commences, without the modern comforts of downforce and slick tyres.

Super Car Challenge gives the player the chance to experience driving the car of their dreams. With tracks ranging from motorways to winding country lanes, the open road is begging to be burnt up with one of three super cars.

The art of oval racing is to be mastered in Stock Car Frenzy. Select a road-hugging monster stock car and push those brake horses to the max around two oval tracks or one road circuit.