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Established: May 2004

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

The company has been involved titles released on the PSP.

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SEGA Sammy Income Up 339% on Decreased Sales News

Europe biggest market, Xbox 360 and PSP big platforms.

17 May 2010

SEGA Closes Third of Japanese Arcades News

Joins Namco Bandai in closures

11 Feb 2009

SEGA Gaming Blamed for Parent's Losses News

SEGA blaming PS3 for its loses...

13 May 2008

Sega: Takeover Target? News

Analyst says financial troubles make SEGA a "sitting duck"

12 Feb 2008

SEGA's Pachinko Problems Lead To Profits Plummet News

Sonic's parent company sees cash falling out of its pinball-a-likes

14 May 2007

SEGA Sammy Posts Profit News

Beautiful, blue skies ahead for recovering games legend.

03 Aug 2005

Creative Assembly: Total Sega News

Sega Sammy buys Rome studio.

09 Mar 2005

Sonic Dethrones Need For Speed! News

After eighteen years or so at the top…

09 Feb 2005

Sega Sammy Holdings shows massive pachinko returns News

$444 million returned as Sega future assured, but in what form?

03 Feb 2005

Shock as Sega Visual Concepts Studios Sold to Take 2 News

Companies forge closer bond with sales, distribution.

25 Jan 2005

Spikeout closer, smaller than thought News

Shrunk-down but ready to roll.

04 Jan 2005

Exclusive: Sega to license out massive IP to Western developers News

NiGHTS, Golden Axe, Virtua Cop and so much more

27 Sep 2004

Sega rating up on new coin-op megaplant News

Arcade division expands - Possible pachinko use remains undisclosed

21 Sep 2004

World Exclusive: First Screens of Daytona and SCUD Race in Outrun 2 News

Stop everything and look at this!

07 Sep 2004

Chihiro Cracked as Coin-Op Dream Becomes Reality News

According to t’Internet anyway

07 Sep 2004

Daytona 2 Tracks To Resurface In Outrun 2 News

Sega’s drift siblings to be united

23 Aug 2004

Exclusive: SNK Executives on Japanese Arcade Industry and the Problems with Sony America News

As global franchise roll-out looms, seminal developer talks.

08 Jul 2004

Japanese giants Sega, Sammy and Namco aim for consolidated online arcade offering News

Coin-op taking root in digital age as huge network looms.

30 Jun 2004

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