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Full name: SNK Corporation

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

SNK's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1980 title, "Sasuke vs. Commander" (Arcade).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS2, Xbox, GBA, PlayStation, Arcade, Dreamcast, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Colour, Saturn, SNES, Amiga, Neo Geo, Game Gear, Sega MegaCD, NES, C64 and Spectrum 48K.

The company is currently involved with the forthcoming 4964 release "Metal Slug 2" (Neo Geo Pocket Colour).

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Neo Geo "Pocket" Handheld Coming to UK for Amazing Price News

When we say "Amazing" we mean... £500

15 Mar 2012

Neo-Geo (Apparently) Reborn in iPhone-Sized Portable News

SNK gives its blessing for nameless device to be manufactured, it seems.

25 Jan 2012

King of Fighters XIII Pre-order Bonus is a CD Soundtrack News

Retail version will come with all sorts of other gubbins.

22 Sep 2011

Bloody Your Digital Knuckles on Wii Virtual Console News

Neo Geo titles pummel the Wii

11 Jul 2008

SNK Classics Heading to Wii, PS2 and PSP News

Taking you back to a simpler time...

12 Jun 2008

Virtual Console: Neo Geo Throws First Punch News

SEGA rejoins the fray

05 Oct 2007

Japanese 'Witch Fondling' Soft Porn Game Site Live In English News

Warning: “In this web site, might contain the contents which are not suitable for people who are wholesome.”

11 Jun 2007

Virtual Console Gets Neo Geo Games News

King of Fighters, Metal Slug and more on the way

18 Apr 2007

SNK Speaks on Wii Virtual Console Deal News

USA President sheds light on plans

02 Mar 2007

Ignition Set to Deliver King of Fighters Double Pack for Less Than £20 News

Classic SNK fighting series finally ventures to Europe.

25 Aug 2004

Exclusive: SNK Executives on Japanese Arcade Industry and the Problems with Sony America News

As global franchise roll-out looms, seminal developer talks.

08 Jul 2004

Street Fighter 2 Hits Xbox News

Hadouken indeed.

13 May 2004

Metal Slug Becomes Online RPG Shooter News

Only in Korea! Incredible news inside.

29 Mar 2004

King of Fighters Goes 3D PS2 Exclusive. Also - New Arcade Offering Revealed News

SNK Playmore brings peace offering to SCEA as coin-op front held.

01 Mar 2004

Neo Geo Dream Ends – MVS Canned News

AOU Show brings curtain down on pensionable coin-op platform.

23 Feb 2004

Metal Slug 6, King of Fighters 2004 and all-new Samurai Spirits revealed! News

AtomisWave-powered arcade outings scheduled this year

20 Feb 2004

Samurai Spirits Zero Special – First Screens! News

Revised gameplay and extra characters revealed as console version still in doubt.

06 Feb 2004

Metal Slug 3 for Xbox! News

Props o’ clock as Microsoft goes hardcore.

27 Jan 2004

SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos Xbox Bound! News

SNK Playmore in 'making good decision' shocker.

22 Jan 2004

SNK lawsuit cash bonanza! News

Aruze pays big for infringement.

19 Jan 2004

More ‘Pachinko Destroying Gaming’ Gloom News

SNK shift focus to ballbearing droppers.

14 Jan 2004

SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos – First PlayStation 2 Screens, New Details News

And surprisingly, it looks exactly the same as the original.

16 Dec 2003

King of Fighters 2003 Character Art Bonanza! News

Today seems to be SNK Monday.

01 Dec 2003

Samurai Spirits Zero Confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Full-scale roll-out of SNK IP begins.

01 Dec 2003

Hands-on with SNK Vs Capcom Chaos! News

Brief impressions of the most anticipated 2D fighter in years

12 Nov 2003

SVC Chaos and Metal Slug 5 dated News

SNK update of joy

09 Oct 2003

World first Samurai Spirits Zero screens emerge! News

SNK’s seminal slasher returns to MVS.

29 Sep 2003

King of Fighters 2003 revealed News

TGS details inside.

26 Sep 2003

SNK: PS2 SNK Vs Capcom and more confirmed for Tokyo Game Show! News

It's a good time to be a 2D fighting fan.

19 Sep 2003

SNK breaks free of Neo Geo! 3D KOF soon! News

Sammy announcement sends shockwaves of justice.

12 Sep 2003

SNK Vs Capcom Chaos bosses revealed News

Final character roster now in place

25 Jul 2003

Samurai Spirits Zero this weekend! News

Shock announcement sees immediate test for Zero

23 Jul 2003

New Samurai Spirits game revealed! News

SNK-Playmore comes up trumps

18 Jul 2003

Playmore to re-brand as SNK! News

Sense prevails as IP power wins the day.

04 Jun 2003

SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos update – new characters revealed News

What promises to be one of the best games of late just got better.

29 May 2003

SNK 2 - The Revenge News

Old-School gaming luminary rises again.

19 May 2003

SNK Vs Capcom Chaos News

Joyous Joysticks! More 2D scrapping action on the way.

16 May 2003

Metal Slug 3D and new Samurai Spirits game revealed as SNK powers on! News

Amongst the best news hardcore gamers will ever read...

29 Apr 2003

SNK VS CAPCOM joy and happiness News

Feel the love of more character announcements

25 Apr 2003

SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos – first art inside! Mai swells! News

Neo Geo re-work spells limitless joy.

21 Mar 2003

SNK chins Taiwanese pirates News

Full-scale Neo theft operation busted

24 Jan 2003

Joy as King of Fighters 2002 goes multi-platform News

Neo Geo, Dreamcast and now PlayStation 2 versions revealed!

02 Jan 2003

Metal Slug 3 confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Playmore next-gen push continues in earnest.

28 Nov 2002

New model Neo Geo revealed! News

MVS gets long-overdue update.

31 Oct 2002

Vultures still fight over SNK carcass News

Aruze and Playmore in new round of legals.

30 Oct 2002

SNK announcement goes, erm, unannounced News

Strange goings on at new US office.

29 Oct 2002

New King of Fighter Advance title gets a name News

SNK lives on in the hand as well as the heart.

28 Oct 2002

Huge SNK announcement tomorrow! News

SNK Neo Geo USA to unveil…

24 Oct 2002

King of Fighters 2002 gets a home release date News

Playmore makes fresh commitment. Plus: exclusive PS2 conversion talk inside!

28 Sep 2002

King of Fighters Advance 2 revealed News

Seminal SNK fight series to again grace Nintendo handheld.

20 Sep 2002

Metal Slug: Survival Missions announced for GBA News

Playmore sees the value in SNK 2D future.

28 Aug 2002

King of Fighters 2002 info emerges News

Plus: Exclusive European KOF 2001 PlayStation 2 publisher news!

30 Jul 2002

SNK update News

King of Fighters 2001 and Metal Slug 3 confirmed for home console.

28 Jul 2002

Capcom Vs SNK 2 GameCube details emerge News

Stands for Easy Operation.

11 Apr 2002

Neo Geo version of SNK Vs Capcom revealed! News

SNK Neo Geo Japan has officially confirmed the existence of a Neo Geo version of Capcom Vs SNK, this time called SNK Vs Capcom.

02 Apr 2002

Cripes! Another New Neo Geo Game is Announced News

It’s a funny old world.

21 Mar 2002

Metal Slug for PlayStation News

X-rated Screens Revealed!

15 Mar 2002

King of Fighters 2001 confirmed for PC! News

KOF series makes first steps into mainstream

07 Mar 2002

Amazing SNK Update: We’re back in Business! News

SNK on the comeback trail.

21 Jan 2002

King of Fighters online RPG details emerge News

Korean development firm Unotac has released the first details of its, well, strange title based on SNK’s King of Fighters series.

07 Jan 2002

SNK to resurrect - Amazing news! News

Neo Geo off to Korea? First details inside...

11 Dec 2001

King of Fighters GBA first look! News

First screens of SNK's latest pocket offering

07 Dec 2001

King of Fighters 2001 begins home cartridge run News

The Neo Geo will not die!

07 Dec 2001

King of Fighters Online RPG details emerge: News

First screens inside!

04 Dec 2001

Neo Geo update News

All new home and arcade carts to be made. Plus: Extended servicing

04 Dec 2001

Metal Slug 4 announced – concept art inside! News

Seminal shooter series returns!

05 Nov 2001

SNK parent company sued in stock wrangling disagreement News

Cash in dispute as SNK bone picking gets under way

05 Nov 2001

Final message from SNK as receivers move in: King of Fighters 2002 announced! News

The good, the bad and the interesting unfold inside

30 Oct 2001

SNK issues cryptic bankruptcy statement News

Neo Geo company kicking even at this late stage

29 Oct 2001

Last Blade 2 Cancelled News

SNK has announced that it has cancelled the development of Last Blade 2 for Dreamcast.

15 Oct 2001

The end of an era as SNK finally lets go… News

It's a sad day as SNK proves hardcore gaming doesn't have the cash pull required for the modern market

03 Oct 2001

King of Fighters 2001 coming soon! News

Fighting excellence almost with us

02 Oct 2001

Good news for American fighting fans as Europe waits. Mark of the Wolves confirmed News

A welcome break as fighter gets American green light

13 Sep 2001

Capcom Vs SNK 2 Released Today! News

War breaks out on the Eastern front.

03 Aug 2001

Bonus Capcom Vs SNK disc for Dreamcast. Publisher needed! News

Why those Japanese! They get all the good stuff...

30 Jul 2001

SNK Vs Capcom for Neo Geo rumoured News

Too good to be true?

19 Jun 2001

GBA: King of Consoles News

King of Fighter confirmed!

07 Jun 2001

King of Fights to Save SNK From Bankruptcy News

SNK might be down but they're not out, Round 2, FIght!

09 Apr 2001

New DC model for Japan News

Funny old Dreamcast eh?

07 Apr 2001

Hooray hooray, it’s SNK! News

SNK make a comeback with new company

26 Jan 2001

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