NHL 19 - Xbox One

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NHL 19 (Xbox One)
Also for: PS4
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Sport: Ice Hockey
Media: Blu-Ray Arcade origin:No
Developer: EA Vancouver Soft. Co.: Electronic Arts
Publishers: Electronic Arts (GB)
Released: 14 Sept 2018 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Accessories: Xbox One X Enhanced, 4K Ultra HD
Features: Local co-op
Connectivity: Online Multiplayer, Online co-op, Local Multiplayer


"From the pond to the pros, there is only one hockey," EA Sports proclaims. The publisher is talking, of course, about NHL 19, the latest in a long line of fast-paced, hard-hitting games that bring ice hockey into your front room.

The most immediately noticeable change to the series this time out is The World of Chel, a mode that aims to really get at the heart ice hockey by taking it back to the aforementioned pond. It is, after all, where everyone started, whether they're a weekend hero or a seasoned pro. This new social hub includes EASHL, Threes pick-up games and 1v1, which has two players testing their skills against each other and a goalie. You'll start in a parking lot rink and work your way through the cove rink, dock rink and eventually a massive resort-type rink with huge stands and a festival atmosphere. Sure, EA has taken some liberties such as the inclusion of a location based on Lake Louise in Banff national park, but it's difficult to complain about playing with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

On the technical front, skating has had a big overhaul thanks in no small part to the inclusion of Real Player Motion animation technology. Players are now more agile, quicker to burst out of their stops and generally closer to their real world counterparts. A new physics engine that gives the team at EA greater control over limb positioning also means more realistic player collisions, too, resulting in a greater range of checks.

With an even deeper bench of legendary players from hockey's great past, deeper customisation options and a new scouting system, there's plenty to bring fans back to the ice.

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