Race Driver: Create and Race - DS/DSi

Also known as: DTM Race Driver: Create and Race', 'V8 Supercars: Create and Race

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Race Driver: Create and Race (DS/DSi)
Viewed: 3D Third person, into the screen Genre:
Racing: Car
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Firebrand Soft. Co.: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters (GB)
Released: 28 Sept 2007 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+


Race Driver: Create & Race enables you to experience the thrills and spills of being a professional racing driver and design and create race circuits to challenge the rest of the world. The stylus-shaped gauntlet has been thrown down. The career of a professional racer is not an easy one. You'll contend with not only a multitude of racing styles and types of vehicle, but also with a series of driving challenges and time trials before you are ready to compete for the position of best driver in the world. As you progress through the World Tour, you will unlock more championships, tracks and vehicles for Simulation and Multiplayer modes, and earn valuable Reward Points with which to purchase new challenges and bonus items.

Thanks to the DS WiFi facility, players can challenge others to race on the game's official tracks - 32 real world venues, fact fans - as well as the circuits of their own creation. Race Driver: Create & Race enables up to four players to go head-to-head in races, sharing a game from just one cartridge. Further championships and cars can be unlocked from the World Tour Mode and then raced in real time online and in ad hoc multiplayer modes.

So, all well and good: a Codemasters racing game in the palm of your hand is always a cause for celebration, but Race Driver: Create & Race's track construction kit is a real boon. Using the stylus, the editor enables players to choose and situate track elements, such as hairpin corners, long straights and chicanes. Once all the pieces are in place, players can take to their track and experience the circuit they have just built.