Fly To UK & Eire - PC

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Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person Genre:
Add-on pack
Simulation: Flight
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Flightsoft Soft. Co.: Zoo Digital
Publishers: Zushi Games (GB)
Funbox (GB)
Released: Unreleased - Complete (GB)
29 Oct 2010 (GB)
Ratings: No rating
Accessories: Mouse, Keyboard


The Fly To range of Add Ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator have been re-engineered and are now available for the first time to work with FSX and backwards compatible with FS2004.

Fly To brings you the stunning MD10 (FSX) or DC10 (FS2004) and a whole range of liveried planes that form an extensive collection of European, Asian and American jetliners. These jetliners can be flown to any destination throughout the world. The flight routes and scenarios are based on real world approach plates designed to simulate actual conditions as you travel the Worlds airways.

Within each of the titles Flightsoft's engineers have crafted approaches that will take your breath away. Not only will you approach an international airport, or out of the way airfield, you will approach it just as a real pilot would, taking flight paths over some of the World’s most incredible landscapes.

The Fly To titles use any of your existing scenery and take you through it within fantastic approach flights. Each of the scenarios have their own specific features such as real world weather conditions, real world flight paths, extensive plane operations and lots more. Imagine carrying out a visual approach into an International Airport on a flight path that will offer stunning views of the city and landscapes. It is the same as actual pilots experience everyday.

Flightsoft have used the services of some of the most experienced jetliner pilots to make these add on titles as authentic as possible. Real world jetliner sounds and a vast library of unique features are added to enhance the flight simulator experience.