Yamaha Super Cross - DS/DSi

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Viewed: 2D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Motorcycle
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Coyote Console Soft. Co.: Zoo Digital
Publishers: Zushi Games (GB)
Funbox (GB)
Released: 18 Sept 2009 (GB)
25 Feb 2011 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
No Accessories: No accessories


Ever fancied yourself as a motorcycle racer? We don't much – sounds too dirty and muddy. Mind you, we don't really like going out all that much. Sounds too dirty and muddy. Yamaha Super Cross puts you at the helm of one of the world's leading cycle teams and promises a fusion of arcade style action with a system that's easy to get into. And you don't even have to get a real bike.

So what's the score then? Yamaha has lent its license to the game, which adds a depth of realism to the bikes you're using, but also becomes relevant in the storyline. You will be playing as an up and coming Supercross star for Team Yamaha, taking on the sinister and vile (and callous!) Team Nemeshisu for the World Championship title. It's a matter of pride and honour, as you try to beat the opposing team to avenge your brother, one of the biggest names in Supercross, who is currently in hospital after Nemeshisu intentionally made a move to take him down. Things just got real.

With your brother helping you reach the big time, you get the choice of competing in the Championship Mode, which includes three series of races that get progressively harder with more complex tracks, racing on your own terms in the Arcade Mode or timing your best in the Ghost Mode. There's also some splitscreen multiplayer action available for those who want to race against each other or co-operatively.

A whole host of added features are included, such as a realistic track system that reacts to weather conditions, an advanced physics system that creates the right impact on your crashes and holds a host of obstacles such as jumps, whoops and rhythm sections. A horde of added rewards and bonuses like hidden courses, bikes and decals help make Yamaha Super Cross one of the most intense games of its genre yet.