Perrin Kaplan

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Ex-Nintendo VP Kaplan: Ban Sex for Lazy Parents News

Plus: ban sex for lazy parents!

01 Sep 2008

Nintendo Announces Perrin Kaplan Replacement News

Over comes the lass from Reebok.

14 Jan 2008

Is Nintendo’s Top Brass In America Leaving? News

Rumours and speculation rife

07 Jun 2007

Wii Shortages Will Continue Says Nintendo News

People keep buying the damn things!

11 Apr 2007

Nintendo US Releases: No GameCube News

More evidence that the GameCube is dead

08 Mar 2007

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Gagged Due To Share Deal News

Stock no comment at GDC

05 Mar 2007

Nintendo Denies Death Of GameCube. Left Hand Not Talking To Right Hand? News

Kaplan talking out of tiredness… or hat?

23 Feb 2007

Nintendo Confirms The GameCube Is Officially Dead News

Top Nintendo Executive kills it… still no Wii online... still no DVD

22 Feb 2007

Wii Worldwide Online Play - Not Yet News

Also, shooting people is now part of a marketing strategy.

12 Feb 2007

Nintendo’s Kaplan in shock Microsoft slam News

Aggressive interview points to jitters in Kyoto?

25 Aug 2005

Nintendo DS teleconference reveals confident outlook in North America News

$40 million marketing budget for 4 million shipping target

23 Sep 2004

Cube canes schoolboy Potter as Nintendo claim colossal success News

Harry no match for Luigi as GameCube wrecks America

20 Nov 2001

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