Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! - 3DS/2DS

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Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! (3DS/2DS)
Viewed: 3D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Media: Cartridge Arcade origin:No
Developer: Asobism Soft. Co.: Nintendo
Publishers: Nintendo (GB)
Released: 27 Jul 2012 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Connectivity: Download Play, StreetPass


Video games are all about escapism. But still, you are bound by the design limitations of the game. What if you don’t want to play as a burly space commando shooting the snot out of alien scum? Maybe the thought of fighting through post-apocalyptic worlds doesn’t inspire you. Well, make your own characters and stages in Freakyforms Deluxe on Nintendo 3DS.

Following on from the massive success of the Nintendo eShop original, Freakyforms Deluxe lets you build any kind of platforming hero you like on a drawing board, and bring them to life against a customisable colourful world. A whole range of shapes, body parts and colours are at your disposal to create to wildest character that has ever lived. Your character gains different powers depending on the parts used - attach wings to make them fly, or wheels to travel faster on land.

After building your little ‘Formee’ character, you have to explore the side-scrolling platform elements of the game in order to collect more body parts and experience a range of user-generated content. As more formees are created, the size of the planet you’re on increases in size, and more quests are unlocked for you. Try all kinds of mini-games - fruit eating, money-collecting, and completing dungeons which reward you with precious gems.

With so much user-generated content packed into the game - along with StreetPass mechanics for added connectivity - Freakyforms Deluxe really is only limited by your imagination.