Got info on Konami?
Konami logo
Full name: Konami Corporation
Established: 1984

Konami Corporation was founded in 1969 in Osaka, Japan by Kagemasa Kozuki, who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. Originally named Konami Industry Co. Ltd., the company began manufacturing amusement machines in 1973. The company assumed its current name in 1991. Since then, the company has grown into a large international company focused on a wide variety of entertainment and lifestyle technologies and products, from video games to fitness clubs, from toys to gaming machines.

By 2002, Konami was generating over $1.7 billion in revenues, making it one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the industry. Publicly traded since 1988 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange, and listed on the NYSE in 2002, Konami now has over 2000 employees, with offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia, and several studios in Japan. The worldwide headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. The main U.S. offices are located in Redwood City, California.

Konami currently employs over 1000 R&D staff focused on developing sophisticated entertainment products for the worldwide video game audience. This staff combines brilliant creativity with extensive research and cutting-edge technologies to produce some of the world’s most exciting games.

These efforts have led to such enormously popular games as Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Frogger, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra and more. Some, like the Dance Dance Revolution series, are expanding the market and actually changing the way people play and experience video games. Many of Konami's recent products have received the most prestigious awards in the industry for innovation, quality and sales.

Konami is committed to leading the way toward the future of entertainment. Our mission is to continue innovating, continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, and continue building some of the best games and entertainment products in the world.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Konami's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1981 title, "Scramble" (Arcade).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPhone, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Arcade, Dreamcast, N64, Game Boy, Saturn, Sega Megadrive, SNES, Amiga, ST, NEC PC Engine, Sega MegaCD, NES, C64, Spectrum 48K, Sinclair Spectrum 128K, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Atari 2600/VCS, Colecovision, Adventurevision and Videopac/Odyssey2. Of these, "Dancing Stage Euromix" (PlayStation), "Dancing Stage Party Edition" (PlayStation), "Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories" (PlayStation), "Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories" (Game Boy Color), "Dance Dance Revolution" (PlayStation) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "HYPER SPORTS R" (Switch).

Know something we don't? Let us know! If you work for Konami, register now to manage this listing.

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Once platform specific, content is going multiplatform

24 Apr 2014

PES 2014 Free for Playstation Plus News

That's right, in order to compete, Konami is giving PES 2014 away

02 Apr 2014

UK Video Games Charts - inFamous Wins Again News

It seems that there is no movement expect sales falls

31 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

Titanfall is toppled from the #1 Spot

24 Mar 2014

Softcore Games Blamed for Konami Exit News

Castlevania's Koji Igarashi explains his reasons for leaving Konami after 20 years.

20 Mar 2014

PES 2014 Gets World Cup Update News

Check out the Brazil 2014 update video here

19 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Stolen News

Thief takes the top spot from LEGO

03 Mar 2014

Price Cut for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes News

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on PS4 and Xbox One get cut

25 Feb 2014

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes "Better" on PS4 News

Format wars as Konami games goes 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

17 Feb 2014

Konami: Not Just "Japanese People" Working on PES 2015 News

Strange comment on 'globalisation' of PES

03 Feb 2014

Konami Confirms PES 2015... Only For PS4 News

No confirmation of an Xbox One release

09 Jan 2014

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PC Release Date News

Lots of goodies with the PC version

20 Dec 2013

Wait! Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain News

No, we mean 'wait' because you're going to have to.

03 Dec 2013

On Film: PES 2014 Latest Data Pack Is Out News

800 new likenesses, improved online elements and Edit mode enhanced in free PES 2014 update.

18 Nov 2013

Kojima Makes Things Metal 'Clear' Solid News

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes explained

04 Nov 2013

PES 2014 - Soccer Online Fixed at Last News

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24 Oct 2013

Injustice Set for PS3 to PS4 Digital Upgrade Programme News

Ultimate Edition to cross platforms

24 Oct 2013

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11 Oct 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Viva FIFA 14 News

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07 Oct 2013

PES 2014 Fixes 'Being Fixed" News

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04 Oct 2013

Kojima to Fans: "Betrayal" Can Be A Good Thing News

Metal Gear Creator Talks MGSV Gameplay

25 Sep 2013

PES 2014: No Multiplayer Until Day One Patch News

More multiplayer features coming "in the weeks after launch"

23 Sep 2013

Konami Under the Weather with PES 2014 News

"EA have been extremely aggressive with signing deals with clubs and leagues ..."

30 Aug 2013

PES 2014 Detailed & Dated News

"A new era in football begins on September 20th"

21 Aug 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Tutorial Vid Kicks Off News

It's all about heart... not Hart

15 Aug 2013

Konami Hacked - 35,252 Unauthorised Logins News

Customers should change their passwords

12 Jul 2013

Metal Gear Online Returning in Metal Gear Solid V News

Kojima Productions LA working on it.

14 Jun 2013

Konami E3 Conference: Metal Gear Solid V, Castlevania and PES Confirmed News

Three big-hitters for Japanese publisher showcase.

06 Jun 2013

Lords of Shadow Producer: Risk-Taking Saved Castlevania News

Mercury Steam stopped franchise from becoming another 'Mega Man'.

14 May 2013

PES Producer: We're Going Giant-Killing With Next Pro Evo News

FOX Engine will bring series up to speed against FIFA.

24 Apr 2013

Surprise! The Phantom Pain is Metal Gear Solid V - New Trailer Inside News

Open-world, FOX engine-powered game coming to 360 and PS3

28 Mar 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Crysis 3 Makes It Two Times #1 News

Rest of Top 10 juggles around a bit

04 Mar 2013

UK Charts - Crysis for Metal Gear Rising News

As the Colonial Marines head south and no new ideas appear anywhere.

25 Feb 2013

Kojima: I Want to Make Metal Gear Rising 2 with Platinum News

The developer is one step away from being a "world class studio"

22 Feb 2013

Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Tackles Lots of Taboos News

It might not even come out!

22 Feb 2013

"No Chance" of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 on Wii U News

Nintendo fans miss out.

08 Jan 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo in New Year News

Prepare for both consoles to claim victory!

14 Dec 2012

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Pre-Order and Limited Editions Detailed News

Steelbook... and incentivisation

31 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Scares Off Resident Evil 6 News

Footie game stays at the top of the chart.

08 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 13 Streaks Ahead News

No surprises as FIFA 13 scores big

01 Oct 2012

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops Trailer - Amusey News

Let's go mobile with Snake!

21 Sep 2012

First PES 2013 DLC Detailed News

Konami kicks off new footy campaign

18 Sep 2012

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Announced at Anniversary Event News

GREE social game and movie also revealed.

30 Aug 2012

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Dates and New Trailer! News

February for fans of quirky cutscenes.

15 Aug 2012

"Technical Issues" Halt Xbox 360 Silent Hill HD Patch News

Resources just aren't there, apparently.

09 Aug 2012

Okami, ZOE and Yakuza HD Remakes Showcased in Sony Trailer News

Tasty comparison shots included.

30 Jul 2012

Konami to Open New PES London Studio News

Work! Work coming to England... good news!

24 Jul 2012

EA Responds to Konami Over Football Innovation News

And is nice about it!

24 Jul 2012

First Playable PES 2013 Demo Landing on July 25 News

XBLA, PSN and Windows PC players get their first taste of revolution.

19 Jul 2012

PES 2012 - Euro 2012 Goals Go Screaming In News

Lots and lots and lots of goals

17 Jul 2012

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Gets Patched Up. Gets Trophies News

How to bring life to the old and beloved... patch it.

11 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Won't LEGO of Top Spot News

Gfk Charttrack's take on boxed copy video games shows some new blood

02 Jul 2012

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Dev Admits DLC was a 'Rushed' Mistake News

Producer admits it was product of game's success

29 Jun 2012

PES Team Leader: FIFA Copied Us, Locked Us Out of Licences News

Explains departure of Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka.

14 Jun 2012

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Coming 2013 - New Trailer News

Demo details revealed

01 Jun 2012

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Officially Unveiled News

Gabriel faces off against a familiar face...

01 Jun 2012

PES: "We Are Going To Win Back The Crown" with Kojima Engine News

Konami seeking to over-turn FIFA with Fox Engine

30 May 2012

Konami in Court Over $14 Million Unpaid Loan News

Def Jam Rapstar loan not paid...

24 May 2012

Konami Konfirms Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Europe Date News

PlayStation Vita getting its HD fighty, hidey game on

24 May 2012

Report: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 in the Works News

3DS exclusive 2D platformer also being developed.

22 May 2012

FIFA Team Still Worrying About the Opposition News

Dave Rutter talks PES fear

17 May 2012

PES 2013 - Kicking Off with a New Trailer Starring Ronaldo News

That's the young, ex-Manchester United now Real Madrid Ronaldo...

24 Apr 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Gets Hallowe'en Release Date News

US distribution rights picked up for October launch.

19 Apr 2012

EMI and Video Game Makers in Kanye West, DMX & Lil Wayne Legal Fight News

Record company suing over Def Jam Rapstar Game

30 Mar 2012

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Delayed News

Formal announcement coming soon.

26 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Final Fantasy Leads Japanese Assault News

Metal Gear and SoulCalibur also land in Top 10.

06 Feb 2012

Hudson to be Dissolved by Konami News

But brand name and logo may live on.

18 Jan 2012

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Hits Europe in March News

Includes support for Circle Pad Pro.

10 Jan 2012

Kojima: Gamers Aren't Demanding Original Ideas News

Consumers are happy with what they have.

04 Jan 2012

Japanese Software Chart: Zelda Kicks off Crazy Season News

New releases dominate Top 10.

02 Dec 2011

NeverDead Coming to Europe in February News

Things get hellish next year.

01 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Scores Over Soccer News

Rocksteady's Batman goes straight to the top.

24 Oct 2011

Winning Eleven Wins on PS3 in Japan Game Charts News

Media Create Charts are in...

13 Oct 2011

Two Discs for Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid Collection News

Konami reminds us all what's inside.

15 Sep 2011

GAMEfest to Host Halo Anniversary Edition, Arkham City Demos News

Bumper list of announcements inside.

09 Sep 2011

Will There Be A New ZOE Game At TGS? News

Conjecture, discussions and plain old desperate hope.

09 Sep 2011

Konami Condsidering Following EA's Season Ticket Lead with PES News

Micro-transactions under consideration

26 Aug 2011

PES 2012 Demo Delayed on Xbox 360 News

PS3 and PC versions release without problems.

24 Aug 2011

Ultimate Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Offers Entire Series News

PS3 exclusive, exclusive to Zavvi. Exclusively.

15 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Rhythm Heaven Wins Hearts News

PSP performs well. Except for the PSP Go, of course.

05 Aug 2011

PES 2012 Dated for Europe News

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

28 Jul 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: Baseball Beats All News

Nintendo 3DS takes control of hardware chart.

22 Jul 2011

PES 2011 Videos - Seven Of Them News

Diagonal runs... Dummy Runs... Overlaps and more

14 Jul 2011

Konami Announces Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders HD Remakes News

Metal Gear Solid Rising also on track for 2012 release.

03 Jun 2011

Report: Metal Gear Solid 3DS Planned for November News

Konami looking to capitalise on Christmas sales.

09 May 2011

Hideo Kojima Becomes Konami Corporate Officer News

It... can't be!

30 Mar 2011

Konami Sets Bombermen to Social Network News

Hudson to switch over to online

09 Mar 2011

Konami Updates PES 2011 DLC News

All teams updated...

08 Mar 2011

PES 2011 3D - March 25th Release Date on 3DS News

Yay! Score a soccer!

07 Feb 2011

Konami Wants Your Ideas for Silent Hill News

Gonna be a downpour

26 Jan 2011

Kojima Productions Seeking Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Staff News

Could a shake up in the espionage action series be on the cards?

14 Jan 2011

Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Games Offensive News

Game Room, Fable III and PES on your mobile.

06 Jan 2011

Metal Gear Art Director to Launch Konami Exhibit News

Get stuff signed by Yoji Shinkawa!

24 Dec 2010

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to Get DLC News

No need to hide in the shadows.

23 Dec 2010

Rumour: Koji Igarashi Working on Castlevania 3DS News

To take the taste of Lords of Shadow out of our mouths.

23 Dec 2010

iPhone Gets TurboGrafx-16 Compilation News

Game Box App offers 16 retro titles.

20 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Races Ahead News

Beats robots and Mario.

02 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Black Ops Tops the Chart News

Western title does good in the East.

25 Nov 2010

Newest Castelvania Shifts Over a Million News

Not staying in the shadows too much

23 Nov 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Tactics Ogre Beats Up Dragon Ball News

Sorry for goblin up that last pun.

18 Nov 2010

Metal Gear Rising in 2012? Nibble

09 Nov 2010

Capcom, Konami for Android Phone 3D Games News

Also Namco Bandai and GungHo

04 Nov 2010

Castlevania: LOS + MGS 4 Bundle Confirmed News

It's official

27 Oct 2010

UK Video Games Charts: Fallout Gamble Pays Off News

New Vegas beats Medal of Honor

25 Oct 2010

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PS3 Patch Incoming News

Save file corruption being fixed.

20 Oct 2010

Teacher Takes on 13-Hour DanceDanceRevolution Marathon for Charity News

Here comes the hot-stepper.

19 Oct 2010

Konami Brings PES + Metal Gear Snake Eater to European 3DS News

Big releases from Konami

18 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Medal of Honor Red Cards FIFA News

EA vs EA in EA battle for the top

18 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: PES 2011 Crushed by FIFA 11 News

EA clinches top spot.

11 Oct 2010

Pick that Out News: PES 2011 DLC - Dated and Detailed News

Player roster updated

08 Oct 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Pokemon Black & White Smashes Records News

Best first week sales total in history - after only two days on sale!

23 Sep 2010

Konami versus Harmonix Rock Band Battle Settled News

Viacom also backs down.

20 Sep 2010

Japanese Castlevania Trailer is Long But Bloody Great News

Trailer with 7:35 run time has lots to share

16 Sep 2010

PES 2011 for Wii Dated with a Trailer News

Konami calls it total control.

08 Sep 2010

Silent Hill 8 Confirmed as a 'Working Title' News

Xbox 360 and PS3 this time

08 Sep 2010

PES 2011 Demo Hitting PSN, PC This Month News

Play with the CPU or a friend offline with four clubs.

03 Sep 2010

How Star Trek Influenced Castlevania: Lords of Shadow News

Getting back to Castlevania's roots

03 Sep 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Leads Konami TGS Offerings News

Konami details line-up

01 Sep 2010

Konami: Hardcore Gamers "May Start Enjoying Kinect" News

Confused as all hell as to why both Move and Kinect are releasing at the same time though

27 Aug 2010

Metal Gear Solid Rising Honours No-Kill Tradition News

Can complete the game without harming human enemies, if you like.

20 Aug 2010

SUDA51 Surprised at Konami's No More Heroes Interest News

Publisher announces deal to bring HD remake to Europe.

19 Aug 2010

PES 2011 Release Date Challenges FIFA 11 - UK Update News

September release close to FIFA's own October launch.

18 Aug 2010

PES 2011 Master League Beta Kicks Off Today News

At the time of writing, in an hour and a half...

16 Aug 2010

MGS Rising Shows New Faces News

Mostly free of returning characters

11 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Samurai Heroes Vs Vocaloid Heroine News

Close battle for the top spot this week.

09 Aug 2010

Sony PSP was Konami's Biggest Platform News

Publisher sells 4.62 million units between April - June.

05 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Wii Party Regains Control News

Blur languishes at #50.

30 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Fire Emblem Scorches Competition News

Dragon Quest Monsters close behind.

23 Jul 2010

Japanese Game Software Charts: Wii Like to Party News

White Knight Chronicles close behind new Nintendo hit.

19 Jul 2010

Video: PES 2011 to Add Stadium Edits, Pass Control News

1000 new animations too. Trailer inside.

13 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Inazuma Eleven Top of the League News

Where's Monster Hunter?

09 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Capcom Secures Xbox 360 Victory News

Anime dating sim following close behind.

02 Jul 2010

Metal Gear Solid Rising Series Planned News

It's not a spinoff, claims producer.

28 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leaps Back On Top News

World Cup boosts Winning Eleven

25 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Xenoblade Cuts Mario Down News

Nintendo platform software dominates.

18 Jun 2010

Konami & Rebellion Announce NeverDead News

Dismemberment combat game gets a head of itself

17 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Konami Okays Silent Hill... 8 News

Reimagined rebooted? Nope

17 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Konami on Castlevania "Make it So" News

Fresh new ideas

17 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Mario Biggest In The Galaxy News

Nintendo DS sees a software resurgence.

04 Jun 2010

PES 2011 Producer Seabass Stabs at Simple FIFA News

PES also had some problems.

01 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Lost Planet 2 Scores Against PES News

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Day One sales impressive.

28 May 2010

Dizzee Rascal To Feature In Def Jam Rapstar News

But only in the UK version, mind. France and Germany, you have your own hip hop legends.

19 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Nintendo Strikes Back News

First party titles command 60% of the Top 10.

14 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Dragons Beat Snakes News

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker denied top spot.

07 May 2010

Konami Thinking About Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker On PS3 News

Would have online capabilities to boot.

05 May 2010

PES 2011: "Will Reinvigorate The Series" News

Admission of past failures could ignite new footy war

04 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: NieR Leads RPG Charge News

PS3 version kicks 360 edition to the ground.

30 Apr 2010

Rumour: Xbox 360 Slim, Metal Gear Solid Natal? News

Surfer Girl strikes again.

26 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Travis Touches Down News

Sales don't exactly light up this week, though.

23 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leads a Stale Week News

No new games in this chart this week, either.

16 Apr 2010

Def Jam Rapstar to Hit This Autumn News

Rapper's Delight.

09 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Seafaring Dungeon Crawler Ahoy! News

Plus: PS2 hits a home run!

09 Apr 2010

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for June 18th in Europe News

Plus a limited edition Green PSP

16 Mar 2010

Japan Software Charts: Heavy Rain Pours In News

Resident Evil 5 takes top spot.

26 Feb 2010

Konami Suffers Drop In Quarterly Revenue News

Lack of hit games resulted in net revenue drop of 18.4 per cent.

04 Feb 2010

PES Producer Asks Users For Feedback News

Questionnaire asks whether players will buy FIFA 11 or PES 2011.

08 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Professor Layton Fails Rest Of Class News

Latest puzzle-adventure game only big-seller this week.

04 Dec 2009

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker UK Dated News

Remember you can see under people's clothes

03 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Consumers Hold Out News

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 sits pretty at the top of the charts.

16 Nov 2009

FIFA Outselling PES by 4-1 News

More sales figures splurted at investors.

10 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Fitness Before Christmas News

Football Manager 2010 gets knocked down to 4th place.

09 Nov 2009

Konami: Saw Game is No 'Knock Off Cash-In" News

Torture porn creator is involved

04 Nov 2009

Japan Roundup: Virtual PSP 7-Eleven Festa Console Go! News

Or; Jump Festa, PSP Go, Virtual Console and 7-Eleven news.

30 Oct 2009

UK Charts: PES 2010 beats Forza Week 43 2009 News

Lots of lovely entries

26 Oct 2009

PES 2010 Will Have Free DLC Nibble

22 Oct 2009

Uncharted 2 Biggest Seller in Japan Apparently News

Famitsu Day 1 sales chart shows Naughty Dog's sequel net 47K units.

16 Oct 2009

Kojima: Peace Walker Will Make You Want a PSP News

Director is interested in 'host computer' controlled portable gaming.

14 Oct 2009

The Week In Japan: Wii Dissing, R4 Snitching News

Plus: MGS Peace Walker demo, leaked Nintendo retailer briefing.

09 Oct 2009

UK Games Industry Slams Supermarket Price Wars News

FIFA 10 the start of an "unnecessary and worrying" trend for industry.

08 Oct 2009

Konami's Rocket Knight To Spark Again News

Mega Drive classic getting a sequel on XBLA, PSN, Steam

06 Oct 2009

Japan Software Charts: Be My Tomodachi News

Mii-catching game takes over Pokemon-catching game.

02 Oct 2009

Metal Gear Peace Walker Video News

Central American shenanigans

24 Sep 2009

MGS Peace Walker TGS Demo in the Wild News

Download it now

24 Sep 2009

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo Downloadable at TGS News

Bring a PSP and download Kojima Productions' latest PSP title.

11 Sep 2009

Konami Reveals Tokyo Game Show 2009 Floorplan News

Leaked might be a bit harsh.

10 Sep 2009

Konami: "Not Long" for PES 2010 Demo News

And goalies are less thick as well.

07 Sep 2009

PES 2010 Cover Stars in Hilarious Fun News

It's hilarious if you think Liverpool

26 Aug 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Dated to Kick Off Against FIFA 2010 News

Has it learnt its lesson?

19 Aug 2009

Kojima to Demo True Metal Gear Sequel in Cologne News

Loads of Konami goodies on show

27 Jul 2009

Konami Slashes iPod Game Prices News

Visibility a difficult thing to get

22 Jul 2009

PES 2010: The Master League Remastered News

New details emerge

22 Jul 2009

More Horror Comes Calling for Wii News

Konami thinks it'll work...

13 Jul 2009

PES 2010 for Wii this Autumn News

Additions to old Wii play are... in play.

08 Jul 2009

Konami Kills ID for PES Online Play News

Gone forever! Back of the net!

07 Jul 2009

Don't get Pregnant at Konami News

Mum sues after childcare-related demotion

18 Jun 2009

MGS: Rising Officially Multi-Platform News

Simultaneous multi-platform release

04 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Kojima Announces MGS "True Sequel" on PSP News

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the "true" sequel to MGS3, set 10 years after

02 Jun 2009

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Not 360 Exclusive News

Kojima teaser site morphs

02 Jun 2009

Metal Gearing Up for Next Kojima Title News

Teaser site updated

27 May 2009

The Shadow of Kojima's Box News

More hints and teases

26 May 2009

Confirmed: Metal Gear Announcement News

Staggering facts amaze conspiracists

12 May 2009

PES 2010 - Messi or What? Nibble

11 May 2009

US Army Debates Canned Fallujah Game News

A bit late?

27 Apr 2009

Public Outcry Kills Konami Game News

Game's future unclear

27 Apr 2009

Should Konami's Fallujah Game Be 'Fun'? News

Plus: insurgents consulted for Iraq war recreation

14 Apr 2009

Masses of New PES 2010 Details News

Licensing, gameplay, graphics details and more...

08 Apr 2009

Marines Ask Konami for War Game News

Six Days in Fallujah revealed

07 Apr 2009

Silent Hill for Wii Has No Combat? News

Game confirmed. Oh dear, it's another 'reimagining'

02 Apr 2009

GDC: Kojima Looks West for Next Metal Gear Solid News

Konami guru sees West as more tech-focused

27 Mar 2009

Jaffe: Metal Gear Solid Story “Ham Fisted” News

Gears 2 an Aliens rip-off

17 Mar 2009

Dated: Metal Gear Online Expands with Raiden News

Expansion dated

06 Mar 2009

Konami Gets Saw Nibble

06 Feb 2009

PES 2009 Update Detailed Nibble

06 Feb 2009

Bomberman 2 Terrorises DS in February News

Have an explosive Valentines Day

07 Jan 2009

Metal Gear Solid iPhone to Disappoint? News

No stealth play for MGS Touch

18 Dec 2008

Confirmed: Metal Gear Solid for iPhone News

and for the iPod Touch.

17 Dec 2008

Next Metal Gear iPhone or Xbox? News

It's a tease isn't it.

05 Dec 2008

UK Game Charts: Xmas Number 1 Already? News

Where's Rock Band 2?

02 Dec 2008

The UK Games Charts: Call of Duty Takes on All Comers News

Tomb Raider and Need for Speed fail to take the top

25 Nov 2008

The UK Video Game Charts: Call of Duty in a World of Warcraft News

What happened to LittleBigPlanet?

18 Nov 2008

First Pro Evo Soccer 2009 Update Already Detailed News

Soon with added Spanish

16 Oct 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 CAN Run Metal Gear Solid News

Our dad is bigger than your dad

16 Oct 2008

Konami, Metal Gear Solid and the Xbox 360 News

Rumour rumour Xmas

15 Oct 2008

Konami Details Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 for Wii News

New PES 2009 video and screens here

10 Oct 2008

Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Hit LittleBigPlanet News

More LittleBigPlanet makeovers!

09 Oct 2008

Metal Gear Online Expansion Details Dished Up News

Meme expansion coming "later this year"

07 Oct 2008

Silent Hill: Homecoming Bladder Test News

New video here

07 Oct 2008

PES 2009 Gets More Official by the Second News

Top-tier French and Dutch divisions brought on board

24 Sep 2008

Pro Evolution... Soccer 2009 News Avalanche News

It's all rather Messi

11 Sep 2008

Kojima Regrets MGS4 Cutscenes News

Keeps thinking about more interactivity

26 Aug 2008

Silent Hill Homecoming Confirmed for PC News

New screens and video below

20 Aug 2008

Konami Sorry for Metal Gear Online Fiasco News

MGS4 companion game faces "major system related problems"

21 Jul 2008

Metal Gear Online Expansion Coming This Week News

New maps and all that

14 Jul 2008

Konami Launches Rock Band Lawsuit News

Patents infringed?

11 Jul 2008

MGS4: Hayter Calls Solid Snake Weak News

Spoiler alert!

07 Jul 2008

The Charts: Indiana Jones Super Smashed News

What happened to Mario & Sonic?!?!

01 Jul 2008

European Metal Gear Solid 4 Tops a Million News

Konami in sales unshocker

24 Jun 2008

European Metal Gear Solid 4 Database... Dated At Last News

Europeans won't have to wait too long

23 Jun 2008

Pro Evo Soccer 2009 Autumnal Loveliness News

Get your boots on...

23 Jun 2008

Konami Rock Revolution Devs Come Out News

Plus: a bold new art style for

16 Jun 2008

Rumour: Metal Gear Solid Heading to Xbox Live News

MGS XBLA: Does 1400 into 350 go?

10 Jun 2008

New Metal Gear Rumoured News

Sneak 'em up coming back to the PSP, apparently

10 Jun 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Friday Round Up News

The latest MGS4 rumblings

06 Jun 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 Street Date Broken News

Somewhere in the world...

04 Jun 2008

Metal Gear Solid Creator Gets on the Guinness News

World Records that is...

04 Jun 2008

The Charts: Is GTA IV Fit Enough to Survive Sales Drop? News

Nintendo takes 40% of Top 10

20 May 2008

Konami Takes on EA's Rock Band to Reclaim its Revolution-ary Status News

Music game genres granddad gets back on stage

16 May 2008

Silent Hill: Homecoming Friday Sunniness News

Cheery screens here

16 May 2008

UK: MGS4 Limited Edition and Pre-Order Confirmed News

Teeny Snake inbound

12 May 2008

Some Silent Hill: Homecoming Screens to Darken Your Day News

Get your afternoon dose of eerie here

25 Apr 2008

Postponed Metal Gear Online Beta Gets New Date News

Beta knocked back, period extended

22 Apr 2008

Next-Gen Silent Hill Named and Dated News

Konami to get creepy later this year

22 Apr 2008

Metal Gear Online European Open Beta Confirmed News

Kojima Productions says 'Oui' et 'Ja'

11 Apr 2008

MGS4 Gun Metal PS3 Confirmed for US News

Alas, that's the 'United States', not 'us'

11 Apr 2008

UPDATED: Metal Gear Solid 4 Dated for Europe News

Plus: MGS4 pushing the limits of Blu-ray?

29 Feb 2008

Silent Hill V Screens To Darken Your Day News

Turn on the light now...

28 Feb 2008

PES 2008 Wii Features Unveiled News

"A football game like no other"...

06 Feb 2008

Silent Hill Origins Bound For PS2 News

PSP prequel takes trip to big(ger) screen

01 Feb 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer's Mii March Madness News

Point and drag footy?

17 Jan 2008

The Charts: Assassin's Creed - Kicked Ass or Ass Kicked? News

Sales take a new year hit

08 Jan 2008

The Charts: Call of Duty is Assassinated News

What rides high at the start of 2008?

02 Jan 2008

Rumour: Metal Gear Solid 4 Heading To Xbox 360 News

Konami blockbuster relegated to 'timed exclusive' for PS3?

02 Jan 2008

PES 2008 Detailed for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS News

Konami outlines PSP and DS versions

13 Dec 2007

MGS4 Producer Wants Million Sales, Day One News

Not asking much then.

30 Nov 2007

Nintendo's Virtual Console Gets A Slam Dunk News

But the release list is looking sparse...

16 Nov 2007

PES 2008 Problems: 'Solution' In The Works News

Konami 'fesses up

13 Nov 2007

Anime News Update – Sex, Spies, Horror News

Essential Manga of the month – 009-1 and Red Garden

01 Nov 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 - DELAYED News

No Snake this winter

31 Oct 2007

The Charts: PES 2008 Scores News

Pro Evolution Soccer makes it a hat trick

30 Oct 2007

First Look At Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 DS News

First bunch of blockheaded screens inside

23 Oct 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Demo Available Now News

Turn on your 360s...

21 Sep 2007

Metal Gear Online Bundled With MGS4 News

For Japan only?

19 Sep 2007

Pro Evolution 2008 Street Date News

Earwig-oh! Earwig-oh! Earwig-oh!

14 Sep 2007

Rumour: Christian Bale To Star In Metal Gear Solid Film News

Batman to get stealthy?

13 Sep 2007

Rumour: 360 Exclusive Castlevania? News

It's going to be big in the States.

11 Sep 2007

Download FIFA 08 Demo On PC Today News

Annual FIFA/Pro Evo argument kicks off

03 Sep 2007

Leipzig: Metal Gear Solid 4 Bosses - Kojima Reveals All News

Mantis, Wolf, Raven, Octopus - Shakycam trailer inside

23 Aug 2007

Leipzig: Pro Evo Soccer Wii, Track and Field DS News

Latest from Konami’s Leipzig conference inside

22 Aug 2007

More Details On The London Games Festival Emerge News

Events and sponsors revealed

08 Aug 2007

Kojima To Demo Metal Gear Solid 4 At Leipzig News

Old sneaky drawers himself makes a trip to Europe

08 Aug 2007

Track & Field Leaps Onto Xbox LIVE Arcade Tomorrow News

Get ready to destroy those controller buttons!

07 Aug 2007

Metal Gear Online: More Screens! News

Beta testing to begin soon

25 Jul 2007

Super Contra Blasts Onto Live Arcade Today News

Splat aliens with extreme prejudice in retro classic

25 Jul 2007

Metal Gear Online for PS3 – First Screens News

16 player hide and seek with guns

24 Jul 2007

Ouch! Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Signs Michael Owen News

He might not know which club to play for, but he's sure of one thing...

20 Jul 2007

Portable Ops Plus: Trailer Here News

Feast your eyes here...

18 Jul 2007

Metal Gear Solid Online In Works For PS3 News

Portable Ops Expanded

18 Jul 2007

Bombing and Kung Fu Strike Xbox Live News

But don't worry, it's not ninja terrorists

17 Jul 2007

E3: Latest Metal Gear Solid 4: Puke, P**S & Froth News

Warning: Alarming hair inside

13 Jul 2007

Silent Hill V To Disturb PS3 and Xbox 360 News

Chilling first screens inside

12 Jul 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4: Melancholy New Screens News

Farewell, dear Snake, we loved thee well

12 Jul 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer Signs Ronaldo: First Screens News

Britain's fourth best footy player gets recruited for PR offensive

10 Jul 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4: No PS3 Exclusive? News

Exec lukewarm to PS3 price cut. Amazon users aren't.

10 Jul 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer: The North Will Rise Again News

Are Brits any better at PES than they are at actual sports?

06 Jul 2007

Contra 4 On Nintendo DS This Year News

Yay, yay and thrice yay

21 Jun 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer '08: First Details And Screens News

Not a wee Wii in sight

18 Jun 2007

Konami Skincare Guide For Nintendo DS News

‘Get pretty while having fun’. Only in Japan.

14 Jun 2007

The Charts: Pirates Of The Caribbean Run Down News

Johnny Depp hears a faint 'brum' in the distance...

12 Jun 2007

Konami Unconfirms Metal Gear Solid 4 For Xbox 360 News

Killer-app still a PS3 exclusive

04 Jun 2007

Rumour Mill: Silent Hill 5 in 2007 News

So says EGM, so there

29 May 2007

Metal Gear Solid Recruiting Now News

Take on foreigners in Portable Ops

25 May 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

The Charts: PS3 Boosts Spider-Man 3 Performance News

Nintendo platforms dominate Top 10

22 May 2007

Konami's Songs Via iTunes Thanks To Sony News

Songs from the shows... or rather the games...

15 May 2007

The Charts: Tiberium Wars Doesn't Quite Conquer News

Spidey's sticking around

15 May 2007

Metal Gear Solid 4 Slips? News

So say leading retailers

14 May 2007

Silent Hill: An Undead Video Feast News

Konami unleashes small town odd-bods. And a trucker

30 Apr 2007

New In The Arcades - April '07 News

Unachievable@Home – is the new mantra of those working in out-of-home interactive entertainment.

23 Apr 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

Xbox Live: Gyruss And MiniGolf Double-Team News

Unfortunately, not for space-golf

16 Apr 2007

The World’s 100 Top Developers News

UK pwns Japan. Take that!

04 Apr 2007

Virtual Console Gets Linked Up (Again) News

This weeks VC offerings

23 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Ram Raids The Charts News

But only gently

20 Mar 2007

Castlevania On Xbox Live This Wednesday News

Something to sink your teeth into

19 Mar 2007

Pro Evo - UK Arcade Machine Roll-Out News

It's Pro Evo online in the pub!

01 Mar 2007

The Charts: A Final Fantasy! News

Despite fastest-selling console game of the year, sales are down…

26 Feb 2007

What's New In The Arcades News

Our brand new arcade series starts here...

26 Feb 2007

Chart News: Cut-Price EA Titles Back at Top News

Need for Speed, FIFA, back of the net etc.

20 Feb 2007

Something for the Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Details? Packshots? Screens? SPOnG's got em all...

16 Feb 2007

Konami Announce Xbox 360 Online Dance-a-thon News

Dancing Stage Universe - first screens and details inside

06 Feb 2007

New Wii Title from Konami’s Eledees Team News

Be a little droplet in Dewy’s Adventures

05 Feb 2007

New Hellboy Screens News

Ron Perlman confirmed on voice-acting duties

05 Feb 2007

Meet Virtual Pet Owners with Konami’s GoPets News

Meet other owners of pretend dogs and cats across the globe!

05 Feb 2007

Three Castlevania Games PSP-Bound News

Symphony of the Night, Rondo of Blood plus 3D remake

02 Feb 2007

Metal Gear Solid: Extra Content For European PSP Owners News

Europeans to get special treatment (sort of)

12 Jan 2007

Konami Canning News Canned News

‘New Adventure Game 2’ to go ahead after all

12 Jan 2007

Konami Cans PS3 and Wii Games News

Luckily, Metal Gear Solid 4 is still on

11 Jan 2007

Konami Wants Your Tune for Next DDR News

Daaaaaaaaaance to the music!

10 Jan 2007

Konami Changes Elebits to ‘Eledees’ in UK News

Heaven only knows why. Full details inside.

08 Jan 2007

Konami Pwned By Hacker News

Shame on you for being so dragging down konami.com

03 Jan 2007

Rumor Mill: Konami to Can PS3 Coded Arms? News

Next-gen first person shooter to fall by the wayside?

03 Jan 2007

Free Pro Evo 6 Demo News

Yes, FREE – Konami’s Soccerball demo on Xbox Live today

22 Dec 2006

WiiConnect24 – First List of Games Inside News

Elebits, Pokemon, Metroid and lots more 'always on' online goodness

28 Nov 2006

Metal Gear Solid 4 - New Details News

And Hideo Kojima is not so keen on missing rumbles or U.S. foreign policy!

27 Nov 2006

Castlevania Creator Dismisses Wii as ‘Gimmicky’ News

No Castlevania on the Wii release schedule then

23 Nov 2006

The Charts: PES 6 Shoots and Scores News

Becomes the fastest selling 360 title to date

31 Oct 2006

Something for the Weekend Sir? Games out today. News

The PES/FIFA war starts here. Game(s) On!

27 Oct 2006

Microsoft to Release 360 Pro Evo Bundle News

Pro Evo soccer widows across the land weep

20 Oct 2006

MGS4 – New Screen Binge Inside News

Latest on Kojima’s next gen masterpiece

03 Oct 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Dated News

The beautiful game in its most glorious form yet

29 Sep 2006

Metal Gear Solid 4 Not Only About Sneaking News

Snake - a bull in a china shop? Latest info inside.

21 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Screens News

We become aroused by men in shorts.

07 Sep 2006

DS Lite Pulls on Pro Evolution Shirt News

Nice kit! Japan gets limited edition bundle.

30 Aug 2006

Konami: "PES 6 Not 360 Exclusive" News

Leipzig news a Pro-Evolutionary dead end.

29 Aug 2006

Brand New Metal Gear Solid Screens Brought to Life by Shaky-Cam News

Underwhelming screens. Stunning video...

24 Aug 2006

Leipzig: Both FIFA 07 and Pro Evo 6 to be 360 Exclusives News

Well, for at least twelve months...

23 Aug 2006

UPDATE: Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Tomorrow News

Leipzig offers glimpse of future Snake.

23 Aug 2006

EA Announces FIFA 07 – First Screens and Info News

Publisher copies and pastes 06 release, adds new adjectives.

04 Aug 2006

Kojima Productions - Latest on MGS4 and More News

Five new titles on show in Leipzig next month.

25 Jul 2006

Play 360 Pro Evolution Soccer 6 This August News

In Leipzig...

05 Jul 2006

Brazilian soccer legend fronts Pro Evo 6 News

Konami signs up Brazil's golden boy Adriano

12 Jun 2006

Xbox Live News - Rumble Roses, Perfect Dark, Oblivion News

Girls, girls, elves.

08 Jun 2006

The Charts: Agent 47 and Lara Hit Top Three News

Hitman and Her star in the All Formats chart.

06 Jun 2006

The Charts - Hitman Bang on Target News

A golden week for Eidos.

31 May 2006

UK Charts: Football, Movies, Football News

Oh, and a cracking week for Animal Crossing

23 May 2006

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer News

Right here, right now.

17 May 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – on DS and 360 News

First screens inside

16 May 2006

The Charts – Clean Sweep for FIFA News

EA’s World Cup game scores hat-trick.

16 May 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – First Details News

On show at E3.

27 Apr 2006

Elebits - Konami's First Revolution Title News

Full details below.

26 Apr 2006

New Castlevania on DS – Details Here News

Set in World War II. Hmm...

21 Apr 2006

Pro Evo 5 Hits the Back of the Bargain Bin News

Back of the net!

12 Apr 2006

Metal Gear Solid, The Movie - Kojima-san Kicks Boll Into Touch News

Useless film-maker allowed nowhere near MGS.

06 Feb 2006

Dance Game Teaches Kids About DNA News

Become a scientific genius through dance.

31 Jan 2006

Dance Dance Revolution Hits School Gym Classes News

Obese kids to shed pounds playing videogame

30 Jan 2006

London’s Arcade Show Highlights News

Virtua Tennis 3 on Sega’s Lindbergh: First Look

25 Jan 2006

Silent Hill Goes to the Cinema News

Trailer promises first great game-into-movie adaptation?

20 Jan 2006

Hideo Kojima Hosting MGS4 Podcasts News

Serious-faced Sneak King hosts talk show.

20 Jan 2006

Konami Announces Release of SAS Simulator News

For all the wannabe Andy McNabs out there...

19 Jan 2006

Kojima: True Metal Gear for PSP Detailed News

Codename revealed, hints dropped.

22 Dec 2005

Metal Gear Solid's Kojima snubs Revolution, opens door to 360 News

Exclusivity phase expected to dwindle

19 Dec 2005

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Goes Straight to Number One News

PES takes rightful place at top of the table.

25 Oct 2005

Kojima Developing Revolution Game News

MGS man latest to declare his intentions for Nintendo's next gen.

21 Oct 2005

Konami Putting DDR in US Gyms News

Videogames in health benefit crossover shocker.

12 Oct 2005

Pro Evolution Soccer Retires to the Dugout News

Konami announces manager and mobile phone PES spin-offs as Pro Evo 5 launch looms.

07 Oct 2005

Metal Gear Solid 4: Full Official PS3 TGS Trailer Right Here - New Screens and Art News

Must see PlayStation 3 footage inside.

21 Sep 2005

Conamicom? Merger talks flare News

Capcom and Konami looking to combine…

20 Sep 2005

PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 revealed News

First details and images trickle forth

15 Sep 2005

Holy Crap! Konami spawns Initial D/Gran Turismo bastard half-breed News

Real life mountain locations, masses of cars, drifting, more…

06 Sep 2005

Pro Evolution Confirmed for 360 News

Konami soccer classic expands.

17 Aug 2005

2D PSP Castlevania Dreams in Tatters News

DS only for true classic series.

16 Aug 2005

Konami Preparing Tokyo Game Show War Chest News

Metal Gear Solid 4 confirmed.

12 Aug 2005

PSP Pro Evolution Soccer 5 – Screenshots Score News

A bad pun for a good game.

22 Jul 2005

Mildly sexist survival - No horror News

Another piece of DS brilliance in the works

13 Jul 2005

Japanese Game Executives on all Things Next-Gen News

Especially money…

29 Jun 2005

Make Your Life Better: Castlevania DS Movie! News

Anime and monsters and Japanese stuff inside!

24 Jun 2005

Pro Evo 5 – Screens of glory! News

It looks like the others a bit! Hooray for that!

20 Jun 2005

PlayStation 3 Scoops Exclusive Rights to Next Metal Gear Solid News

Kojima discloses platform plans inside.

16 Jun 2005

Winning Eleven 9 Dated! News

More life-sapping brilliance looms in the east.

10 Jun 2005

Snake Going Next-Gen News

Metal Gear Solid a PS3 title.

19 May 2005

PS3 Games list trickles through News

First news of what games you will be playing at or near day one.

17 May 2005

Cheap, Brilliant - Better Than Sex News

PES 4 goes budget.

12 May 2005

How Mario Was Used as Sweetener to Ensure Pro Evo DS and DDR News

Interesting tale of Konami and Nintendo’s recent snuggling.

16 Mar 2005

Metal Gear Solid 4 Next-Gen Timelines conundrum News

Snake Eater is generation swansong. Kojima-san looks to future.

03 Mar 2005

More Castlevania Goodness, This Time for Nintendo DS News

Spanking new screens for your delectation.

28 Jan 2005

New Castlevania Screens Herein News

Light shed on the Curse of Darkness.

28 Jan 2005

Castlevania is Secret Konami Exciter? News

Curse of Darkness revealed.

26 Jan 2005

Mario Revolution revealed! News

Dance Dance showing stuns.

07 Jan 2005

To the Regiment - I Wish I Was There News

Going underground with new screens from Kuju and Konami's upcoming FPS.

24 Dec 2004

Pro Evolution Soccer Online? News

Guesswork or looming genius? Read on...

23 Dec 2004

Konsolidation in Japan News

Konami combines efforts

17 Dec 2004

Pro Evo 5 tackles PS2 online, Pro Evo 6 looks PS3-wards News

Konami's superb footy title continues to evolve

21 Oct 2004

Pro Evolution kills FIFA News

UK charts see Konami rampant

19 Oct 2004

Life-sap fears reach crisis point as PES ship figures revealed News

Girlfriends across Europe outraged

13 Oct 2004

Posh Metal Gear deluxe pack News

For Japan. And perhaps Europe and the US…

12 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS: Complete third party round-up - screens and details inside News

The first crop of games for the approximated launch window

11 Oct 2004

Konami tennis title confirmed for DS - ace shots inside News

It's Tennis No Oji Sama: 2005 Crystaldrive

04 Oct 2004

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Japanese release date confirmed News

16th December to see Snake Eater and its special edition

23 Sep 2004

PS2 Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Confirmed For 15th October Release Date News

Time to diarise the end of your life

20 Sep 2004

Konami Drops Hints About 'Oz' - But No Sign Of Dorothy News

New fantasy action title to be unveiled at TGS

13 Sep 2004

PSP Tokyo Game Show Game Line-Up Takes Shape News

Capcom, Konami, Koei and Hudson prepare for TGS

13 Sep 2004

Special Metal Gear Sees Special Things in Special Edition News

Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional. Word!

07 Sep 2004

UPDATED: Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Goes Live! Online Multiplayer Dream Lives News

Konami's supreme soccer series Live on Xbox

01 Sep 2004

Konami Leaps Onto the Retro Merchandise Bandwagon News

Re-work Goemon! Go on! Pleeeease!

24 Aug 2004

US To See Winning Eleven 8 News

After years of curiosity Stateside, Konami takes a punt

23 Aug 2004

The Regiment Storms Onto PC and PS2, Secret Thatcherite Doomlords go Digital! News

Hands in the air! Move aside! Blam! Blam!

20 Aug 2004

Konami Getting its Swerve on Again – Three New Bemani Titles Confirmed News

A triple whammy of dance mat updates.

19 Aug 2004

Silent Hill Series to Return as Next-Generation Project News

Survival-horror "won't be on the current consoles" anymore.

18 Aug 2004

Winning Eleven 8 goes platinum on day of release! News

Konami's superlative soccer sim sells one million in one day.

09 Aug 2004

Must Read! Pro Evolution Soccer 4: Fresh Details Revealed Inside News

Thrilling leak adds meat to bones.

21 Jul 2004

Konami to develop world’s first ballet videogame? News

‘Swanlake’ trademarked at US patent office

16 Jul 2004

Winning Eleven 8 boxart News

Slow news day? Why not run some big game cover?

07 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Grecian 2004 - for men News

Olympic fever sets in. DRIV3R sits tight.

06 Jul 2004

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 officially revealed, for Xbox too! News

The most beautiful version of the beautiful game confirmed.

02 Jul 2004

U Move Super Sports warms up for release News

Screens of Konami's EyeToy Sports mini-games

28 Jun 2004

DS bags Monkey Ball, Castlevania and Silent Hill? News

Big name developers to adapt popular franchises.

24 Jun 2004

Make Room for More Silent Hill 4 Screens News

More nasty pics from Konami’s house of horrors.

21 Jun 2004

Metal Gear Solidifies - More Screens Inside News

Mud baths and camo-chic.

21 Jun 2004

Pro Evolution Soccer Beats France off the Pitch and in the Courts News

Meat pie, sausage roll, c'mon Konami, score a goal!

15 Jun 2004

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 - The Most Detail Available Online Right Now, Only Here! News

Winning Eleven 8 - it's a must, really...

03 Jun 2004

DS Shunned for Metal Gear Support News

Though there is still hope.

25 May 2004

Football Fever Grips as EA Claim Top Spot News

Ronaldinho may not be playing, but it seems everyone else is.

18 May 2004

Metal Gear Munchies News

MGS3 details a-plenty.

14 May 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall shows expanding industry gulf News

Try and fight the cynicism beast with us as we enter publisher meltdown

13 May 2004

First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed News

Mainly from Japanese developers...

13 May 2004

Metal Gear Acid Announced News

Solid Snake takes trip to PSP.

12 May 2004

Sony PSP Developers Confirmed News

Matching Nintendo’s 100-strong DS support.

12 May 2004

Silent Hill 4 - Scream at the Screens! News

Another pair of perfectly good pants ruined.

12 May 2004

E3 2004: Konami Preview News

Mostly sequels but the return of the usual favourites is sure to please.

10 May 2004

Winning Eleven 8 Confirmed News

More details revealed for Konami's flagship footie sim

10 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

UK Charts - Xbox Gamers do Like Racers News

Codemasters takes pole position as Doctor Norton says "not tonight, lads"

26 Apr 2004

Revealed: Online Soccer Showdown! News

Pro Evolution and FIFA to see full network play – first details inside.

20 Apr 2004

EyeToy Sports Confirmed News

And from Konami too!

15 Apr 2004

Halo and Silent Hill staffers join EA's Bond push? News

Rumour talks of talent buy-out for key point in series

06 Apr 2004

EA's Easter Agony as Titles Fall From/Fail to Reach Top Ten News

Ubisoft and Clancy on the up - if it's Tuesday, it must be the All-Formats positions from ChartTrack.

06 Apr 2004

New Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Details News

Solid Snake gets to grips in the jungle.

01 Apr 2004

Exclusive: GameCube Castlevania – It's Not Happening News

Kuju believed to be charged with key Konami offering – facts inside.

30 Mar 2004

Pre-Easter Peak Week Sees Snake Sneak In News

Metal Gear out-stealthed by Pandora as this week's UK top ten is revealed.

30 Mar 2004

Pro Evolution Soccer for Xbox – Details Inside News

Game confirmed, content still a mystery.

12 Mar 2004

Exclusive: Xbox Winning XI 7/Pro Evo 3 no go as all-new game goes into production! News

Konami power-soccer franchise to ignite Live.

12 Mar 2004

Brand new Sing-em-up for PS2 News

New Karaoke game and microphone peripheral revealed.

17 Feb 2004

Japanese trademark overload! Banjo for Xbox? New Square Enix game and more inside! News

More goodness from the Tokyo patent office.

03 Feb 2004

GameCube Silent Hill Dreams Dashed Again News

Demographic issues blight adult Nintendo gaming.

23 Jan 2004

Secret Konami titles Revealed – Frogger to Return – Must Read! News

Patent applications show publisher’s cards.

20 Jan 2004

Knickers and Vest Wrestling Announced – First Images! News

PE kit forgotten in all-new Konami perv-em-up.

12 Jan 2004

Metal Gear Solid Set For GameCube in 2004 News

Nintendo finally gets Tactical Espionage Action.

28 Dec 2003

Looking Ahead to Pro Evolution Soccer 4 News

Online play obvious next step.

28 Dec 2003

You have been dancing, yeah! News

Dance Dance Revolution sales hit the heights.

03 Dec 2003

Solid Snake versus Bomberman! News

World Fighters to see Konami hardman in dust-up.

28 Nov 2003

Strange goings on as Pro Evo 3.5 announced! News

Konami Kyoto to make game for everyone

24 Nov 2003

Exclusive: Konami’s FireFighter FD18 First Screens! News

Fight fire, but without punching – that would burn your hands.

19 Nov 2003

FIFA's Show of Strength News

Perennial footy title shrugs off True Crime and Smackdown! in third week.

12 Nov 2003

Electronic Arts scores first place on UK Games Charts News

FIFA 2004 gives Pro Evolution Soccer 3 the boot.

28 Oct 2003

UK charts: Pro Evolution Soccer 3 plays through-ball to top spot News

Soccer benchmark sees gameplay power sales.

21 Oct 2003

Remember that weird Konami/Hudson/Takara/Genki game? News

Well, here are the first images!

23 Sep 2003

Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania movies loom News

Konami pitches franchises to film industry.

22 Sep 2003

More bonkers fighting melding emerges! News

Hudson, Konami, Takara and Genki team up!

12 Sep 2003

Konami Tokyo Game Show line-up revealed News

Bumper crop from MGS-powered Japanese monster.

10 Sep 2003

ECTS Awards News

And the winners are…

29 Aug 2003

Silent Hill 3 heads to PC News

Disturbed Konami horror spreads.

29 Aug 2003

New Metal Gear Solid 3 screens News

Kojima stealth-em-up looking good

27 Aug 2003

Konami’s ECTS offerings News

A truly splendiferous line-up.

27 Aug 2003

Metal Gear Solid 2 remake for GameCube News

Rumour mill offers specifics…

21 Aug 2003

PS2 buries a couple in the onion bag. News

New footy season kicks off.

11 Aug 2003

DDRMAX2 limbers up to hit the disco News


11 Aug 2003

Activision pips Konami to online stealth News

Xbox Tenchu sees Live support

28 Jul 2003

Konami bracing for financial troubles? News

Development consolidation prepares for quarterly results

28 Jul 2003

Metal Gear Solid 3 – the truth News

Kojima spills key gameplay elements found in upcoming sneak ‘em up.

28 Jun 2003

Treasure developing Gradius V News

E3 info-overload swamps some of the best news all year

25 Jun 2003

Metal Gear 3 to bin radar function News

Solid Snake goes blindly where no one has gone before.

12 Jun 2003

Konami reveals Pro Evo Manager News

Or Winning Eleven Simulation in Japan

03 Jun 2003

Winning Eleven 7 screens emerge News

And boy, are they ever small.

27 May 2003

Konami shows Winning Eleven 7 News

Seminal soccer series sees seventh serving.

23 May 2003

Get into Metal Gear Solid News


22 May 2003

Androgyny and Innuendo Mix in Metal Gear 3 Exclusive Claims News

Konami plays the exclusive card, but for how long

21 May 2003

Xbox Silent Scope Makes Fine Use of Light Gun News

Bang-bang, you're dead!

19 May 2003

Snake Sneaks in to GameCube Line-up News

First details of MGS: Twin Snakes

16 May 2003

Metal Gear Solid 3: Tastes Like Chicken News

The first succulent morsels from Metal Gear Solid 3.

13 May 2003

Konami get saucy with Solid Snake News

It’s time for some Snake jokes - someone really should have a word with Konami’s Japanese office.

07 May 2003

Konami confirms Metal Gear Solid 3 News

Hide and seek sneak-em-up rework looms.

06 May 2003

Kojima and Miyamoto on Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes News

In a kind of PR release style.

02 May 2003

Konami raises the stakes News

Castlevania on PS2 details!

24 Apr 2003

Dance Dance Revolution goes online for Xbox! News

Download heaven as cheesy dance classic sets sail.

11 Apr 2003

Metal Gear Solid Nintendo exclusivity beats the liars News

Internet lie-pool at it again as full story emerges.

26 Mar 2003

Loose-lipped Miyamoto confirms Metal Gear Solid for GameCube News

And according to Nintendo, he’s personally involved.

28 Feb 2003

Konami in logo change News

Big news! Konami mini re-brand imminent.

26 Feb 2003

New Castlevania News

PlayStation 2 gets Konami classic update.

25 Feb 2003

Europe first for Silent Hill 3 News

May 23 debut for third in best selling horror franchise

21 Feb 2003

Metal Gear Solid III detail emerges News

Title and voice cast revealed

13 Feb 2003

A Document of Substance News

Free DVD with PS2 MGS release.

10 Feb 2003

ISS 3 proves Konami eternal kings of football News

Latest footy instalment announced.

07 Feb 2003

Gradius V brings heaps of joy! News

Seminal Konami shooter returns.

17 Jan 2003

New Castlevania details News

GBA title revealed as home console outing teased.

17 Jan 2003

FIFA bounces PES News

Marketing - Feel the power

19 Dec 2002

Silent Hill 3 turns our stomachs News

Chargrilled dog, served fresh by Konami.

18 Dec 2002

Kojima makes MGS3 commitment News

About time too!

13 Dec 2002

Kojima proves himself king of irony! News

Natural-light sensitive Game Boy Advance title revealed – Or is this a taste of the GBA2? Read on.

28 Nov 2002

Konami resurgent News

Key titles power finances globally.

28 Oct 2002

Shift in release scheduling or allegiance? News

MGS 2 Substance goes AWOL.

30 Sep 2002

Heroes in a half-shell News

Turtle Power!

11 Sep 2002

Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer spells Xbox exclusive? News

Kojima sequel only for Xbox rumours hot up.

10 Sep 2002

Tokyo Game Show titles revealed News

See what our sushi-loving gaming brethren will be playing!

10 Sep 2002

Latest Silent Hill 3 images appal News

In the nicest possible way you understand

05 Sep 2002

Konami classics on the cheap News

The Collection is coming.

28 Aug 2002

General public to appear in next Metal Gear Solid News

A chance to appear in Kojima's masterpiece

21 Aug 2002

More ‘Kojima is God’ shenanigans revealed News

Konami announces Metal Gear Solid 2 interactive documentary.

12 Aug 2002

ECTS back on track News

Konami, THQ and Activision back at Euro event.

28 Jul 2002

New Metal Gear levels to be included on ‘Making of’ disc News

Playable bonus levels for PS2 owners revealed.

28 Jul 2002

Silent Scope 3 PlayStation 2 images released News

More Konami sniper action, this time straight to PS2.

18 Jul 2002

Winning Eleven 6 rampant in Japan News

Staggering sales of Konami’s latest license to print money powered by FIFA World Cup.

19 Jun 2002

Sega snaffles ESPN brand away from Konami News

New X-Games titles from Sega… Yummy!

10 May 2002

Konami breaks its Metal Gear Silence News

And seemingly concentrates on substance.

10 May 2002

Contra announced for GameCube News

Bring out your dead.

25 Apr 2002

So what’s the deal with Metal Gear X? Special exclusive report News

Microsoft says yes, Konami says no (comment).

18 Apr 2002

Castlevania producer talks on the future of the series News

Wooo! – Scary platform game gears up for second Nintendo outing.

16 Apr 2002

Silent Hill 2:Restless Dreams heads to PlayStation 2 News

Now you can play as girl, without an Xbox.

15 Apr 2002

Shadow of Memories for PC and Xbox News

Konami announce that it will release Shadow of Memories for PC and Xbox.

12 Apr 2002

Konami’s hide ‘n’ seek-em-up makes 5 million sales News

Even the inclusion of Raiden couldn’t make Solid Snake wilt.

09 Apr 2002

Konami Unleashes Portable Arcade Heaven! News

Konami has unveiled details of its upcoming old-skool arcade medley Konami Collectors Series: Arcade Advanced.

20 Mar 2002

Interview with Michel Cassius Reveals Microsoft Dialogue with SquareSoft and MGS for Xbox News

We spoke to Michel on the day of the Xbox launch party. Here's what he had to say.

15 Mar 2002

Attention!: New Bishi Bashi game revealed! News

Rot your brains, but in a good way.

04 Mar 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

Kojima: ‘Raiden inclusion a mistake’ News

Metal Gear Solid creator stays tight-lipped about almost everything.

28 Feb 2002

PlayStation 2 Metal Gear bundle announced News

Game and console all in one box: Oh joy!

19 Feb 2002

PlayStation BB third party line-up revealed! News

Details have emerged concerning third-party support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s dedicated PlayStation 2 broadband network, PlayStation BB.

14 Feb 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Shock Horror: Metal Gear Solid 2 delayed in Europe News

Konami of Europe has announced the delayed European release of the hotly anticipated stealth-em-up Metal Gear Solid 2: The Sons of Liberty.

28 Jan 2002

Coming soon: European Arcade Expo and Medal of Honour producer interview! News

Next week, we will be most busy, doggedly tracking down the best gaming news for your enjoyment.

18 Jan 2002

Microsoft Courts Square for Further Development Opportunities News

Just how big a role will Xbox play at Japanese launch, February 22?

18 Jan 2002

ISS for GameCube first look! News

Plus: Bonus amusing wrong German quote inside!

16 Jan 2002

Metal Gear sells like mad despite mixed press opinion News

Raden wins out in debut

30 Nov 2001

Solid Snake takes a back seat for MGS 2 - Konami ruffled! News

Shocking MGS2 tattling unfolds

13 Nov 2001

Hudson in trouble News

Bomberman creator turns to Konami for help beating wolf from door

01 Nov 2001

Silent Hill 2 sells a million: Everyone is strange News

Amazing sales for Konami horror title

31 Oct 2001

Metal Gear Solid 2 is complete! News

European versions under way

30 Oct 2001

Xbox Silent Hill 2 new details News

New extended gameplay features inside

23 Oct 2001

New Metal Gear Solid 2 demo unveiled tomorrow! News

Black-out ends in Tokyo as Kojima relents

12 Oct 2001

Silent Hill 2 Launch Details News

It’s almost ready.

07 Oct 2001

ISS and Champ Manager team up for ultimate soccer game News

All playing together nicely!

05 Oct 2001

Konami Reschedules Solid Snake News

Metal Gear Solid 2 brought forward.

20 Sep 2001

Kojima Speaks on GameCube Metal Gear Solid Possibilities News

Metal Gear Solid on GameCube? Yes please!

07 Sep 2001

Metal Gear Solid 2 on Schedule... Just News

Konami reveals release strategy for Sons of Liberty.

31 Aug 2001

Konami confirms details of Silent Hill for Xbox News

The best horror title in the world lines up for Xbox. New play details inside

29 Aug 2001

Silent Hill 2 Artist Speaks. The Weirdo! News

Cronenberg, Lynch, Bacon influences? A strong stomach may be required.

16 Aug 2001

Mr Serious Speaks! Kojima on GameCube coming soon? News

Kojima likes the GameCube. We also like the GameCube, and we like Kojima games. Are you thinking what we are thinking?

08 Aug 2001

ISS Pro Evolution Soccer first look – Yummy! News

Belated Euro release looms

07 Aug 2001

Konami and Disney team up. What happened to Square? News

Disney in game floozy shocker!

06 Aug 2001

Gradius for Game Boy Advance: First shots! News

The daddy of 2D side scrolling power-up based shooters returns with a vengence on Game Boy Advance

06 Aug 2001

More Eastern merger news as Konami and Hudson snuggle up News

The age of the super-company is upon us

27 Jul 2001

Exclusive: Silent Hill 2 UK dated News

Day of terror confirmed

26 Jul 2001

Gradius confirmed for Game Boy Advance News

Classic shooter goes portable

18 Jul 2001

Konami in dirty tricks against Microsoft? News

Is Konami trying to thwart the chances of the Xbox Stateside? Read on and see what you think

17 Jul 2001

Konami struggling with XBox development? News

But we can't tell why...

16 Jul 2001

ZOE For Game Boy Advance Named News

It's a mouthful!

29 Jun 2001

Zone of Enders for Game Boy Advance rumoured News

Is ZOE headed to GBA?

26 Jun 2001

In depth hands on with Silent Scope 2 News

Reach out and touch someone!

23 Jun 2001

What do you want in MGS 2? Konami is good to you! News

Choose your own goodies!

20 Jun 2001

Horrible Silent Hill 2 shots. News

Nasty looking game from Konami in faceless sexy nurse shocker!

06 Jun 2001

Much rumoured Metal Gear Solid 2 Blackout confirmed News

No more MGS 2 info until the game hits the shelves

29 May 2001

Konami’s E3! Intentions News

Konami looking stronger than ever.

15 May 2001

Silent Hill to debut at Tokyo Game Show with new Sony 3D Sound Technology News

Amazing breakthrough in videogame sound promised

30 Mar 2001

Konami confirms four for Xbox News

Konami prepares for Microsoft

28 Mar 2001

Become immortalised in Metal Gear Solid 2 News

I'm in Metal Gear Solid 2. No, honest!

28 Mar 2001

Metal Gear Cheats cause rage in Japan News

You pesky kids... Always cheating.

23 Mar 2001

Konami doubts the Jap-peal of the Xbox News

With masses of development pledged, Konami remains unsure of the Xbox

15 Mar 2001

Metal Gear 2: Sons of Punctuality on Track for Q4 This Year News

Konami insistent that MGS 2 will be here on time

13 Mar 2001

Metal Gear Solid: The Sons of Liberty hands on preview News

We play Metal Gear 2. We tell you about it. We rule!

28 Feb 2001

Internet Rankings for a Game Demo? Must be MGS 2 News

This is amazing. A demo with global internet rankings!

26 Feb 2001

Konami Confirms Game Boy Advance Line-up News

Japanese giants team up for launch

21 Feb 2001

Konami To Go All Out On An Arcade Offensive News

Konami to show huge number of arcades at upcoming event

20 Feb 2001

New shots of Metal Gear Solid 2 News

Yet more screenshots.

15 Feb 2001

Konami moves into the world of health clubs News

Konami intends to make getting in shape fun.

29 Jan 2001

Beatmania Da! Finger Dancing Edutainment for PS2? News

Have fun and learn to type at the same time courtesy of Konami.

19 Jan 2001

Nightmare Creatures 2 Gets Gold News

Kalisto's Nightmare Creatures 2 website has been awarded "best promotional website" by the MIM jury at this year's 7th annual event.

22 Dec 2000

Konami announces Playstation 2 release line up News

Konami announce their stable of forthcoming games for the PS2

28 Oct 2000

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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