Dragon Ball Z: The Collectible Card Game - GBA

Also known as: Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game

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Strategy: Trading
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Screaming Games Soft. Co.: Infogrames
Released: Unknown (GB)


In the Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game, players create multiple custom decks from over 300 cards from the Trunks, Saiyan, Frieza and Androids sagas. Using selected cards, players try to defeat their opponent with a combination of strategy, attacks and defence. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve victory by one of three ways: Survival Victory, Dragon Ball Victory or Most Powerful Personality Victory.

To achieve a Survival Victory, you must eliminate all of your opponent’s cards first. For a Dragon Ball victory, a player must be the first to collect all seven Dragon Balls. To win a Most Powerful Personality Victory, you must reach your highest personality level before your opponent.

The Game Boy Advance DBZ: Collectible Card Game allows gamers to play their favourite characters, play against friends or the computer, unlock nine “exclusive” Combat cards originally found in the Game Boy Advance game, use multiple martial arts styles or choose only one and declare Tokui-Waza. DBZ fans will be able to play their favourite characters and enjoy powering up against friends or the system.