Dragon Quest: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride - DS/DSi

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Dragon Quest: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS/DSi)
Viewed: 2D Top-down, Multi-way scrolling Genre:
Adventure: Role Playing
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Square Enix Soft. Co.: Square Enix
Publishers: Square Enix (GB)
Released: 20 Feb 2009 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Accessories: Wireless DS multi-card play


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As a child, you are an innocent young thing, but with an unusual affinity with monsters. Born a prince but raised a pauper, you will know tragedy long before triumph. Do not be daunted though, for you will become a man on this path through adversity and hardship, and through your life's work, the world can once more be hopeful of better things to come. Yes, 'Dragon' plus 'Quest' with a little PR flannel and your attention is caught! But let's face it, Square Enix know that these games are worth the time and effort and have a captive audience all over the globe. Dragon Quest doesn't need dressing up…unless it's going to a wedding!

The fifth chapter in the legendary Dragon Quest series finally gets a European release in the shape of The Hand of the Heavenly Bride, complete with updated 3D graphics and an orchestral score. Gamers get to live the life of a true hero on a generation-spanning quest that takes you from childhood to fatherhood and beyond. An epic story involving three generations of one family, the story begins in childhood, as our hero travels around the world with Papas, his appropriately-named male parent.

As many exciting and interesting situations and people are encountered, he grows into a strong young man. He is now ready to strike out on his own great adventure. Waiting for him is an overwhelming time on the road, and the most important choice he will have to make in his whole life.

The world of the Hand of the Heavenly Bride is vast and colourful and just waiting to be explored by the intrepid gamer. There are fascinating characters to meet, many monsters to battle, and much treasure to be unearthed as you set out on your quest.


Dragon Quest: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride - DS/DSi Artwork