Final Fantasy XIII - Xbox 360

Also known as: 'Final Fantasy XIII: Limited Collector's Edition'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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Final Fantasy XIII to See Xbox 360 Japan Release News

It sold well over here. It'll get sold over there.

09 Sep 2010

Final Fantasy XIII DLC Dead News

Game's director quells former DLC plans, producer talks of Xbox 360 release

08 Sep 2010

UK Ad Authority: PS3 FFXIII Better than Xbox 360 News

ASA upholds claim

18 Aug 2010

Casting For FFXIII Versus Underway News

Final Fantasy XIII tie-in game going through voice call

09 Aug 2010

Square Unsure on Final Fantasy Direction News

Publisher undecided on whether to make FF a 'new type of game'

13 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Sony And Microsoft Respond To NPD Sales News

And they're both very happy indeed. Naturally.

16 Apr 2010

NPD Sales: God of War III, Nintendo DS Dominate March News

PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII fares better.

16 Apr 2010

Sony Sells Over 5 Million PS3s In Japan News

Final Fantasy XIII best selling title in the country.

14 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Chaos Reigns News

Just Cause 2 destroys competition this week.

29 Mar 2010

Pachter: Microsoft's RPG Chase "Not Worth It" News

Final Fantasy XIII was about the only one to make a difference, says analyst.

24 Mar 2010

Square CEO: We're Exploring Final Fantasy VII Remake News

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UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy Versus XIII & the Airship News

Still nothing to show though

19 Mar 2010

Toriyama: No Difference in FFXIII Xbox 360 vs PS3 Play News

Guess what, he wants to do FFVII

19 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy Director: Take Cues From Uncharted 2 News

Next game in the series won't be so linear.

15 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Review

A platform too far?

10 Mar 2010

Fans Flock To Meet Final Fantasy XIII Developers News

FFXIII launch party in Oxford Street attracted over 1000 fans.

10 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy XIII - the PS3 Surprise News

A code for the multiplayer

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Meet The Final Fantasy XIII Producer At London Launch Event News

Win prizes for dressing up like a Chocobo.

18 Feb 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Preview

Narrowing Down A Classic

15 Feb 2010

FFXIII Producer: I'd Like To Work With Eidos Montreal News

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Final Fantasy XIII UK Special Edition Priced News

Priced and detailed.

12 Feb 2010

Square Enix Europe Unveils Final Fantasy Xiii Xbox 360 Bundles Press Release

Microsoft and Square Enix have created two exclusive Xbox 360 FINAL FANTASY XIII Bundles

12 Feb 2010

Square Enix Interested in FFXIII 3D News

Japan can already enjoy a 3D trailer in cinemas alongside Avatar screenings.

11 Feb 2010

HD Kills Final Fantasy VII PS3 Remake News

Such challenges are the reason we're not seeing towns in FFXIII.

05 Feb 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 - Three Discs Two Swaps News

Not much disc swapping required, despite the number.

02 Feb 2010

Square Enix Unveils Final Fantasy Xiii Limited Collector’s Edition Press Release


22 Jan 2010

Japan Software: Gamers (Kingdom) Hearts PSP News

Birth By Sleep 'heartlessly' nabs top chart spot.

15 Jan 2010

FFXIII: Enough Deleted Content for Another Game News

Art Director reveals lost locations in magazine interview.

13 Jan 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Nintendo Shuffles Deck News

Phantasy Star Portable 2 re-emerges in Wii and DS dominated chart.

08 Jan 2010

Wada: Final Fantasy XIII Team Should Move On News

Western devs could work on future FF

07 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Domination News

Wii smashes PS3 into oblivion this week - yes, Nintendomination

04 Jan 2010

Japan Software Charts: Final Fantasy Drops To #4 News

New Super Mario Bros. Wii reclaims top spot.

04 Jan 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Sells Over 1m Copies In 24 Hours News

And that doesn't even account for PS3 bundle sales.

21 Dec 2009

Over a Million Copies of Final Fantasy XIII Shipped News

But already people are profiteering.

16 Dec 2009

Square Enix CEO: Final Fantasy Is Not Tired News

"We create different, highly immersive stories with each game."

16 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: Wii Edges Out PS3 News

It's a Nintendo week in the hardware charts, but for how long?

07 Dec 2009

Final Fantasy XIII March 2010 News

Yes... there you go

13 Nov 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Surprise Coming this Week News

Plus 'awesome' footage

10 Nov 2009

Final Fantasy XIII: Mysterious Character Revealed News

Is she a villain, or is she a goodie?

15 Oct 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Cinematics, Now With Added English News

Lots of cinematic for your eyes

05 Oct 2009

UPDATE: Final Fantasy XIII Game Play Loveliness News

Lots of video fun - which Square has decided should be removed.

09 Sep 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Advert Reveals Release Date News

Square Enix making good on 2009 release promise

08 Sep 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Simultaneous Release News

Xbox 360 and PS3 get Squared away at the same time.

20 Aug 2009

Blasphemy! Final Fantasy XIII This Year? News

Square defers to a higher power on release date

20 May 2009

Square Reveals Final Fantasy Numbers News

Lifetime sales revealed

23 Apr 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Screens Nibble

30 Mar 2009

Unshock! Final Fantasy XIII PS3 for '09 News

New trailer proves it.

28 Jan 2009

No Final Fantasy XIII Until 2010 News

Except in Japan...

16 Jan 2009

SPOnG's Review of 2008: July Feature

Metal Gear Solid 360?

05 Jan 2009

Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Hit LittleBigPlanet News

More LittleBigPlanet makeovers!

09 Oct 2008

TGS: Microsoft and Square Enix Get Friendly News

Companies team up for Tokyo Game Show booth partnership

08 Oct 2008

Final Fantasy XIII: Microsoft States the Blindingly Obvious News

Committed to getting JRPGs onto Xbox 360

23 Sep 2008

Microsoft Poo Poos FF XIII Conspiracy Theories News

It's all about the hardware numbers...

11 Aug 2008

Final Fantasy XIII News Round Up News

Demo, release window and more...

05 Aug 2008

Sony Unsurprised by Final Fantasy XIII Exclusivity Loss News

Sony points to end of the third-party exclusive

17 Jul 2008

Xbox 360: Metal Gear Solid 4 - Clue Spotting News

If FFXIII can go to Microsoft, why not Metal Gear Solid?

15 Jul 2008

Final Fantasy XIII Comes to the Xbox 360 News

Day and date with PS3

14 Jul 2008

No Final Fantasy XIII This Year News

Sony struggling for exclusives

24 May 2007

Captain Picard Makes FFXII So News

But regrets Star Trek!

16 Feb 2007

SPOnG Interview: Square Enix's Senior VP Hiromichi Tanaka Interview

We’ll choose the platform - PS3, Wii or 360..

01 Feb 2007

Record Attendance at Tokyo Game Show News

PS3 packs 'em in.

25 Sep 2006

Square Enix Unveils the Next Generation of Final Fantasy Press Release

An all new project comprising of multiple titles spanning multiple systems including the PLAYSTATION®3 system and mobile phones.

08 May 2006

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