The Sausage Factory Episode 200: Stoic Studios

Posted 12 Oct 2018
Run time:57:27
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The Banner Saga 3 by Stoic Studios

This is the 200th episode of The Sausage Factory, a podcast that was invented during a conversation in a pub during EGX 2013. Five years later and it somehow reached this amazing milestone. We thank all of the guests and you, our listeners, for sticking by the show for all this time. As of episode 201 the podcast is moving to a new home over to Cane and Rinse. The feed will not change and archives from previous shows will be accessible after the move.


Tactical RPGs have a long history of being a somewhat celebrated genre with the Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics games being the most famous. Stoic Studios decided to bring this genre into the 21st century by making the Banner Saga trilogy of games and this milestone episode of The Sausage Factory podcast attempts to reveal how the last game in the trilogy was made.


Show host Chris ORegan talks to Alex Thomas, Matt Rhoades, and Arnie Jorgensen of Stoic Studios about how The Banner Saga 3 was developed.


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