Frozen Synapse - Mac

Also known as: Frozen Synapse: Collector?s Edition

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Frozen Synapse (Mac)
Requires: Mouse, Keyboard
Also for: PC
Viewed: 2D Top-down, Multi-way scrolling Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Mode 7 Soft. Co.: Mode 7
Publishers: Merge Games (GB)
Released: 7 Sept 2012 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 16+


Frozen Synapse brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad: classic gameplay with a modern interface. Plan your moves, test them out, then hit the “Prime” button: both you and your enemy’s turns are executed simultaneously. Competitive-but-intuitive multiplayer and a huge single player campaign mean that Frozen Synapse will give you hours and hours of tactical delight.

Key features:

- Get a FREE full copy of the game, including the Red add-on DLC, for a friend with every purchase
- 5 challenging multiplayer modes, including the innovative bidding-based “Secure” and “Hostage Rescue”
- 55-mission single player campaign with dynamic dialogue and thrilling near-future narrative
- Powerful Skirmish Generator
- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube integration
- 15 Steam Achievements
- Integrated IRC chat as well as various community features
- Random generation combined with hand-crafted content means that levels and maps are different every time
- Critically-acclaimed electronica soundtrack by musician nervous_testpilot


The multi-award-winning indie strategy masterpiece is back with a brand new expansion pack! Frozen Synapse: Red adds awesome features like co-op play against the AI and a brand new unit, as well as a selection of additional music tracks plus an exclusive single player campaign.

Key features

- Full co-op for the single player campaign and all new single player content
- A new unit (riot shield)
- A new multiplayer game mode (“Upload”)
- 15 mission single player campaign
- 10 single player challenge missions
- Three mutators (gameplay modifiers for advanced users)
- 6 additional music tracks by nervous_testpilot (2 previously available in the Humble Indie Bundle)
- MP3 and FLAC download of all Frozen Synapse: Red music
- Original music tracks “Deeper” and “Focus” unlocked during gameplay
- “Impeccable Micro” – a chiptune album from _ensnare_ (MP3 and FLAC)
- The infamous “Red Mode”