Clever Kids: Dino Land - DS/DSi

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Clever Kids: Dino Land (DS/DSi)
Also for: PC, PS2
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Publishers: Midas (GB)
Released: 2 Nov 2007 (GB)


Clever Kids: Dino Land brings the ever-popular prehistoric beasts to life in all their colour and splendour. Take a journey with Sprocket the Robot back in time to when these enormous giants roamed the earth. Learn about all the different types of Dinosaurs, what they eat, who had the biggest teeth and how they battled for survival with other Dinosaurs.

Explore the Touch and Learn world of Dinosaurs and learn hundreds of facts and take the quiz. Complete puzzles including picture sliders, jigsaws and spot the Difference. Test your maths at the Target Range and play Dino Cry to improve your memory.

Aimed at the 5-10 age group, the Clever Kids range has the explicit aim of encouraging youngsters to learn through the interaction and exploration of some of their favourite subjects. Clever Kids games encourage logical reasoning, improve memory functions, develop dexterity and increase attention span - all the time maintaining the players interest in a subject by keeping them entertained.