TOCA Race Driver - PC

Also known as: 'DTM Race Driver', 'Pro Race Driver', 'TOCA Race Driver Live'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Racing: Car

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Join the fast and the furious online as TOCA Race Driver gets set to go Live on Xbox Press Release

Online multiplayer racing will become part of TOCA Race Driver action as Codemasters' best-selling motorsport game is re-launched for Xbox in October.

21 Aug 2003

Download and race your mates - it's the multiplayer PC demo TOCA Race Driver Press Release

TOCA Race Driver PC multiplayer playable demo now available to download.

19 Jun 2003

Cars worth millions - now yours for £19.99 as TOCA Race Driver goes Platinum Press Release

Codemasters launches TOCA Race Driver for the £19.99 PlayStation 2 Platinum range on June.

05 Jun 2003

Toca Race Driver shot! News

New screens, mean machines.

14 Mar 2003

TOCA Race Driver PC single playable demo now available Press Release

Download and drive the playable demo of TOCA Race Driver's enhanced PC edition.

28 Feb 2003

Next year, the Xbox finally gets the driving game it’s been waiting for News

March 2003 finally sees the long-awaited release of ToCA Race Driver for Xbox and PC.

30 Dec 2002

More action, more drama, more danger Press Release

An enhanced "Toca Race Driver" comes to Xbox.

28 Dec 2002

More Toca Race Driver Gubbins News

Gentlemen, start your saliva glands, here’s the complete championship, track and car content.

01 Mar 2002

Toca for Xbox first look as Codies confirms four for Microsoft! News

Big Mike the ear-chewer and a car... What more could you want?

04 Oct 2001

Authentic engine notes for TOCA News

There’s something strangely sexual about exhaust notes.

01 Oct 2001

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