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Full name: British Broadcasting Corporation

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

BBC's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1984 title, "Tripods, The" (Spectrum 48K).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, Wii, DS/DSi, PS2, C64 and Spectrum 48K.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2010 release "Doctor Who: Return to Earth" (Wii).

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24 Jun 2011

Activision Announces The Weakest Link

After securing the interactive rights for the BBC TV game show hit, The Weakest Link, Activision confirms the game's U.K. release date.

28 Sep 2001

For Those About to Rock - Here's the Tweenies

Enjoy hours of musical fun with Tweenies - Play to the Music from BBC Multimedia.

28 Sep 2001

Teen Popsters Star in Interactive Game From BBC Multimedia

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21 Sep 2001

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Prepare to accept your mission with Walking With Beasts - Operation Salvage on PC CD-ROM.

30 Aug 2001

BBC Multimedia Brings the Tweenies' Adventures to Handheld Gaming!

BBC Multimedia introduces the first ever portable interactive Tweenies title!

21 Aug 2001

Bob the Builder - King of the Entertainers!

BBC Multimedia scoops Gold at the BIMA Awards.

28 Jul 2001

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BBC Multimedia and Crawfish declare 'Robot Wars' for new Game Boy Advance console.

25 Jul 2001

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16 Jul 2001

BBC Multimedia Scoop Another Award

Bob the Builder gets some company on the BBC mantelpiece.

11 Jul 2001

Hey, Hey, Are You Ready To Play?

BBC Multimedia brings another spectacularly popular BBC brand to a PlayStation console near you.

28 Apr 2001

Tweenies Stay At The Top

Sales success for Tweenies as Ready to Play CD-ROM continues to dominate Children's PC charts.

20 Apr 2001

Activision, You Are The Strongest Link!

BBC Multimedia signs interactive publishing deal for Weakest Link with Activision.

17 Apr 2001

IG to develop Tweenies Playstation game with BBC

IG chosen by BBC to develop PlayStation game based on the extremely popular TV show "Tweenies"

07 Mar 2001

Bill and Ben Sprout Forth Into The 21st Century with PC CD-Rom

BBC Multimedia is gearing up to bring you Bill and Ben - Flowerpot Fun! on your home computer screens this Easter.

28 Feb 2001

Heavy Metal On PlayStation 2 In November 2001

Robot Wars blazes the way for BBC Multimedia's first foray into PlayStation 2 publishing.

28 Feb 2001

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