Yoichi Wada

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Square's Wada Ordered to Resign by Voice from Heaven News

Huge losses made by the company also a bit of a clue

09 Apr 2013

Square Enix Wada: We'll Try More Non-Game Digital Content News

Boxed games no longer viable

05 Jul 2010

Wada: Kinect Won't Change Games Industry News

The next disruptive tech will be in the online space.

25 Jun 2010

Square Enix To Embrace Social Gaming, Digital Distribution News

Full-price Final Fantasy games could be a thing of the past.

24 Jun 2010

Square CEO: We're Exploring Final Fantasy VII Remake News

Hints at joy or pain

23 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy XIII's Devs Confused by Square Boss News

Staff confused by boss shock

09 Feb 2010

Final Fantasy XIV To Challenge World Of Warcraft News

"There has never been a company that has a continuously successful number one and two MMO."

18 Dec 2009

Square Enix CEO: Final Fantasy Is Not Tired News

"We create different, highly immersive stories with each game."

16 Dec 2009

Square CEO: Sony & Microsoft Readying for Console Death News

Standalone gaming to go server

26 Nov 2009

Square: Failure of Western Games Just Poor Marketing News

Also, LA Studio might not be

17 Nov 2009

Square Enix Will Feel PS3 Slimpact Next Year News

Not enough to boost this year's forecasts

26 Aug 2009

Eidos and Square Enix Co-Creating Game News

Games to jump brands

12 Jun 2009

Blasphemy! Final Fantasy XIII This Year? News

Square defers to a higher power on release date

20 May 2009

Square Enix: We Need to Break Tradition News

Publisher's president talks expansion

20 May 2008

Why Square Enix Wants Simultaneous Releases? News

Japan-focused publisher to acquire US and European game companies?

10 Mar 2008

Square Enix: 2008 To Be Record Games Year For Japan News

But is Wii still just a toy?

11 Jan 2008

Square Enix Boss: PS3/Xbox 360 “Mismatched” To Today's Gamers News

Yoichi Wada speaks out on development choices

12 Jun 2007

Final Fantasy Fever spreads across Japan News

FFXII – the RPG equivalent of Beatlemania

16 Mar 2006

Square Enix PlayOnline for DS – Revolution Likely News

SE poised to announce massive Nintendo support and Yamauchi era ends.

12 May 2005

Square Enix President Looks to Xbox 2 - Snubs Xbox Live News

Wada-san on the present and future of SE’s Microsoft plans.

24 May 2004

Square Enix unsure over PSP News

Party line kept intact as stakeholder power shows through

24 Nov 2003

Square and Enix deal now complete News

Final details ironed out – full spec inside.

20 Feb 2003

SquareSoft shareholders in fresh bout of rage News

Wada faces barrage as merger dust settles.

17 Feb 2003

Square peels the lemon. Party scheduled in boardroom for next week News

Final Fantasy XI attracts enough to break even

13 Dec 2002

Final Dragon Fantasy Quest talk squashed like a Tonberry News

Business as usual for RPG behemoths.

27 Nov 2002

Square insider trading rumours News

Enix deal sparks impropriety talk in Japanese press.

27 Nov 2002

All-new SquareSoft MMORPG revealed News

Exclusive Wada comments inside.

16 Oct 2002

Square chief on PlayOnline future News

Final Fantasy future and more inside...

30 Jan 2002

Final Fantasy XI to be subscription free News

New model for online gaming looms?

28 Dec 2001

Final Fantasy XI Confirmed for PC at Long Last News

Speaking to Bloomberg news agency, SquareSoft CFO Yoichi Wada confirmed that development is underway for a PC version of Final Fantasy XI.

28 Nov 2001

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