Arc: Twilight of the Spirits - PS2

Also known as: Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

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Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Cattle Call
Publishers: Sony (US)
Released: 30 Jan 2004 (GB)
25 Jun 2003 (US)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Features: Vibration Function Compatible
Accessories: Memory Card


For those of you eagerly gnawing at your nails in anticipation of the UK release of the next Final Fantasy instalment, this latest release from Sony may be just the tonic for consuming those restless hours – and if the promises are true, then that’s over 60 of them. Retaining all of the classic RPG elements that have long been the staple diet for many of us, Arc: Twilight of the Spirits casts players into a chaotic, conflict-stricken world of epic proportions and charges them with the arduous-yet-unsurprising task of restoring peace and tranquillity.

The background story tells of a world full of betrayal and self-destruction, in which Humans and a race known as Deimos have been at war for years, in a struggle to capture the Great Spirit Stones. And this is primarily the order of the day here, as, in typical fashion, it is precisely this task that holds the key to putting the world to rights.

So players join, among others, separated-at-birth brothers Darc and Kharg, as they embark on said adventure, full of twists, secrets, discoveries and, of course, good old turn-based combat. There are over 14 playable characters in all, each complete with his or her own unique abilities, weapons, spells and special attacks. However, the main angle with regard to this element is the contrasting viewpoints of the two distanced siblings. As the game progresses, control switches between the two brothers, complete with their own independent storylines, attendant characters and environments, until the two parties finally unite, join forces and, you know, erm, tan some serious bad guys’ hides.

As mentioned before, the game is extremely faithful to the classic RPG genre, complete with all the traditional elements such as magic, character-upgrades, and strategic, team-based combat. However, the latter places a slightly different spin on that of your usual Final Fantasy proceedings, with battles taking place in larger areas and players having to also manage their characters’ position within them. Consequently, it’s only possible to attack enemies within a certain range and other elements come into play, such as being able to perform team attacks should characters be in close enough proximity.

It’s been a while since the PlayStation 2 has seen a game such as Arc: Twilight of the Spirits. If classic Japanese-style role-playing is what floats your boat then you really don’t want to miss this one.


Arc: Twilight of the Spirits - PS2 Artwork