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Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games worldwide, created such industry icons as Mario and Donkey Kong and launched franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its popular home video game systems, including NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube and Game Boy - the world's best-selling video game system.

As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Washington, serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere, where more than 40 percent of American households own a Nintendo game system.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Nintendo's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1980 title, "Radarscope" (Arcade).

The company has been involved titles released on the Switch, 3DS/2DS, New 3DS, Wii U, Wii, DS/DSi, GameCube, GBA, Game Boy Color, Arcade, N64, Game Boy, Nintendo Virtual Boy, SNES, CDi, NES, C64 and Spectrum 48K. Of these, "Wii Play" (Wii), "Big Brain Academy" (Wii), "Mario Kart DS" (DS/DSi), "New Super Mario Bros." (DS/DSi), "Nintendogs" (DS/DSi) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "Xenoblade Chronicles" (Switch).

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Sniping violence beats kicking and punching violence in UK video game charts

30 Jun 2014

Nintendo's Iwata is Ill News

A growth has been discovered. Surgery has been undertaken.

24 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: UFC Dogs Ubisoft News

Watch_Dogs gets a proper kicking from EA's kicking and punching game...

23 Jun 2014

Wii U Facing Sales Ban News

Medical imaging company wins patent case against Nintendo

20 Jun 2014

PS4 Beating Xbox One Again in the USA News

Console hardware sales stats are in from the USA and Sony is in the lead.

17 Jun 2014

Nintendo of America President Claims Wii U Beating Xbox One News

Wii U Getting More Content Options

16 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA News

The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

16 Jun 2014

Sony Claims Xbox and Wii Owners Switching to PS4 News

Sony quotes research to back up its claims.

13 Jun 2014

Nintendo Hints at More Metroid News

Ninty happy to keep rolling our that old IP to a new audience (and an ageing one)

13 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Zelda Wii U Developer Interview on Film News

Plus: the Hyrule Warriors trailer

11 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Zelda Wii U to have Truly Open World News

Plus: release window for Zelda Wii U and Hyrule Warriors

10 Jun 2014

E3 2014: Nintendo Reveals Skylanders Competitor News

Nintendo opts to take on Disney and Activision with toys

10 Jun 2014

Miyamoto Confirms StarFox Remake News

Time magazine breaks the embargo... we have the text

10 Jun 2014

E3 2014 Live: Watch Nintendo Direct Here News

Okay, so technically not E3... but watch it anyway.

09 Jun 2014

Sony Winning Console War News

First time in nearly a decade sees Sony topping hardware sales

09 Jun 2014

Wii U Update Adds Quickstart Nibble

03 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Nintendo's Huge Boost! News

Ubisoft triumphs ahead of Mario Kart 8 but Nintendo reaps huge rewards

02 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Nazi Death Squad News

Wolfenstein manages to dislodge EA's grip on the charts

27 May 2014

Zelda Hack'n'Slash for Wii U News

Zelda's Wii U Dynasty Warriors-a-like gets a few details

22 May 2014

Free Codes for Tomodachi Life's Furry Lovers News

Two Free Download Codes for Tomodachi Life

21 May 2014

PS4 Outselling Xbox One Despite Titanfall Success News

Xbox/PC title still can't bring the Xbox One into contention Stateside.

16 May 2014

Nintendo: We Are Not at a Dead End News

Brave words from Iwata as investors grow wary

13 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Titanfall Rises Again News

Despite a week-on-week fall in sales, EA's shooter hit #1

12 May 2014

Nintendo Apologises for Tomodachi Life Gay Marriage Fail News

Says it won't patch the game though

12 May 2014

Gay Marriage Uproar Hits Nintendo News

Tomodachi Life sparks inequality outrage

08 May 2014

Wii U: Bayonetta 2 and New Monolith Game News News

Good news for Wii U owners is around the corner

08 May 2014

Nintendo Plans New Hardware for Emerging Markets News

Won't just re-tool existing consoles

08 May 2014

Nintendo to Launch Skylanders Style Figures for Wii U and 3DS News

Nintendo-themed figures will talk to games

08 May 2014

Nintendo: "Wii U Still Faces Challenges" News

Despite very poor recent results, Nintendo remains hopeful for 2015

07 May 2014

Nintendo: Financial Losses Mount News

The Wii U is just not getting close to making it

07 May 2014

Nintendo: Read Our Lips: No New Hardware News

Nada. No DS Fusion for E3. Go away.

02 May 2014

New Nintendo Hardware Rumoured for E3 News

E3 rumour mills begin to grind hard

02 May 2014

Iwata: "Nintendo Can Do What it Wants" News

Iwata takes a dig at his own developers and creatives

28 Apr 2014

Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Looks Likely News

But retailers are going to do it anyway

17 Apr 2014

Super Smash Bros.: All the New Information News

3DS Coming Months Ahead of Wii U Version

09 Apr 2014

EA Apologises to Nintendo News

"EA: unacceptable/stupid" says Peter Moore

02 Apr 2014

UK Video Games Charts - inFamous Wins Again News

It seems that there is no movement expect sales falls

31 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

Titanfall is toppled from the #1 Spot

24 Mar 2014

Is Nintendo Losing Focus? News

Nintendo's Iwata "Japan Established Videogames"

03 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Stolen News

Thief takes the top spot from LEGO

03 Mar 2014

Wii and DS to Lose Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service News

Wii U and 3DS mostly unaffected

27 Feb 2014

Japan: Wii U Passes Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales News

But PS4 rules the Japanese roost on launch week

26 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Everything is Awesome News

LEGO movie tie-on remains on top of an illusion of choice.

24 Feb 2014

Nintendo Licenses Mario to Sell McDonalds Happy Meals News

Is Mario the Joe Camel of Kids' Fast Food?

05 Feb 2014

Nintendo's Iwata: Resignation "Not an Option" News

Despite poor results and failing Wii U - Nintendo president stays in post

04 Feb 2014

God Dram! Sony Buys Wii U Memory Factory News

It's a Fab deal for Sony but what of Nintendo?

31 Jan 2014

Nintendo Turns to Health for a Recovery of Fortune News

Wearable devices and Quality of Life are up there with Mario

30 Jan 2014

Nintendo's Saviour: The Smartphone News

Never underestimate Nintendo

30 Jan 2014

Nintendo's Iwata and Miyamoto Take Pay Cuts News

Salary reductions follow poor Wii U performance

29 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Again News

Nothing changes at this time of year

27 Jan 2014

Nintendo Next Gen Specs 'Leaked' News

Troubled Japanese game and hardware maker might need a new console, but is this it?

21 Jan 2014

Nintendo Shares Take 18% Hit Following Wii U Sales Forecast Cuts News

Recovered somewhat before end of day

20 Jan 2014

Nintendo Financial Woes: Iwata Won't Step Down News

No management reshuffle planned

17 Jan 2014

Nintendo Slashes Wii U Sales Forecasts by Nearly 70 percent News

3DS projections also get massive cut

17 Jan 2014

Nintendo's Sorry for Wii U TVii No-Show News

Announcement soon, though

14 Jan 2014

Nintendo Bosses Don't Understand Xbox Live, PSN News

Anonymous developer spills some beans

13 Jan 2014

Nintendo to Pay Third Party for Every 3DS Sold News

Nintendo took some liberties with the design of the glasses-free 3D says judge

08 Jan 2014

Hopes Raised for Wii U Minecraft News

A report cites sources who claim a huge boost for Wii U if true

24 Dec 2013

Sony says Wii U "Just Getting Started" News

Sony needs competition to call it a healthy market - it just doesn't need Microsoft

20 Dec 2013

On Film: All the Best Bits from Xmas Nintendo Direct News

And you don't need to read journalists talking nonsense

18 Dec 2013

Super Smash Bros. Not Dated for Spring After All News

Was the result of a 'misquotation'

16 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Crashes News

Sony's PS3-only title has a terrible opening

09 Dec 2013

Pachter Unimpressed by Nintendo: 'I don't know why Iwata is still employed' News

Says PS4 only beating Xbox One on price

06 Dec 2013

Nintendo Reggie Not Swayed by Mob News

Petitions don't have an effect on Nintendo's gaming strategy

05 Dec 2013

Poor Mario: Analysts Doom Saying for Nintendo News

Analysts see launch of PS4 and Xbox One as terrible news for Nintendo

03 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Charts Spell Bad News for Nintendo News

The great hope for the Wii U can't make it to the Top 10

02 Dec 2013

Pikmin Designer Working On New Nintendo IP News

So says Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada

26 Nov 2013

Nintendo 'Experimenting with Android Tablet' News

A sleep of the tweet opens up all kinds of speculation

20 Nov 2013

Miyamoto Denies Canning Mario Galaxy News

Nintendo boss staunchly behind great game series

14 Nov 2013

Sony Needs Nintendo... Says Sony News

A subtle slap at Microsoft from Play Nice Sony in a softco*k interview

13 Nov 2013

Iwata: No Dark Future for Nintendo News

Nintendo CEO responding to dark thoughts from investors.

06 Nov 2013

Nintendo Stops Service: Offensive Material Blamed News

Nintendo's messaging service used to offend

01 Nov 2013

Nintendo Really Struggling with Wii U Sales News

Only 300,000 units sold in last three months

30 Oct 2013

Miyamoto Hints at HD Classic Nintendo Titles News

Yes, the game play will be even better in HD... erm

25 Oct 2013

Nintendo Teases 3DS Title Based Around Pikachu News

Imagine Pikachu copying your facial expressions...

22 Oct 2013

The End of an Era: Nintendo Ceases Wii Production News

Once it's gone it's gone

21 Oct 2013

US Wii U Sales Up 200% in September News

3DS has another bumper month

18 Oct 2013

Zelda Producer Leaves Another Breadcrumb To Majora's Mask Remake News

Another year, another hint

17 Oct 2013

Nintendo: A Zelda Movie Would Have To Be Interactive News

Series lead Eiji Aonuma talks about the idea

16 Oct 2013

Pokémon X and Y Top Four Million Sales in Two Days News

Become fastest seller in 3DS history

15 Oct 2013

Pokemon X and Y Should have beaten GTA V in the UK Charts News

Separate listings kept them down the charts

15 Oct 2013

Masahiro Sakurai: Slams "Unnatural" Amount Of Video Game Remakes News

Nintendo Designer mourns lack of imagination

10 Oct 2013

Iwata: Nintendo not Good at Competition News

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata tells it like it is

10 Oct 2013

New WiiU Hardware Bundles for UK Xmas News

Mario & Luigi, Wii Party U and Just Dance 2014

10 Oct 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Viva FIFA 14 News

More new entries than you can shake a stick at

07 Oct 2013

Super Mario 3D Release Date Confirmed and More News

Watch today's Nintendo direct right here and right now

01 Oct 2013

Farewell Nintendo Wii News

Nintendo is going to stop making the console that saved its bacon

01 Oct 2013

Wii U Update Brings Gamepad Functionality to Wii Mode News

It's almost remote play

01 Oct 2013

China to Lift Games Console Ban News

Shanghai free trade zone opens the territory

27 Sep 2013

Miyamoto Downscales Major Nintendo Role News

Always has the 'Final say' though

25 Sep 2013

Mario to Wed Peach at Last? Nibble

25 Sep 2013

Nintendo: Zelda Will Sell Wii U News

Treating Wind Waker HD as a new AAA release

24 Sep 2013

Breaking: Ex Nintendo Chief Dies News

The man who moulded Nintendo is gone

19 Sep 2013

Outlook For Third-Party Nintendo Support is Grim News

Nintendo suffering stock price fall and lack of confidence

09 Sep 2013

Pokémon Bank Stores Them All in the Cloud for Cash News

Nintendo announces paid for service but doesn't announce price

04 Sep 2013

2DS's 'Dual Screen' is Actually One Big Touch Screen News

Nintendo cuts costs

29 Aug 2013

Last Ditch? Nintendo Cuts Wii U Price News

USA sees pre-Holidays price slash for Nintendo's overlooked console

29 Aug 2013

NIntendo Unleashes Host of 2DS and Wind Waker Videos News

Ninty getting it's act together before TGS

29 Aug 2013

Nintendo to Launch New 2DS Handheld Console in October News

The Nintendo 2DS... erm.... yes. It plays 3DS games ... but in 2D

28 Aug 2013

UK Video Game Chart - Pay Day for Minecraft News

505 Games comes in big...

19 Aug 2013

Iwata Says Wii U Price is Not the Issue News

The price of the Wii U itself is not stopping it being sold

12 Aug 2013

Video: Pokémon Will Mega Evolve in X and Y News

Nintendo confirms big changes

09 Aug 2013

Iwata: Ninento IP Won't Escape Nintendo Platforms News

Nintendo won't follow in SEGA's footsteps

08 Aug 2013

Nintendo Direct: New Animal Crossing New Leaf Plaza and More - Videos! News

And Professor Layton teams up with Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney in a brand new game

07 Aug 2013

UK Video Games Chart: So Long Pikmin News

Minecraft maintains its top spot

05 Aug 2013

Nintendo Blames Itself Dire Wii U Sales News

Ubisoft's warnings ringing true for third-parties too

31 Jul 2013

Wii U Dropped by all Asda Stores News

Small handful of products remain on website

29 Jul 2013

Nintendo: Pikmin 3 Wouldn't Work on the 3DS News

Shigeru Miyamoto tells us why

29 Jul 2013

Nintendo: 3DS Outselling PS3 and Xbox 360 in the UK News

Strong software line-up credited

19 Jul 2013

What's New With Nintendo - Find Out Right Here News

Nintendo zone hotspots, The Wonderful 101 and more

18 Jul 2013

Nintendo Unleashed Tour To Hit Manchester News

Hands on time with brand new Wii U & 3DS games

16 Jul 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Mario & Luigi Can't Do It News

Nintendo's Dream Team can't dislodge PS3 exclusive

15 Jul 2013

Game Changer as China Aims to Unban Foreign Consoles News

Vast opportunity opening up for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

11 Jul 2013

Holy Miyamoto! Nintendo Talks New Game Franchise News

Are Mario and Zelda too old?

10 Jul 2013

Ubisoft Decapitates Wii U and Stamps on Corpse News

CEO puts paid to one of the only third party Wii U titles to gain acclaim

09 Jul 2013

Nintendo Scraps Wii Vitality Sensor, Surprises Nobody News

Peripheral didn't work for 10% of people

08 Jul 2013

UK Games Charts: PlayStation Exclusive Beats Xbox Exclusive News

The Last of Us does battle with Minecraft

08 Jul 2013

Iwata: Key Third Party Wii U Announcements Are Coming News

Although some have become a bit 'pessimistic', he says.

08 Jul 2013

Club Nintendo Website Hacked - Passwords Reset News

23,000 unauthorised logins in a month!

05 Jul 2013

Nintendo Defends Region-Locking on Consoles News

President Satoru Iwata says it's not out of 'ego'.

05 Jul 2013

EB Games Denies Mass Recall of Wii U Basic Model News

It's just rebalancing stock, apparently.

03 Jul 2013

Mario Kart 8 Developer Inspired by F-Zero, Hopes Series Will Return News

Nintendo developers hope a new F-Zero will be made soon.

03 Jul 2013

New Chibi-Robo Game Hits Japanese Nintendo eShop News

When are we gonna get it?

03 Jul 2013

Nintendo Confirms Western Release of Wii Karaoke U App News

Preparing to take over your office party shenanigans.

02 Jul 2013

UK Chart: Minecraft Creeps After The Last of Us News

Sony's blockbuster thriller stays at top, though.

01 Jul 2013

Nintendo Promises More, Unannounced Wii U Titles for 2014 News

The console is about to get a massive kick up the arse.

01 Jul 2013

Cheeky Domain Squatters Beat Nintendo Over Domain News

Was up for auction - now it isn't.

01 Jul 2013

Xbox 360 Poised to Beat Wii as Best-Selling UK Console News

Still a distance away from PS2, though.

27 Jun 2013

UK Chart: The Last of Us Remains King of the Top 10 News

Animal Crossing sticks to second place.

24 Jun 2013

Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Gender Representation News

Wii U's female heroes sparks conversation.

21 Jun 2013

Miyamoto Unsure About F-Zero's Future News

The Nintendo legend... doesn't have... any ideas..?

21 Jun 2013

Nintendo's Free-to-Play Game is Steel Diver News

Will be tweaked to adopt F2P model.

19 Jun 2013

Warner Bros Still "A Believer of the Wii U" News

It's just having a slow start, that's all.

18 Jun 2013

NPD: US May Game Sales Down 44 Per Cent News

PC physical sales decline is blamed.

18 Jun 2013

Nintendo Adds DLC Modes to 3DS StreetPass News

Also better system stability.

18 Jun 2013

Nintendo: Next Zelda Game Will Feature New Art Style News

It won't be ultra-realistic though.

17 Jun 2013

Nintendo: Beat the Pre-Owned Problem by Making Better Games News

NoA president says Nintendo has low software trade-in rate.

14 Jun 2013

Ubisoft: Nintendo Needs to Sell More Wii U Consoles News

Otherwise the publisher could drop support.

13 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Call of Duty Ghosts is Coming to Wii U News

But Infinity Ward wants to keep things 'mysterious'. Er, ok.

12 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Smash Bros Wii U Features Mega Man News

Animal Crossing Villager also included.

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World Announced News

Cat Mario!

11 Jun 2013

Nintendo eShop: Animal Crossing, Game Gear Leads Digital Releases News

Plus: Wii U and Wii Virtual Console update.

10 Jun 2013

Reggie Fils-Aime Intros Nintendo's 2013 E3 News

Early start from Reggie to E3

07 Jun 2013

Zelda Producer Would Like to Work on Something Else Before Retirement News

But he still has a lot of love for the Zelda franchise.

06 Jun 2013

GameStop to Recall Wii U Basic Model on June 18 News

A week after Nintendo's E3 broadcast - is something up?

05 Jun 2013

E3 Conference Schedule: Get Your Times Here! News

Exciting times ahead.

04 Jun 2013

Video Game Hero: Kawashima's Money Madness News

How and why did the man behind Brain-training games give all his Nintendo earnings away?

28 May 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Evil in Residence News

Capcom hit the number 1 spot again

28 May 2013

Mario Kart, Smash Bros Wii U Reveal in Next Nintendo Direct News

House of Mario gets serious.

20 May 2013

Chart-Track Confusion as Metro Claims UK Top Spot News

Sales tracker claims less sales than predecessor - didn't count PC.

20 May 2013

SEGA and Nintendo - Hand in Glove as Console Gaming Chokes on Own Complacency News

Deals signed by the two great rivals suggest Japan is closing doors

17 May 2013

Nintendo Gets Sonic Confirmed Again News

Nintendo Direct announces games galore

17 May 2013

NPD: Injustice Tops Software Chart, Console Industry Declines News

When's that next generation coming?

17 May 2013

No Wii U Games from EA News

Nintendo's third-party relationships looking bushed

17 May 2013

Wii U Nintendo Direct to Air Tomorrow News

Another Direct coming closer to E3.

16 May 2013

YouTube Confusion as Nintendo Blocks Ads on Let's Play Videos News

Gameplay recorders are not best pleased.

16 May 2013

Michael Pachter Predicts Continued Wii U Sales Slump News

3DS picking up the slack.

15 May 2013

Nintendo Beats Wii Remote Patent Infringement Case - Again News

Three judges reconsider 2011 decision.

14 May 2013

Tomodachi Collection Gay Marriage 'Bug' Could be Patched News

Japanese players claim Nintendo aims to squash positive quirk in friend game.

13 May 2013

Super Mario Bros 2, Super Metroid Lead Nintendo eShop Updates News

Resident Evil: Revelations demo also coming this week.

13 May 2013

UK Chart: Dead Island Riptide Holds on to Top News

The Walking Dead grips on to #9.

13 May 2013

Wii U Dev Kits Dying Lonely Unhygienic Deaths News

Just Cause 2 dev on Nintendo woes

09 May 2013

Japanese Charts: Nintendo 3DS Dominates Top 10 News

Tomodachi Collection leads chart.

09 May 2013

UK Chart: Dead Island Dominates for Second Week Running News

Soul Sacrifice debuts at #26.

07 May 2013

Pac-Man and Mega Man Hit Wii U Virtual Console News

3DS also gets Virtual Console update.

02 May 2013

Nintendo's Iwata Stands Up for Wii U Graphics News

President looks to reassure third parties

02 May 2013

ASDA Slashes Another £50 off Wii U Price News

Nintendo under increasing pressure to deliver.

02 May 2013

Link to the Past Sequel Will "Feel Different" to SNES Predecessor News

Light and Dark worlds will return, though.

02 May 2013

Nintendo Considering Free-to-Play Wii U, 3DS eShop Games News

Will also explore other avenues.

01 May 2013

Hacker Group Claims Wii U Breach - Nintendo Responds News

Guess what this hack is going to be used for?

01 May 2013

Wii U Failings - Nintendo Failed to Resource Properly News

And other reasons for the Wii U not doing so well

30 Apr 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Dead Island Riptide Kills Gods News

A chart filled with underwhelming offerings

29 Apr 2013

Wii U Virtual Console Launches Tomorrow with Seven Titles News

Europeans get Japanese SNES title Mario's Super Picross.

26 Apr 2013

Nintendo Will Still Hold E3 Stage Events - For Investors and Media News

Fans will get just the games, via Nintendo Direct.

25 Apr 2013

After 3DS, Wii U Will Now Get "Intensive" Release Schedule News

Satoru Iwata promises stronger game lineup from Summer.

25 Apr 2013

Nintendo: 3DS is "Finally Ready" for Overseas Sales Explosion News

Company aiming for 100bn yen operating profit for fiscal year.

25 Apr 2013

E3 2013: No Press Show for Nintendo News

Holding smaller events instead as PS4 battles next Xbox

25 Apr 2013

Nintendo Blames 3DS & Wii U for Downturn News

Huge downturn from predicted earnings

24 Apr 2013

Nintendo Profits Despite Worsening Wii U Sales News

Sales fail to hit company's revised expectations.

24 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked Bothered by Heroes News

Fighting game beats shooting game to top charts

22 Apr 2013

Nintendo's Reggie: 3DS Sales Kicking Ass News

Reginald Fils-Aime bigs up big figures - skips over Wii U sales sloth

19 Apr 2013

Nintendo Flattens Link! News

Plus new Pikmin and Bravely Default the Fairy flying game...

17 Apr 2013

Nintendo Calls it a Day on Some Online Services News

Wii getting a slow, slow death online

12 Apr 2013

LulzSec Hacker Pleads Guilty in Court Over Nintendo and Sony Attacks News

Rogue organisation falls apart.

10 Apr 2013

Miyamoto: Wii U Will Win Consumers Over in Time News

Compares current sales slump to that of Nintendo DS

08 Apr 2013

Xbox 360 Owners Best at Sex - PC Gamers Basically Terrible News

Look don't blame us... we've got Amigas

04 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked as Lara Kicks Gears News

No surprise at multiformat #1 from 2K....

02 Apr 2013

Battlefield 4 Not Coming to Wii U News

So much for that EA support.

27 Mar 2013

Ubisoft Slashes Price of Wii U Lineup on eShop News

From crazy prices to normal prices.

18 Mar 2013

LEGO City Undercover Download Requires Wii U External Hard Drive News

According to statement by Nintendo.

15 Mar 2013

Nintendo Reveals Pokémon Rumble U Figures News

And how these toys will be used in the game.

15 Mar 2013

Nintendo's Wii U Woes Continue, as US Sales Show Dismal Performance News

Performance worse than any record held by PS3 or 360.

15 Mar 2013

Bad News for Nintendo: Loses $30 Million 3DS Tech Court Case News

Judge says Nintendo infringed patent of former Sony man.

14 Mar 2013

Pokémon Rumble U to Launch With Skylanders-Style Figures News

Assumed to be read using GamePad's NFC pad.

13 Mar 2013

Miyamoto Sees 'Tremendous Possibilities' With Wii U Online News

Not overly concerned about long-term performance of console.

12 Mar 2013

Miyamoto Regrets Pikmin 3 Wii U Launch No Show News

Explains reasons for launch lineup.

11 Mar 2013

Japanese Hardware Chart: PS Vita Smashes 60,000 Units After Price Cut News

Phantasy Star Online 2 release also helps beef up numbers.

07 Mar 2013

Wii Mini Coming to UK March 22 News

Accompanying a number of new Nintendo Selects.

26 Feb 2013

Retailers Press Nintendo for New Wii U Strategy News

Nintendo's new console is on the ropes.

15 Feb 2013

US Chart: Microsoft Outsells Wii U Once Again News

Leap year provides some interesting statistics.

15 Feb 2013

Nintendo - New Hardware Bundles PLUS a Mario and Luigi RPG! News

All the Ninty news that's fit to print... Fire Emblem Awakening... Monster Hunter 3.... loads more.

14 Feb 2013

Activision "Disappointed" With Wii U Launch Performance News

Thinking of the poor Skylanders.

11 Feb 2013

Nintendo States that Consoles Will "Not Die Out" News

Nintendo also calls on Laws of Physics to Diss Sony's Cloud Gaming

05 Feb 2013

Nintendo's Return to Profit Thanks to Currency Changes News

But decline in sales is slowing...

30 Jan 2013

Microsoft Xbox 360 Life-to-Date Sales to Overtake Nintendo Wii UK News

So says a Gfk Chart-Track report

29 Jan 2013

Virtual Console Saves on Wii Not Playable on WiiU News

Well gosh darn it to heck, you'll have to start again from scratch

29 Jan 2013

New Super Mario, Mario Kart Announced as Iwata Pledges Healthier Wii U Lineup News

Company president apologises for lack of January and February releases.

23 Jan 2013

Aonuma Unveils Zelda Reinvention for Wii U News

Aonuma says next Zelda game will break conventions.

23 Jan 2013

Nintendo Announces The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD News

GamePad support, Miiverse and 'tuned up' gameplay.

23 Jan 2013

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Game Announced for Wii U News

Iwata: More collaborations are on the way.

23 Jan 2013

Yarn Yoshi Announced for Wii U News

First screens inside.

23 Jan 2013

Wii U Virtual Console Coming in Spring News

Discounted prices for those who own games on Wii.

23 Jan 2013

Nintendo Direct Web Code Hints at Wii U Virtual Console Announcement News

Gamecube and Pokémon Mini also mentioned.

23 Jan 2013

Wii U Advert Banned for Being 'Misleading' News

One complaint about GamePad screen-switching.

17 Jan 2013

Nintendo Planning to Restructure Hardware Divisions News

Could help with current and next-gen initiatives.

16 Jan 2013

Nintendo Rejects Accusations that Wii U Copied the iPad News

Ideas for Wii U began in 2008.

14 Jan 2013

Wii U Debut Month Sales Generate More Revenue Than Wii News

Sold 460,000 units in December.

11 Jan 2013

Nintendo WiiU Release Dates Roll Out News

At Last Nintendo's Wii U Games Line-Up 2013 Begins - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3 and More

10 Jan 2013

Is Pokemon X and Y's Handheld Exclusivity a Surprise? Nope! News

Exclusive SPOnG interview uncovers the mystery.

09 Jan 2013

No Crysis 3 For Wii U Due to Lack of "Business Drive" News

It was a possibility - now it's not.

07 Jan 2013

Iwata: Wii U Hardware Sales Have Been Steady News

Confident in face of falling share prices.

07 Jan 2013

Seller Beware: Pre-Owned Wii U Consoles Allow Access to Old User's Games News

Reports suggest that download history is tied to the console.

04 Jan 2013

Nintendo Admits to WiiU Sloth News

Satoru Iwata with a bit of an apology

19 Dec 2012

Nintendo 3DS Outsells PS3 Lifetime Sales in Japan News

Nintendo Wii has fantastic launch week.

13 Dec 2012

UK Video Game Charts - No Joy for Nintendo News

Black Ops II rules the roost still

10 Dec 2012

Xbox 360 Still King of US Console Sales News

But industry revenue down 11%

07 Dec 2012

Nintendo Defends Wii U Day One Patch Following Launch Criticism News

Fils-Aime isn't fazed by launch software reviews.

04 Dec 2012

Amazon Compensates Wii U Premium Customers With Nintendo Land Codes News

"Supplier error" caused missing games in Premium packs.

03 Dec 2012

Nintendo Hopes Wii U Will Emulate Wii Success News

Likely to be sold out in the next few days top, but more deliveries coming.

30 Nov 2012

Nintendo President Apologises for Wii U Network Update News

Everything should come in the box as standard, he says.

29 Nov 2012

Yoshi's Land Wii U Surfaces News

Other titles outed by MiiVerse security flaw?

28 Nov 2012

Wii Mini Confirmed - No Internet or Gamecube Support News

Canada-exclusive, apparently.

27 Nov 2012

Classic Courses Coming to New Super Mario Bros. 2 News

Levels from NES era games remade.

27 Nov 2012

Wii Mini Leaked by Retailer, Set for December 7 Release News

Comes in red and black.

27 Nov 2012

Nintendo: Sony and Microsoft Need to React to Us News

"Need to figure out what their innovation will be."

27 Nov 2012

Bushnell 'Baffled' by Wii U - "I Don't Think It's Going to Be a Success" News

Atari founder thinks Nintendo's console signals the end of consoles.

26 Nov 2012

Nintendo: Call of Duty Looks Better on Wii U News

Reggie speaks again.

26 Nov 2012

Retailers Claim Wii U Sold Out, Days Ahead of UK Launch News

But HMV won't have a stock problem.

26 Nov 2012

HMV Secures Extra Stock for Wii U Launch Night News

Freebies for first 500 people in line.

23 Nov 2012

Wii U: Nintendo's Complete Launch List News

One console, 24 games

22 Nov 2012

SEGA Planning 3D Space Harrier Re-Release on Nintendo 3DS News

Could be the first of many SEGA 3D Classics.

21 Nov 2012

Nintendo: Wii U is Profitable if Bought With One Game News

The "business model doesn't change dramatically."

21 Nov 2012

Nintendo Working to Speed Up Wii U Navigation News

Reckon you can fix it before November 30, Nintendo? Cheers.

20 Nov 2012

Rockstar 'Considering' Wii U Version of Grand Theft Auto V News

Nintendo says it "has a responsibility" to invite Rockstar to the console.

19 Nov 2012

Donkey Kong Country Games to be Removed from EU Wii Shop on Sunday News

Better go and download them now!

19 Nov 2012

UPDATE: Wii U System Update Proves a Long Wait for Nintendo Fans News

Long install times can't save you from bricking your console, though.

19 Nov 2012

'Yoshi's Land Wii U', 'Soul Hackers' Ousted by Curious Wii U Gamer News

Nintendo left the keys to Miiverse debug mode in the car.

19 Nov 2012

Nintendo Launches Pokédex App for iOS News

Goes for paid in-app downloads.

16 Nov 2012

New Super Mario Bros U to Get DLC Courses News

The mechanism to add new stages is already there.

16 Nov 2012

All Together Now: Nintendo Warns of US Shortages at Wii U Launch News

But it is supplying loads... and the price is right

15 Nov 2012

Japan: Nintendo 3DS Lifetime Sales Closing on PS3 News

Handheld mocked outside of Japan is selling well at home

15 Nov 2012

Ubisoft CEO Would Prefer Wii U to be Cheaper News

Hates consoles being "expensive."

13 Nov 2012

Massive News for Game Consoles as China Looks to Drop Decade Old Hardware Ban News

PlayStation 3 gets official certification from Chinese government

09 Nov 2012

Japanese Chart: Tales of Xillia 2 Leads Charge News

PS3 takes software chart, Nintendo 3DS takes hardware.

08 Nov 2012

Miiverse Detailed in New Nintendo Direct News

Community features in the palm of your hand.

07 Nov 2012

Shigeru Miyamoto: Why Do You Want F-Zero? News

Nintendo genius stunned by fan demand.

05 Nov 2012

Miyamoto: Retro Studios is Qualified to Make a Zelda Game News

The idea isn't farfetched at all.

29 Oct 2012

Nintendo Stops Selling 3DS at a Loss - Starts Again with Wii U News

Invents the term "Nintendo-like Profits"

25 Oct 2012

Nintendo and the Amazing Use of Spin News

Figures and forecasts can't stop the spinning

24 Oct 2012

Nintendo Publishes Treasure Trove of Console Sales Data News

Except the Virtual Boy.

24 Oct 2012

Man Starts Wii U Queue a Month Ahead of Official Launch News

His name is Triforce.

23 Oct 2012

First Nintendo Wii U TV - Hits in the UK News

Everybody has an opinion on marketing nowdays... it's an advert... learn to deal

22 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: EA Kicks Activision's Monsters in the Nuts News

FIFA 13 battles Skylanders and wins. James Bond 007 loses out horribly...

22 Oct 2012

Nintendo Wii U In-Game Chat for Few Games and Only with Third-Party Headset News

Talk as much as you like if you buy the official gear.

19 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores Hat Trick at Retail News

More people walk into a shop to buy a football game.

15 Oct 2012

Sony Joy as PS3 Gets Massive Japanese Sales Boost News

Xbox 360 also benefits from a bounce

12 Oct 2012

PETA Pans Pokémon in Fresh Protest News

Battling Pokémon = animal abuse.

09 Oct 2012

Nintendo Reveals Japanese Release Date for 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro News

Makes your huge console even huger!

05 Oct 2012

Nintendo to Launch New 3DS XL Colours, Adds More Games to eShop News

White and Pikachu console available next month.

05 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 13 Streaks Ahead News

No surprises as FIFA 13 scores big

01 Oct 2012

New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC Packs Coming Next Week News

Three packs planned in Japan for October 2.

28 Sep 2012

Wii U Launch Window is Four Months - Full Games List Here News

23 launch titles all lined up for November 18th though

26 Sep 2012

Wii U Will be Region-Locked, Just Like its Predecessor News

No importing of games for you!

24 Sep 2012

Platinum: Bayonetta 2 Would Not Have Existed Without Nintendo News

Criticises SEGA for not realising how good its games were.

24 Sep 2012

Sony Bitch-Slaps Nintendo's Wii U as Old Tech News

PS3 and Vita can already do all that stuff

21 Sep 2012

GameStop: Wii U Premium Pre-Orders Sell Out in the US News

Basic pack will follow suit soon.

17 Sep 2012

UK Retailers Increase Wii U Prices - £250 and £300 News

Gamestation completely changes tack - now offers most expensive console.

17 Sep 2012

Nintendo Takes Wii U on Tour in UK News

Dates announced for Wii U hands ons

14 Sep 2012

Nintendo Wii Not Dead says Reggie News

Nintendo won't stop selling the original unit

14 Sep 2012

Nintendo Announces TVii for American Wii U Release News

US console launches November 18.

13 Sep 2012

Retailers Begin Pricing Wii U for UK Launch - Premium £250 at Gamestation News

ShopTo prices £280 for both Basic and Premium editions.

13 Sep 2012

Bayonetta 2 Confirmed - Wii U Exclusive News

SEGA and Nintendo involved in publishing duties.

13 Sep 2012

Wii U Launch Titles Revealed - No Pikmin 3 News

ZombiU will get a console bundle pack.

13 Sep 2012

Wii U Dated for Europe News

No price, though.

13 Sep 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Confirmed for Wii U News

Photo snapped at US event confirms Wii U version.

13 Sep 2012

Nintendo Wii U Priced and Dated in Japan News

Official launch details in Japan - UK coming

13 Sep 2012

UK Wii U Release Date Announcement This Week News

People getting up tight about Apple iPhone 5 announcement conflicting

11 Sep 2012

Nintendo Land's New Attraction is a Balloon Fight Spin-off News

Balloon Trip Breeze brings back nostalgic memories.

11 Sep 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Sleeping Dogs Won't Lie News

Square Enix returns to the top spot in the UK games charts

10 Sep 2012

UK Video Game Charts - the Olympics Dies at the Feet of Sleeping Dogs News

But long-ass-winded headlines carry on in praise of Square Enix's game

20 Aug 2012

Rumour: Final Wii U Box Art Surfaces News

Takes a Gamecube design approach

07 Aug 2012

Rumour: Wii U Launch Titles Leaked News

Loads of games being prepped for launch.

02 Aug 2012

Ngmoco: Nintendo's Ecosystem Will Fall Apart News

House of Mario not seen as a competitor to mobile company.

02 Aug 2012

3DS XL Nears 10,000 Sales in UK News

Outdoes original 3DS

01 Aug 2012

3DS XL Sells 200,000 Units in Japan Launch Weekend News

New Super Mario Bros 2 sells 430,000.

31 Jul 2012

Ubisoft Takes Playable Wii U to gamescom News

Along with Rabbids and Assassins is Wii U

26 Jul 2012

New Super Mario Bros 2 Trailer is Solid Gold News

Literally. Haw haw.

25 Jul 2012

Nintendo Posts Q1 Loss as Wii and DS Sales Plummet News

3DS sales improved dramatically - no longer sold at loss.

25 Jul 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL Introduces Glare Reduction News

First Nintendo handheld to do so, a concern since Game Boy Advance.

24 Jul 2012

Nintendo "On Track" to Drop Hardware Says Industry Guru News

Former Electronic Arts bigwig predicts same fate as SEGA for Mario maker

24 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Batman Stays Top News

Not even the 0lymp1c Games on L0nd0n 20i2 can move the Dark Knight

23 Jul 2012

Nintendo CEO: It's "Not Important At All" to be First to Market News

Will not rely on Wii U's head start to ensure success.

20 Jul 2012

USA: Video Game Numbers and Some Cheer News

It's not all doom and gloom and Game Card sales are 'exploding'

13 Jul 2012

Iwata - Nintendo 3DSXL Not Selling at a Loss News

The Nintendo 3DS was though...

12 Jul 2012

PlayStation Vita and the Improving Sales Tale News

Yes, we're going with good news on Japanese hardware sales... what of it?

05 Jul 2012

Nintendo Leaps To Quell Miyamoto "Today Might Be My Last Day At Nintendo" Remark News

Nintendo creative makes Nintendo President highly jumpy

04 Jul 2012

Iwata: Paid Online Service Not Best Approach for Wii U News

Not against it in principle, though

29 Jun 2012

Nintendo Confirms 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro News

We knew this day would come.

28 Jun 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL Currently Cheapest at £170 News

But we've yet to hear from the supermarkets.

26 Jun 2012

Reggie Fils-Aime Laments 'Insatiable' Gamers News

Can't tell the difference between a hit and a 'ho hum' title.

25 Jun 2012

Pokémon News: Pikachu Teaches Typing on Nintendo DS News

Plus the announcement of two new 3DS applications.

22 Jun 2012

Nintendo Reveals 3DS Summer Software Lineup News

Art Academy, Kingdom Hearts, NSMB2, Mario & Sonic

22 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Persona Win Leads to Vita Sales Boost News

Lollipop Chainsaw performs well.

22 Jun 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL Announced for July 28 Launch News

Massive screens!

22 Jun 2012

Nintendo Direct Conference Scheduled for Friday Morning News

That's EARLY Friday morning.

21 Jun 2012

Nintendo Offering "Insane Incentives" to Publish on Wii U eShop News

Unprecedented level of revenue and marketing offered.

20 Jun 2012

Nintendo UK Loses Another Key Executive News

David Yarnton quits Nintendo for undisclosed future...

20 Jun 2012

Nintendo Promises Strong Launch for Wii U News

Will be better than the 3DS, at least.

15 Jun 2012

Amazon Offers, then Retracts, £200 Wii U Pre-Order News

Nintendo's new console out on July 14th..?

14 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Sony King of the Tokyo Jungle News

But Nintendo still dominates the chart.

14 Jun 2012

Sony Sees Wii U as a Risk to... Sony News

Just not a huge threat as it doesn't have the games

13 Jun 2012

Sony and Nintendo Staff Hit by Pay Cuts News

Serious business or merely pleasing for stock-holders to see.

13 Jun 2012

Slip of the Tongue Provides Wii U Release Month News

Poor, over-stressed guy from Rayman Legends developer outs Wii U release

07 Jun 2012

Nintendo to Combat Rudeness in the MiiVerse News

Nintendo will combat grown up behaviour with a large, slow stick.

07 Jun 2012

Wii U Games List is Out: Batman, Mass Effect 3, Tekken More... News

Lots of good stuff for Wii U

06 Jun 2012

Wii U Controller Battery Life Revealed News

Nintendo has released some tech specs

06 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Ubisoft Shows Just Dance 4, ZombiU on Wii U News

Reggie Fils-Aime gets turned into a zombie

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Nintendo Land 'Theme Park' Key to Wii U Connectivity News

Players will 'get it' - Wii U's version of Wii Sports Tennis.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Mario Bros Headline New Nintendo 3DS Lineup News

Mario, Mario and Luigi.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition For Wii U News

GamePad allows for enhanced gadget interaction.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. U Announced News

Uses Wii U's social technology.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Pikmin 3 Unveiled at Nintendo Conference News

Wii U GamePad shows top-down game world.

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Nintendo Scribblenauts & Wii Fit For Wii U News

New experiences of old titles for new console

05 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Nintendo Press Conference Live and Here News

Come and join us as we watch Nintendo resurgent... or dead.

05 Jun 2012

Report: Nintendo 3DS Redesign Hitting this Summer News

Also: Wii U price points.

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Wii U Gets Xbox 360 Controller Screams Hardcore Games News

Wii U will increase Nintendo's Social Networking too.

04 Jun 2012

Wii U Tablet Redesign Leaked News

New analogue sticks, new buttons...

21 May 2012

Nintendo: Fathers Day is Excuse for Hardware Price Cuts News

DSi XL and DSi getting price cuts

11 May 2012

Rumour: Blockbuster UK Lists Third Party Wii U Games News

Possible launch day pre-order database.

08 May 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: Resident Evil Beats Crazy Baby-Making Game News

We're not even surprised about these games anymore.

04 May 2012

Unconscious Nintendo Boss Saved by Flintoff News

David Yarnton helped out by star cricketist

02 May 2012

All Nintendo First-Party 3DS and Wii U Games to get Digital Release News

Retail to offer download codes

27 Apr 2012

Nintendo Forgets Apple as It Announces Competitor Hardware Sales News

PS3 leading in Europe according to figures used at Nintendo shareholder meet

27 Apr 2012

Project Zero II: Wii Edition Hitting Europe in June News

New control mechanics, modes and multiplayer features.

26 Apr 2012

Nintendo Posts First Annual Loss News

Beaten by smartphones and failure to move with the times

26 Apr 2012

Nintendo Confirms Super Mario and Pikmin on Wii U News

Will be showcased at E3 this June.

17 Apr 2012

Miyamoto Not Quitting Just Handing Over Responsibilities News

Nintendo's creative force is preparing

16 Apr 2012

Miyamoto Eyeing Up Link to the Past Follow-Up News

New F-Zero a possibility for Wii U

13 Apr 2012

Nintendo No Show for Huge Euro Game Show News

No gamescom for Ninty in 2012 - it's "planning our post-E3 activities"

12 Apr 2012

Miyamoto Praises Angry Birds at Louvre in Paris News

As famous art gallery gets 3DSs for patrons

12 Apr 2012

Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition Heading West News

Crazy Japanese crossover getting US release.

05 Apr 2012

Sonic Co-Creator Leaves Namco Bandai to Join Nintendo News

Will work on American development for NST.

05 Apr 2012

Date for Nintendo's Attempt to Remain in Hardware... Leaked News

Nintendo Wii U Launch Date... dated

03 Apr 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: Kid Icarus Flies to the Top News

SEGA's Yakuza spinoff follows at #2.

30 Mar 2012

Daily Mail: Games Console Saves Girl from Paedo News

Wait, that's not a negative story.

28 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Street Outperforms Resident Evil News

Capcom's horror spinoff lands at #2.

26 Mar 2012

Epic's Rein a Big Wii U Fan News

Epic's man says Nintendo console will be a hit

13 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Mass Effect for Electronic Arts News

EA basically rules the Top 10

12 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: SSX Takes the Piste News

Mario Party 9 performs well despite no stock at GAME.

05 Mar 2012

GAME Group Not Stocking Mario Party 9 News

Follows Mass Effect 3 non-stocking.

29 Feb 2012

Nintendo Won't Return to Profit Says Pachter News

The company's current strategy dooms it to failure

27 Feb 2012

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Announced News

Numbered follow-ups coming - but will they be proper sequels?

27 Feb 2012

Pachter: Wii Was A Fad, Social Games Are Not News

But Nintendo's 'fad audience' have moved over to social games.

24 Feb 2012

Pokémon Director Teases New Game Announcement News

Keep an eye on that Sunday TV show, kids.

21 Feb 2012

Eyes off Pokeballs as Scam Pokemon Game Hits App Store News

Not one, but two fake Pikachu games on iOS.

20 Feb 2012

Nintendo 3DS Fastest to Five Million in Japan News

Five million in 52 weeks.

20 Feb 2012

Microsoft has Extended the Xbox 360 Life-Cycle News

Microsoft's figures keep the native console in top spot

10 Feb 2012

Super Smash Bros Responsible for Tekken 3DS News

Harada wanted the audience's diversity to enjoy Tekken.

09 Feb 2012

Miyamoto Hunting for 'One Big Hit' News

Stepping away from franchises

31 Jan 2012

Nintendo Network Revealed - Gamertags, DLC, But No Microtransactions News

DLC might not be ready for launch of service.

27 Jan 2012

Hironobu Sakaguchi to Present The Last Story at BAFTA News

Fans can come and pick his brains about game design.

27 Jan 2012

Nintendo to Launch Wii U Before Xmas 2012 News

Iwata announces major markets launch window

26 Jan 2012

Nintendo Loses Key UK Executive News

Dawn Paine heads to Universal Pictures

24 Jan 2012

Nintendo: No Plans to Fix Mario Kart 7 Glitch News

Will give players an 'unfair disadvantage.'

17 Jan 2012

PlayStation Vita - Some Sales Facts News

Actual figures collated for Japan and the Vita.

13 Jan 2012

When Video Games Research Attacks News

New Gaming Research comes with a fascinating disclaimer.

12 Jan 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: 3DS Second Wind Continues, Vita Falls News

PSP outperforms its younger, faster brother once again.

06 Jan 2012

Japanese Magazine Drops Hints of Pokémon Grey News

New Pokémon movie focuses on third Black and White legendary.

05 Jan 2012

Nintendo 3DS Passes 4 Million Sold in the US News

Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 fastest-selling titles in series history.

03 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores in Final Minutes of 2011 News

The Top 10 is full of threes.

03 Jan 2012

SOPA Loses Support from EA, Nintendo and Sony News

US Entertainment Software Association still has its name down.

03 Jan 2012

Rumour has It: Wii U to get Full Blown App Store News

Nintendo to get serious over Applications for the Wii U

29 Dec 2011

Nintendo Releases Skyward Sword Bug Fix via Wii Channel News

Japan only for the time being.

22 Dec 2011

Legend of Zelda Available to Buy on Nintendo 3DS eShop News

Virtual Console goes public.

22 Dec 2011

Nintendo Announces Early Release Date for Boom Street News

Was on track for 6th January.

22 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Xmas Charts! Skyrim Wins News

An Xmas without FIFA or Call of Duty at Number 1 - WTF?

19 Dec 2011

Nintendo Teams Up with EuroSport for 3DS Sports Vids News

3DS SpotPass gets 3D sport turns... SportPass!

15 Dec 2011

Aonuma: We Can't Go Back to Buttons After Skyward Sword News

Critical reception seems to agree.

13 Dec 2011

Nintendo Confirms March Release for Kid Icarus Uprising News

2012 release schedule notes Resident Evi Revelations launch in January.

13 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Skyrim Price Slash Success Proves Games are Too Expensive? News

Retailer slicing up the pricing gets a #1 award for Bethesda

12 Dec 2011

Nintendo Gets Wall Street Journal Onboard for Miyamoto 'Resignation' Firefighting News

Nintendo moves ultra fast to clear up fuelled mess.

09 Dec 2011

Nintendo Strongly Denies Miyamoto Retirement News

"This is absolutely not true" says company

08 Dec 2011

Shigeru Miyamoto Announces Retirement from Game Development News

Nintendo creative genius sort of leaves game development but doesn't

08 Dec 2011

Silly Season: Nintendo's "Field Research" Creates Mii Population Explosion News

Nintendo rolls out nonsense numbers to prop-up 3DS and Wii

07 Dec 2011

Nintendo Gets New "Head Of UK Communications" News

PR company Good Relations director moves to client Nintendo

05 Dec 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 3 Increases Sales News

FIFA 12 also grows, and Mario Kart 7 comes in...

05 Dec 2011

Japanese Software Chart: Zelda Kicks off Crazy Season News

New releases dominate Top 10.

02 Dec 2011

No Nintendo USA! Ban This Sick Auto-Tuned Filth! News

Maria Carey and Justin Bieber's Nintendo DS advert puts the X in Xmas.

01 Dec 2011

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Date for Europe News

And Resi Evil Revelations is coming too.

30 Nov 2011

UK Video Games Charts: Saints Row 3 Beats Out Skyrim News

UK Video Game Charts more predictable news: MW3 stays at #1

28 Nov 2011

Japanese Hardware: New Bundles See Sony Sales Double News

Nintendo 3DS still on top.

25 Nov 2011

Japanese Software Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Blows Away One Piece News

Saints Row the Third comes in fifth place.

25 Nov 2011

Metroid II – Return of Samus for 3DS is Go News

Making the 3DS even more useful to play old games on.

22 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Skyrim vs Assassin's Creed News

And yes, Modern Warfare 3 is still Number 1

21 Nov 2011

The Last Story European Debut Trailer Hits News

Sakaguchi's latest heading for 2012 EU release.

21 Nov 2011

The Wii's Hidden Sales Win News

Hidden inside Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim sales hype is a Wii success

14 Nov 2011

Nintendo Patents Wii Remote Touchscreen Accessory News

Possible multiplayer solution for Wii U?

07 Nov 2011

Nintendo's Sakurai Speaks Out on PSN Game Sharing Changes News

Suggests cloud storage to avoid system-juggling.

07 Nov 2011

Nintendo: Hardcore Users in Wii and DS Misunderstanding News

Despite all the pictures you've ever seen, the Wii and DS were not aimed at casual gamers

02 Nov 2011

Nintendo 3DS Gets F1 Date News

Formula 1 in your hand in November

02 Nov 2011

Nintendo: "Bitter Lessons" of 3DS Launch to Aid Wii U News

Wii U will launch in Fiscal year 2012

28 Oct 2011

Nintendo Iwata: My Remarks Have Been "Distorted" News

Nintendo boss misquoted - changes way info is delivered to consumers

28 Oct 2011

Nintendo to Post First Annual Loss in 30 Years News

Apple and currency hurts

27 Oct 2011

Nintendo's Financial Woes Mount News

Apple and bad currency climate lay on the hurt

26 Oct 2011

Skyward Sword Could Be Nintendo's Last for Wii News

Games will still be made for the platform - but by Nintendo?

21 Oct 2011

Nintendo 3DS Update Bringing 3D Video Recording News

3DS firmware update due in Europe in November

20 Oct 2011

USA Games Hardware Figures: PS3 Up vs Xbox 306 Down News

Oh and Nintendo sells some units too.

14 Oct 2011

Winning Eleven Wins on PS3 in Japan Game Charts News

Media Create Charts are in...

13 Oct 2011

EA and Nintendo, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G News

EA working hard on Wii U stuff

07 Oct 2011

Mon Dieu! French Court Deals Yet Another Blow to Games Piracy News

Voulez-vous jouer avec moi, c'est soir?

03 Oct 2011

Seven Brand New Trailers On The 3DS Store From Today News

You can't play them (yet) but they sure look pretty

29 Sep 2011

Super Mario Land 3 Coming Soon To Virtual Console News

The classics just keep rolling on.

29 Sep 2011

Bethesda Band Wagon - Wii U for Skyrim is a Maybe News

"We'll look at any platform" says Bethesda PR chap.

26 Sep 2011

Zelda Four Swords Finally Coming Free to 3DS This Week News

And it's free! Free, I tells ya!

26 Sep 2011

'Time and Money' Reasons for Star Fox 64 3D's Lack of Online News

Sober response to fans wanting a bit of WiFi action.

22 Sep 2011

NPD Wants to Own Video Gaming Language News

US company attempts to put words in your mouth

15 Sep 2011

Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition Dated News

And it's free!

13 Sep 2011

Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad is a Total Bargain News

Official peripheral is dated and priced.

13 Sep 2011

TGS: Has Nintendo Got Anything to Offer? Find Out News

Some old, some new, all shiny.

13 Sep 2011

UK Chart: Marketing Triumphs as Dead Island Grabs No.1 News

Four new entries into the Top 10.

12 Sep 2011

US Video Game Chart: 3DS Beats PS3 in Price Cut Wars News

Both platforms see sales surge following cuts however.

09 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Grand Knights Victory News

Tales of Xillia's going to destroy it though.

09 Sep 2011

Rumour: Tipstar Claims Wii U in 'Development Hell' News

'Insider information' contradicts itself.

08 Sep 2011

New 3DS Yoshi, Ace Attorney Announcements Rumoured News

God Eater and Etrian Odyssey too.

08 Sep 2011

3DS 'Expansion Slide Pad' is For Real News

What on earth are you playing at, Nintendo?

07 Sep 2011

Valve and Blizzard Want Console Makers To Grow Up News

Play your games your way.

06 Sep 2011

Dragon Quest X To Be Bigger and Better Than Anything Ever News

Please don't screw this up, Squeenix

05 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Remasters of the Universe News

Monster Hunter dominates charts on a whole new platform.

05 Sep 2011

Nintendo 3DS: Free NES Games Announced News

GBA titles still a mystery.

30 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Keeps its Rhythm News

3DS still top of hardware, Rhythm Heaven Wii takes back software chart.

25 Aug 2011

Wii Family Edition Could Sell for £79.99 News

Retailers eager to flare up sales over holidays.

25 Aug 2011

Wild 'Twin Stick 3DS' Rumours Flare Up News

Reduced 3D focus - via $10 attachment?

23 Aug 2011

Report: Nintendo Planning September Event, Announcement News

Stock price jumps on investor talk.

23 Aug 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Xenoblade Chronicles Fails to Shake Zumba News

Zumba gets tenth week at the top

22 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunting Cats Rule News

PSP spinoff tops the chart.

19 Aug 2011

Japanese Hardware Chart: Nintendo 3DS Bounces Back News

Price cut does the trick.

19 Aug 2011

Nintendo Offers Stripped-Down Wii for UK News

"Please note that the new configuration Wii is no longer compatible with Nintendo GameCube software or accessories"

17 Aug 2011

3DS Sells 215,000 in Japan Following Price Cut News

Nintendo breathes sigh of relief.

16 Aug 2011

UPDATED: Retailers Begin Nintendo 3DS Price War News

Supermarkets set aggressive price points for handheld.

12 Aug 2011

Report: Nintendo Under Pressure to Ditch Hardware, Embrace iPhone News

Investors want Nintendo to leverage its IP to broader audiences.

12 Aug 2011

Japanese Hardware Chart: 3DS Sales Plummet by 70% News

Nintendo handheld sees 70% drop.

12 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: SEGA's Dream Team Tops Table News

Top 10 full of PSP, Wii and DS titles.

12 Aug 2011

Nintendo: Lack of First-Party Software Led to 3DS Price Cut News

It's all about momentum, apparently.

10 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Rhythm Heaven Wins Hearts News

PSP performs well. Except for the PSP Go, of course.

05 Aug 2011

Legend of Zelda Symphony Adds London Tour Date News

UK date one-off performance for the whole of Europe.

04 Aug 2011

Nintendo's Iwata 3DS Buyers Could Feel 'Betrayed' News

Huge apologies gushing out

03 Aug 2011

Nintendo to Bring Microtransactions to 3DS, Wii U News

Paid items will not reflect nature of Apple's micro transaction offering.

01 Aug 2011

Nintendo: 3DS Price Drop Came From Gamecube Lessons News

It has loads of money to do this!

01 Aug 2011

Sony and Nintendo Take Stock Hits News

All is dour and dark in Japanese trading

29 Jul 2011

Nintendo Post First Ever Quartely Loss News

No wonder it needs to sell more 3DSs

28 Jul 2011

Nintendo's 3Ds Cut Could "Lose Trust in Us" News

Honest Approach to 3DS Early Adopters

28 Jul 2011

Video Gaming Financials in One Place News

Capcom, THQ, Nintendo, Sony...

28 Jul 2011

Nintendo 3DS Price Slash in Europe News

Free games for early adopters

28 Jul 2011

Wii U Will Force Sony and Microsoft to "Rethink Schedules" for Next Gen News

Also, "smartphones and handheld consoles will eventually converge"

27 Jul 2011

PlayStation 3 to Beat Xbox 360 for Second Place News

Analysts predict a bright future for Sony

26 Jul 2011

Amazon USA Suspended Nintendo 3DS Sales News

Amazon UK still in action

25 Jul 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: Baseball Beats All News

Nintendo 3DS takes control of hardware chart.

22 Jul 2011

Star Fox 64 3D Gets a Release Date News

Be prepared to wait a while...

21 Jul 2011

New Pokemon Game in Production Shocker News

Will seek connectivity between DS and 3DS.

20 Jul 2011

Xevious Update Hits Nintendo 3DS eShop on Thursday News

Joins Game & Watch Gallery, DSi titles.

18 Jul 2011

Mario is Missing! Stolen by Thieves News

Chained to railings, in a premeditated attack.

15 Jul 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: L.A. Noire Hits #1 News

Leads Western assault on Top 10.

15 Jul 2011

Nintendo: 3DS Classics Remakes Have Been Problematic News

Take your brain to another dimension.

13 Jul 2011

NPD Says U.S.A. Game Spending Actually Up News

Changes its mind a bit on USA games spend

12 Jul 2011

EA President Loves Wii U and 'Swizzle Sticks' News

John Riccitiello almost sounds like a real gamer

11 Jul 2011

Nintendo 3DS Misfire Forces Wii U Rethink News

Weak software has harmed the 3DS

11 Jul 2011

Pete Donaldson Presents: SPOnG's Gaming Vidcast News

Hitman, bad box art, Bioshock Infinite... and more

11 Jul 2011

Get Your Hands on XenoBlade Chronicles Two Weeks 'Early' News

Slicey dicey fun time early

08 Jul 2011

Ex-Sony Man Sues Nintendo Over 3DS News

Patently legalistic

07 Jul 2011

Satoru Iwata: Wii U Will Satisfy Hardcore Gamers News

And Wii sales could be a grave concern

06 Jul 2011

Nintendo's Money Going into Bricks'n'Mortar News

A new R&D centre for the Wii company

04 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Zumba Fitness Keeps Top Spot News

Shadows of the Damned doesn't fare so well.

27 Jun 2011

Wii U Not Aimed at Online Dominance News

Shigeru Miyamoto lays it out

24 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Hardcore Nostalgia Unfit for Top News

Zumba Fitness beats Zelda

20 Jun 2011

Nintendo: Low Prices Means the 'Industry Will Fold' News

Ninty is sticking the value for money not drip-bleeding consumers

16 Jun 2011

Nintendo's Iwata Calls an End to 'Console Wars' News

It's stupid to talk about competition

16 Jun 2011

Hollywood Star Named Daughter After Nintendo's Zelda News

Now that's a great piece of PR

15 Jun 2011

Xbox 360 'Wins' the USA in May News

Despite market being down

14 Jun 2011

All the Nintendo Wii U Shots Fit to Print News

It's coming next Spring...

13 Jun 2011

Miyamoto: Using 3DS More Convenient than Multiple Wii U Controllers News

Researching multiple controllers

10 Jun 2011

E3 2010: Nintendo Wii U, Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Explored News

Nintendo's third parties speak up

09 Jun 2011

Iwata: Wii U Will Replace Wii News

But not in the short term

08 Jun 2011

Nintendo - Wii U Pricing at £150 Says Iwata News

Will only be sold bundled with Wii.

08 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Nintendo Used PS3 and Xbox 360 HD Game Footage for Wii U Reveal News

Reggie owns up that some Wii U footage was PS3 or Xbox 360

08 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Pikmin in Development for Wii U News

First Nintendo game announced.

08 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Wii Vitality Sensor on Hold News

Has trouble performing consistently.

08 Jun 2011

Nintendo Confirms Wii U IS "A New Console" News

Confusion cleared?

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011 Nintendo - Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed and Arkham City for Wii U News

Darksiders 2, Assassin's Creed and Arkham City for Wii U!

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011 Nintendo Names "Wii 'U'" as New Platform News

A controller and more

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Nintendo - Iwata Confirms New Home Console in 2012 News

Confirms New Platform is Deeper and Wider says Iwata

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Nintendo Zelda 25th Birthday New Games All Platforms News

But yes, Zelda 25th Anniversary with Full Orchestra

07 Jun 2011

Nintendo Server Hacked News

But not as bad as it sounds

06 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: LA Noire's Hat Trick News

One new entry in the top 10

06 Jun 2011

Ocarina of Time 3D - Two New Videos News

Lovely re-hash looks lovely

01 Jun 2011

Nintendo Accused of Selling "Child Porn" News

Dead or Alive caught in controversy.

31 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Cole Cleans Up News

LA Noire keeps hold of the top spot.

31 May 2011

UK Wii Now Under £100 News

Asda, Game and Gamestation have the cheapest price.

20 May 2011

Nintendo's Next Console "Leaked" in Alleged Conference Video News

Let the rumour mill churn some more.

18 May 2011

NPD: Nintendo Consoles See Sales Drop News

Sony and Microsoft see gains.

16 May 2011

Chrono Trigger for Wii Today Nibble

16 May 2011

Ubisoft CEO: Nintendo's Next Console is "Fantastic" News

PS3 and 360 ports possible on hardware.

13 May 2011

Star Fox 64 3DS Has Gyro Play, Ignores Online Play News

Do a hand barrel roll.

12 May 2011

Nintendo to Distribute Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D News

Arriving in July.

12 May 2011

3DS Getting eShop and Internet Browser Early June News

Just in time for some Summer fun.

12 May 2011

Nintendo Repositioning Wii with Price Cut News

Prepare for Project Cafe

04 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Portal 2 Closes Doors on Mortal Kombat News

Nothing new in the charts

03 May 2011

Nintendo Dates Wii Play: Motion for Europe News

Best seller given support

28 Apr 2011

Nintendo's Iwata: Wii Regrets I've had a Few News

It's about marketing

26 Apr 2011

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Opening is Like Not 3D but Less So! News

More old stuff made new!

26 Apr 2011

Nintendo Confirms New Console for E3 News

Playable too

25 Apr 2011

Nintendo DS Lite Dead News

According to Gamestop

22 Apr 2011

Nintendo to Drop Wii Name for Project Cafe News

So says analyst

21 Apr 2011

Japan: Sony PSP Outsells Nintendo DS - Again News

It's a crazy world

21 Apr 2011

Rockstar Rumoured for Wii 2 News

And we really mean rumoured

20 Apr 2011

March 2011: Xbox 360 Rules the USA... Again News

Figures are sort of in

15 Apr 2011

Anonymous News: Wii HD to Have Blu-ray News

Next up - it's got teeth and real hands!

15 Apr 2011

Nintendo's Fils-Aime Explains No 3DS Sellouts News

It's the time of the year

15 Apr 2011

Nintendo to Reveal HD Console at E3 News

So say reports of reports and some anonymous sources

15 Apr 2011

Rehash News: StarFox 64 3D Gets Dated News

Nostalgia Helmets on please

13 Apr 2011

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Beat Apple in Harris Poll News

Apple not king of the hill

13 Apr 2011

UK Video Game Charts: A Wii Crysis for the Hardcore News

As Wii fitness games chops Crysis 2 off the top

11 Apr 2011

Nintendo Calls The Sun Liars in Nauseating 3DS Clash News

Claims on returns are not correct

06 Apr 2011

The Sun Gets Dizzy in 3DS 'Outrage' News

Makes you sick

05 Apr 2011

PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 in Europe News

The US now Microsoft's sole stronghold.

01 Apr 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: PSP Fights Back News

Final Fantasy IV Complete leads software chart.

31 Mar 2011

Japanese Wii Video Service Closing Down News

Closing down in October.

31 Mar 2011

Angry Birds Dev: Nintendo Should Be Worried News

Clarifies 'console industry death' comments.

30 Mar 2011

Nintendo: Actually, No 3D For Next Home Console News

If you need glasses, Nintendo ain't interested.

30 Mar 2011

Nintendo Recommends 3DS System Update News

Black screen error messages just won't go away.

29 Mar 2011

Nintendo: We Embrace Independents News

PR director talks up World of Goo.

28 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Crysis 2 Takes the Lead News

Cry me a river, 3DS.

28 Mar 2011

Nintendo Warns on 3DS Price Hike News

Or basically says "Buy it now"

25 Mar 2011

Hundreds Queue for Nintendo 3DS Launch News

#1 Wii buyer also first in line for 3DS.

25 Mar 2011

Nintendo Boss: 3DS Most Exciting Launch Ever News

Well, you never!

25 Mar 2011

Nintendo: Garage Developers - We Don't Want Them News

Yeah, who needs 'em!

18 Mar 2011

USA! USA! Xbox 360 Wins February Sales Race News

Overall video games market is up

11 Mar 2011

Nintendo 3DS Midnight Launch Locations Loom News

Are you getting one?

09 Mar 2011

Nintendo 3DS to Have Most Successful UK Console Launch News

Pre-orders shoot past that of previous record holder, Wii.

07 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Gotta Catch 'Em All! News

Everyone wants to be a Pokemon master.

07 Mar 2011

Rovio Hits Back at Nintendo: Angry Birds "Not Disposable" News

Game Developers Conference Battle - Fight!

01 Mar 2011

Nintendo 3DS Sells 400k in First Day News

Homeland love...

28 Feb 2011

UK Retailer: £30 Cut on Nintendo 3DS Costs Me Money News

Not money to be made says Chips

22 Feb 2011

Sony on PS3: "We Have a Very Aggressive Plan This Year" News

And beating Microsoft is a big part of it

22 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Returns to Top Spot News

Fights Marvel vs Capcom 3 for #1 position.

21 Feb 2011

MCM Expo to Host First Public Play of 3DS News

Midlands showcase to offer 3D wonderment.

17 Feb 2011

Confusion Over Tesco £157 Nintendo 3DS Deal News

Now company denies it... but price remains.

15 Feb 2011

Price War! UK Supermarket has Nintendo 3DS for £157 News

Loss leader or sitting on a margin?

15 Feb 2011

UPDATE: Nintendo Blackmailer Arrested in Spain - User Database Release Threat News

Threatened to release a Nintendo's user database

15 Feb 2011

Nintendo Announces More 3DS "UK" Tour Dates News

Mostly England if we're honest

15 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Ace Attorney Investigates is Happy News

Four new entries take the Top 4.

10 Feb 2011

How Not to Take a Joke: Ono on Nintendo vs Capcom News

Everyone got all het up over nothing.

08 Feb 2011

Nintendo Running Scared of Risk and Price News

Apparently commerce is risky

07 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Isaac Calling the Shots News

Dead Space 2 holds on a second week at #1.

07 Feb 2011

Japanese Hardware: is it Time to Kill the PSP Go? News

Sells a teeny tiny 280 units.

04 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: The Last Story Gets the Last Word News

Hironobu Sakaguchi Can't Be This Good!

04 Feb 2011

Miyamoto Outs Super Mario Bros. for 3DS News

New tech is good real good

01 Feb 2011

DOA: Dimensions StreetPass - Trade Some Ghost Data News

Fighting with your internal demons

01 Feb 2011

Four Million for Donkey Kong Country Returns News

Rip-roaring re-thinking

01 Feb 2011

Nintendo's Anti-iPad Remarks 'Surreal' says Iwata News

Multi-touched a nerve.

31 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Dead Space 2 Scares Competition News

Making everyone else armless.

31 Jan 2011

Report: Nintendo Won't Be Caught Short on 3DS News

Stock and load.

28 Jan 2011

Nintendo's Iwata Chimes In on Sony's NGP News

Handhelds going in different directions

28 Jan 2011

Pokemon Black and White to Feature PC Connectivity News

Be the very best, like no-one ever was.

28 Jan 2011

Nintendo Profits Nose Dive News

Mario seeks new finances?

27 Jan 2011

Nintendo on 3DS Child Warnings: Ratings are Misunderstood News

Ninty executive lays it out.

26 Jan 2011

Exclusive: Nintendo on 3DS UK Pricing News

Figures thrown around... we caught them

25 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Sackboy Sacks off EA, Ubisoft and Activision News

LittleBigPlanet 2 Blow Black Ops

24 Jan 2011

Eight 3DS Launch Day Titles Named News

Total of 10 allegedly planned for Day 1 launch

21 Jan 2011

Nintendo Expects 3DS Launch to Beat Wii News

Price won't be an issue

20 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS - Which Features Not at Launch? News

Nintendo's SpotPass will miss a few features apparently

20 Jan 2011

Friend Code Revamp for the 3DS Promises Much News

No more code entry nightmares

19 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS - US and European Launch Line-Ups in Your Faces! News

Both sets ready for your eyes

19 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS Price War Breaks Out in Europe News

HMV wants £229.99 but what about the others

19 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS - Hits the USA on March 27th for $249 News

Still waiting for Europe.

19 Jan 2011

Nintendo European 3DS Event is Live Today News

New portable to be unveiled to public

19 Jan 2011

Nintendo: 3DS Region Lock Due to 'Local Laws' News

Three regions for the 3DS

18 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Takes Back #1 News

DC Universe Online enters the Top 10.

17 Jan 2011

3DS May Support 3D Video Recording News

Iwata and team dropping hints

14 Jan 2011

Nelson was Right: Xbox 360 Didn't Win December News

Wii did. Xbox 360 beats PS3 though.

14 Jan 2011

Japanese Hardware: PSP Slumps, PS3 Gains News

Monster Hunter reaching its peak?

14 Jan 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunting Holidays News

No real changes this week.

14 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS Will Feature Friend Codes News

Cue endless number-crunching.

13 Jan 2011

Nintendo Refutes 3DS Software Drought News

So says company CEo

12 Jan 2011

3DS Pre-Orders Begin January 20th News

Expect the rows once again then

12 Jan 2011

Nintendo Comments on 'Canned DSi' News

Not as far as its concerned

11 Jan 2011

Super Mario 25th Anniversary Boxset May Be Re-Released News

Once it's gone, it's gone! Until Nintendo makes more.

10 Jan 2011

Iwata: 3DS Warnings Simply "to Inform Customers" News

And also to nip lawsuits in the bud.

10 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Still Top of Table News

Fitness reigns.

10 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS Japan Launch Lineup, Battery Life Revealed News

System-sellers not in launch lineup.

10 Jan 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Takes the Holidays News

Monster Hunter and PSP still lead the chart.

07 Jan 2011

Nintendo's Iwata Talks 3DS News

Brings together important Nintendo figures

07 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS Release Dates Get Thrown Around News

March/April are the months quoted

05 Jan 2011

Nintendo 3DS Held To Ransom News

Unit gets sneaked out of factory

04 Jan 2011

Nintendo Warns Kids Against Using 3DS News

Japanese warning sounded

31 Dec 2010

Japanese Nintendo 3DS Events Detailed News

Games and dates confirmed

29 Dec 2010

Gamestop taking 3DS Pre-Orders News

Preparing for machine's release in 2011

28 Dec 2010

Fitness Games Commercially Smashing DVD Market News

Wii Fit sells over 4.4m

24 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Level, Wii Sees Present-Buying Boost News

All platforms enjoy sales lift.

24 Dec 2010

Nintendo USA to Hold 3Ds Press Event in January News

A new year dimension

21 Dec 2010

Japan: Sony PSP Beats Nintendo DS for 2010 News

It's Sony's year

17 Dec 2010

Japanese Hardware: Nintendo Benefits From Holiday Spree News

Monster Hunter still pushes PSP ahead.

16 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Assassin's Creed Sneaks in at #10 News

Capcom and Nintendo dominate.

16 Dec 2010

Wii 2 Will be "On Par" with PS3 and Xbox 360 News

So says our infamous analyst

15 Dec 2010

Miyamoto: Modern Games Need 'Play' Factor News

Needs to be a balance between difficulty and enjoyment.

14 Dec 2010

Super Monkey Ball 3DS to be Launch Title News

Has plenty more planned.

14 Dec 2010

Red Dead Redemption Wins VGA Shootout News

BioWare earns several accolades too.

13 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Cataclysm Challenges FIFA News

Black Ops still #1.

13 Dec 2010

Xbox 360 for the USA Hardware Win in November News

NPD figures are out...

10 Dec 2010

Super Smash Bros. Melee too Difficult Says Sakurai News

So says game's director

09 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Sales Quadruple over Monster Hunter News

Impressive run for a handheld so late in its life cycle.

09 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter Sells Nearly 2m Units News

Tales of Graces F sells impressive numbers, but didn't have a chance.

09 Dec 2010

Nintendo Employees to Get a Nice Christmas Present News

Something to the tune of £11,000, apparently

08 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Comes Back News

GT5 knocked down to 4th.

06 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: GT5 Doubles PS3 Sales News

Wii and DS also see gains.

02 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Races Ahead News

Beats robots and Mario.

02 Dec 2010

Pay For Donkey Kong Country Returns in Bananas News

You gotta be fast, though.

01 Dec 2010

New Super Mario Brothers Wii and The Millions of Sales News

Experience quadruple platinum in sales

01 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Overtakes Black Ops News

Disney Epic Mickey failed to chart.

29 Nov 2010

Japanese Hardware: Kinect Helps Xbox 360 Sales News

PSP takes the lead in overall chart.

25 Nov 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Black Ops Tops the Chart News

Western title does good in the East.

25 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops Holds Off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood News

Potter makes it into the Top 20

22 Nov 2010

The Last Story Wii Bundle Inbound News

Surely not the last we'll hear of it

19 Nov 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii Sales Rocket News

More than trebles last week's sales.

19 Nov 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Tactics Ogre Beats Up Dragon Ball News

Sorry for goblin up that last pun.

18 Nov 2010

Reggie: No New Wii Until We Hit 45million News

Nintendo comfortable

15 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops 1 vs Kinect 4 News

Kinect Sports highest placed Kinect game

15 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Football Manager 2011 Tops the League News

Beats FIFA 11 to the throne of footy games.

08 Nov 2010

Nintendo Wii & DS Taking not Making Hits News

Hardware and software sales are down.

28 Oct 2010

Mario's Epic Yarn Hinted Nibble

27 Oct 2010

UK Video Games Charts: Fallout Gamble Pays Off News

New Vegas beats Medal of Honor

25 Oct 2010

THQ Bigs Up a Nintendo Surge at Xmas News

Sees Wii and DS markets flourishing at time of good cheer

22 Oct 2010

Leading Developers Celebrate Mario's 25th News

Koopa Troopa.

21 Oct 2010

Master Chief and Mario Best Buddies in 2010 Sales Figures News

NPD show franchises' success

21 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Medal of Honor Red Cards FIFA News

EA vs EA in EA battle for the top

18 Oct 2010

Why Doctor Who Hearts Nintendo News

Why the doctor will only be on Wii and DS this time

15 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Macross No Match For Pokemon News

Mechs vs Pocket Monsters? There's only one way to find out...

15 Oct 2010

USA: Video Games Sales Down Again - Xbox Up News

Microsoft has a happy hardware month

15 Oct 2010

NPD Nixes Games Hardware Figures News

Be prepared for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to really start marketing guff

12 Oct 2010

Wii Vitality Sensor: Control Games and Breath Control News

Breathe in, breathe out, hands up, hands down...

12 Oct 2010

Wii 2 to get Cell Processor as IBM Breaks Cover? News

IBM working with Sony and Nintendo on Cell development

12 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: PES 2011 Crushed by FIFA 11 News

EA clinches top spot.

11 Oct 2010

Nintendo: Not Just Pirates Killing DS Sales News

Poor games don't actually help.

11 Oct 2010

Iwata and the Nintendo 3DS Battery Sucking Admission News

Nintendo Japan's president drops the hint

08 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Pokemon KO's K-ON! News

Rival uses sales! It's super effective!

08 Oct 2010

Iwata on Kirby's Epic Yarn - Kirby Wasn't Original Choice of Star News

Talks with development staff about latest Kirby title

07 Oct 2010

Mario 25th Anniversary Red Wii for the UK News

Plus games!

07 Oct 2010

Nintendo: One in Three UK Households Have Wii News

Celebs get busy for Christmas lineup.

04 Oct 2010

Iwata: Nintendo 3DS Could Have Shipped this Year News

Supply issues blamed for later date

30 Sep 2010

Iwata: Third Party Wii Sales "Especially Low" News

3DS will fix all that though.

30 Sep 2010

'Newspaper' Blames Nintendo DS for Dog Mauling Child News

Nintendo DS and the Daily Mail's Madness

29 Sep 2010

Nintendo 3DS Launching Early 2011 News

February for Japan, March for Europe and North America.

29 Sep 2010

UK Nintendo Wii, DS Sales Down 40% News

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 see gains.

28 Sep 2010

Nintendo Preparing Wii Remote Plus Controller News

Will be bundled with FlingSmash.

27 Sep 2010

Rumour: 3DS Set for 11 November Launch in Japan News

Apparent details on launch titles and Europe, too.

27 Sep 2010

Jedward to Grace Wii Party Launch Event News

Along with X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

24 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware Sales: Pokemon Boost DSi Range News

DSi and DSi LL take top positions in overall chart.

23 Sep 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Pokemon Black & White Smashes Records News

Best first week sales total in history - after only two days on sale!

23 Sep 2010

Japan: PS3 Beating Wii in 2010 News

Nintendo getting squeezed in both US and Japanese territories.

21 Sep 2010

Dunaway: Nintendo Loses Sales Vice President News

Cammie Dunaway with on October 1st

21 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware Sales: Xbox 360 Slim Sells 700 Units News

Only 700 units sold in its first week.

17 Sep 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: One Piece is Number One News

Chart experiencing sales slump.

17 Sep 2010

Japanese Games Hardware: Time to Kill PSP Go? News

Portable still doing good business in the Far East

13 Sep 2010

November Could Be 3Ds Time in Japan News

Post on peripheral manufacturer employee's Twitter hints at release window

13 Sep 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter is Purrfect! News

Capcom's spinoff RPG stays at the top.

13 Sep 2010

Romance, Violence, Passion: Mario's 25th Anniversary Video News

It's all in a five minute video.

13 Sep 2010

USA: Video Games Sales Bomb News

Sales down on all aspects

10 Sep 2010

Mario All-Stars Heading to Wii News

Details on Japanese release detailed

07 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Mafia II's On Top of the World, Ma News

Gangster sequel prevails a second week running.

06 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware: Go PSP, Go! News

Monster Hunter help push the Sony portable along.

03 Sep 2010

Japanese Software Chart: Capcom Cats Get the Cream News

New PSP releases perform well in software chart.

03 Sep 2010

UK Software Charts: Mafia II Makes an Offer You Can't Refuse News

Gangster sequel grabs Number 1 spot.

31 Aug 2010

Nintendo Cuts Price of DSi and DSi XL in America News

Price reduction hitting US on September 12th

31 Aug 2010

Japan Video Games Hardware: Robots Secure PS3 Win News

Sony platforms dominate.

27 Aug 2010

Japanese Game Charts: Another Century's #1 News

Robots and boobs make up this week's new entries.

27 Aug 2010

UK Game Charts: Kane & Lynch 2 Kills Woody News

Square Enix's third #1.

23 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: Sales Up Despite Software Slump News

PSP and PS3 dominate.

20 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Wii Party Reigns Again News

Slow going this week.

20 Aug 2010

Iwata and Sakaguchi Talk The Last Story News

Exchange reveals many interesting details for upcoming title

17 Aug 2010

UK Software Charts: Woody Keeps It Up News

Toy Story maintains its #1 position.

16 Aug 2010

NPD: Xbox 360 Storms Ahead in July News

Outsells Wii and PS3 in the US

13 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Plummets Despite Popular Releases News

PS2, DSi and DS Lite pick up the slack.

13 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Tales of Remake Domination News

Sengoku Basara gets knocked off the top spot.

13 Aug 2010

Doc: 3D Gaming Won't Permanently Damage Your Eyes News

If you're over four years old, you shouldn't have to worry about long-term effects.

12 Aug 2010

Wii Passes 30m Sales in US News

Plus, the top-selling first and third party game on the console.

11 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 and PSP Sales Impress News

Sengoku Basara and Project Diva does good.

09 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Samurai Heroes Vs Vocaloid Heroine News

Close battle for the top spot this week.

09 Aug 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Toy Story Kicks Starcraft II's Nuts News

As does Call of Duty and Dance on Broadway

09 Aug 2010

Nintendo: More Users does not Mean More Acceptance News

Current climate is not perfect

04 Aug 2010

Iwata: Piracy a Problem for Nintendo Expansion News

Newly emerging countries essential for growth

03 Aug 2010

UK Games Charts: Starcraft II the Very Top News

Long-awaited sequel flies straight to #1.

02 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: Handhelds Rule, Consoles Drool News

Wii and PS3 down, PSP 3000 and DSi up.

30 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Wii Party Regains Control News

Blur languishes at #50.

30 Jul 2010

Nintendo Sees Profits Nose Dive News

Retains its forecast for the rest of the year

29 Jul 2010

It's Official: The R4 is Illegal in the UK News

Nintendo wins against "homebrew use" argument.

28 Jul 2010

UK Game Charts: Woody Kicks the S*hit Out of Crackdown 2 News

You're my favourite deputy!

26 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Down, Sony Up News

PSP leaps over DSi LL.

23 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Fire Emblem Scorches Competition News

Dragon Quest Monsters close behind.

23 Jul 2010

Nintendo Wins Case Against Wii Piracy Chip Retailers News

Stores in the Netherlands argued 'unfair competition,' judge rejected claim.

22 Jul 2010

Latest Zelda Title Takes Place Before Ocarina of Time News

Plus: confirmation of an official Zelda timeline.

22 Jul 2010

Japan Games Hardware: Wii Parties to the Top News

Distances itself from the PS3.

19 Jul 2010

Japanese Game Software Charts: Wii Like to Party News

White Knight Chronicles close behind new Nintendo hit.

19 Jul 2010

UK Game Software Charts: Broadway Comes to Pacific City News

Crackdown 2 still #1 though.

19 Jul 2010

US Games Industry in June Blues but Xbox Slim Saves Hardware News

Games down - hardware up

16 Jul 2010

Metroid: Other M Shoots Out Gameplay Footage News

Third-person action on show

14 Jul 2010

Nintendo: 3DS Design Won't Change News

Also, the importance of analogue support.

13 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Crackdown Brings The Smackdown News

Super Mario Galaxy suffers as a result.

12 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Inazuma Eleven Top of the League News

Where's Monster Hunter?

09 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii and PS3 Continue the Endless Fight News

DSi LL sales drop despite software domination.

09 Jul 2010

Miyamoto: 3D Ocarina of Time, StarFox 64 News

Also, Miis to go multi-Nintendo-platform

07 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Expelliarmus! News

Harry Potter takes the lead for a second week.

05 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Xbox 360 On Level Playing Field News

Microsoft's console plays with the big boys.

02 Jul 2010

USA Videogames in May: Xbox 360 Red Dead Saves some Face News

Software saved by Red Dead Redemption

02 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Capcom Secures Xbox 360 Victory News

Anime dating sim following close behind.

02 Jul 2010

Miyamoto on New Characters and Story Importance News

Creator and gamer should learn to love

01 Jul 2010

Sakurai: Japan Is No Good At 'Big Budget' Games News

Should instead "focus on what they're good at."

29 Jun 2010

Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confusion News

Reggie made a blooper

28 Jun 2010

Nintendo Hopes To Target "Serious Gamers" With 3DS News

Third party support, graphical capabilities and gameplay to achieve this.

25 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: DS Sales Skyrocket News

DSi LL breaks the 30,000 unit mark, after weeks of slumping sales.

25 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leaps Back On Top News

World Cup boosts Winning Eleven

25 Jun 2010

Nintendo: Vitality Sensor not so much about Vitality News

It's about relaxing

23 Jun 2010

Iwata: Video Chat for 3DS Possible News

Nintendo president bigs up device in uncertain economy.

23 Jun 2010

Nintendo 3DS To Help People Figure the Z-Axis News

Now you can hit question mark blocks more easily.

22 Jun 2010

Nintendo Planning E-Reader For 3DS News

Read online periodicals whilst on the move.

22 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Mario Can't Leap Over Marston News

Solid Snake doesn't reach the Top 10.

21 Jun 2010

Sony's Hirai Slams Nintendo 3DS as "Limited" News

Although he hasn't used it himself.

21 Jun 2010

Activision COO on 'Brilliant' Nintendo 3DS News

Publisher will wait for the right time for Move and Kinect.

18 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Gains Over E3 2010 News

All other platforms down.

18 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Xenoblade Cuts Mario Down News

Nintendo platform software dominates.

18 Jun 2010

Nintendo Considering 3D For Next Home Console News

But the 3D TV market has to be healthy.

17 Jun 2010

Nintendo 3DS Lets You Install Games to Internal Memory News

No more cart-swapping!

17 Jun 2010

E3: Cliff Bleszinski Bigs Up Nintendo News

Cliffy B glad Ninty is over affair with your mum

17 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Kid Icarus Is Nintendo 3DS Killer App News

3D-enabled, portable shooting in your pocket.

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: 3DS Hits the Stage, Gets Metal Gear Solid News

No glasses, 3D movies, 3D pictures...

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Kirby's Epic Yarn Revealed News

First images

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Hitting DS This Winter News

Trailer details huge epic bosses.

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Nintendo Reggie Defends the Wii, Introduces Wii Party News

Nintendo boss claims Wii not just abandoned by owners

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Miyamoto's Zelda Skyward Sword Red Face News

Miyamoto introduces new Zelda - but motion control seems awkward.

15 Jun 2010

UK Charts: Red Dead Holds Off Mario Galaxy 2 News

Shocking news for the perfect game

14 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Mario Biggest In The Galaxy News

Nintendo DS sees a software resurgence.

04 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: Mario Edges Wii Closer to PS3 News

Wii and PS3 in galactic battle for top position.

04 Jun 2010

Miyamoto Defends Nintendo Online Criticism News

"It's unfair" - the failed defence

03 Jun 2010

Meet the Voice of Mario at SMG2 London Launch News

Charles Martinet to speak

03 Jun 2010

Nintendo Confirms UK DSi Price Cut News

Only the DSi mind

03 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: All Fall Down News

Except Xbox 360 and Wii. They go up a little.

28 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Lost Planet 2 Scores Against PES News

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Day One sales impressive.

28 May 2010

PS3 Market Share Grows At Expense Of Xbox 360 News

It's the Slim wot dun it.

27 May 2010

UK Software Charts: John Marston Most Popular Outlaw News

Red Dead Redemption shoots its way to #1.

24 May 2010

Nintendo Trademarks '3DS' Names News

Is it likely to be known as anything else now?

18 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii And DS Only Gains News

PS3 and PSP platforms see significant drop.

14 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Nintendo Strikes Back News

First party titles command 60% of the Top 10.

14 May 2010

Rumour: PS3, 360, Wii Price Cuts Expected News

Fighting for Christmas supremacy.

11 May 2010

Satoru Iwata: Nintendo "Least Interested" in "Multimedia Device" News

Console successor is a ways off yet.

11 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA Holds Top Spot News

Just Dance earns over a million UK sales.

10 May 2010

Japan Hardware: Boost For All Platforms News

Even the PlayStation 2.

07 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Dragons Beat Snakes News

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker denied top spot.

07 May 2010

Nintendo Download: Final Fantasy I - Finally! News

Also, Pub Darts and vertical scrolling shooters.

06 May 2010

Nintendo Hardware, Net Sales Drop News

Slow year for Wii and DS company as hardware slump hits earnings.

06 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Nintendo Wii Awarded Most Valuable Gaming Brand News

Nintendo DS comes second.

30 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: Sony Platforms Edge Victory News

RPGs help bolster PS3 and PSP sales.

30 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: NieR Leads RPG Charge News

PS3 version kicks 360 edition to the ground.

30 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Monster Hunter Splits The Top 10 News

Splinter Cell and Just Dance continue to hold on to the top.

26 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 Maintains Lead News

PSP holds the top for handhelds

23 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Travis Touches Down News

Sales don't exactly light up this week, though.

23 Apr 2010

BBC TV Study Suggests Brain Training Games Don't Work News

BBC make program to prove something that was never claimed.

22 Apr 2010

Nintendo Download: Earthworm Jim! News

And a bunch of other stuff, too.

22 Apr 2010

Nintendo: Piracy Killing European DS Sales News

Software sales slump 45 per cent in 2009.

20 Apr 2010

Kamiya: I Want To Be Forced To Make Star Fox At Gun Point News

Bayonetta creator is a bit of a fan.

19 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Splinter Cell Stealthily Claims Victory News

Just Dance claims #2 spot.

19 Apr 2010

NPD Sales: God of War III, Nintendo DS Dominate March News

PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII fares better.

16 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 and Wii Gap Gets Tighter News

Week on week sales drop outs Sony level with Nintendo.

16 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leads a Stale Week News

No new games in this chart this week, either.

16 Apr 2010

Wii Fit Turns Woman Into Sex Addict News

Even the slightest of vibrations gets her going.

15 Apr 2010

Nintendo's Court Case Saves $21 Million Controller Costs News

Microsoft apparently loses out.

14 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Just Dance Leads Boring Week News

No new games chart this week, at all.

12 Apr 2010

Pokémon Black And White Announced For Autumn Release News

Reboot going back to basic colours.

09 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS2 Is The Only Winner News

Every other platform sees drop in hardware sales.

09 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Seafaring Dungeon Crawler Ahoy! News

Plus: PS2 hits a home run!

09 Apr 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Dated For Japan News

Plus some new screenshots. Colourful!

08 Apr 2010

Rumour: Leaked Nintendo 3DS Photos? News

A Japanese blog apparently has the goods.

07 Apr 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Just Dance Not Just Cause News

Wii party title hops back into first place.

06 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Fist of the North Charts News

God of War III debuts well.

01 Apr 2010

Original Super Mario Kart Coming To Wii Virtual Console News

SNES mascot racer arriving on Good Friday.

29 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Chaos Reigns News

Just Cause 2 destroys competition this week.

29 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 Torne A New One News

Digital video recorder and Yakuza 4 pumps up sales.

26 Mar 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Kazuma Beats Down Kratos News

Yakuza 4 HEATs up the Top 10.

26 Mar 2010

Miyamoto: Nintendo's 2009 Games Weren't Fun Enough News

Aims to change that by continuing to creating unique products.

25 Mar 2010

Nintendo's New 3DS to Replace DS and DSi News

Coming into battle in 2011

23 Mar 2010

Nintendo Announces New DS with 3D News

Pre-E3 shocks industry watchers

23 Mar 2010

Miyamoto: Games Are Not Art Nibble

22 Mar 2010

Nintendo Consoles In Japanese Schools By April News

DS to provide learning aids and teaching tools.

22 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: Pokemon Fails To Ignite DS Sales News

PSP gets ahead despite hosting the lower profile game.

12 Mar 2010

U.S. Software Chart - BioShock 2 Leads Disappointing Month News

Total sales down 15 per cent.

12 Mar 2010

Japan Software Charts: Gotta Range 'Em All News

Pokemon Ranger takes top spot.

12 Mar 2010

Nintendo Bags Doctor Who License News

Doctor set for Wii and DS

12 Mar 2010

Xbox 360 Tops U.S. Console Chart News

But Nintendo calls foul on Microsoft's NPD win.

12 Mar 2010

Nintendo Hits Out at Microsoft, HD and Apple News

Reggie Fils-Aime gets out the claws

10 Mar 2010

UK Games Charts 2010 Week 9 - Bad Companies 4 Lyfe News

DICE's sequel outsells original Bad Company almost 3:1

08 Mar 2010

Nintendo Shop Update: Mega Men And Rocketmen News

Interactive storybooks and 80s arcade classics added to DSi and Wii.

05 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii Breaks Ahead News

PSP Go still slumping - on its last legs soon?

05 Mar 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Robot Jubblies News

Heavy Rain gets knocked down to the 30s.

05 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 And Wii In Close Quarters News

Sony's console outsells Wii by a squeeze.

26 Feb 2010

Japan Software Charts: Heavy Rain Pours In News

Resident Evil 5 takes top spot.

26 Feb 2010

Nintendo Dates Metroid Other M, Monster Hunter Tri & Super Mario Galaxy 2 News

All the Ninty media summit news here.

25 Feb 2010

Nintendo Nixes Wii 2 News

Cammie Dunaway does her thing

25 Feb 2010

New Mario, Metroid Coming Mid 2010 News

Big Wii titles arriving sooner than expected.

24 Feb 2010

WiiWare Demos Dead: Nintendo Looking at Resurrection? News

Popular trial service could return depending on performance.

11 Feb 2010

Aussie Game Pirate: No Malice Just Peer Pressure News

50,000 illegal downloads of New Super Mario Bros. Wii

10 Feb 2010

Aussie Owes Nintendo a Million Bucks for Pirating One Game News

New Super Mario Bros Wii... not so wee.

09 Feb 2010

UK Charts: EA And Ubisoft Dance Off News

Mass Effect 2 pips Just Dance to #1.

08 Feb 2010

Japanese Hardware: DS Sales Unaffected By Dragon Quest News

PSP is the one that comes out on top.

05 Feb 2010

Japan Software Charts: Dragon Quest Slays Competition News

Sega performs well with End of Eternity and Valkyria Chronicles.

05 Feb 2010

Nintendo Aims Zelda Wii at E3 News

Vitality Sensor game to debut at E3 2010.

02 Feb 2010

Nintendo's Iwata Scoffs at iPad News

Sony's thinks it going to be a gateway machine though

01 Feb 2010

UK Video Game Charts - Mass Effect 2 Stop the Dance News

MAG makes it way in as well.

01 Feb 2010

Pokémon Getting Reboot With "Entirely New" Series News

New gameplay functions, new features, new Pokémon.

29 Jan 2010

Nintendo President Shrugs Off iPad, 3D Gaming News

Suggests people will look silly wearing 3D glasses.

29 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Sucks The Least News

Week-on-week sales slump continues. Lame.

29 Jan 2010

Japan Software Charts: PSP Fights Back News

Valkyria Chronicles 2 leads the handheld charge.

29 Jan 2010

Nintendo Download: Eco Shooters, Musical Fish & Street Fighters News

One WiiWare, one Virtual Console and three DSiWare games for you today.

29 Jan 2010

Nintendo: 125 Million DS, 65 Million Wiis Sold Worldwide News

NSMBWii, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort also top 10m sales mark.

28 Jan 2010

Nintendo DS Causes US Profit Squeeze News

Wii price cut doesn't help

28 Jan 2010

UPDATE: Nintendo Nixed Natal News

3DV System demoed technology to Iwata back in 2007.

27 Jan 2010

UK Video Game Charts - Dancing on Modern Warfare 2 News

Nothing changes - save the death of Bayonetta and Darksiders

25 Jan 2010

Japanese Hardware: Sales Drop Across The Board News

Wii and PSP manage to suffer less than other platforms.

22 Jan 2010

Japanese Software: Kingdom Hearts Maintains Top Position News

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles debuts at #3.

22 Jan 2010

Pachter: Wii HD, Motion-Sensing DS This Year News

Analyst flies in the face of Nintendo statements

21 Jan 2010

Metroid Prime Trilogy Still Available in the UK News

Official word on the matter

20 Jan 2010

DSi Gets Pink, Black Wii Gets Less Limited News

2010 Nintendo platforms' software line-up detailed

19 Jan 2010

FIGHT! Japanese Newspaper Denies Iwata DS Misquote News

Asahi Shimbun responds to Nintendo of America's claims.

15 Jan 2010

Japanese Hardware: PSP At Top And Bottom Of Charts News

Kingdom Hearts props UMD version, PSP Go bringing up the rear.

15 Jan 2010

Japan Software: Gamers (Kingdom) Hearts PSP News

Birth By Sleep 'heartlessly' nabs top chart spot.

15 Jan 2010

Nintendo DSiXL £10 More Expensive than DSi? News

At least according to Amazon

14 Jan 2010

DSiLL Unboxing Pix Nibble

14 Jan 2010

Nintendo DSi XL To Hit Europe In March News

Comes pre-loaded with two DSiWare games.

14 Jan 2010

Metroid Prime Trilogy Death Hasn't Hit Metroid: Other M News

Still coming this year.

13 Jan 2010

It's Official: Wii To Get Netflix This Spring News

Wii owners will need a special disc like the PS3 service, though.

13 Jan 2010

Nintendo Denies Iwata DS 'Quote' News

Looks like old-skool media look to hits as well

12 Jan 2010

Nintendo: Wii More Efficient than PS3 and Xbox 360 News

Kyoto company fires back at Greenpeace's 'eco unfriendly' report.

12 Jan 2010

Metroid Prime Trilogy 'Discontinued' News

Awaiting comment from the UK

11 Jan 2010

Netflix for Nintendo Speculated News

Excellent chance says CEO

11 Jan 2010

2010: Week 1 UK Game Charts: Bayonetta vs Darksiders News

But Modern Warfare 2 stays top

11 Jan 2010

Greenpeace Harpoons Nintendo - Again News

Sits at the bottom of the Greenpeace chart.

08 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Sony Console Gains, Wii Still Leads News

All Nintendo platforms see sales drop, but is still #1 in console chart.

08 Jan 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Nintendo Shuffles Deck News

Phantasy Star Portable 2 re-emerges in Wii and DS dominated chart.

08 Jan 2010

Wii Sold Most - Xbox 360 Made Most - PS3 Starred in 2009 News

This is how to create a politically correct press release

06 Jan 2010

Nintendo: Wii Has Recovered News

We didn't know it was ill. US sales up on last year.

06 Jan 2010

Next Nintendo Handheld to Feature Motion Sensor News

We won't see it until the DS stops printing money, though.

06 Jan 2010

Nintendo Europe: 20 Million is a Lot Of Wii News

40 million is a lot of DS but not quite so amusing

05 Jan 2010

Capcom: Less Wii After Darkside Chronicles Sells Only 16k News

French Director General says the audience for hardcore games has left the building.

05 Jan 2010

SEGA: Wii is "On Its Tail Slide" News

$80 console could improve profit margins.

04 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Domination News

Wii smashes PS3 into oblivion this week - yes, Nintendomination

04 Jan 2010

Japan Software Charts: Final Fantasy Drops To #4 News

New Super Mario Bros. Wii reclaims top spot.

04 Jan 2010

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Hard to Beat Last Year News

But things are going well

24 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: All Platforms Sales Rise, Except PSP Go News

Wii still selling strong in home console charts.

21 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Modern Warfare 2 In Top 5 News

New Super Mario Bros. still official #1.

21 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 Nabs Christmas #1 News

FIFA 10 comes mighty close though.

21 Dec 2009

Sony Sells Over 4 Million PS3s In Japan News

Still a long way to catch Nintendo's 9 million Wii's though.

17 Dec 2009

Mario Multiplayer: Two Decades in the Making News

Attempts were made on Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World.

16 Dec 2009

No Innovation for Core Nintendo Titles? News

Some choice words from Shigeru Miyamoto

15 Dec 2009

Zii Whizz! Nintendo Tradmarks Next Wii? News

To be used for computer games and electronic devices.

15 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: Wii Sells Over 100,000 News

PSP topples DSi LL in Handheld sales too.

14 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Mario Smashes All Newcomers News

PSP and Wii titles have good showing.

14 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort Chasing Modern Warfare 2 News

Just Dance gets 274% boost in sales.

14 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Nintendo Confident About Xmas News

Reggie speaks freely

11 Dec 2009

PS3 Scoops Metacritic's Platform of the Year 2009 News

Uncharted 2 beats Modern Warfare apparently

11 Dec 2009

NPD November: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly News

Still, nearly everybody is pleased

11 Dec 2009

DS Trumps PS2 as Best Selling UK Console Ever News

Passes the 10 million mark

10 Dec 2009

Nintendo To Appeal French Approval Of Flash Cards News

Continental judge says Nintendo is deliberately locking out developers.

09 Dec 2009

Miyamoto: Why I Won't Make Movies News

Listen to him on posh radio

09 Dec 2009

Japan Sees 900,000 First Week Sales For New Mario News

December set for clash of video gaming titans.

07 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: Wii Edges Out PS3 News

It's a Nintendo week in the hardware charts, but for how long?

07 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Arkham Asylum's 122% Boost News

Basically, not very much happened at all - Call of Duty still Number 1

07 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Professor Layton Fails Rest Of Class News

Latest puzzle-adventure game only big-seller this week.

04 Dec 2009

Wii Becomes Fastest Selling Console In UK News

Over six million units sold in less than three years.

03 Dec 2009

Nintendo Slows Wii Production News

Production drop-off hurting revenue of two key component manufacturers.

02 Dec 2009

Black Friday Boasts from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo News

Prepare yourself for standard number spunking

01 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 2's Sales Slip News

Wii games shuffle about the rest of the Top 10.

30 Nov 2009

Nintendo Investigates Nokia's Potential Copyright Infringement News

N900 mobile phone can emulate NES and SNES games.

27 Nov 2009

Nintendo Download: Dungeon-Flipping and Rabbid Poking News

Solitaire and Copter Crisis round up this week's 'Ware offerings.

27 Nov 2009

Japan: DSi LL Doubles PSP Go Life Sales in a Week News

One handheld to rule them all

27 Nov 2009

DSi XL Conquers Japan's Weekend News

New revision sells over 100,000 in first two days.

24 Nov 2009

PS3 Plaintiff Targets Microsoft, Nintendo News

Guess who’s back, back again?

23 Nov 2009

Pachter: Reggie has No Wii HD Personal Knowledge News

Also Xbox Live Platinum

18 Nov 2009

Miyamoto: Wii Music 'Plus' Possible News

Sales of 2008 music game lower than expected.

17 Nov 2009

Two Year Old Decisions Hurting Wii Gamers News

Also, HD definitely not the way

17 Nov 2009

Nintendo WiiWare Demo Service Hits Today News

Three titles ready and waiting for your thorough testing.

16 Nov 2009

Japan Software Charts: Consumers Hold Out News

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 sits pretty at the top of the charts.

16 Nov 2009

UK Game Charts: Modern Warfare Slaughters Innocent Competition News

Bundles of joy for Pure and Lego Batman

16 Nov 2009

Japan Hardware: Portable Sales Down, PS3 Still Top News

Pro Evo 2010 leads Sony's console to ultimate victory.

16 Nov 2009

Wii Gets BBC iPlayer as Channel News

We're all going telly mad

13 Nov 2009

Cultural Phenomena Fight! Modern Warfare 2 vs Halo vs Super Smash Bros Brawl News

More marketing nonsense than you can shake a stick at.

12 Nov 2009

Zelda Spirit Tracks Gameplay Trailer News

Watch and enjoy

09 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Fitness Before Christmas News

Football Manager 2010 gets knocked down to 4th place.

09 Nov 2009

ESRB Rates Five New Nintendo Games News

Rabbids Go Home tie-in as well as Sudoku and face-stealing.

09 Nov 2009

Nintendo on Wii HD: Only Pachter Believes It News

There isn't one.

06 Nov 2009

Iwata: Third Party Titles Faster to a Million on Wii than DS News

Third parties doing well then.

04 Nov 2009

Satoru Iwata: Wii and PS3 are Neck and Neck News

The climate is cold in terms of demand

02 Nov 2009

UK Games Charts - Football Manager Manages the Win News

Week 44 and the charts go serious

02 Nov 2009

Japan Roundup: Virtual PSP 7-Eleven Festa Console Go! News

Or; Jump Festa, PSP Go, Virtual Console and 7-Eleven news.

30 Oct 2009

Nintendo's First-Party Release List Vague on Mario Galaxy 2 News

More Pokémon coming...

30 Oct 2009

Japan Software Charts: Pokemon's Still The Very Best News

Impressive performances by Western games in Forza 3 and FIFA 10 too

30 Oct 2009

Japan Hardware Sales Drop, PS3 Still Top News

Xbox 360 and DS Lite only consoles to see gains.

30 Oct 2009

Leak says: Blu-ray and 1080p for Wii 2 News

So the rumours go.

29 Oct 2009

Nintendo's New DS is XL for Europe News

Rather than DS Ill...

29 Oct 2009

Nintendo's Depressed Financials Bring Realism News

Blames Yen and price cutting

29 Oct 2009

Myamoto: Hints at More Star Fox News

Games with little love can still re-appear.

28 Oct 2009

UK Charts: PES 2010 beats Forza Week 43 2009 News

Lots of lovely entries

26 Oct 2009

Miyamato Talks New Wii News

Resident genius has never been demonised

21 Oct 2009

Limited Edition Black Wii for UK & Europe News

Just in time for Christmas

20 Oct 2009

Nintendo May Post First Profit Warning in Six Years News

Falling sales, stronger Yen and price cut all key to downturn.

20 Oct 2009

US Charts: Halo 3 ODST Teabags the Competition News

Wii Sports Resort can't touch it.

20 Oct 2009

The Charts: Uncharted 2 Gets Charted at Two News

Also; good news for heavy metallers this week.

19 Oct 2009

Microsoft: We'll Outsell PS3 for Entire Generation News

Aaron Greenberg expects Sony's console to do well in September.

16 Oct 2009

Miyamoto Time Travel: Nintendo to Move "in Step" with HD News

Nothing wrong with "pretty graphics"

16 Oct 2009

Nintendo: WiiWare Has No Negative Impact On Retail News

European boss suggests download services actually benefit.

15 Oct 2009

Nintendo Chooses nVidia For Next-Gen Handheld News

Tegra System-on-Chip processors to be used in future portable.

14 Oct 2009

Scribblenauts Developer Like a Boxer with One Hand Tied News

5th Cell 'done with handhelds'... at least, for this year.

12 Oct 2009

Nintendo: PSP Go has a Fundamental Concept Problem News

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime lands a blow on Sony's latest handheld.

12 Oct 2009

The Week In Japan: Wii Dissing, R4 Snitching News

Plus: MGS Peace Walker demo, leaked Nintendo retailer briefing.

09 Oct 2009

Media Create: PSP, Wii Sales Rocket Up News

PS3 still on top of hardware charts, DSi clings onto handheld top spot.

09 Oct 2009

LostWinds Melodias: 100th WiiWare Game News

LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias headlines Store Channel update.

08 Oct 2009

PS3 Picks Up Sales in Japan News

PS3 picks up.

07 Oct 2009

Ollie With Your Mii On Tony Hawk: Ride News

Wii version of skateboarding title also offers two unique levels.

07 Oct 2009

World's Best Companies: Nintendo Dominates All News

Wii and DS manufacturer Number 1 on BusinessWeek's Best Companies list

06 Oct 2009

Nintendo: 150 Million New People will Commit to Gaming News

Nintendo America still all about the fence-sitters.

06 Oct 2009

UK Game Charts: Biggest FIFA Ever News

Nearly as big as GTA. Xbox 360 beats PS3 in FIFA wars.

05 Oct 2009

Nintendo to Fix Firmware Broken UK Wiis for Free News

Swings then roundabouts.

02 Oct 2009

Japan Software Charts: Be My Tomodachi News

Mii-catching game takes over Pokemon-catching game.

02 Oct 2009

Japan Sees Console Sales Fall News

Everything suffers

02 Oct 2009

Wii Fit Plus, Zelda Spirit Tracks More Dated News

Lots of Ninty goodness

01 Oct 2009

DSi Download Games are Bound to Single DSi News

Send broken machines back to Nintendo

30 Sep 2009

New Pokemon Game Dated for Europe News

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky for November

29 Sep 2009

The UK Games Charts: Halo 3: ODST Smashes All Comers News

Professor Layton misses out

28 Sep 2009

PS3 Still in First Place in Japan News

General fall in sales though

25 Sep 2009

Use Nintendo DSi Camera in Assassin's Creed 2 News

Release date for you to read.

25 Sep 2009

New Super Mario Bros, Wii Fit Plus Dated News

Nintendo also confirms price cut

24 Sep 2009

Wii UK Price Returns to £179 News

Nintendo confirms price protection

24 Sep 2009

New UK Wii Bundle Will have Motion Plus News

Also Wii Sports Resort

23 Sep 2009

Video: Cops Playing Wii During Drug Bust News

Strike! Use perp's Wii to bowl.

23 Sep 2009

Wii Price Cut 'Confirmed' by Retailer Call News

So says one website.

21 Sep 2009

Square Enix: New Wii for 2011 News

Wada spills the beans

21 Sep 2009

Square Enix: Natal will become Standard News

Although motion controllers are limited.

21 Sep 2009

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: A Little Tough for DSi Only Developers News

Economics not hitting Ninty consumers either.

17 Sep 2009

Nintendo Downloads will Complement Retail News

As new and exciting developers head to DSiWare.

16 Sep 2009

UK Game Charts: Guitar Hero vs Beatles News

And Colin McRae motors in...

14 Sep 2009

U.S. Game Hardware, Software Sales Down News

Statistic confusion spreads across the Internet

11 Sep 2009

Aardman "12 Films Of Xmas" on Nintendo DSi News

Animator using nothing but Flipnote Studio.

10 Sep 2009

New Channel to Hit Wii Tomorrow News

Nintendo hits us with cunning press release irony.

08 Sep 2009

UK Game Charts: Batman vs COD News

New entries at last though

07 Sep 2009

Okamiden is Okami DS News


01 Sep 2009

Wii Internet Channel is Free - Refund in Game Form News

Get NES VC game for your pains

01 Sep 2009

Japan Quiet: Awaiting PS3 Slimpact News

PS2, well, everything outsells PS3

28 Aug 2009

Nintendo Settles Wii Import Ban Law Suit News

The Wii no longer in danger, phew!

24 Aug 2009

UK Games Charts: Wolfenstein Shoots Short News

Wii Sports Resort sits pretty

24 Aug 2009

Handhelds Battle for Developers Heats Up News

Royalty rates affected by size.

21 Aug 2009

Nintendo Now Leading in Toys AND Video Games News

Beating Mattel

21 Aug 2009

Pilot Wings, Mario and Donkey Kong for DSiWare and WiiWare News

Simple times, simple fun, simple facts.

18 Aug 2009

USA Games Sales Descent Continues News

Also, Pachter prediction comparison

14 Aug 2009

Games Don't Need Gamers: AI Playing Mario News

Computer plays Mario, might be better at it than you

13 Aug 2009

Happy Day: Original Metroid FREE on Virtual Console News

5,000 downloads must go

13 Aug 2009

Flipnote Studio Dated for European DSis News

Coming for free on Friday

11 Aug 2009

Nintendo's Struggles With Vitality News

Iwata says Nintendo struggling to address 'product concept'

10 Aug 2009

Iwata: Nintendo Could Have Been Better at E3 News

Failed to "convey the charm of our products"

10 Aug 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wii Sports Resort falls to Ashes News

Bad cricket results can't keep Codemasters down

10 Aug 2009

Nintendo DSi Facebook Photo Uploads Working in UK News

All working nicely thanks

04 Aug 2009

Iwata: No Blockbuster Titles Doesn't Mean Wii Price Cut News

Price cut not looking likely shocker!

04 Aug 2009

UK Games Charts: Nintendo Still on Sporty Holiday News

Platform holder takes top two positions

03 Aug 2009

Miyamoto: Digital Distribution Not the Future News

Nintendo's resident genius thinks that people still want the hard stuff

03 Aug 2009

Nintendo Sales Come Crashing Down News

Gaming is NOT recession proof

30 Jul 2009

Nintendo Not Sure Why Hardcore Wii Titles Don't Sell News

Plus: 'No price drop to announce' shocker!

28 Jul 2009

Exclusive - Prison Service: Tabloids Lied about Wiis in Jail News

UK tabloids dragging consoles into prison outrage.

27 Jul 2009

America! Video Games in the Sales Gutter News

Sales down across the board.

17 Jul 2009

Japan! Nintendo DS Doubles it Business News

What a difference a game makes

17 Jul 2009

New to Wii Final Fantasy Lands as Virtual Console hits 300 News

DSi gets some falling blocks

16 Jul 2009

Professor Layton Follow-Up Dated for Europe News

Who killed the other professor?

15 Jul 2009

Nintendo: We Will Have to Move on Before Natal Hits News

Vitality Sensor to be a sleeper hit

10 Jul 2009

Miyamoto's Wii Sports Resort Golf Fibs! News

Putting deceit and 18 holes together

08 Jul 2009

Wii Sports Resort: 10 Years in the Making? News

Miyamoto talks the 'Island Concept'

08 Jul 2009

No PS3s Sold in January says Game Figures News

However, PS3 install base is growing on a par with Xbox 360.

06 Jul 2009

Greenpeace Doesn't Hate Nintendo so Much! News

Hates Sony and Microsoft a bit more.

03 Jul 2009

Nintendo and Channel 5 Get Brain Show News

Test your Wii and DS skills

02 Jul 2009

Nintendo DS Sweeps UK Console Ownership News

Installed base closes on 24 million

02 Jul 2009

Hi-Def Hints: Paramount Movies to Stream on Nintendo Wii News

Japan gets streams...

25 Jun 2009

Big Media Gives E3 Best of Awards News

List of awards is declared 'definitive' by people who make the list

23 Jun 2009

WiiWare and DSiWare: Kawashima and SEGA Play Catch News

This week's downloadable Nintendo releases

19 Jun 2009

Wait for the Wii Conduit Announced News

Language issues again

18 Jun 2009

Shock! Nearly 3,000 Devs Name Miyamoto as Hero News

Industry Top 10 developers inside

15 Jun 2009

Pachter Calls Wii Price Cut News

Ignores Nintendo statements

15 Jun 2009

Miyamoto on Peach - the Fat Princess News

Back story left on the backburner

14 Jun 2009

USA Games Industry: Recession? Poof! News

Claims of recession beating are only portable

12 Jun 2009

Nintendo: Natal and PS3 Wand are Technology not Fun News

Natal and Sony wand: dismissed!

08 Jun 2009

First Artwork for Next Zelda Wii - Right Here News

Who's the metal chick?

05 Jun 2009

E3 '09: First Super Mario Galaxy Screens News

Get 'em while they're hot

03 Jun 2009

Nintendo's Miyamoto: Think of Zelda when Playing Wii Sports News

Quick rundown to the full interview

03 Jun 2009

E3 '09: New Metroid from Nintendo and Team Ninja News

Team Ninja joins Nintendo to make an "edgy" Metroid Game

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Square Enix unveils Nintendo line-up News

Wii and DS to get new Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Wii Fit Plus Confirmed News

Coming in Autumn

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Super Mario Galaxy 2! News

Could there BE any more Mario?

02 Jun 2009

SPOnG's Live E3 Briefing Feed News

Regular readers... beware... we're there!

02 Jun 2009

Wii Fit Plus for Autumn Release News

So says a new agency

01 Jun 2009

Japanese Hardware - Bit of History - Down News

Recession? Nothing to do with it.

22 May 2009

Nintendo's Iwata: Price Cuts Only Short Term Fix News

Advice for Sony maybe?

22 May 2009

US Game Sales Decline 17% News

PS2 Outsells PS3

15 May 2009

Calzaghe's Mental Punchout Claim News

Just like being in the ring

14 May 2009

Pachter Watch: Motion Plus 'Sneaky' like Wii Fit News

Hilarious analyst fun

13 May 2009

Nintendo DSiWare Explores the Deep Psyche News

This week's DSi DLC

08 May 2009

Wii Downloadable Anti-Ageism News

Rainbow Island and Fantasy Zone up for grabs

08 May 2009

Gasp! Nintendo Makes Money Nibble

07 May 2009

Japan: Sony Platforms Top Nintendo News

Plus: why Japanese gamers don't want a 360

01 May 2009

Nintendo's Iwata: Wii Out of the Closet News

Centre of 87% of Japanese households

30 Apr 2009

E3: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo: Excited News

Game on...

29 Apr 2009

Time Idiot Poll: Miyamoto's Losing Influence News

Poll of cool people shows how random human life is

28 Apr 2009

UK Games Industry Loses the Plot News

Major figures - and minor ones - in boyband video

28 Apr 2009

UK Games Charts: Wii Fitter than Riddick News

Nintendo heading for Charts record?

27 Apr 2009

WiiWare: Square Enix's Crystalline Defence News

This Friday's WiiWare releases

24 Apr 2009

DSiWare Gets Real with Football News

Kick whatever you can photograph

24 Apr 2009

MCV Awards: The Winners Nibble

24 Apr 2009

Japan: Wii no Ma on May 1st Nibble

23 Apr 2009

PS2 Still Leads UK Console Install Base News

Useful figures!

22 Apr 2009

Gas Your Kid the Game Boy Way! News


22 Apr 2009

Japan: PSP Scrapes Past DSi Nibble

17 Apr 2009

Virtual Console: Rambo Gets Lost News

This week's downloadable Wii games

17 Apr 2009

DSiWare: Mixed Messages News

This week's DSi release

17 Apr 2009

Retailer Rejects PS2 Price Cut, Fingers Wii News

PS2 cut too late

16 Apr 2009

"Key" Unannounced Nintendo Property this Year News

Details not forthcoming...

16 Apr 2009

Masses of Pokemon Platinum Details! News

A brave new world

16 Apr 2009

Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus Dates Confirmed News

MotionPlus gets a head start

14 Apr 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wii Fit sets a Record News

The Godfather II shoots its way in

14 Apr 2009

Nintendo Confirms 600K DSi Sales in the West News

Tops previous DS launches

09 Apr 2009

Iwata: Wii Suffers in Japan But No Price Cut News

But don't expect a price cut

09 Apr 2009

Confirmed: Wii Sports Resort Coming July News

But will MotionPlus do the same?

09 Apr 2009

PlayStation 3 Use Down - Xbox 360 Up News

Then again, the Game Cube usage is also up.

08 Apr 2009

Nintendo Comments on DSi Sales Figures News

Initial performance pleasing...

07 Apr 2009

DSi Shifts 92,000 in First Weekend News

Handheld fourth biggest hardware launch

07 Apr 2009

UPDATED: Wii Production Cost Slashed News

Price cut to follow?

07 Apr 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wii as Fit as Pokemon News

Resident Evil 5 drops

06 Apr 2009

Nintendo MD has Losing Rack News

Yarnton falls short of big win

06 Apr 2009

Pokemon Platinum Gets its GAME On News

Catch 'em on tour

06 Apr 2009

Japan: PlayStation 3 Beats Wii in March News

Xbox 360 trails at the back

06 Apr 2009

Japan: PS3 Beats Wii - Murders Xbox 360 News

Life-to-date figures in as well.

03 Apr 2009

Your FIRST Nintendo DSiWare Friday! News

WarioWare, Art Style and more...

03 Apr 2009

Nintendo 'Scoffs' at OnLive News

Platform holder unconcerned by cloud-based gaming

31 Mar 2009

UPDATED: GDC - New DS Zelda Game Announced! News

DS set for train action

25 Mar 2009

GDC: Wii Storage Solution Launched News

Storage solution launched

25 Mar 2009

GDC: 50 Million Wiis Shipped News

Iwata does the numbers

25 Mar 2009

Nintendo Elusive on DSi Virtual Console News

More to come from GDC?

25 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: GTA: Chinatown Wars Not Number 1 News

Resident Evil 5 holds the top

23 Mar 2009

There Will be No Pokemon MMO News

Franchise staying handheld

23 Mar 2009

Journo Who Gave Gun to Tots - Questions DS News

Likes the DSi though.

20 Mar 2009

NPD: Wii Leads February Growth in US News

Year on year revenue up

20 Mar 2009

Punch Out!! Wii Dated News

Super Punch Out! on Virtual Console REALLY soon

19 Mar 2009

Massive Nintendo Schedule: Punched Out News

Plus: loads and loads more...

16 Mar 2009

50 Million Wii Chips Shipped News

And they still keep coming

16 Mar 2009

Japan: Media Create Confirms PlayStation Dominance News

Weekly sales belt the competition

13 Mar 2009

DK Jungle Beat and Pikmin 2 Get Play Control! News

More games for New Play Control line

12 Mar 2009

"Early Death" and Video Games: Cock-up or Conspiracy? News

Look who's funding Change4Life...

12 Mar 2009

DS Price Safe as Wii Trade Price Jumps News

Future price at retail unclear

12 Mar 2009

US: Wii Beats PS3 in Online Gaming News

Xbox 360 heads the pack

11 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: An Empire Turns Into a Killzone News

Sony shooter laid low

09 Mar 2009

Wii Virtual Console: Wonder Boy in Clu Clu Land News

Bubbly jumping fun

06 Mar 2009

PlayStation 3 Beats Wii in Japan News

The weekly Media Create figures

06 Mar 2009

Big in Japan: Yakuza 3 News

This week's Media Create figures

05 Mar 2009

Nintendo: DS has 'Unlimited Potential' News

So, it can compete with iPods?

03 Mar 2009

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Nintendo Growth Dramatic News

Take our growth away, the industry suffers

02 Mar 2009

Acer to Introduce Wii Clone News

See bandwagon. Jump.

02 Mar 2009

Iwata: DSi Not Competing With iPod News

Except for when it is...

02 Mar 2009

Nintendo, Capcom, Others Win Japan Pirate Ban News

It's a legal revolution.

27 Feb 2009

Snowboarding and Beer on WiiWare News

It's Friday, innit

27 Feb 2009

Nintendo: "About 120" New Games on Way News

List included.

26 Feb 2009

Xbox Beats Wii in Japan News

Yes, it really was a Star Ocean

26 Feb 2009

New Wii Controller: Classic! Nibble

26 Feb 2009

Nintendo Blames Mod Chips - Names Countries News

Beware thieves!

25 Feb 2009

Nintendo, Sony Sued for Wireless Patent Breach News

WipEout Pulse also named

24 Feb 2009

Nintendo UK: A DSi for Every Household News

It's conceivable says enthusiastic top man.

19 Feb 2009

Nintendo DSi Dated for Europe News

Yes, it is coming after all.

19 Feb 2009

Nintendo DSi Dated for USA: Europe Soon? News

New(ish) Ninty handheld due?

18 Feb 2009

Analyst: Wii is Sustainable Nibble

18 Feb 2009

New Nintendo Company: Smash Bros Man to Lead News

Nintendo & Sakurai: New Sky Thinking

18 Feb 2009

Top Japanese Games of 2008 News

Nintendo rules the roost.

17 Feb 2009

Microsoft: Sony is a Barometer of Success News

But we all respect each other.

16 Feb 2009

Nintendo: When You're Right - You're Right News

The figures don't speak for themselves... Cammie Dunaway does.

13 Feb 2009

USA: Xbox 360 Second to Wii in Jan News

Shock horror outrage fury

13 Feb 2009

Pokémon Platinum for Europe News

2.4 million Japanese seller bolsters European list.

12 Feb 2009

Wii Friday Updates: Sonic Chaos! News

It's Virtual Console time...

06 Feb 2009

Sharp Denies Unlawful Nintendo DS Screen Practice News

Sharp complains to Japan Fair Trade Commission

02 Feb 2009

Nintendo's Best-Selling Wii Titles News

Plus: DSi still coming in Spring

30 Jan 2009

Nintendo Currency Hits but Confidence is High News

The strange world of finance...

29 Jan 2009

Nintendo's Iwata to Keynote GDC News

Don't hold your breath for Mario or Zelda

28 Jan 2009

New DSiWare Edges into PDA Territory News

New DSiWare revealed

27 Jan 2009

EA Skates Back Into The UK Game Charts News

But guess what's still at Number 1...

27 Jan 2009

Research: Dr Kawashima Hurts Memory News

Doing nothing better for brain than Brain Training?

26 Jan 2009

Mario Teed Off on Wii Virtual Console News

Wonder Boy fights monsters!

23 Jan 2009

Mario & Sonic Hitting Winter Olympics? News

Rumour says Olympic sequel in the works

22 Jan 2009

Andy Murray Gets Nintendo DS: Is Happy News


21 Jan 2009

Wii Tracks to Outsell PlayStation 2 News

Have Nintendo and Sony swapped places?

20 Jan 2009

Nintendo Confirms Wii Mario Power Tennis Date News

Coming after Pikmin

20 Jan 2009

UK Game Charts: Wii Fit to Bust News

Shaking off the Xmas fat.

19 Jan 2009

US: Nintendo Ruled 2008 News

Xbox 360 outsold PS3 two to one in December

16 Jan 2009

Europe: Nintendo Wii Tops 14 Million News

DS and Wii both break records

15 Jan 2009

Nintendo DS: Card Based Motion Sensing News

Accessory free on the road gamerising?

14 Jan 2009

Rumour: New Nintendo Handheld Dated for USA News

So says the Internet

14 Jan 2009

Microsoft: Three-Horse Race - Two Winners News

Greenberg says it's a two-horse race

12 Jan 2009

Google Earth Surfing With Wii Board News

Balance Board used to cruise virtual skies

09 Jan 2009

Japan Xmas: PS2 & Xbox 360 Draw News

But it's a handheld Xmas.

08 Jan 2009

Nintendo vs PS3 vs Xbox 360: UK 2008 Sales News

The UK numbers by platform

07 Jan 2009

Japan: Video Game Market Declines News

Lack of console launches blamed

06 Jan 2009

Samurai Toaster Stabs WiiWare News

Sidescrolling toaster shooter coming

06 Jan 2009

Soccer Star Gives Up Wii News

Some addictions can be kicked.

05 Jan 2009

Nintendo UK: No Plans for Wii TV News

Plans for Wii video channel still vague

05 Jan 2009

Now PC Gamers Get Wii Control News

That darned Wii gets everywhere.

05 Jan 2009

PlayStation 2 Most Played in 2008 News

Xbox not Xbox 360 tops PS3

02 Jan 2009

PS3 Beats Wii on Internet Use News

Gaming versus Internet use... Wii doesn't win.

02 Jan 2009

Wii no Ma Terrorises TV Execs News

New video service could dent TV figures

02 Jan 2009

Nintendo Owns Japan News

Sony not quite as dead as might be believed

29 Dec 2008

TV Channel for Wii Coming News

Free to begin with then premium content

29 Dec 2008

Doctor Refutes The Sun's Wii Claims News

Figures are incorrect

23 Dec 2008

Latest: Wii MadWorld Trailer News

So Christmassy it makes you wish for death.

17 Dec 2008

Nintendo Settles Nunchuk Lawsuit News

Control imitator to stay on sale

17 Dec 2008

Miyamoto: You'll Wait for Zelda News

Plus: buck passed for Wii Music tracks

17 Dec 2008

UK Game Charts: One Week to Go News

Before the 'coveted' Xmas Number 1!

16 Dec 2008

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Dated News

Just scraping into winter

15 Dec 2008

No GTA Chinatown Wars in Spring? News

Nintendo's Spring line-up

15 Dec 2008

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Gloat News

Nintendo sets a sales record

12 Dec 2008

Nintendo Rules America - Xbox Mauls PS3 News

Wii destroys the competition

12 Dec 2008

Microsoft: More on Wii Competing News

And Home sucks.

11 Dec 2008

Final Fantasy Brings Wii/DS Cross Play News

New Crystal Chronicles coming in Spring

10 Dec 2008

Dragon Quest X for Wii News

As Dragon Quest get release date

10 Dec 2008

EA Suffering This Christmas News

Wii partly to blame?

10 Dec 2008

Actor says Wii Game Like a Movie News

Billy Bob Thornton plays creature

09 Dec 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Duty Calls News

Nintendo shows well

09 Dec 2008

Wii's Stellar Thanksgiving Week News

Wal Mart boasts plentiful stock

08 Dec 2008

WiiWare Friday Round-Up News

More 'Art Style' leads the way

05 Dec 2008

November Brought Record Xbox 360 Sales News

Very good, but where are the numbers?

04 Dec 2008

Microsoft: We are Competing with Nintendo News

But apparently only in Japan

04 Dec 2008

Miyamoto: Wii Music not Global Yet News

Plus: what's next for control schemes?

02 Dec 2008

UK Game Charts: Xmas Number 1 Already? News

Where's Rock Band 2?

02 Dec 2008

Nintendo's Profit Per Wii Stated News

Analyst analyses...

01 Dec 2008

Space Invaders Attack Wii's Virtual Console News

Plus: Metal Slug 2, Forgotten Worlds

28 Nov 2008

Professor Layton Film Landing 2010 News

No European launch confirmation yet

27 Nov 2008

Wii Speak Channel Gets Second Hand Potential News

Yes you can have a new number.

25 Nov 2008

Peter Moore: Wii Sports Hurts EA Sports Sales News

'Authentic' sports title sales on Wii will never rival Wii and 360

25 Nov 2008

The UK Games Charts: Call of Duty Takes on All Comers News

Tomb Raider and Need for Speed fail to take the top

25 Nov 2008

WiiWare: Cubello Heads Up Your Friday Quartet News

First Art Style game hits Wii

21 Nov 2008

Nintendo: Third-Party Publishers Don't Get Wii News

It's so misunderstood...

18 Nov 2008

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: We Will Fall Short with Wii Fit News

Nintendo of America president drops a hint...

18 Nov 2008

The UK Video Game Charts: Call of Duty in a World of Warcraft News

What happened to LittleBigPlanet?

18 Nov 2008

Nintendo: 2009 and Something for the Hardcore? News

There will be blood

17 Nov 2008

Hendrix Offed for Guitar Hero World Tour Wii DLC News

Fussy licensing gets in the way

17 Nov 2008

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: More Game Changers News

Boxed games still with us as user-created content changes games

14 Nov 2008

PlayStation 2 Gets Most Game Time - Wii Gets Used News

Have that you graphics garglers!

14 Nov 2008

Movies, Email and Phone for the Nintendo DSi and DS? News

And about a gazillion other DS names get trademarked.

13 Nov 2008

Shaun White Snowboarding - Yorkshire Band Roolz Yank Hippy News

Apparently no pigs will be shooting at brothers either!

13 Nov 2008

Nintendo: Miyamoto's Development Secret Revealed News

Ever wanted to know how all those Nintendo classics were made?

07 Nov 2008

Nintendo DSi Sells Out in Japan News

What was that about people hating it?

05 Nov 2008

Mainstream Media: PSP and DS Should Fear iPhone this Xmas News

Interesting take on gaming

04 Nov 2008

Nintendo DSi Before Autumn 09 in Europe News

Iwata sort of confirms it.

31 Oct 2008

PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 Outsell PS3 in Japan News

DS outsold by PSP

31 Oct 2008

Nintendo's Iwata: A DS for Every Individual News

Credit crisis? What credit crisis?

31 Oct 2008

Nintendo DS Out-Ships Game Boy Advance News

Wii way past the GameCube

30 Oct 2008

Nintendo UK - the Official Line on Xmas Wii Supply News

We'll do our best!

29 Oct 2008

Has Wii Music Gone to Miyamoto's Head? News

Time to calm down some eh, Shiggy?

27 Oct 2008

Nintendo's Miyamoto on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. News

It'll come when it comes

24 Oct 2008

Wii Update Kills Homebrew News

Brand protection foxes hobbyists

24 Oct 2008

Nintendo: the Wii, the UK B-List and Family Fun News

Ready for Xmas? Nintendo...

20 Oct 2008

US Video Games Sales Suffer the "Halo 3 Effect" News

Last September aside, still a solid performance

17 Oct 2008

New Harvest Moon Hitting European DSes in December News

Farming sim out in time for Christmas!

16 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: Batman Kicks off Against FIFA 09 News

Has the Dark Knight swung in at the top?

14 Oct 2008

Hirai: PlayStation 3 Still Full-Price for Xmas News

PS3 already "very good value proposition"

13 Oct 2008

Animal Crossing Wii Screen Deluge News

Plus: more fun lifestyle pics

08 Oct 2008

Wii Speak Pricing Revealed News

Free service confirmed

07 Oct 2008

Nintendo: Downloads Won't Replace Retail News

Plus: what Reggie Fils-Aime thinks to Microsoft's price cuts

07 Oct 2008

Wii Speak, Animal Crossing Wii Dated for Europe News

Ground breaking speakerphone just in time for Chrimbo...

07 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: FIFA 09 Kicks Off News

FIFA-Fo-Fum! EA Giant climbs chart beanstalk

07 Oct 2008

Nintendo: DS Lite's Future Uncertain News

DS Lite still has "untapped potential"

06 Oct 2008

Will Nintendo Meet Wii Demand? "Anybody's Guess" News

Wii outdoing PS2 at same point in lifespan

06 Oct 2008

No DSi in US 'til "Well into 2009" News

Plus: Club Nintendo heading to US

03 Oct 2008

Japan: Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in September News

Nintendo still leads the pack

03 Oct 2008

Nintendo UK: Still No Wii Price Cut in Works News

'But retail can cut the price for us...'

03 Oct 2008

Latest: Nintendo's New DSi in Pictures! News

Latest images for your eyes to love.

02 Oct 2008

Confirmed: New Nintendo DS - the DSi News

New hardware gets i-ed up

02 Oct 2008

Nintendo: 2011 HD Wii Rumours Grow News

UK developer confirms rumours

01 Oct 2008

Wii Dominates as UK Console Install Base Doubles News

ELSPA trumpets importance of games industry

01 Oct 2008

New Nintendo DS Announcement Before TGS? News

Analyst suggests Nintendo will announce new hardware ahead of TGS

01 Oct 2008

Rumour: Sony PS4 to Beat Xbox 720 to Market News

Specs leaked?

30 Sep 2008

More Weight Added to New DS Rumours News

Picture leaked?

30 Sep 2008

UK Video Game Top 10: Pure Joy Forces its Way In News

EA loses its footing

30 Sep 2008

UPDATED: Nintendo to Release iDS? News

New version of Nintendo with camera, music playback rumoured

29 Sep 2008

Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in Japan - Again News

But guess what's on top...

26 Sep 2008

Animal Crossing Wii Out for Christmas News

With flashy new name

25 Sep 2008

Grand Theft Auto Drugs Mini-Game Maxi-Pictures News

Plus: what does The Sun have to say?

25 Sep 2008

GTA Chinatown's Narcotic Mini-Games - Real or Press Fodder? News

Reactionary mainstream media, start your engines!

24 Sep 2008

Official UK Video Game Charts: Star Wars and the Apocalypse News

Activision scores a blinder

22 Sep 2008

Fresh GTA Chinatown Wars Details Emerge News

Full sandbox play and a 'Mature' rating

19 Sep 2008

Wii Music US Release Date Confirmed News

No word on UK

19 Sep 2008

Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console Gets Fresh Sonic Stages! News

New content added to Master System original

19 Sep 2008

New Nintendo DS Bundles Coming for Christmas News

But how will retailers price them?

18 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Hugo Chavez Beats Off Tiger Woods? News

It's all-out war at the top.

16 Sep 2008

Microsoft Offers Nintendo a Fight via Woolworths News

Let's see if the price cuts go beyond

12 Sep 2008

Shocking! USA Hardware Sales: Sony. Microsoft. Nintendo. Happy News

Perpetual motion achieved.

12 Sep 2008

WiiWare: Sharp-Shooting and Bomb Blasts News

This week's WiiWare releases

12 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Spore Aliens vs Tiger Woods vs Mercenaries News

Which EA title will it be?

09 Sep 2008

No Official Nintendo Wii WiFi Router for Europe News

You'll have to use the one you've already got.

08 Sep 2008

Analyst: Wii Sales Momentum is Unreasonable News

Nintendo downgraded

04 Sep 2008

Professor Layton gets Curious on Nintendo DS in Europe News

Adventure/puzzle title set for release on the old continent

04 Sep 2008

Confirmed: No UK Xbox 360 Price Cut News

US price drop won't be mirrored in Britain

04 Sep 2008

Shock! 'Active' Gaming Better for Kids than Sitting Down News

Games and fitness report doesn't focus on Wii!

02 Sep 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Tiger Woods Hits a Birdie News

Nintendo nudged from the top

02 Sep 2008

Ex-Nintendo VP Kaplan: Ban Sex for Lazy Parents News

Plus: ban sex for lazy parents!

01 Sep 2008

Nintendo Ups its Wii Sales Forecast News

Look, it prints money?

29 Aug 2008

Dual Touch Nintendo DS Coming? News

Guess what Nintendo calls it...

27 Aug 2008

The Charts: Brain Training Breaks a Record News

Mario Kart Wii Drifts in front of Wii Fit

27 Aug 2008

The Charts: Mario Races Wii Fit News

The Olympics help SEGA out

19 Aug 2008

The Wii Game and Mainstream Media Agenda News

And they won't take it any more

13 Aug 2008

The Charts: Healthy Fun Slaps Hardcore Fight Fest News

Another week, another Nintendo game atop the Charts

12 Aug 2008

Miyamoto's Downtime Doings Revealed News

Nintendo gags Miyamoto's pastime Talk

12 Aug 2008

The Charts: SoulCalibur IV Sticks the Summer Knife in News

Nintendo becomes a bit less Fit

05 Aug 2008

Nintendo: Everybody but not the Hardcore News

Financial report more bullish than a street in Pamplona

30 Jul 2008

The UK Video Game Charts are Belong to Nintendo News

Would all other platform holders please leave.

29 Jul 2008

Rock Band Rigopulos: We Dismissed Wii Mote Drums News

Plus:iTunes alike Rock Band service a maybe

28 Jul 2008

Miyamoto: We are Working on Pikmin and Zelda News

Sighs all round

24 Jul 2008

Nintendo Teams With Fujifilm for Wii Photo Service News

Does Nintendo care about trees?

24 Jul 2008

Now the Wii Wants Your Blood Pressure News

What next? A snogging machine

22 Jul 2008

The Charts: LEGO Indy Makes a Break For It News

Nintendo rules the Top 10

22 Jul 2008

Wii Gets New Exclusive Sonic Game News

Sonic gets medieval

21 Jul 2008

Peter Moore: Wii to Eat Half All Console Sales News

Former Microsoft man disses 360

21 Jul 2008

Nintendo: We Are Still Working on Hardcore Titles News

But Nintendo still caters for core gamers (who it doesn't recognise as a distinct group)

18 Jul 2008

Official: Wii Best-Selling Console in US News

Plus: MGS4 Nearly Doubles US PS3 Sales

18 Jul 2008

Mario to Get Brain Trained? News

How Touch Generation games are influencing Nintendo 'core' titles

17 Jul 2008

E3: Tonnes of Nintendo Announcements Pix News

Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Speak - all in pictures!

15 Jul 2008

E3: Nintendo: All About the Figures News

Some new games - mostly consolidation

15 Jul 2008

E3: Star Wars The Clone Wars No Light Sabre Add-On News

Nintendo giveth, and Nintendo taketh away

15 Jul 2008

The Charts: Wii Fit Gets in a Brawl News

Nintendo proves its self-improvement title has stamina

15 Jul 2008

Official New Wii Controller Add-On Confirmed News

Well, yes - it is Wii Motion Plus

14 Jul 2008

Nintendo's New Hardware at E3? News

Probably a slip of the key

14 Jul 2008

Sony's Stringer: Wii is Expensive News

It's a "niche" device?

14 Jul 2008

Bloody Your Digital Knuckles on Wii Virtual Console News

Neo Geo titles pummel the Wii

11 Jul 2008

The Charts: Smash Bros Keep on Brawling News

Are snakes slippery after all?

08 Jul 2008

Japan: Wii Outsells PS3 in Metal Gear Solid Month News

But PS3 closed monthly gap a little

03 Jul 2008

Six Year Old Gets GameCube as First Prize!? News

Isn't there some law against this?

01 Jul 2008

The Charts: Indiana Jones Super Smashed News

What happened to Mario & Sonic?!?!

01 Jul 2008

Nintendo and the European Smash Bros. Brawl Problems News

Wii owners offered a late Spring clean

30 Jun 2008

SEGA and Rockstar Deny Nintendo Release Dates News

At least no Manhunt 2

26 Jun 2008

Nintendo's Latest Line Up: Sonic and Manhunt 2 Wii News

And the more Sonic...

24 Jun 2008

Surprise! Microsoft Finds Nintendo WiiWare Strategy 'Confusing' News

WiiWare failing to empower community

19 Jun 2008

Nintendo: We are Working on Storage But Not News

Fischer says a deal about nothing

18 Jun 2008

Xbox 360 Gets GoldenEye Consolation Prize News

Rogue Agent hits 360-compatible Xbox game list

17 Jun 2008

Nintendo and Gamestation In Smash Bros... Smash Up News

Big brawl on launch weekend

17 Jun 2008

Microsoft or Sony Which Wii Remote Will Get There First? News

More PS3mote rumoury appears

16 Jun 2008

Nintendo Sues Wii Nunchuck Maker News

Copywrong problem

13 Jun 2008

Sony Versus Microsoft: Corporate Handbag Waving News

GTA IV again...

13 Jun 2008

US Hardware Sales and the Non-GTA IV Effect News

Still a rosy month for hardware

13 Jun 2008

Nintendo: Wii Fit Hula Girl - Not Us News

We bet they wish it was.

11 Jun 2008

Nintendo Confirmed for Edinburgh Interactive Festival News

Platform holder to be 'Gold Partner'

10 Jun 2008

Actionloop Twist Hits WiiWare News

Get involved in some gem firing

06 Jun 2008

No First Party Nintendo US Games in June News

Time for the third-parties to party

30 May 2008

Nintendo Virtual Console: Pokémon Burning Samurais! News

Plus: Nintendo's Nintendo channel.

30 May 2008

Nintendo Claims Wii Software World Record News

Nintendo shows off software and hardware figures

22 May 2008

New Nintendo DS Colours Coming to Europe News

Plus: new cooking software detailed

21 May 2008

UPDATED: PS3 and Xbox 360 Components Could 'Interfere with' Sexual Development News

And Greenpeace says Nintendo has no environmental policies

20 May 2008

The Charts: Is GTA IV Fit Enough to Survive Sales Drop? News

Nintendo takes 40% of Top 10

20 May 2008

USA Console Sales All Tumble in April News

GTA IV yet to take effect?

16 May 2008

Nintendo Tries to Unify Gamers News

He's not being casual about it either.

15 May 2008

Nintendo to Pay Millions in Wii Controller Patent Infringement News

Platform holder plans to appeal

15 May 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 has History on its Side News

Microsoft claims global leadership in console wars

15 May 2008

WiiWare Europe Calm Confirmations News

And calmness is restored

13 May 2008

WiiWare: What is a Small Budget? News

It's democratic...

12 May 2008

The Charts: GTA IV Fit to Take the Top? News

The many facts of GTA IV's success

07 May 2008

Trauma Center 2 Dabbles in the Black Arts News

New screens here!

06 May 2008

Hanabi Festival Returns to Nintendo's Virtual Console News

This weeks retro round-up

02 May 2008

Nintendo's Iwata: Miis in Other Games? Not Yet News

Licensing Miis like Mario

02 May 2008

The Charts: All That's Fit to Print News

Mario Kart Wii falls behind

29 Apr 2008

Wii Fit Selling at 90 Copies Per Minute News

Woolworths says Wii Fit launch bigger than Wii hardware

28 Apr 2008

Nintendo's Miyamoto: Get Outside! News

Plus: Nintendo fans NOT destroying their Wiis in Fits of anger

28 Apr 2008

Nintendo: No Wii or DS Price Cuts This Year News

Company president says it doesn't need them

25 Apr 2008

Nintendo's Virtual Console Packs an Old School Punch News

This week's Wii retro round-up

25 Apr 2008

Nintendo: We Will Double Wii Sales in 2008 News

Plus: DS shipments top 70 million

25 Apr 2008

Key Metroid Prime Staff 'Escorted' from Premises News

A new studio in the offing?

24 Apr 2008

Nintendo: Wiis Barely Touch Shop Shelves News

Reggie Fils-Aime discusses Wii shortages

24 Apr 2008

WiiWare and Smash Bros Dated for Europe! News

Nintendo details upcoming releases

24 Apr 2008

UK Charts: Mario Kart Wii Holds Lead News

Japanese publishers dominate the top

22 Apr 2008

Epic: Nintendo's Wii Like a Virus News

But its software is great... except for some of it

21 Apr 2008

Mario Game to use Wii Fit Balance Board? News

Plus: Wii Fit to talk to DS?

18 Apr 2008

UK's Huge Video Game First Quarter News

The numbers come in from Chart-Track

18 Apr 2008

Miyamoto: Nintendo Devs Uneasy About Wii Fit News

Plus: a message for hardcore gamers

18 Apr 2008

Nintendo's Virtual Console Indulges in Phantasy News

This week's downloadable Wii offering

18 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 Back Ahead of PS3 in March Stateside News

Sales take a leap

18 Apr 2008

No New Nintendo DS for E3 - Enterbrain's Statement News

Nintendo and Enterbrain in denial

17 Apr 2008

Wii Fit Pricing Dispair-ity? News

But not really by Nintendo

16 Apr 2008

The Charts: Mario Kart Races GT5 Prologue News

Nintendo reaps the benefits of huge launch

15 Apr 2008

Nintendo Dominates 2007 Japanese Software Sales News

Xbox 360 suffers

14 Apr 2008

Nintendo Wii Eating for Victory? News

Childhood obesity? Bollocks to it.

14 Apr 2008

New Nintendo DS to be Announced at E3? News

Plus: Famitsu publisher says PS3 needs price cut

14 Apr 2008

UPDATED: Unofficial BBC iPlayer on PlayStation 3 Now News

Cheeky devs show how iPlayer could work on PS3

11 Apr 2008

Mario Kart Wii's a Quick Tour in Screens News

It's coming... look busy.

11 Apr 2008

Mario Gets Base - Slugs it Out News

Mario steps up to bat and other puns...

11 Apr 2008

SEGA Master System Breaks onto Nintendo Virtual Console News

This week's latest downloadable Wii content detailed

11 Apr 2008

Nintendo Sweeps Industry Awards News

Winners revealed for UK trade

11 Apr 2008

Sony and Microsoft Wanted to Control BBC iPlayer Claim News

BBC makes the claim

10 Apr 2008

Nintendo Dislodges Electronic Arts Canada as Top Earning Studio News

Are UK studios in trouble?

10 Apr 2008

BBC iPlayer Live on Nintendo Wii News

Nintendo expands multimedia offering

09 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' Apparently Named News

Information not leaked at all, really.

09 Apr 2008

UK Charts: Your Gran Loves It News

SEGA has a fine time too.

07 Apr 2008

Japanese Hardware for the Entire Year News

But PSP leads the last month

04 Apr 2008

Nintendo's Virtual Console: Mario Gets Baked News

Yoshi's Cookie comes to the Wii

04 Apr 2008

Wii Fit - Get Prepared News

New screens inside

02 Apr 2008

Mario Kart Wii - When Brothers Compete News

New video inside

28 Mar 2008

Nintendo's Virtual Console – 200 Games Old! News

Commodore 64 games join the mix

28 Mar 2008

Mario Kart's Beetle Bash News

Yes... it is coming

25 Mar 2008

Rock Band Wii - No Downloadable Content News

US release date confirmed

25 Mar 2008

Analyst: Nintendo Wii & DS Sales 'Peaking' News

US and Europe getting hit.

20 Mar 2008

Ex-Nintendo Europe MD Joins Xbox Team News

Microsoft gains casual experience.

20 Mar 2008

Smash Bros versus Halo 3 in Phenomenon Fight News

Just what is a phenomenon?

18 Mar 2008

Nintendo Living in the Moment? News

Reggie in modesty shocker

17 Mar 2008

Nintendo DS for Schools and Times Journalist Needs Education News

And video games journalists are supposed to be the blogging hacks?

14 Mar 2008

US Hardware Charts Feb 2008: Our Trends Electric News

Nintendo still rules the roost

14 Mar 2008

Virtual Console Update: Wolf Tones News

And some alien shooting for good measure

14 Mar 2008

Nintendo WiiWare - Where are the Small Developers? News

Wiiware dated in Japan

11 Mar 2008

The UK Charts: Two on Two News

EA shoots its way into the Top 10

11 Mar 2008

Nintendo: Wii Brawl Issues are US and Japan Only News

No cause for European concent at the moment.

10 Mar 2008

Nintendo Site to Fix Smashed Bros Wiis News

Dual-layer lens gets dirty... and down.

10 Mar 2008

PSP Outsells Wii - PS3 Outsells PS2 in Japan News

See how we didn't say "Pwn"... damn!

07 Mar 2008

Cute Cheerleaders for Nintendo Wii Balance Board News

Yup, you can live out someone's fantasy on Wii.

07 Mar 2008

Kirby Your Enthusiam for Wii! News

It's a pink, star-shaped thing!

07 Mar 2008

Nintendo Wii: Virtual Console Takes You Into Space News

... and the depths of your subconscious

29 Feb 2008

Nintendo Wii Outsells PS3 Four to One in Japan News

Plus: Last week's Japanese software sales

28 Feb 2008

Europe's Wii Fit Price Revealed News

Dig out your sweat bands

27 Feb 2008

Mario Kart Wii Gets Chatty Confirmed News

Who said anything about paying for online play?

27 Feb 2008

Europe's Smash Brothers Brawl Release Still Unclear News

1up retracts Autumn date announcement

26 Feb 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Switch it up News

DS owners get training

26 Feb 2008

Confirmed: Nintendo to Charge for Wii Online Play News

'Pay & Play' inbound

25 Feb 2008

Nintendo: Wii Will Rock Xbox 360 in US by June News

Nintendo president says Wii sales to surpass those of Xbox 360 soon

22 Feb 2008

Nintendo's Virtual Console Hits The Streets News

More kidnapping on Wii download service

22 Feb 2008

Commodore 64 Joins Virtual Console Line-Up News

Kung fu and guns to kick off line-up

21 Feb 2008

Wii Fit - Not for Purpose? News

Sumo inspiration from Sawano, not Miyamoto

21 Feb 2008

WiiWare: Over 100 Games In Development News

Plus: how much control will Nintendo have?

21 Feb 2008

Smash Bros - Smashing New Screens! News

June release hopes crushed

20 Feb 2008

Mario Kart Wiis Down New Screens News

Loads and loads and loads of screens...

20 Feb 2008

Wii Fitness Dated For Europe! News

Plus: new screens!

20 Feb 2008

Mario Kart Wii Dated For Europe! News

Rev your engines and all that...

20 Feb 2008

Wii Fitness and WiiWare Dated For US News

European announcement expected soon...

20 Feb 2008

Mario Kart - Plumbing For a Wiilie News

New screens inside

19 Feb 2008

Analyst: Owners Dump Wii, Xbox 360 In 2011 News

Bizarre installed base forecast inside...

15 Feb 2008

Nintendo Asks US Government For Tougher Piracy Stance News

Piracy cost placed at nearly a billion dollars

15 Feb 2008

US January Sales Down On Last Year News

PS3 outsells Xbox 360

15 Feb 2008

Smash Bros Brawls With Wii Sales Record News

Nintendo beat-'em-up hits a million in record time

12 Feb 2008

The Charts: The Devil May Cry, But Has He? News

Top 10 gets hit up with new releases

12 Feb 2008

Nintendo: Software Attach Rates Are Increasing News

Figures? No chance...

08 Feb 2008

Virtual Console Gives Us a Thunderous Friday News

More classic side-scrolling in sight

08 Feb 2008

Super! As Smash Bros Piles into Japanese Chart News

How does Devil May Cry 4 fare?

07 Feb 2008

ELSPA Officially Responds To DS Piracy Concerns News

No mention of misquotation

06 Feb 2008

BBC Claims Nintendo's Brain Training Hates Regional Accents News

Cue sensationalist 'consumer' report...

05 Feb 2008

Nintendo Cleans Up Smash Bros. Wii Problem News

Disc errors blamed on dirt

04 Feb 2008

Nintendo Wii - Top of the Sales in Japan News

A fitting week for the console

01 Feb 2008

90 Percent of US DS Owners Playing Pirated Games News

R4 chip undermining DS sales

31 Jan 2008

European Commission Not Targeting Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft News

Just the same old line cast out again

30 Jan 2008

Nintendo: Resources Shifted from DS to Wii News

Third Party Wii situation will apparently change...

29 Jan 2008

The Charts: A Paradise for Burnout? News

2008's first big hitter revs up

29 Jan 2008

Mario and Sonic Get Athletic in Your Hands News

New video and screens inside

28 Jan 2008

Critics Slam Wii 'Virtual PE' Initiative News

Scheme labelled 'gimmick'

28 Jan 2008

Nintendo Suffers at Hands of Speculators News

Why just making great games and solid hardware doesn't make stockholders happy.

28 Jan 2008

Six Million Wiis Sold In Europe News

Not to mention the 20 million DSes

24 Jan 2008

Nintendo: More Money Than Momentum? News

Analysts ask, 'can it keep it up?' Real people snigger.

24 Jan 2008

Wii Hits Five Million In Japan News

Best-selling Wii games revealed

23 Jan 2008

US Console Figures: Nintendo and Microsoft Split Honours News

NPD figures are as expected.

18 Jan 2008

Nintendo: Virtual Console it's a Riot! News

Icey thrills and a New York street scene.

18 Jan 2008

Japanese Gamers: Games Matter More News

Incredibly sensible people speak

17 Jan 2008

Nintendo's US 2008 Releases: Third-Parties Galore News

Nintendo releases 'partial' US release list...

17 Jan 2008

Microsoft Flattered by Goldeneye 007 Rumours News

Nintendo will not confirm virtual console

15 Jan 2008

Everybody is Sued: Video Gaming Legal Round-Up News

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo... or not.

15 Jan 2008

Assassin's Creed Prequel on Nintendo DS: Screens Here News

A Chronicle of delight

15 Jan 2008

Goldeneye 007 Saga: Who Owns What? News

And blame Iwata while you're at it.

15 Jan 2008

Coloured Nintendo Wiis: Pure Rumour News

Or so Nintendo tells us. UPCs lined up.

14 Jan 2008

Nintendo Announces Perrin Kaplan Replacement News

Over comes the lass from Reebok.

14 Jan 2008

Why No Xbox Live for Goldeneye 007? News

Apparently Microsoft and Nintendo fall out.

14 Jan 2008

UPDATED: God of War Creator - Single Gaming Platform Please News

Why one hardware platform would be GOOD for competition

11 Jan 2008

Nintendo WiiWare Launch Not 'Dated' News

Missing word leads to 'issues'

11 Jan 2008

Virtual Console: Tropical in January? News

Well... yes

11 Jan 2008

Farewell 2007: Who Made the UK's Gaming Cash? News

Stats galore...

10 Jan 2008

Super Smash Bros Brawl Delayed Further? News

Commiseration screens inside

10 Jan 2008

Japanese Gaming Figures Add Up News

Billions and billions of Yen make for a good 2007

09 Jan 2008

One Million Japanese Gamers Get Wii Fit News

Japanese software charts inside

09 Jan 2008

Nintendo Gets Technology Emmys News

Technology Emmy winners named

08 Jan 2008

The Charts: Assassin's Creed - Kicked Ass or Ass Kicked? News

Sales take a new year hit

08 Jan 2008

Wii Outsold PS3 3 To 1 in Japan for 2007 News

While DS outsold the lot

07 Jan 2008

Wii Ahead Of Xbox 360 In Hardware Sales? News

Do the maths...

04 Jan 2008

Nicole Kidman Smashed for Brain Training Pseudo-Science News

Patrick Stewart narrowly dodges a phaser beam

04 Jan 2008

Get Agricultural On Wii's Virtual Console News

Harvest Moon first Virtual Console title of 2008

04 Jan 2008

Nintendo: "Huge Room for Improvement" in UK News

Also No plans for new DS.

02 Jan 2008

The Charts: Call of Duty is Assassinated News

What rides high at the start of 2008?

02 Jan 2008

Nintendo DS Demolishes UK Sales Record News

Success doesn't breed excess...

18 Dec 2007

Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Mario Galaxy's Long Life News

Plus a little gentle threat to retail

18 Dec 2007

Nintendo Fils-Aime on Wii Supply: "No way to answer..." News

Reggie not as bullish as usual.

17 Dec 2007

Wii-Controlled Robot - Video Inside! News

Dance, robot, dance!

14 Dec 2007

Sony Claims Market Share From Nintendo News

NPD stats read differently... We love stats... don't you?

14 Dec 2007

Wii's Best Ever Month in US News

DS and 360 follow suit

14 Dec 2007

Virtual Console Gets Mega Top Fun News

Mega Man and Top Hunter land on Virtual Console

14 Dec 2007

Wii Points Card Shop Goes Live News

Trade your stars for Wii Points

07 Dec 2007

Retailer Defends Wii Price News

Unofficial supplier blamed for outlandish pricing

07 Dec 2007

Wii's Virtual Console Takes A Walk On The Light Side News

Plus! dust off your old mech suit...

07 Dec 2007

Worst Wii Bundle Ever? News

Retailer completely takes the piss

06 Dec 2007

Square Enix: Wii a Toy & Sony is Confused News

Plus: its publishing catalogue is misunderstood

05 Dec 2007

How to Sneak a Story Into a Zelda Game News

When a Nintendo dev goes rogue...

04 Dec 2007

Trauma Center: New Blood Spurts Some Screens News

Tech talk - and it's Trauma CENTRE to us!

04 Dec 2007

The Charts: The Need For Creed News

Nintendo platforms bag another couple of records

04 Dec 2007

Nintendo Virtual Console Title Gets Upgrade News

Pokemon Snap first VC game to get expanded feature set

30 Nov 2007

Batter Up On Nintendo's Virtual Console News

Baseball Stars II and Dynastic Hero hit the Wii

30 Nov 2007

Time Crisis Guncon: Better Than Wii Remote? News

So says Namco Bandai...

30 Nov 2007

Japanese Charts Get All Fresh And New News

Dragon Quest IV cleans up

29 Nov 2007

Nintendo: Wii Shortage Is Missed Opportunity News

Or is it? Conspiracies and more inside...

29 Nov 2007

Greenpeace Responds To Nintendo On SPOnG News

It continues... seems somebody forgot to return an important call...

28 Nov 2007

Nintendo Responds To Greenpeace Criticism News

‘Surprised by the report’

28 Nov 2007

Nintendo Of America Boasts Record Sales News

Nintendo feels the festive joy of Greedmas

28 Nov 2007

Greenpeace Claims Nintendo Destroying Planet News

Mario Factory scores 0 out of 10 for environmental sustainability!

28 Nov 2007

Activision: PS3 And Xbox 360 Need To Be £97 News

Other statements of the bloody obvious to follow...

28 Nov 2007

The Charts: Need For Speed Screeches Into View News

New releases disappoint

27 Nov 2007

Nintendo DS Has Record Breaking Week News

Beats PSP for most sales in single week

27 Nov 2007

England's Euro 2008 Exit Is Sony And Microsoft's Fault News

Nintendo blameless.

26 Nov 2007

New Alarming Chinese Piracy Threat To Nintendo News

"The R4" is selling like hotcakes in Akihabara

26 Nov 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? News

This week's big releases

23 Nov 2007

Team Mario Wants YOU - Video Propaganda Inside News

Team Mario's sales pitch

23 Nov 2007

PS3 Continues To ‘Pwn’ Wii In Japan News

Yes, really!

23 Nov 2007

Become A Fighting King On Virtual Console News

Burst some bubbles while you're at it

23 Nov 2007

Mario Parties In Japan News

Heavenly Sword apes UK performance

22 Nov 2007

Galaxy Is Fastest Selling Mario Game Ever News

Well, in it's first week. That’s what Nintendo tells us.

21 Nov 2007

Link Gets Boned - Screens Inside News

The problem with fighting skeletons

20 Nov 2007

Exploitation Damages Nintendo Wii Dreams News

Shortages bring out the worst...

20 Nov 2007

The Charts: Mario Versus The Assassin News

It's all a bit of a Crysis

20 Nov 2007

Super Smash Bros: Spectator Spectacular News

For those who like to watch...

16 Nov 2007

Nintendo's Virtual Console Gets A Slam Dunk News

But the release list is looking sparse...

16 Nov 2007

Nintendo On New DS Model Rumours News

Commenting on different ways to say ‘No Comment’

16 Nov 2007

House Of The Dead Series Heading To Wii? News

Zappers and zombies

16 Nov 2007

Mario Launch Pics: Bigger Than Paris Hilton, Barbie And Britney News

Gamers dressed as cartoon Italian plumbers in old London town

16 Nov 2007

PS3 Outsells Wii In Japan For First Time News

Sigh of relief from SCEI

16 Nov 2007

Mario And Sonic Get Wet: New Screens Inside News

Princess Peach piles on the pounds

14 Nov 2007

The Charts: Call Of Duty Re-Enters Infinity News

Has it claimed Number 1?

13 Nov 2007

Mii Contest Channel Launches Today News

Nintendo gives ‘Check Mii Out’ channel a worse name

12 Nov 2007

Nintendo Announces Massive Mario Marketing Marathon News

Only one week to go now until our Wii title of 2008 is on the shelf.

09 Nov 2007

Super Mario Bros 3 On Virtual Console Right Now News

The best 2D game of all time?

09 Nov 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Tops Charts News

Japanese crazy for some Italian.

08 Nov 2007

PlayStation 3 Closing Monthly Sales Gap on Wii News

Latest Japanese sales stats just in

05 Nov 2007

Nintendo's Iwata: No DS Phone. No New DS. News

Also mergers, software manufacture, pubs and new Wii remotes

02 Nov 2007

Nintendo's Miyamoto And Millions of Babies! News

TV Program Schedule Channel news triggers infant avalanche

02 Nov 2007

Sonic Speeds Onto Virtual Console News

Plus: when samurai get ghostly

02 Nov 2007

Luigi Playable In Mario Galaxy News

Oh, err, spoiler alert…

01 Nov 2007

Mario Gets His Oxbridge On - Rowing Plumber Vid Inside News

Mario a social climber?

31 Oct 2007

DS To Get Non-Gaming Application Software News

At long last, Nintendo's handheld to get practical

30 Oct 2007

DS Sells 4 Million In UK This Year News

Brain Training celebrates a milestone of its own

30 Oct 2007

Nintendo To Hardcore Gamers: 'We're Not Ignoring You' News

Everything's going to be just fine then...

30 Oct 2007

Mario & Sonic Olympics for Fat People: Photo Proof News

Dr. Eggman's a winner!

30 Oct 2007

Wii Zapper Aimed At December News

Lock up your children!

30 Oct 2007

The Charts: PES 2008 Scores News

Pro Evolution Soccer makes it a hat trick

30 Oct 2007

Nintendo: Gamers Don’t Mind Friend Codes News

Apparently, according to some feedback

29 Oct 2007

Yoshi Bounds Onto Virtual Console News

This week's Virtual Console round up

26 Oct 2007

LGF News - The Consolarium: Ground-Breaking Games In Schools Project News

London Games Festival Talk From Scottish Centre For Games And Learning

25 Oct 2007

Nintendo Raises Profit Forecast News

Global Wii shipping figures up to 13.2 million

25 Oct 2007

Microsoft Goes After Wii: Hits Skid Row News

The War for the Family is on!

24 Oct 2007

British Academy Video Game Awards 2007 - Full Picture Report - Nintendo OWNS It News

Wii Sports claims an impressive SIX BAFTAs

24 Oct 2007

Nintendo & Bungie: No Plans To 'Reach Out' News

Wii hard drive on the way

23 Oct 2007

The Charts: Football Manager Tackles FIFA News

SEGA takes its annual Number 1

23 Oct 2007

Rumour Bust: THQ To Make Zelda Games News

Internet assumption nixed...

19 Oct 2007

Virtual Console Friday: Vampires, Shmups And 'CD-Quality' Sound News

Castlevania II, Neo Geo classic and side-scrolling shooter

19 Oct 2007

Farewell Then Nintendo Entertainment System News

And the SNES, N64, Game Boy, and Game Boy Pocket...

17 Oct 2007

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Posey New Artwork News

The guys get a bit fat and sassy

16 Oct 2007

The Charts: Project Gotham Challenges FIFA News

Where's Halo 3?

16 Oct 2007

Japan: DS Back On Top News

PSP edged out again

15 Oct 2007

Nintendo: Gamers Bored Before Wii News

We just didn't know it then

15 Oct 2007

Nintendo Value Tops 10 Trillion Yen News

Wii Fitness boosts share prices

15 Oct 2007

Link’s Crossbow Training Dated For US - New Screens News

Zapper bundle of Zelda joy

12 Oct 2007

Virtual Console Friday – Super Metroid News

Get in the mood for Metroid Prime 3

12 Oct 2007

DS, PSP And Wii In UK Classrooms News

Every British Schoolkid Gets Free Personal Learning Space On PSP And DS

11 Oct 2007

New Wii SKU Detailed Inside - No Plans For DVD Wii News

Utterly tedious, crushingly underwhelming

11 Oct 2007

Mii, Mario And Sonic - Olympic Video Inside News

At the Olympic Games. Like that ACTUAL DREAM we had!

10 Oct 2007

Wii Ware Pokemon, Sonic Brawling, Wii Fit Priced News

Nintendo's Fall Conference – Full Round Up

10 Oct 2007

Nintendo Dishes Out Cars, Holidays And Uni Fees News

In the hunt for ‘Britain's Brainiest Family’

08 Oct 2007

Virtual Console: Neo Geo Throws First Punch News

SEGA rejoins the fray

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Triples Japanese Xbox 360 Sales News

Microsoft still languishing at the back

05 Oct 2007

Phoning In The Wii Controller News

Why, gods!? Why?

04 Oct 2007

GAME Credits Nintendo With Female Gamer Spike News

Retailer praises casual games

04 Oct 2007

Nintendo's Iwata Talks Mario Galaxy And Miyamoto News

A Wii recipe for success or a bland dish of (re)hash?

04 Oct 2007

The Atari 2600 Is Thirty - Happy Birthday Videogames News

PlayStation's Great-Great-Grandad

03 Oct 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Website Goes Live - Screen Splurge News

Well, live in Japan

03 Oct 2007

Wii Creams PS3 In Japan News

Half year figures show massive sales gap

02 Oct 2007

Wii Remotes Get Free Winter Coats News

Like the poor kids at school

02 Oct 2007

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Jumpy New Video News

Trendy youngsters have fun together

01 Oct 2007

First Neo Geo Titles Confirmed For Wii News

First round to focus on fisticuffs

01 Oct 2007

Fils-Aime: Nintendo Cannot Supply Enough Wiis For Christmas News

Still finds time to have a little pop at Halo 3 too

01 Oct 2007

Handheld Lager, Cocktail and Wine News From Nintendo News

Nintendo to make a Trampjuice game?

28 Sep 2007

Virtual Console Gets Sinful News

Hanabi Festival Closes with gunfire

28 Sep 2007

UPDATED: Microsoft: Wii NOT "Limited" - We Own Next-Gen News

Post Halo euphoria? Or plain bitchiness?

27 Sep 2007

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: New Details Revealed News

Wii controls outlined

27 Sep 2007

Endless Ocean Confirmed For Europe News

Nintendo attempts to put us to sleep

26 Sep 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Athletic New Screens! News

Hedgehogs vs plumbers: explained

26 Sep 2007

Nintendo Second Most Valuable Company In Japan News

Tendy takes on car giants

25 Sep 2007

The Charts: Tiger Woods Swings For The Top News

Swings and roundabouts for EA

25 Sep 2007

Nintendo Blogger Fired For Inexcusable Behaviour News

Nintendo attacks free speech? Or closes down freedom to ramble on and on and on?

24 Sep 2007

Super Mario Galaxy: Cheery New Art News

Mario saves Monday morning

24 Sep 2007

Nintendo DS - The Secret Educational Wonder Toy News

Nintendo Backs Handheld Learning Conference

21 Sep 2007

TGS: Mario & Sonic To Sell 4 Million News

Can SEGA recapture past glory?

21 Sep 2007

11.6 Million Xbox 360s Sold News

But it's not enough!

21 Sep 2007

Virtual Console Hits Like An Awesome Ninja News

The Hanabi Festival continues

21 Sep 2007

Smash Bros. Online Play Confirmed News

New screens below

18 Sep 2007

The Charts: Can Midway Put EA In Stranglehold? News

Will Medal of Honor be Woo-ed?

18 Sep 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Heroic New Video News

Noble anthropomorphic animals abound

17 Sep 2007

Wii Zapper Slammed By Angry Parents in US News

Cowboys and Indians also frowned upon

14 Sep 2007

Virtual Console Gets Japan-Exclusive Titles News

‘Hanabi Festival’ kicks off

14 Sep 2007

Wii Overtakes Xbox 360 Sales News

According to the FT...

14 Sep 2007

Games and Tech Brands Gain Ground In CoolBrands 2007 Report News

PlayStation and Nintendo storm top ten. Xbox at 33. EA at 128.

13 Sep 2007

Microsoft: Sony Charges For Tech You Don't Need News

Pre-Christmas war heats up

12 Sep 2007

Wii Zapper To Ship With Zelda Game: Official News

U.S. date and price confirmed

11 Sep 2007

The Charts: BioShocking EA Performance News

Medal of Honour: Airborne descends on the Charts

11 Sep 2007

360s, PS3s And DSs Used As Terrorist CB Radios News

In UK jails, according to the Sun… ahem…

10 Sep 2007

Rumour: Wii Zapper To Ship With Zelda Game News

Shooting gets medieval

10 Sep 2007

Virtual Console Goes SEGA Crazy News

Five titles to satisfy your SEGA lust

07 Sep 2007

Nintendo: We Can't Get Arrogant News

Plus: new franchises and the core gamer

05 Sep 2007

Pikmin To Return To Wii? News

Possibly but then again... possible.

05 Sep 2007

The Charts: Has Tiger Woods Teed Off BioShock? News

Or will it land in the water?

04 Sep 2007

Japanese Hardware Sales Stats for August News

Guess which console sells most in Japan?

03 Sep 2007

Virtual Console Friday: Nintendo Scrapes Barrel News

Come on, Nintendo, try harder!

31 Aug 2007

Nintendo's Bubble Set To Burst? News

Analysts attack

30 Aug 2007

Wii Fit: Nintendo's New Yoga Toy For Girls News

Plus, Metroid 3, Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

30 Aug 2007

Wii Sells One Million In UK News

Becomes fastest selling UK home console

30 Aug 2007

DS Gets Dolphin Friendly News

Insert inappropriate joke about tuna fishing here

29 Aug 2007

Gravitronix - First WiiWare Game Announced News

From US developer Medaverse

29 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Gets A (Bio)Shock News

2K releases second fastest 360 title

29 Aug 2007

Wii Love Wednesdays - Wii Sports Boozathon News

Posh Sarf London boozer combines Wii with strong cocktails. Genius.

28 Aug 2007

Valve: Nintendo Wii More Valuable Than PS3/Xbox 360 News

Microsoft made a mistake with DirectX 10

28 Aug 2007

The Global Console War: Latest Battle Statistics News

An impressive 10.5 million Wiis sold to date

24 Aug 2007

Video: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles – Wii Gameplay News

Wii Zapper on the way soon

24 Aug 2007

Wii Virtual Console: Wrecking Crew, Lunar Pool, Neutopia News

Mario goes all Fred Dibnah!

24 Aug 2007

Nintendo Release Dates For Q4 Leaked - Full Details Here News

Super Mario Galaxy, NiGHTS, Umbrella Chronicles, Zelda DS and much, much more

21 Aug 2007

Bartending On DS – Details Inside News

Go all Tom Cruise on lady's asses with the DS cocktail guide!

21 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Roll Up News

New Charts Unveiled

21 Aug 2007

No Wii Supply Increase Until 2008? News

Component manufacturers think so

20 Aug 2007

Nintendo's Virtual Console Gets Wet News

Ya dig?

17 Aug 2007

Wii Set To Rule UK Market News

Figures indicate could overtake 360 in next few months

16 Aug 2007

DS Slide Controller - Pics and More Inside News

Slide away, and give it all you've go-oh-ot...

15 Aug 2007

Nintendo Predicts 180 Per Cent Wii Sales Increase News

Wii success making component suppliers filthy rich

15 Aug 2007

5,000 New Wii Games - Including George Bush Shoot-Out News

Casual games website ups its Wii quotient

15 Aug 2007

Miyamoto: Super Mario Galaxy Crosses The Line News

The time has finally arrived when casual and hardcore come together as one.

14 Aug 2007

The Charts: Surgical Strikes And Transforming Moments News

We all love the Summer - just not to play games in.

14 Aug 2007

WiiWare Channel And Metroid Prime Month News

If'n you're living in America that is.

13 Aug 2007

Nintendo’s Filthy Fetish Nurses – Pics Inside News

Classic PR to announce Trauma Center: Second Opinion out today

10 Aug 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Scans News

Shiggy gets jiggy with Mario in print

10 Aug 2007

Virtual Console - Galaga '90, Volleyball, Breath of Fire II News

Nintendo is spoiling us

10 Aug 2007

Motion Controlled Nintendo DS Homebrew Kit News

Third party tilting toy and homebrew games detailed

09 Aug 2007

Exclusive: DS Slide Motion Controller – First Pics, Videos and Details News

"Let's slide DS to make action" – MagKid: Slide Adventure Monkey detailed

08 Aug 2007

Wii Freeware Update Breaks Freeloader News

Those expecting import games are met with an error screen

08 Aug 2007

More Details On The London Games Festival Emerge News

Events and sponsors revealed

08 Aug 2007

Wii Gets USB Keyboard News

Nintendo gets sneaky

08 Aug 2007

Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass: Cutesy New Art News

How can something that feels so right possibly be wrong?

07 Aug 2007

New Wii Firmware Update Detailed News

3.0 no less, with some handy enhancements to Wii's weather, news and online shop

07 Aug 2007

Nintendo Files Portable Motion Control Patent News

“Wii-Go” prototype detailed

07 Aug 2007

The Charts: Nintendo Mops Up News

Transformers catches some Pokemon

07 Aug 2007

Yanks Grab Great Virtual Console Games - Bah! News

American gamers can download 3 classic VC games as of midday

06 Aug 2007

PlayStation 3 Sales Double In Japan News

DS and Wii sales drop

03 Aug 2007

Virtual Console Hits Like An Awesome Shinobi Ninja News

PLUS: Crazy detachable-head puppetry!

03 Aug 2007

Nintendo And Customs Versus Modders News

Federal search warrants issued

02 Aug 2007

Viva Piñata To The Nintendo DS News

Yes - Microsoft's developers fling Viva at Nintendo's handheld.

31 Jul 2007

The Charts: Pokemons Get Caught On DS News

Potter falls

31 Jul 2007

Super Paper Mario on Wii Release Date News

Apparently he hates trees

31 Jul 2007

Wii Gets Boned News

Cynical cash-in inside

30 Jul 2007

Wiimote Used in Second Life News

"One of the most significant technology breakthroughs in the history of computer science," apparently!

27 Jul 2007

Virtual Console: Kirby Gets Ghoulish News

Pinball gets devilish

27 Jul 2007

Sony Profits Up Despite PS3 Problems News

Year on year quarterly profit trebled

26 Jul 2007

Nintendo Ups Profit Predictions for 2007/08 News

Expects to shift 16.5 million Wii’s this financial year

25 Jul 2007

PlayStation 3 Price Cut Prompts Sales Boost News

American PS3s start to move...

24 Jul 2007

Rumour: Wii Hard Drive and Hardware Improvements Soon? News

Nintendo of America boss doesn’t rule out either

24 Jul 2007

The Charts: Transformers Take On Harry Potter News

The Charts go brain crazy

24 Jul 2007

Virtual Console: Street Fighter and Classic Metroid News

Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting and NES Metroid

20 Jul 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: First Video! News

Historic footage inside

19 Jul 2007

Japanese Charts: Dragon Quest Destroys Competition News

Nintendo still on top, and everywhere else too

19 Jul 2007

Wii Fit – Priced News

Or rather, $70, according to US e-tailers

19 Jul 2007

PS3 Tops 1 Million in Japan News

Six months after the Wii

18 Jul 2007

Wii Fitness Board Price Exposed? News

US retailers may have given the game away

17 Jul 2007

The Charts: Product Recall Can't Crash Mario's Party News

Harry hangs in there

17 Jul 2007

Miyamoto: There's Life In The Game Boy Advance News

But don't expect Nintendo to produce any games for it

16 Jul 2007

E3: The View From The U.K. News

Big guns out next year...

16 Jul 2007

Wii Fitness Board: 25 Years In The Making News

Everything old is new again

16 Jul 2007

Mario Party 8 Pulled For Offensive Content News

Time for game translators to get their acts together

16 Jul 2007

Nintendo's Iwata: Wii Can Beat PlayStation 2 News

100-million, bah!

16 Jul 2007

Virtual Console: Mario Gets (More) 2D News

Thank Nintendo it's Friday

13 Jul 2007

Min-E3 2007 – Best and Worst Five Things to Date News

Cheering and moaning fom SPOnG’s team in La La Land

12 Jul 2007

E3: Nintendo Conference Round-Up News

Miyamoto unveils Wii Fit... and new controller comes too.

11 Jul 2007

E3: Nintendo Stretches Fat Gamers With Wii Fit News

Or is it trying to kill us?

11 Jul 2007

E3: Metroid Prime 3 Release Date Here News

Lack of online play confirmed

11 Jul 2007

E3: Nintendo Dates Super Mario Galaxy Official, Plus New Screens! News

Two player details revealed

11 Jul 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: First Screens! News

PLUS: new Sonic Rush Adventures screens

11 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter, Nicole Kidman Go At It News

Nicole Kidman fails to see off teenage boy

10 Jul 2007

First WiiWare Game Announced! News

From Austrian outfit, Bplus

08 Jul 2007

Japanese Hardware Charts: Sony Ups Its Game News

PS3 no longer in the psychological four figure doldrums

06 Jul 2007

FIFA '08 Gets Family Playing With Wii News

New Wii control system announced by EA

04 Jul 2007

Nintendo Invents Magic Make-Yourself-Younger Software News

DS Camera and DS Face Training – First Details

04 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter Battles The Darkness News

Can anyone see an original game lying around?

03 Jul 2007

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Dated for October News

In America, at least

02 Jul 2007

Ubisoft Pulls 'Super Spastic' Mind Quiz News

Radio complaint leads to handheld game withdrawal

02 Jul 2007

Wii Outsells PlayStation 3 6-to-1 in Japan News

In other news, sun also rises in the mornings

02 Jul 2007

PS3 Outselling Wii and Xbox 360 Down Under News

Sony's having a G'day

29 Jun 2007

Nintendo's Virtual Console Gets Kirby Pink News

And blood red...

29 Jun 2007

Videogame For Adults: Ratings Explained News

Just what is an Adult?

28 Jun 2007

New Wii Game-Creation Service Fully Detailed News

Download the software. Make a game. Sell it. Easy.

27 Jun 2007

Nintendo's Original Games Channel - Today News

Like Xbox Live Arcade, but for Wii (obv!)

27 Jun 2007

Microsoft: We Want Competitors' Online Ideas News

But there aren't any yet

27 Jun 2007

The Charts: Driving to the Movies News

The Forza's strong...

26 Jun 2007

Trauma Center: Second Opinion on Wii Dated for Europe News

Scalpels at the ready this August

26 Jun 2007

Nicole Kidman’s Brain is 52: Video Proof News

Hot Hollywood MILF action inside

26 Jun 2007

Donkey Jet – New Trailer and Details News

Shake that Nunchuk, baby!

25 Jun 2007

Is Metroid Prime 3 Better Than Halo 3? News

Biggest revolution in FPS gaming since Halo.

25 Jun 2007

Nintendo Tops Sony's Market Value News

Nintendo now worth £26.5 billion

25 Jun 2007

Nicole Kidman Fronts More Brain Training Ads News

Massive pan-European ad campaign kicks off today

25 Jun 2007

Wii Fishing Rod: First Pic! News

Get hooked

22 Jun 2007

Take-Two 'Suspends' Manhunt 2 Release News

Revision of content in the works?

22 Jun 2007

Virtual Console: The End Of The '80s News

Is it acceptable?

22 Jun 2007

Nintendo’s Summer and Autumn Releases – Fully Detailed News

Some dates for the diary...

21 Jun 2007

Sony And Nintendo: No Manhunt On Our Platforms News

Adult-only rating forces platform holders' hands

21 Jun 2007

Mario Party 8 Slips To Mid-July News

Best find something else to entertain the kids with 'til then

20 Jun 2007

Nintendo’s Anime Cinema at Leipzig Games Convention News

Courtesy of Nintendo and TOKYOPOP

19 Jun 2007

The Charts: Forza 2 Versus DiRT - Brrrmmm! News

The top of the Charts parks up

19 Jun 2007

Miyamoto: Link Is Sex Symbol In DS Phantom Hourglass News

Nintendo guru guns for girls

18 Jun 2007

SEGA VP Gives Wii Two Good Years News

Did he miss the 'SEGA hearts Nintendo' memo?

15 Jun 2007

What Is The 100th Wii Virtual Console Title? News

And do you have all 100?

15 Jun 2007

Father of Pokémon: Use Your DS As A Wii Controller News

Father of Pokémon talks revolution

14 Jun 2007

Square Enix Boss: PS3/Xbox 360 “Mismatched” To Today's Gamers News

Yoichi Wada speaks out on development choices

12 Jun 2007

The Charts: Pirates Of The Caribbean Run Down News

Johnny Depp hears a faint 'brum' in the distance...

12 Jun 2007

Pilot Wings Boxed For Wii In December? News

GameStop thinks so

11 Jun 2007

Smash Bros: Foxy New Screens News

Plus: four different control systems revealed

11 Jun 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? This Week's Releases News

Did someone say 'Halo'?

08 Jun 2007

Latest Japanese Hardware Sales Figures – PS3 Still Suffering News

PS3 shifts 8,998 units in the past week

08 Jun 2007

Nintendo's Virtual Console Gets Biblical News

This week's Wii download round-up

08 Jun 2007

Florida Attorney General Targets Manhunt 2 On Wii News

Wii control system becomes a problem

07 Jun 2007

Is Nintendo’s Top Brass In America Leaving? News

Rumours and speculation rife

07 Jun 2007

DS Wi-Fi Hits Double Milestone News

Worldwide figures trumpeted

07 Jun 2007

Elite Beat Agents DS Finally Out in UK News

Beat one out on the DS this July

06 Jun 2007

The Charts: Spider-Man 3 Comes Unstuck News

Plus: sexy lady beaten by camp pirate

05 Jun 2007

First Location-based DS Game Unveiled at 'Where 2.0' News

“The future of geospace,” apparently

05 Jun 2007

Nintendo: Wii Hard Drive Has No Basis In Fact News

Wild speculation abounds

04 Jun 2007

Wii Widens Japanese Sales Gap News

Nintendo platforms outsell Sony five to one

04 Jun 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? This Week's Releases News

Sexual confusion awaits

01 Jun 2007

Zelda II The Adventure of Link For U.S. Virtual Console News

Nintendo gives props to itself for 100th VC game

01 Jun 2007

News From Japan: Ouendan Two You News

And how TV goes ad potty

01 Jun 2007

Sega Invades Nintendo's Virtual Console News

It just can't keep away

01 Jun 2007

Never Underestimate The Power of Pokemon News

Nintendo Wi-Fi users top the five million mark

30 May 2007

Latest Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Screens News

We’re so excited. We just can’t hide it.

30 May 2007

New DS Lite in Metallic Rose and Gloss Silver News

In Japan. Doh!

30 May 2007

GameCube Charts Dropped In UK News

But the old stager is still being made...

30 May 2007

The Charts: Has Mario Kicked Spidey And Pirates? News

Pirates of the Caribbean buccaneers into the Charts

30 May 2007

Nintendo Could Take 50% of Hardware Market News

According to VP of Marketing, George Harrison

29 May 2007

Mario Strikers Boosts Nintendo Wi-Fi Service News

Wii's first 'proper' online game does the business

29 May 2007

Japanese Charts: Hardware Sales Slipping News

Nintendo still leading the way

25 May 2007

Something For The Long Weekend? Today's New Releases News

Game away the bank holiday blues

25 May 2007

Actors To Play Wii Sports in ‘Live’ Cinema Ads News

Creative marketing or Nathan Barley-esque nonsense?

25 May 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

Wii Virtual Console: The World Needs YOU News

Here there be stuff to save...

25 May 2007

Metroid Prime 3: Corruptive New Screens News

Nintendo loves its fans again!

22 May 2007

Smash Bros. Dojo Goes Live: New Teasers News

Music gives the game away?

22 May 2007

Geometry Wars For DS And Wii Rumoured News

Geometry Wars: Galaxies for Nintendo

22 May 2007

The Charts: PS3 Boosts Spider-Man 3 Performance News

Nintendo platforms dominate Top 10

22 May 2007

Metroid Prime Corruption Due August State-Side News

Nintendo of America announces release schedule...

21 May 2007

Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi 3 Coming For Wii And PS2! News

Akira Toriyama to make even more cash! Hai!

21 May 2007

Game Boy Advance Outsells PS3 In The United States News

State-side games sales up by 20%

18 May 2007

Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play News

This week's releases

18 May 2007

Virtual Console Friday – Diddy Kong Quest News

Welcome (back) to Donkey Kong Country 2

18 May 2007

Japan: The War In The Shops News

How are hardware sales going in the homeland?

17 May 2007

Kawashima’s Back in ‘More Brain Training’ News

New brain-twisters from the renowned Japanese neuroscientist

16 May 2007

Nintendo Infiltrates Airports News

No, not like that...

16 May 2007

The Charts: Tiberium Wars Doesn't Quite Conquer News

Spidey's sticking around

15 May 2007

Halo Creators Strike Back At Mario Maker News

Bungie-developed plumbing platformer coming soon...

14 May 2007

Nintendo DS Calls 11-Year Old A 'F***** Cow' News

Yet more anti-gaming tabloid scaremongering

11 May 2007

Nintendo Virtual Console Tees Off News

It must be Friday!

11 May 2007

Mario Party 8 On Wii In June News

Party on(line) Mario? No. Unfortunately not.

10 May 2007

Total Worldwide DS Sales Top 40 Million News

16 million of which are in Japan

10 May 2007

The Charts: God Of War II No Longer Worshipped News

God of War II falls victim to arachnoid deicide

09 May 2007

China: Games On The Rise News

Banned consoles still selling

08 May 2007

Movie Studios Will Dictate PS3 Console War Win News

So says Wedbush Morgan analyst

08 May 2007

Metroid Pinball Arrives UK And European Date Confirmed News

20 months after the USA...

08 May 2007

Miyamoto: I Could Make Halo News

But he chooses not to

08 May 2007

Iwata Alludes to DS as Multi-Functional Device News

DS To Go Multimedia?

04 May 2007

Microsoft’s Robbie Bach: Brain Dump Or Dumps Brain? News

Xbox hardest piece of hardware to make. Profit next year. Wii is no good… and more…

04 May 2007

Virtual Console: SEGA Love-Fest 2 News

WARNING! SEGA fanboys should wear a bib

04 May 2007

Wii "Back In Stock" In UK News

Not an advert - information

01 May 2007

Control Your Game Fate... With Your Mind News

More mind-bending advances....

01 May 2007

The Charts: God of War II Proves PS2 Still Alive News

But is it just a party console?

01 May 2007

Analysts Strike Again: Nintendo Bad For Gaming News

Nintendo's spoiling it for everyone else

30 Apr 2007

Nintendo Developing 124 New Games News

Wii to get software boost

30 Apr 2007

Nintendo Says Wii Shortages “Abnormal” News

DS production now at record high

27 Apr 2007

Virtual Console Gets Kidnap Fetish News

It's F-F-F-Friday!

27 Apr 2007

Japanese Chart: Itsa Me! Mario! News

Super Paper Mario tears up the chart

26 Apr 2007

Nintendo Posts Yet More ‘Record Financials’ News

DS dominates Earth, Wii to follow suit

26 Apr 2007

Wario Coming To Nintendo DS In June News

Suitable weirdness to ensue

25 Apr 2007

Analysts Attack! Wii In Short Supply Until 2009 News

Is it still the year of the PS2?

25 Apr 2007

Nintendo Scorns Mod Chips News

It's wrong, apparently

24 Apr 2007

Wii Love Spider-Man 3: Trailer Here! News

This is what web-slinging looks like on a Wii

24 Apr 2007

Miyamoto More Influential Than George Bush News

Nintendo guru currently Number 2 in Time 100 polls

24 Apr 2007

The Charts: Nintendo Bags First Number 1 In Four Years News

Pokemon Ranger kicks cutesy posterior

24 Apr 2007

New In The Arcades - April '07 News

Unachievable@Home – is the new mantra of those working in out-of-home interactive entertainment.

23 Apr 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

DS Stomps On US Hardware Competition News

PS3 trails at the back

20 Apr 2007

Phoenix Wright Sequel Tops Japanese Charts News

An impressive eight Nintendo games in top ten

20 Apr 2007

Star Fox Flies Onto Wii Virtual Console News

Donkey Kong Jr. calculates his way into your living room

20 Apr 2007

Nintendo Cleans Up At Industry Awards News

Any room left on Mario's mantlepiece for all those trophies?

20 Apr 2007

New Donkey Kong Wii Game Detailed News

Shake those rocket-powered barrels!

19 Apr 2007

Pangya Golf To Tee Off On Wii In June News

Magic caddies and all...

19 Apr 2007

Virtual Console Gets Neo Geo Games News

King of Fighters, Metal Slug and more on the way

18 Apr 2007

Resident Evil On Wii Out In June News

Roll on hot and evil summer nights

18 Apr 2007

The Charts: Has Imagination Finally Died? News

TMNT takes the top spot

17 Apr 2007

Jam Today - On Your DS News

Music making madness

17 Apr 2007

Sonic Rushes Back To DS: First Screens News

SEGA passes Nintendo another love note

16 Apr 2007

Nintendo Share Price Highest In 45 Years News

Sony and Microsoft's numbers suffer in Japan

16 Apr 2007

Dreamcast Beats PlayStation In Review Ratings News

Good old statistics come to the rescue once again...

16 Apr 2007

Donkey Kong Climbs Again News

Up a real building, no less

16 Apr 2007

Pac-Man Hits Virtual Console News

28 years old and still hungry

13 Apr 2007

Wii Internet Channel: No More Beta - Parental Filters On! News

But don't worry, parents, your kids will be safe from that evil porn

12 Apr 2007

Wii Health And Wii Music Coming Soon! News

Greek Nintendo distributor spills the beans

12 Apr 2007

Wii Shortages Will Continue Says Nintendo News

People keep buying the damn things!

11 Apr 2007

Multiplayer Robot Wars On Nintendo DS! News

Craig Charles, eat your oily heart out

11 Apr 2007

Leaked: Wii Outselling PS3 in Sony's Third Week News

Three clearly NOT the magic number

11 Apr 2007

The Charts: Where Are The PS3 Exclusives? News

Command & Conquer hangs in at the top

11 Apr 2007

SimCity DS: New Screens! News

This is what a pocket city looks like

10 Apr 2007

Digital Radio via Wii and PS3 News

Virgin Radio leads the charge

10 Apr 2007

Sega Week On Virtual Console News

Nintendo loves Sega now

05 Apr 2007

Nintendo Ups Earnings Forecasts News


05 Apr 2007

Wii Blaster - The Nintendo Gun Is On The Way News

So says GameStop

05 Apr 2007

The World’s 100 Top Developers News

UK pwns Japan. Take that!

04 Apr 2007

Nintendo’s UK Upcoming Releases: Full List! News

Still no GameCube releases...

04 Apr 2007

Mario Kicks Off in Wii's First Online Game News

Mario Strikers - also Wii's first football game - gets release date

03 Apr 2007

Solar-Powered, Carbon-Neutral Wii and DS News

Not a late April Fool’s gag. Honest.

03 Apr 2007

The Charts: PS3 Knocked Off The Top News

Resistance falls

03 Apr 2007

Miyamoto - On Online Wii Play News

New, different types of networked, online play promised

03 Apr 2007

Incredible Zelda and Mario Inspired Art News

Desktop DIY time - can you say ‘new wallpaper please’?

03 Apr 2007

Latest News From Japan: Nintendo Museum in Osaka News

Latest from our man in Japan

03 Apr 2007

E For All Prices Confirmed News

E3 replacement gathers steam

02 Apr 2007

Nintendo: Saying 'Yes' To Everything Can Go Wrong News

More English Training available in Japan

02 Apr 2007

SPOnG Interviews Sega and Nintendo on Mario/Sonic Olympics News

Together at last! The dream!

30 Mar 2007

Nintendo Wiis All At Sea News

That’s where they’ve all gone…

30 Mar 2007

Virtual Console: Boxing Dragons! News

Kind of...

30 Mar 2007

Nintendo Says Yes to E for All News

Not drugs, dummy! It’s an expo. For all.

29 Mar 2007

Paper Mario: New Screens! News

Nintendo tries to screw with your spatial awareness

29 Mar 2007

Nintendo Puzzle Frenzy and Wii Screen Splurge News

Picross on DS, plus Trauma Center and Big Brain Academy on Wii

29 Mar 2007

Sonic & Mario: Miyamoto is “Heavily Involved” News

Miyamoto blesses the team-up

29 Mar 2007

Can PS3 Maintain Sales Momentum? News

600,000 Plus PS3s Already Sold In Europe

29 Mar 2007

Sonic Lies Down With Mario In New Game News

Sonic and Mario game coming soon. Really!

28 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 Elite Finally Confirmed News

120Gb drive is also to be sold separately

28 Mar 2007

New Wii NiGHTS Shifts Developer News

Devs US-based. New game assured

27 Mar 2007

DS Hits 3 Million Sales News

Outdone by the PS3 launch? Nintendo's not having it

27 Mar 2007

The Charts: Did PS3 Move Games Too? News

Wii's opening weekend outdone

27 Mar 2007

New Wii Circuit Layout Screws Modchips News

Taiwan sources tell the tale

27 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch Weekend - Outsold By 360? News

So much stock, so little demand?

26 Mar 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today's NEW Releases News

It turns out there's been a console launch...

23 Mar 2007

Nintendo Makes Web More Wii-Friendly News

Opera Browser Set For Wii Update

23 Mar 2007

Virtual Console Gets Linked Up (Again) News

This weeks VC offerings

23 Mar 2007

Sing With Your Wii! News

EA strengthens support for Nintendo

22 Mar 2007

Latest News From Japan - Professor Layton + Twilight Princess A Dud! News

SPOnG’s man in Japan delivers the first of his regular round-up. So, let’s talk Japanese games - in English, for convenience.

20 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Ram Raids The Charts News

But only gently

20 Mar 2007

Nintendo Admits To DS Shortages News

Wii isn't the only Nintendo hardware with production issues

19 Mar 2007

Wii To Get External Hard Drive? News

Nintendo hits the boardroom

19 Mar 2007

Nintendo Wii Spanks The Competition News

In the USA

16 Mar 2007

E For All: Sony And Nintendo Confirmed News

E3 fill-in gains momentum

16 Mar 2007

Mario Galaxy Two Player Confirmed! News

But Nintendo doesn't want you to know that

16 Mar 2007

Virtual Console: Turtles Vs Jason! News

Thank Nintendo It's Friday

16 Mar 2007

Nintendo Struggling To Meet Wii Demand News

Marketing director spins like a maverick DJ

15 Mar 2007

Unique Friend Lists For Wii Confirmed News

Wii shares online gaming flaw with DS

15 Mar 2007

Your PS3 Could Cost The Earth News

The eco-facists or earth-angels descend on games...

15 Mar 2007

Kill Your Console Before It Kills You News

One in three adults own consoles, says new survey

14 Mar 2007

The Charts: Final Fantasy Shot Down + GTA Shoots Up News

Advanced Warfighter... advances

13 Mar 2007

GDC: Zelda Phantom Hourglass, flOw, Blue Dragon, Motorstorm - HANDS ON ROUND-UP! News

SPOnG's gaming hands-on at the heart of the beast....

12 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 To Battle PSP and Nintendo DS? News

AMD bloody well hopes so

12 Mar 2007

PlayStation Home To Launch In October News

Home details leaked

12 Mar 2007

Nintendo Bashes PlayStation Home News

Rumour suggests it may have been in development longer than you think

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Mario Galaxy Vid! News

Cosmic plumbing

09 Mar 2007

Virtual Console Gets Medieval News

Virtual Console and Xbox Live get their first crossover

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Nintendo’s Miyamoto Keynote – A History Lesson Not A Future Watch News

Sony wins GDC hands-down… Nintendo's share deal could have gagged new annoucements

08 Mar 2007

GDC: Gears of War Cleans Up At Awards News

Game Developers Choice Awards dishes out the honours

08 Mar 2007

Nintendo US Releases: No GameCube News

More evidence that the GameCube is dead

08 Mar 2007

GDC: Wii Is Piece Of Shit News

Two GameCubes plus duct tape says Spore developer

08 Mar 2007

Nintendo’s Share Shake-Up News

Price declared for Japanese government sell-off its Nintendo holdings….

07 Mar 2007

The Charts: Can Sonic Smash The Rogue Tomato? News

Find out the movers and shakers in the All Formats chart...

05 Mar 2007

Deep Penetration In The Home News

No, not that kind of penetration

05 Mar 2007

New Wii Manufacturing For Nintendo News

And find out what gives Reggie nightmares.

05 Mar 2007

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Gagged Due To Share Deal News

Stock no comment at GDC

05 Mar 2007

Streets of Rage on Virtual Console News

Plus Sword of Vermillion, Bio-Hazard Battle and Chew Man-Fu

02 Mar 2007

Sony Bigger Than Nintendo And Microsoft Combined News

In-house software development will win out for PS3

01 Mar 2007

Report: Only Nintendo Makes Cash From Handhelds News

But Sony saved console game publishers...

01 Mar 2007

Wii On Porn: Christian Right Foams At Mouth News

Think about the children

28 Feb 2007

EA Confirms Wii and DS Support With MySims News

Coming to a ‘casual’ platform near you this year.

27 Feb 2007

The Charts: A Final Fantasy! News

Despite fastest-selling console game of the year, sales are down…

26 Feb 2007

Nintendo of America - Shootings in PS3 Queues Apparently Amusing News

Reggie goes a bit 'Perrin'...

26 Feb 2007

Wii In One Third Of US And Japanese Homes By 2011 News

No predictions of Europe – maybe we’ll still have GameCubes

23 Feb 2007

Line Rider For Wii! News

Well… sort of…

23 Feb 2007

Ocarina, Icarus For Virtual Console! News

A golden shower of classics for Wii

23 Feb 2007

Nintendo Denies Death Of GameCube. Left Hand Not Talking To Right Hand? News

Kaplan talking out of tiredness… or hat?

23 Feb 2007

The PS3 Confused With Wii News

Lots of online action for pre-orders plus some hilarity!

22 Feb 2007

Nintendo Confirms The GameCube Is Officially Dead News

Top Nintendo Executive kills it… still no Wii online... still no DVD

22 Feb 2007

Sneak Peek at Japanese Wii Goodies: Can you say: Doubutsu NO Mori? News

No. But you can say "Animal Crossing" bitches!

22 Feb 2007

Questions Raised About Wii Health Research News

Who exactly commissioned it? Which other consoles were used?

21 Feb 2007

Development Big Guns Swallow Wii Dev Kits. Indie Wait Extended News

Grumbling developers grumble. Promised slew of new blood slips

21 Feb 2007

NES and SNES Controllers for Wii. Wired and Wireless News

We heart geeks with soldering irons and too much time on their hands!

21 Feb 2007

Charge! Your Wii News

Thrusting and Wii'ing all in the same story...

20 Feb 2007

Wii – Kids Burn 40% More Calories Says Research News

Wii-ing makes you lose weight – it’s official!

19 Feb 2007

As Useful as a Chocolate Wii Controller News

Wondering what to do with your empty Wii Remote boxes?

19 Feb 2007

Something for the Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Details? Packshots? Screens? SPOnG's got em all...

16 Feb 2007

Harvest Moon DS Out This Easter News

Sowing the seeds of handheld love this April

16 Feb 2007

Wii Cracked News

No comment from a complacent Nintendo?

16 Feb 2007

Shigeru Miyamoto: Wii Is For Mothers! News

Design genius speaks his mind on violence and the opposition.

16 Feb 2007

Latest Virtual Console News: Excitebike And More! News

Excitebike, Kirby's Adventure, R-Type III and more!

16 Feb 2007

Everybody Votes On Wii News

New channel available

14 Feb 2007

Okami on Wii? News

Reports suggest 'yes'

13 Feb 2007

The Charts: Computer Says "Woe" News

TV tie-in tops 'tastic wolf magic.

13 Feb 2007

Kameo and Viva Piñata DS-bound? News

“Makes a lot of sense" says Microsoft’s Shane Kim

13 Feb 2007

Wii Worldwide Online Play - Not Yet News

Also, shooting people is now part of a marketing strategy.

12 Feb 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Loads and loads of them

09 Feb 2007

Super Mario World On Virtual Console! News

And the moustachieod one is joined by Link

09 Feb 2007

NYC Blues: $100 Handheld Gaming Fine News

Don't cross the road and get killed. Otherwise you'll get fined.

08 Feb 2007

Wii Dominates Japanese Sales as PlayStation 3 Goes Missing News

Nothing from SCE or MS in games top ten

08 Feb 2007

Forget Apple It's The Mario-Phone News

Did the DS keep it from shelves?

07 Feb 2007

Ultimate Nintendo Fanboy/Girl Mii Sculpture News

Bespoke mini sculptures of your Wii Mii

06 Feb 2007

PS3 Price Plummet Predicts Japanese Expert News

Rumour of the PS3's price changes gain yet more credence as Famitsu boss speaks out.

06 Feb 2007

Gradius Flies Onto Virtual Console News

Classic sh'mup pops up your Wii pipe

02 Feb 2007

Mario Kart 64 on Wii Today News

Thank Nintendo it’s Friday!

26 Jan 2007

Wii News Goes Live Tomorrow News

Set to launch globally

25 Jan 2007

Nintendo Announces Record Profits Yet Again News

How many record-breaking financial reports do they have?

25 Jan 2007

A New Wii Remote? News

The rumour mill grinds on

24 Jan 2007

Super Paper Mario Only on Wii This April News

Makes 'interesting' use of Wii Remote. Details inside.

23 Jan 2007

DS Sells 10 Million in Europe News

Handheld hits record books.

22 Jan 2007

Street Fighter II Hits Virtual Console News

As does Super Probotector. Thank Nintendo it’s Friday!

19 Jan 2007

Microsoft: "No reason to put anything down on a hard disk" News

And Gates goes for Nintendo and Sony...

18 Jan 2007

The Charts: Nintendo Sees Sales Surge News

Wario storms the charts.

16 Jan 2007

Nintendo First To UK Xmas Figures News

Wii sells nearly 200k units in Blighty in December

15 Jan 2007

Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2 European Launch Dated News

Mario gets really, really small

15 Jan 2007

Virtual Console Update: Thank Nintendo It’s Friday! News

This week: Namco classic, Xevious

12 Jan 2007

Nintendo to Sell 21 Million Wii Games and 100 Million DS Games News

This (Japanese) financial year!

10 Jan 2007

Wii Virtual Console Update: 36 Games On The Way News

Including Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario World.

09 Jan 2007

Mario Kart 64 and Kid Icarus on Virtual Console News

Plus Zelda II and R-Type 2. In Japan.

04 Jan 2007

Porn on Wii Cracked Out News

Porn ennui?

04 Jan 2007

Iwata Picks Up Award For 'Most Influential Videogame Executive' News

With Sony's Ken Kutaragi a close second!

03 Jan 2007

Wii Training – Be Fitter, Happier, More Productive in 2007 News

Detailed Wii Sports tips and tricks guide here

02 Jan 2007

Wii Sports: Has Nintendo Gone Pro? News

'The lapsed, the ladies and the elderly' report back

02 Jan 2007

Wii Sniffs One Million Mark in Japan News

Beats all-comers as in Japanese race for sales

29 Dec 2006

Your Face On Your Wii News

Plus Tingle's Balloon Fight for free...

29 Dec 2006

The Charts: Need for Speed Regains Pole Position News

EA celebrates dominating the charts in '06

28 Dec 2006

Mario’s Getting Into Wii News

New Wii Virtual Console titles available for Christmas in America and Japan

22 Dec 2006

Wii: Internet Telly for Dummies Now Available News

Free beta version of Opera browser launches today

22 Dec 2006

DS and Wii to Get It On in 2007 News

‘Offering new forms of gameplay, fun and interaction’ says Nintendo

21 Dec 2006

Nintendo Responds to Daily Mail Accusations About Wonky Wiis News

Fairy lights do NOT affect Wii games

21 Dec 2006

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on DS Dated and Detailed News

Latest versions of Nintendo’s kiddy-crack franchise out April

21 Dec 2006

Wii Classic Controller Hacked - Plus Full Virtual Console List News

Want to fix up your cabling? Read on

21 Dec 2006

Wii Internet On The Telly This Christmas News

Forget Queenies’ speech, surf with Opera instead

20 Dec 2006

Nintendo Cited In Wii Class Action Suit News

More pointless litigation as US lawyers seek new ways to finance next month's car.

20 Dec 2006

Wii Weather Channel - Like Google Earth for Dummies News

Today's forecast: it’s cold up north

19 Dec 2006

Entire Wii Line-Up for Jan-March 07 Inside News

Roll on Easter!

19 Dec 2006

Nintendo DS – Complete Line-up for Jan-March 07 News

Or ‘Q1’ in games industry speak

19 Dec 2006

Wiis Creep Onto Shelves News

SPOnG tries to have one

18 Dec 2006

Female Journalist Attacked for New Wii News

Xmas shopper’s anger levels reach danger-pitch

18 Dec 2006

Nintendo Releases Official Statement on Proper Wii Remote Usage News

Not a recall, says Nintendo, but "...we will be providing replacement wrist straps free of charge..."

15 Dec 2006

BBC Report on Wii Strap Recall - WRONG News

A mere 0.001% of users have experienced problems

15 Dec 2006

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves and ExciteTruck Dated for Europe News

Second must-buy Wii title to dance away those winter blues

14 Dec 2006

Sony PR Chief Says Wii is a Novelty News

Has this man played Zelda?

14 Dec 2006

Region-free Wii Gaming Imminent - Golden Wii News Shower Inside News

Plus, cheap as chips online dongle and nifty SD/USB card reader

13 Dec 2006

325,000 Wiis Sold Across Europe in Two Days News

Blimey! Nintendo ‘pwns’ Christmas 2006

13 Dec 2006

Wii is Fastest Selling Console in UK Chart History News

Nintendo is quite pleased

12 Dec 2006

The Charts: Wii-E Weekend Pays Off News

Wii for the Win?

12 Dec 2006

New Zelda Game for Wii Has Been in Development for a Year News

Plus! Dirty, filthy rumours on new Zelda for DS slipping 'til late 2007.

11 Dec 2006

Nintendo Wii-lease Official US Sales Figures News

Wii-markable, Wii don’t be-Wii’ve it!

08 Dec 2006

Wii Launch: Media Scrum on Oxford Street News

The London crowds lap up the Wii

08 Dec 2006

Wii Launch In The UK News

All the fuss was on Oxford Street in London, but what about the ‘provinces’? SPOnG investigates.

08 Dec 2006

PS3 Sales Fly Past Xbox 360 in Japan News

Total sales of the PS3 in Japan have surpassed those of the Xbox360 in just four weeks! Wii outsells everything else combined!

08 Dec 2006

Police Disperse London Wii Queue News

Concern about fights possibly breaking in the queue

07 Dec 2006

Yet Another Wii TV Smash... News

And this one is recreated with an Etch-A-Sketch!

07 Dec 2006

Wii-E Day Countdown News

Queues begin to form across the UK. Come and meet SPOnG as you buy your Wii.

07 Dec 2006

How to Wii Safely News

Nintendo Cares

06 Dec 2006

Wii Sells 372,000+ in Japan News

Figures from the Japanese launch are in, and Nintendo may trump its own sales predictions

05 Dec 2006

First Wii Virtual Console Titles Today News

Donkey Kong Jr, Columns, Victory Run and Ristar available for purchase

05 Dec 2006

Biggest Console Launch Ever - One Million Wiis Sold News

The biggest console launch in history sees Nintendo's share price drop.

04 Dec 2006

Spoof Wii Ad Takes Potshot at Sony News

Wii ad copies Sony’s effort to make motion-control its own

04 Dec 2006

SSX – Wii in the Snow News

Wise man say don’t eat yellow snow

01 Dec 2006

Trauma Center on Wii Slips to Spring News

Time to ship over a US Wii?

29 Nov 2006

DS Wees On The Competition News

Nintendo hits the 2-million mark.

29 Nov 2006

Nintendo Announces Details of UK Wii Launch News

Hang with some C-listers at HMV’s flagship Oxford Street store

29 Nov 2006

WiiConnect24 – First List of Games Inside News

Elebits, Pokemon, Metroid and lots more 'always on' online goodness

28 Nov 2006

Nintendo Shifts 600,000 Wii’s in First Week on Sale News

Plus 454,000 copies of Zelda. Ten day countdown to UK launch begins.

28 Nov 2006

Microsoft Cuts Price of 360 for Christmas? News

As mums panic and Wii pre-orders become a must

27 Nov 2006

Wii - Stealth Exercise and Tennis Elbow News

Lazy gamers report feeling muscles for first time in years

27 Nov 2006

Wii: Disc Issues and Interweb Hacks News

News on teething troubles and opportunistic hackers

27 Nov 2006

Business Week on Wii: ‘One Ferocious Underdog’ News

America's leading business weekly pegs Wii as 'outstanding'

23 Nov 2006

Amazon UK Sells Out of Wii’s in Two Minutes Flat News

Some kind of record?

22 Nov 2006

Nintendo DS: Sixth Title Hits the Million Mark in Europe News

Wii’s little brother continues to outperform PSP

21 Nov 2006

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – New Trailer Here News

After Zelda, comes Metroid

21 Nov 2006

Nintendo’s UK Marketing Director on US Wii Launch News

UK buoyed by ‘phenomenal’ US launch over the weekend

20 Nov 2006

WiiCade – Homebrew Web Games on Wii News

Browser-based Flash games specifically for Wii

20 Nov 2006

Danger! Flying Wii-mote Warning News

Wii-mote Strap Prevents Broken Tellies

20 Nov 2006

Wii: Amazon UK Opens Pre-Orders On Nov 21st News

But surely everybody has already ordered one?

20 Nov 2006

US Wii Launch: Hardware Over Hype News

Media battle lost, but sales war won

19 Nov 2006

Nintendo Launches MP3 Player for DS News

*Cough* Did somebody say ‘iPod Killer’?

17 Nov 2006

Miyamoto – Wii Should Have Been Sub-$100 News

Plus! Is Miyamoto a 'Mommy's Boy'?

17 Nov 2006

Wii News and Weather Channels Miss Launch News

This is the news!

17 Nov 2006

Strange Japanese Businessmen Deliver Wii to NYC Hipsters News

First US Wii TV commercial deconstructed right here.

15 Nov 2006

Wii Mark 2 With DVD Functionality Due 2007 News

Wii to use software-based DVD playback in the latter part of next year.

14 Nov 2006

Wii: Spending More Than A Penny News

Nintendo's $200million Wii Marketing Blitz: Full Details

13 Nov 2006

Someone Shows off White Wii-Wii Controller News

Someone's confused the Wii-mote with something else entirely

10 Nov 2006

Wii - Where to Pre-Order Now! News

Non-specialist retailers are the key to your dreams

10 Nov 2006

Reggie Fils-Aime – Taking Gaming From ‘A Class to the Mass’ News

Fighting talk from the Nintendo bossman at Montreal Game Summit

10 Nov 2006

Additional Amazing Virtual Console Line-Up Confirmed News

That's if you manage to have a Wii this coming Christmas

09 Nov 2006

Fils-Aime Pledges no More Wii Secrets News

11th hour surprises ruled out. Commits to global ship numbers

09 Nov 2006

Play Guitar on Nintendo DS News

Stranger things have happened…

08 Nov 2006

PilotWings, Duck Hunt, Kid Icarus and More for Wii’s Virtual Console News

Now everybody and their dad will be bursting for a Wii.

08 Nov 2006

Circuit City Selling ‘The Nintendo Fusion’ News

Some con-fusion somewhere in Circuit City

08 Nov 2006

Wii UK Sampling Tour Kicks Off – Details Inside News

Welcome to the Wii house!

03 Nov 2006

Star Fox Command DS Releases January News

Full details and latest pics inside

02 Nov 2006

South Park on Wii: ‘Like Waiting for Christmas Times a Thousand!” News

Cartman can’t stand the wait, so cryogenically freezes himself

02 Nov 2006

Nintendo to Shift Four Million Wiis in Six Weeks News

From the November 19th US launch through to New Year’s Eve - somehow we mention a 1960s sexy-lady...

01 Nov 2006

Wii: First 31 Virtual Console Titles Announced News

Plus, final Euro launch line-up of new titles confirmed inside

01 Nov 2006

Harvest Moon DS – Euro Launch Early 2007 News

Marry one of the local lusty farm girls, on your DS!

31 Oct 2006

Awards Are Awarded... News

Games industry people congratulate each other before becoming tired and emotional...

27 Oct 2006

Nintendo Releases New Bunch of Wii Experience Vids News

Day One in the Wii House

26 Oct 2006

US Wii campaign kicks off with HUGE Times Square Ad News

SPOnG polls the slightly befuddled New York public

25 Oct 2006

Wii – UK Roll Out Plans Detailed News

£18 million pre-Xmas marketing blitz for Wii and DS

23 Oct 2006

Wii Online Play IS Free Despite Sony Claims News

Sony muddying the waters regarding Wii's online costs

23 Oct 2006

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves Slips Till Spring News

SPOnG suspicion confirmed as Wario slips from our grasp. Bah!

19 Oct 2006

Xbox 360 or Wii? The Mums Decide News

Mother knows best

13 Oct 2006

Wii Family Health Check-Up Heads to Europe News

Plus, DS Recipe Book and more. Full Wii update inside.

12 Oct 2006

Wii and PS3: US Launch Line-ups Detailed News

Smart Money pegs Need For Speed: Carbon as Christmas Number One.

10 Oct 2006

The Charts: Football Fever Pitch News

Or should that be ‘FIFA Pitch’?

10 Oct 2006

Wii-Mote Rubber Gloves: Details and Pics News

Plus, retailer mark-ups outlined.

09 Oct 2006

Yoshi's Island DS: Artwork and New Info News

Carry Nintendo babies, throw know the kind of thing.

05 Oct 2006

Create a Wii Mii Today News

Unofficial flash version of Wii’s Mii creator inside

03 Oct 2006

Wii Update: Wario, Virtual Console, Zelda, Heroes News

Video news updates on all inside.

02 Oct 2006

Wii Dashboard Emerges News

Never leave the sofa again!

29 Sep 2006

Reggie to Dish Up Wii in NYC News

Launch gold for Photoshop owners everywhere...

28 Sep 2006

Wii Freely on the Web - For a Limited Period News

Opera-based browser available gratis until Summer 2007.

27 Sep 2006

Nintendo Announces Biggest Ever Online Spend News

‘Wii Move You’ tagline blitz planned.

25 Sep 2006

North America Gets a Million Wiis News

But only 400,000 PlayStation 3's for launch.

25 Sep 2006

Wii Photo Channel - Latest Details News

Killer USP or gimmick?

22 Sep 2006

TGS: Wii For The Win? News

According to Famitsu Publisher and Japanese Analysts

22 Sep 2006

Rumour: GTA on Wii News

Plus! Free GTA4 tattoos, says our barber.

21 Sep 2006

Peter Moore Goes Cold on Wii60 News

Plus! Outlines ideal 360 consumer as 23 year-old College Jock.

21 Sep 2006

Business Week Analyses Wii Strategy - 40 Million to Ship News

By 2011. Compared with 71 million PS3's, mind.

21 Sep 2006

Game On Exhibition Returns to London News

Courtesy of Nintendo and the Science Museum

18 Sep 2006

'Late and Costly' Wii Rumoured to be in Response to PS3 Delay News

London event gossip mongery sparks controversy

15 Sep 2006

Exclusive: Wii Interview with Nintendo UK's David Yarnton News

A Nintendo Store for London? Plus other tasty excerpts right inside

15 Sep 2006

Wii Internet Channel - Free. For Now. News

Details on the Wii's Tellynet for tech-tards

15 Sep 2006

Wii to be Region-Free News

...and what about DVD movies?

15 Sep 2006

Full US Wii Line-up Details News

21 of the beauties, with Zelda at the top of the list

15 Sep 2006

Wii for Europe: £179, 8th December News

Family fun, girls nights in and a blabbering blonde bombshell

15 Sep 2006

UPDATED: Nintendo Launches News

Videos detailing character creation, news and weather channels and menu system inside

14 Sep 2006

Japanese Wii Launch Announcement Coverage News

Wii Pricing, hardware, games all detailed. Finally.

14 Sep 2006

Nintendo Wii: US Launch Details Now! News

November 19 launch - $250. Mario delayed...

13 Sep 2006

Internet Lie Factory Falls Flat at Nintendo Conference News

Well, not at the conference. Read on...

13 Sep 2006

Wii to Ship With Update Disc. Online Beta Dated News

System update and WiiConnect details emerge.

13 Sep 2006

Iwata Interviews Wii's Designers News

Nintendo president secretly wants to be a games journalist.

12 Sep 2006

Accessorise Your Wii: Bags and Bits and Bobs News

Catheter and colostomy bag gags not inside.

11 Sep 2006

A Wii For Europe - Under £150 in November News

Great sites think alike. Reliable Interactive Entertainment Weekly believes!

08 Sep 2006

Nintendo Korea 'Mob' Claims Flare News

Weird news from Seoul

08 Sep 2006

Big Wii News Actually Quite Small News

Broadway Chip with Nintendo. Woo...

08 Sep 2006

Princess Zelda Takes a Massive Wii News

900 miles across? Unlikely...

05 Sep 2006

Learn English on Your DS News

Another reason to not bother learning foreign-speak.

04 Sep 2006

DS Owns Japan! News

Shock and awe in all-DS top ten chart.

31 Aug 2006

Nintendo Event in London September 15 News

Wii release date?

30 Aug 2006

Sony on Wii Pricepoint News

Claims PlayStation 2 sales will unsettle Wii.

30 Aug 2006

Two Million Cheats Blighting Nintendo Wi-Fi! News

We jest! DS online milestone reached.

29 Aug 2006

Wii Deliberately Shown as Underpowered? News

For 'a surprise', apparently...

29 Aug 2006

Blow for Wii Online as Third-Parties Denied Ability at Launch News

What's actually happening on the inside, inside

25 Aug 2006

Sony Announces Full Playable PS3 Line-Up for TGS News

Plus Nintendo announcements next week. Finally.

24 Aug 2006

Breaking: Nintendo Commits to Sub £170 Wii News

German boss reveals pricing thoughts...

24 Aug 2006

Leipzig: Nintendo Conference – Full Rundown News

Pink DS Lite, plus Mario Strikers Charged and Battalion Wars II for Wii.

23 Aug 2006

Life Complete: Tetris Fridge Magnets! News

Visa, card number 4421 5445...

23 Aug 2006

Nintendo Scoops Award for Brain Training News

Is mental arithmetic the new rock and roll?

22 Aug 2006

The Charts – Cars in Road Block at the Top News

The UK games industry’s midsummer coasting period.

22 Aug 2006

Zelda on Wii: Swordplay Confirmed News

Miyamoto shares some good news.

21 Aug 2006

DS Exclusive: Actionloop Screen Shower News

All the latest on new first-party action puzzler.

18 Aug 2006

Drink In Cheap Wii! Sub-£100 Gathers Pace News

Nintendo Europe bossman stresses affordability

18 Aug 2006

Virtual Console: Wii to Host the New Old School! News

SPOnG buys into development kit dreams

17 Aug 2006

Zelda Controller Confusion Cleared: No GC Pad for Wii News

NOA's George Harrison outlines unpopular plans

17 Aug 2006

Nintendo’s Fils-Aime Confirms Wii’s Online Service is Free News

Plus, Tokyo Analysts foresee a £90 price-point for console!

16 Aug 2006

Wii: Controlling Your Diet in 2006 News

Diet Training mooted. Belly-busting info inside.

16 Aug 2006

The Charts: Movie Cash-Ins Fail to Cash-In News

Budget bonanza as summer holiday buying trails off.

15 Aug 2006

Wii Rumour: Headsets. Voice Recognition News

Censored online play the goal

15 Aug 2006

Wii Clocks: Looming Release Date Debunked News

Major stores take delivery. Leipzig likely switch-on.

14 Aug 2006

DS Mortgage Extended - Yoshi's Island 2 Details Break News

Another actual must-have for Nintendo's portable

14 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Nintendo Europe Boss on All Things Wii News

Laurent Fischer on name, price, release dates...

14 Aug 2006

Nintendo's Wii Conference Invitation News

Much use of 'the other pun'.

11 Aug 2006

Nintendo Wii Prepares Stunning Launch News

Quality and quantity, first and third-party...

11 Aug 2006

Nintendo Shifts Half a Million 'Brain Training' in Europe News

Mindscape take note. Jump on brainbox bandwagon.

10 Aug 2006

DS Lite Opera Browser Dated for Europe News

Full details inside, plus video reviews.

08 Aug 2006

UPDATE: Wii Launch Gossip Explosion! News

Price, dates, colours, portable GameCube, more...

08 Aug 2006

Microsoft and Nintendo Sued Over Controller Patent News

Gold-digging jokers in Texas try it on with a patent scam.

04 Aug 2006

Third-Parties Flocking to Wii. Hints at Low PS3 Ship News

Development costs attractive or scant Sony numbers?

03 Aug 2006

Nintendo Backs Leaner, Meaner E3 News

Still no word from the Microsoft or Sony camps.

02 Aug 2006

More Wii Specs. Must be Another Day News

Processor, GPU, fictional side notes...?

01 Aug 2006

UPDATED: Nintendo Europe Makes Big Wii Promise News

Wii Prove Our Promise in Germany

01 Aug 2006

Red Steel – Detailed Character Profiles News

Plus loads of new media inside

28 Jul 2006

Official DS Headset – Pics of New Must-Have News

Now we can finally play Nintendogs on the tube.

28 Jul 2006

Trauma Center: Second Opinion – Confirmed for Wii Launch News

Ooh doctor! Is that a defibrillator in your pocket?

28 Jul 2006

42 All-Time Classics on Nintendo DS - Full Info News

Wi-Fi compatible classic board, card and parlour games

27 Jul 2006

Nintendo Plays Hilarious Joke on Fanboys News

US release schedule for fourth quarter is Wii free.

25 Jul 2006

Chart News: A Good Week for Handheld Movie Cash-Ins News

Ver kids stock up on holiday games.

25 Jul 2006

Nintendo – let the good times roll News

Japanese giant ups profit forecast by 28 per cent

24 Jul 2006

Nintendo’s Lifestyle PR campaign falters in UK News

But it doesn’t matter, it's in a magazine nobody reads

20 Jul 2006

Animal Crossing Movie: Trailer News

All in Japanese, but we still love it

19 Jul 2006

Latest Over-Analysed Nintendo Fan Wii Mystery News

It's a button. Probably...

18 Jul 2006

Wii Controller. Fresh Info. Now! News

How, why, not quite when. Great stuff inside...

18 Jul 2006

UK Charts: a Summer Holiday boost News

GTA stands firm at the top, Prey closing in

18 Jul 2006

Pokemon DS Voicechat - details inside News

Kiddy-crack wondertoy trading game introduces VOIP

17 Jul 2006

UK Power Legislation Unlikely to Impact WiiConnect News

Nintendo to re-position online service value-add

17 Jul 2006

DS Lite Cracking Up? News

But does it all hinge on this. Pun free news inside...

17 Jul 2006

Wii Saved By Electronic Arts News

Mild sarcasm belies six of the usual...

14 Jul 2006

More DS Lite Japanese Tragedy News

This time. Pikachu

14 Jul 2006

Zelda Twilight Princess! New Art! News

Things to fight, places to go.

12 Jul 2006

200,000 DS Lites Already Shifted in Europe News

Takes Euro DS total to over five million.

11 Jul 2006

The Charts: Nintendo One - Football Nil News

Liberty City Stories hangs onto top slot.

11 Jul 2006

Unreleased N64 Echo Delta Hits eBay News

Theme of 64-Bit heartbreak continues...

10 Jul 2006

Wii out in September? Not happening Says Nintendo. News

Information on 'Best Wii Party Game Ever' inside.

07 Jul 2006

The University of Big Brain Academy News

Nintendo proves that some games definitely are good for you.

07 Jul 2006

Miyamoto Reveals Lost Mario and Luigi Title News

N64 Dreams in the past...

07 Jul 2006

Wii Could Launch in September News

Most likely in October, according to analysts.

06 Jul 2006

New Nintendo DS Lite Colour Batch Expected Soon News

Led by pink. All good...

06 Jul 2006

Nintendo Attempts to Train Bush's Brain News

Advance Wars luckily not on birthday giftlist

05 Jul 2006

German Footballer Prefers DS to Football News

Probably why they’re out of World Cup, picture evidence inside.

05 Jul 2006

The Charts: Liberty City Stories Holds Firm News

But the heat is on from Mario.

04 Jul 2006

Canada Cans Mario News

Ex-Colony builds monument to world's favourite plumber

30 Jun 2006

Nintendo Announces Girlfriend-pleasing Sexy Toy News

'What to buy her for Christmas' issue solved.

28 Jun 2006

Former Nintendo Exec Merrick Resurfaces News

Merrick now heading mobile services outfit

28 Jun 2006

Nintendo DS Lite - UK Sales Figures Emerge News

Tepid start as original unit continues to shine

28 Jun 2006

CNN Deliberately Mis-quotes Miyamoto News

Chris Morris at it again...

26 Jun 2006

Wii Flap! News

When headlines write themselves. Mystery solved inside.

26 Jun 2006

Rumour: Classic Wii Pad Harbours Secret News

Just when you though Wii rumouring had no more legs...

23 Jun 2006

Opera Browser for DS – Release Details News

Want to look at naughty sites in the train toilets?

21 Jun 2006

Super Mario Galaxy: Two Player Co-Op Revealed News

Yoshi? Luigi?

21 Jun 2006

Miyamoto Sims-A-Like on the Cards? News

Two and two? About 3.25 right now...

20 Jun 2006

UK Charts: Record Five Soccer Games in Top 10 News

The previously unknown game of ‘soccer’ is a phenomenon!

19 Jun 2006

Miyamoto: WiiMote Mic Debunked. Headset Possible News

Designer outlines evolution of Revolution

19 Jun 2006

New Nintendo Patents Viewed Upside-down News

!!M and other interesting stuff...

19 Jun 2006

DS Lite gets Time Magazine’s Approval News

4 million readers, weekly. Mostly non-gamers.

16 Jun 2006

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl - New Details News

New setting, characters, gadgets, Pokémon willies and more

16 Jun 2006

Europe-bound Container of DS Lites Nicked News

Hong Kong black marketers rub hands with glee

15 Jun 2006

Nintendo DS Lite: Unqualified US Success News

Shifts 136k in two days

15 Jun 2006

UK Charts: FIFA World Cup Fervor News

EA’s officially-licensed franchise dribbles back up

13 Jun 2006

DS News - Zelda Spin-off and New Wario News

Fresh Tingle’s Rose Coloured Rupee Land.

09 Jun 2006

Pokemon Battle Revolution – First Screen and Video Inside News

It’s for the Wii, but it’s called Revolution

08 Jun 2006

Iwata Announces New Pokemon Wii Title News

Wii ship date to be announced in September, plus loads more inside.

07 Jun 2006

Nintendo’s Virtual Console – the Wii’s trump card News

Details on how Wii will play every classic Nintendo title inside

06 Jun 2006

The Charts: Agent 47 and Lara Hit Top Three News

Hitman and Her star in the All Formats chart.

06 Jun 2006

Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Latest From Game Director News

Masahiro Sakurai keeps fans in the Wii loop.

06 Jun 2006

Wii News – Latest on Opera Web Browser News

Will takes advantage of gesture-based navigation.

05 Jun 2006

Cool Stuff From Japan You Can't Buy: Famicom Alarm Clocks! News

Prepare to cry all over again

05 Jun 2006

Nintendo - astronomical sales and new DS titles News

Japan - officially Ninendomental

02 Jun 2006

Nintendo – slew of new DS titles announced News

Cooking and Common Sense Training for Adults

02 Jun 2006

Iwata: 'Nintendo is Not Anti-Technology' News

WiiConnect, WiiMote, more...

02 Jun 2006

Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl – new pics News

No real-world guns. Just bombs. Oh that’s ok then!

01 Jun 2006

Nintendogs Scoops 'Proggie' Award From PETA News

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals awards.

01 Jun 2006

DS Lite Street Date Busted News

Wal-Mart and Target offer new hardware

01 Jun 2006

Sony Denies Wii Concept Theft News

Claims counter Nintendo assertions

01 Jun 2006

Nintendo: Wii in Europe This Year News

Fischer confirms 2006 launch plans

31 May 2006

The Charts - Hitman Bang on Target News

A golden week for Eidos.

31 May 2006

Miyamoto on StarFox Wii and Super Mario Galaxy News

More words of wisdom from the videogaming god

30 May 2006

Iwata: 'I Laughed at the PlayStation 3 Controller' News

Inevitability spurs grim comedy.

30 May 2006

Nintendo Wii: £120? Or £85? News

Japanese retail sets first expectations.

30 May 2006

Six Million Wii Consoles at Launch News

Official confirmation.

30 May 2006

New Mario Sells 480,000 in One Day News

Million inside week one possible.

30 May 2006

Nintendo Further Angers Technophiles: Dolby Digital Out News

But how will Wii survive with only two speakers?

25 May 2006

Miyamoto - wasn’t too sure about Wii News

Plus, hints at face-mapping functionality

24 May 2006

DS Lite – Orgasmically Good News

Increases ladies special pleasure, according to Japanese ad.

24 May 2006

Nintendo Wii – Latest on Sensor Bar, Internet, VOIP News

All the Wii news you need to know inside.

24 May 2006

Logitech Responds to Nintendo's Open-Source Wii Offer News

Peripheral leader looking at possibilities

24 May 2006

Nintendo Launches Touch! Generations Campaign News

Brits encouraged to be more tactile.

23 May 2006

Wii Massively More Powerful Than Expected? New Specs Emerge News

Hope for fans. Mario questions answered?

23 May 2006

UK Charts: Football, Movies, Football News

Oh, and a cracking week for Animal Crossing

23 May 2006

Newsweek – Nintendo’s ‘remarkable comeback’ News

Mainstream America - 'Wii the people...'

22 May 2006

Miyamoto Brands Sony and Microsoft 'Same Old' News

'God' enters the fray.

22 May 2006

DS Lite Arrives in Europe in June News

Under £100. Plus, dalmation spotted!

22 May 2006

Uproar as Wii E3 Hardware Housed in GameCube Casing News

Nintendo responds

21 May 2006

Nintendo’s UK Boss Brands Sony a Copycat News

Yarnton tells it like it is.

19 May 2006

DS Lite – European launch News

Details finally coming next week

19 May 2006

Wii: Trauma Center and Bust-A-Move Confirmed News

Majesco and Atlus confirm Wii titles.

18 May 2006

Metroid Prime: Hunters – 'Hunt Is On Tournament' News

Hosted by HMV, trip to Seattle up for grabs.

18 May 2006

Nintendo Party Cake - first pics News

Wii cake

17 May 2006

Nintendo: 2006 Release Schedule News

GameCube still in the game, though support waning

17 May 2006

Nintendo Touch! Generations Campaign News

Website features 'The Nintendo Personality Test'.

17 May 2006

Nintendo at E3: Iwata Speaks News

Wants George Lucas to design lightsaber game.

17 May 2006

New Super Mario Bros – get! News

Plus, best videogame minisite ever?

16 May 2006

Miyamoto and Spielberg play Wii Sports News

Meanwhile, Moore gets interviewed by Space Ghost.

16 May 2006

Sony Concurs With Microsoft - Wii Will Back up PS3 News

Phil Harrison and Peter Moore - Wii agree.

16 May 2006

The Charts – Clean Sweep for FIFA News

EA’s World Cup game scores hat-trick.

16 May 2006

Animal Crossing - The Movie News

Over 3 million DS games already shipped

15 May 2006

Nintendo Releases First Official Wii Specs News

Hints at power, performance...

15 May 2006

Opera Web Browser on Nintendo DS - Pictures News

Opera browser looks encouragingly easy to use

15 May 2006

Mario - Clean Shaven News

Something deeply wrong here.

15 May 2006

Wii ExciteTruck: First Hands On News

A Trucking great laugh!

15 May 2006

WarioWare Smooth Moves: Hands On News

Ultimate example of Wii 'fun for all' strategy

15 May 2006

Wii Technology Outsourced: Details News

Third-party provides technology for new N machine

15 May 2006

Nintendo Denies Last Minute Wii Price-Pull News

On-the-record comment on missing costs

15 May 2006

Wii Hands On Impressions: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption News

A mile in the shoes of a bounty hunter...

14 May 2006

Wii Hands On Impressions: Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess News

Wii've touched it, Wii've beat it, Wii LOVE it.

14 May 2006

Wii Hands On Impressions: Super Mario Galaxy News

We take Mario for a run through the stars

14 May 2006

Miyamoto Outlines Wii and DS Interconnectivity News

Plus $249 price point and specs.

12 May 2006

Longest Ever Queue for a Wii News

Must be some kind of Guinness World Record

12 May 2006

Moore Rubbishes PS3 Pricing Strategy News

Consumers will buy Wii plus a 360 instead

11 May 2006

Nintendo E3 2006. The Only Worthwhile Analysis Online News

Shock, horror, genius...

10 May 2006

FIFA World Cup from EA Sports Still UK’s Top Game News

It’s this week’s charts!

08 May 2006

E3 2006: Word from LA News

New PS3 controller, Wii outrage, Halo 3

08 May 2006

Wario and Twilight Princess on Wii News

Zelda goes Wii-mote control.

08 May 2006

Nintendo DS Lite out June 11 for $130 News

American gamers whoop and holler.

04 May 2006

Charts: FIFA Scores Number One News

World Cup Fever officially takes hold.

03 May 2006

Wii Know a Secret News

EA exec drops nunchuck bob-omb

02 May 2006

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass News

New pics, courtesy of our French freres.

28 Apr 2006

Wii The People: Cool Reception For Nintendo Moniker News

Internet nil, Real World one.

28 Apr 2006

Nintendo Wii – Revolution Final Name News

Pronounced We, as in Wee

27 Apr 2006

New Super Mario Bros Video News

Mega Mushrooms, blue Koopa shells and more.

25 Apr 2006

The Charts: Lara Holds on to Top Slot News

Post-Easter sales slump.

25 Apr 2006

DS Lite in Black News

Plus Famitsu Awards 2005

24 Apr 2006

Katamari Designer Disses Revolution News

Takahashi the Heretic.

20 Apr 2006

Charts: Easter and Eidos Boost Sales News

Lovely Lara rules the roost.

19 Apr 2006

E3: The Drinking Game News

Aim: not to die.

19 Apr 2006

Nintendo Fans in Lather for April 20th Revolution News News

Set for massive disappointment

12 Apr 2006

Animal Crossing – Easter E-Cards News

Plus, Nintendo dishes out in-game pressies

11 Apr 2006

MCV Awards 2006 – Nintendo Rules News

UK industry hangover kicks in

07 Apr 2006

New Super Mario Bros – UK release announced News

Magic Mushroom Season Comes Early

05 Apr 2006

Nintendo-inspired Museum Opens in Kyoto News

Yamauchi and Miyamoto introduce interactive art.

04 Apr 2006

Life as a Zelda Booth Babe News

Smart, pretty girl, loves Zelda, GSOH.

30 Mar 2006

Brand Loyalty Survey - Microsoft Faces Toughest Future News

Do you trust these brands?

30 Mar 2006

Revolution Tech Specs Mooted: Uproar Ensues – Full Report News

GameCube Ver 2 claimed. Best Nintendo console ever looms

29 Mar 2006

Revolution Back-Cat May Lack Rare Gems News

First third-party snag emerges

29 Mar 2006

Cheeky Mustache Rides Mario T-Shirt News

Guaranteed to impress 'ver ladies'.

28 Mar 2006

Iwata: 'Gamers are Bored' News

New interview reveals Nintendo innovation push

28 Mar 2006

Happy Birthday Pokémon News

Biggest game franchise in history turns 10 today.

27 Mar 2006

Animal Crossing Coming to Revolution News

Series Director speaks at GDC.

24 Mar 2006

GO Nintendo GO GO GO! News

Revolution is GO?

23 Mar 2006

Told Ya! MegaDrive and Genesis Back Cat for Revolution Confirmed News

Iwata adds PC Engine to the mix too

23 Mar 2006

Shadow of Colossus wipes up at GDC Awards News

Guitar Hero and Nintendogs pick up awards for innovation

23 Mar 2006

Brand New Zelda for DS: See the Full Direct Feed GDC Trailer Here! News

Perfect blend of old and new. Click away friends

23 Mar 2006

June Revolution Launch Countdown Gains Momentum: Full Report News

Media Create Confirms SPOnG Article

22 Mar 2006

Gossip: Revolution Final Name This Week News

GDC to end painful speculation

22 Mar 2006

Seaman Creator Working on New DS Game News

Follow-up to Odama – bizarre pinball/military mash-up.

21 Mar 2006

New Mario Bros! Huge! Awesome! News

DS set to destroy Japan. And everywhere else

20 Mar 2006

Miyamoto Interview – Zelda Revolution Functionality News

Arise, Sir Shiggsy!

16 Mar 2006

Tetris Skydiving Stunt in New TV Spot News

Do NOT try this at home, kids.

15 Mar 2006

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training News

International Brain Awareness Week News.

15 Mar 2006

DS Lite sales in Japan through roof News

plus, GameCube selling more than Xboxes

14 Mar 2006

DS Lite to Hit Europe This Summer News

News follows huge turnout in Japan for coloured DS.

13 Mar 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters – Europe Gets Voice-Chat News

DS as free global mobile phone?

13 Mar 2006

Revolution Developers Interested in Gameplay Not Power News

First detailed hands-on revealed

10 Mar 2006

Get Ready for Miyamoto Webchat News

What better way to spend a Friday night?

09 Mar 2006

New Super Mario Bros. Euro Release Confirmed News

Plus over a million unique DS users online.

08 Mar 2006

Nintendo Official Magazine UK – "We Screwed Up" News

Blunder acknowledged, lie ignored.

03 Mar 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters – Developer Interview News

Full skinny on online play and more.

03 Mar 2006

DS Lite Launches in Japan News

Nintendo money-printing machine in action once more.

02 Mar 2006

Nintendo Revolution - touch sensitive? News

Interesting speculation about controller

27 Feb 2006

Princess Peach to Rescue Mario and Luigi News

Pinktastic Girl Power game launches in US today.

27 Feb 2006

DS Lite production issues - Half of expected stock ships News

Colour confusion in Japan as the US gets date. Europe waits

24 Feb 2006

DS Lite US launch – week before E3? News

Rumour of tie-in with New Super Mario Bros.

22 Feb 2006

NOMUK: Cover Lies Compounded by Bogus Power Brick Claims News

Can Future publish a credible Nintendo mag?

22 Feb 2006

New DS: Hardcore Close-Up Explicit Shots News

See the cartridge slots stretch and gape inside

22 Feb 2006

Nintendo’s Reggie Slams Sony and Microsoft News

Plus! Talk of a third DS model after Lite.

21 Feb 2006

GamerDad Interview Ignored in ABC News Debacle News

Plus gaming dads make better parents.

21 Feb 2006

Nintendo announces Trauma Centre release News

DS Doc-Sim out in Europe this Spring

20 Feb 2006

Zelda: Twilight Princess – late 2006 on GameCube News

Reggie confirms release of long awaited new Zelda

20 Feb 2006

Revolution's Secret Shared 360 Shame News

Generation Megabrick Phase II

20 Feb 2006

Moral Panic Over Nintendo DS Paedo Threat News

Company denounces ABC News report.

17 Feb 2006

Nintendo DS gets RAM Beef Injection News

At the Opera too...

17 Feb 2006

TV add-on unveiled at Japanese Nintendo DS Press Conference News

Full Report - Watch Telly on DS and more

16 Feb 2006

Opera Browser for DS Confirmed - First Screens News

Like sex in public, without the rap sheet

15 Feb 2006

Nintendo Announces New DS Colours and Features News

Turn your DS into a free mobile phone.

10 Feb 2006

Reggie confirms Iwata to drag out Revolution dripfeed at GDC News

Increasingly boring cryptic show-and-tell game refuses to die

08 Feb 2006

Nintendo of Europe Appoints New Senior Marketing Director News

Replacement found for departed Merrick. Plus! New European Brand Manager for Revolution.

31 Jan 2006

Nintendo Announce Brain Age Release Date News

Electronic Sudoku craze kicks off this Easter.

31 Jan 2006

Nintendo Responds to Red Tulip Animal Crossing Glitch News

Flower power to the people.

31 Jan 2006

The Nintendo Lectures News

Number One - The Future of Entertainment

26 Jan 2006

New Nintendo DS is Here News

And Nintendo said, Let There Be Lite.

26 Jan 2006

Nintendo's Keep Evolving Event: Full Report News

Yarnton introduces 'New Ways To Play'.

25 Jan 2006

Nintendo Wi-Fi Glory Sees 3 Million Online News

Wireless happiness spreads like disease.

25 Jan 2006

DS as a Virtual Lifestyle Controller News

Plus! Nintendo mass debate over games.

23 Jan 2006

New DS Design... News some bored designer on his weblog.

19 Jan 2006

No DS Re-design This Week News

But DS translation tool announced.

16 Jan 2006

Merrick Makes Shock Nintendo Departure News

Surprise as long-time executive departs.

12 Jan 2006

Magazine Claims Nintendo Untrustworthy on Zelda Revolution News

Because it's obvious...?

12 Jan 2006

Nintendo Downplays Rumoured Monday Announcement News

New DS? Revolution details? Apparently not...

11 Jan 2006

DS Shortages in Japan See Prices Soar News

Yes, you read it right. Full story inside.

11 Jan 2006

DS Touch'n'Drag Tetris release announced News

Wi-Fi-Ready Blockbusting Puzzler lands in March

10 Jan 2006

Details on Revolution Zelda, Smash Bros, Konga? No. News

Another bottom-feeder frenzy goes awry

10 Jan 2006

Electroplankton releases in US today News

But wannabe-electrocomposers in the UK must wait

09 Jan 2006

Cellphone-inspired DS rework rumoured – VoIP a major sell News

Best-selling Nintendo handheld's evolution uncovered

09 Jan 2006

Worldwide Nintendo DS Sales Closer to 13 Million News

2005 - Officially A Vintage Handheld Year

05 Jan 2006

DS Kiddy-Crack Wonder Toy Rules Xmas News

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime talks turkey.

05 Jan 2006

New Design Mooted for Nintendo's Clunky DS News

Plus! Blanket Wi-Fi coverage planned across UK.

04 Jan 2006

When PR people are our BEST FRIENDS! News

Golden Nintendo playing cards revealed.

04 Jan 2006

Revolution secrets soon – Pricing hinted at News

Nintendo extends guessing game...

03 Jan 2006

Nintendo DS fastest selling console ever News

Well, in Japan at least

28 Dec 2005

Zelda: Twilight Princess to use Revolution controller News

Mag claims cross-platform sword swipes

23 Dec 2005

New York Times accuses Nintendo of advocating piracy News

KK Slider fingered as linchpin

21 Dec 2005

Hideki Konno confirms Mario Kart Revolution News

Racing classic's expected next-gen outing sees green light

19 Dec 2005

Gaming bigwigs queue up to heap praise on Revolution News

Controller faith overrides power caution

19 Dec 2005

Revealed: Nintendo Planning Major Mario Kart Online Shake Up News

Survey confirms expectations of re-work, cheaters targeted.

16 Dec 2005

Iwata: DS Lessons Will Power Revolution News

Communication learning curve flattened.

15 Dec 2005

BT Openzone Nintendo DS hotspots back in business News

SPOnG breathes sigh of relief. Can now leave house.

14 Dec 2005

Parents go barking mad for Nintendogs this Xmas News

How much is that doggy in the eBay?

13 Dec 2005

BT Openzone WiFi hotspots still not supporting DS News

More like open, weeping coldsores for angry gamers

12 Dec 2005

Nintendo Speaks on Revolution Power Uproar News

Silence broken – what’s the verdict?

09 Dec 2005

Revolution Demos Play-tested – Full Report News

It begins, inside...

09 Dec 2005

Revolution Claims Spur GameCube 2 Backlash – Full Report News

‘Misguided’ report damages Nintendo drive?

08 Dec 2005

Animal Crossing Looking a Cert For Revolution News

Producer touts possible Wi-Fi DS link.

07 Dec 2005

Latest Revolution Faker Targets Metroid Prime News

Oh, PhotoShop - what would the ‘Net be without you?

06 Dec 2005

Jim Merrick Makes Surprise Departure News

Amusing anecdote inside.

06 Dec 2005

Original Game Boy Up For Grabs at $25,000 News

Something to do with the gold and diamonds, we imagine.

05 Dec 2005

Zelda TP Revolution Rumours Quashed News

Nintendo comments on escalating situation.

02 Dec 2005

Online Animal Crossing Ignites Japan News

As well it might - women advice inside!

01 Dec 2005

Pikmin ‘Lead Lifestyle Game’ For Revolution News

Sentient flora to lead way for Rev.

29 Nov 2005

Nintendo’s Revolution Announcement - Oops! News

New console at E3. Can you imagine?

29 Nov 2005

Outcry as New Pokemon Data is Lost News

Mysterious Dungeon spin-off recalled.

28 Nov 2005

Nintendo Sees Repeat Profit Slump – DS and GameCube Sales Forecasts Adjusted News

Slow home console movements hit business.

24 Nov 2005

Nintendo Japan Studio Changes, Rev SSB, Zelda: Full Report News

Staff re-shuffle, game updates and more…

18 Nov 2005

More 'Animal loving' on the Internet News

Nintendo continues humanitarian cross-marketing push.

11 Nov 2005

Redesigned Nintendo DS ‘months away…’ News

Think iPod, apparently. The countdown begins.

11 Nov 2005

First Confirmed Revolution Software in Existence News

Chinese cooking simulator revealed!

09 Nov 2005

Revolution Not Final Name of Nintendo Console News

Countdown to revelation begins – win a launch console with SPOnG!

09 Nov 2005

Nintendo Ships Revolution Controller Early News

Or does it? Yes and no – full details inside.

08 Nov 2005

Preview Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Service Right Now! News

Enabler site opens for online play.

08 Nov 2005

Mother 3 revealed! News

Release date confirmed

07 Nov 2005

Nintendo Sets Absolute Standard With DS Wi-Fi Plans – Full Report News

Hotspots, in-home access, all free.

04 Nov 2005

Nintendo Presents Strong Q1 Releases in Spite of Missing Giants News

Who needs Link and Mario? Well…

03 Nov 2005

Mario Creator on Bespoke Console Screen Dreams News

Latest Miyamoto interview sheds light on interesting musings.

01 Nov 2005

UPDATED: Mario Revolution to Emerge on December 2? News

Miyamoto confirms attendance at Rev-focused keynote set.

31 Oct 2005

Zi Give Nintendo the Right to Write News

Handwriting recognition software deal for DS.

26 Oct 2005

Exclusive: Revolution to Launch Worldwide in June 2006 News

Global ship-dates emerge – countdown begins.

25 Oct 2005

Mario Kart DS: Track Listing News

32 tracks, both old and new.

21 Oct 2005

Nintendo: DS to get "host of different peripherals" News

First details on Rumble Pak – item no. 1 in a series.

20 Oct 2005

Exclusive: Mario Paint DS Confirmed – Revolution Outing Mentioned News

Mario Paint heading to DS next year.

20 Oct 2005

Mario Caught in Bed With Ronald McDonald! Nintendo DS Hot-spot Near Fat Fryer News

American fatties now have one less reason to move around.

18 Oct 2005

Nintendogs: The New Dogs? News

Best pet sim ever has sold 160,000 since Friday!

12 Oct 2005

Game Boy Micro Actually Quite Big... News

... in Japan: 200,000 sold in first month.

11 Oct 2005

White Gamecube Bundled with Mario Smash Football News

And it's for we humble Europeans!

11 Oct 2005

Nintendo Reports Slump in Operating Profits News

But net profits up thanks to dollar fluctuations.

07 Oct 2005

Miyamoto on Revolution News

Nintendo's creative soul pronounces on the Rev, dogs, Mario, and why Sony and MS play second fiddle to Nintendo.

04 Oct 2005

Coming to America: Red DS News

Not confirmed for variant-starved Eurotrash though

03 Oct 2005

Intense Pokemon Spin-offs Detailed Inside News

Cross platform confusion chaos – perhaps we’re getting old?

27 Sep 2005

Iwata: Mario for Revolution launch News

And personal pressure on Miyamoto

23 Sep 2005

The Nintendo Game Boy: New Micro Outsells PSP as Backlit SP Sneaks Out News

Secret launches and sales success – a week in Nintendo land.

22 Sep 2005

Iwata: Wi-Fi Access for all – BT Deal Looms News

Adapter priced – details inside.

20 Sep 2005

Revolution controller – Analysis, Nintendo comment, images, more News

Nintendo plays card – Full fallout coverage inside

16 Sep 2005

Revolution Controller showing confirmed – Iwata keynote to reveal all News

The Secret is nearly out – Let’s look at what we should expect

13 Sep 2005

Grab a Free Game Boy Micro Now! Japanese Launch Solid… News

Figures still lacking, reports suggest strong debut.

13 Sep 2005

Animal Crossing DS: Renamed, new details! News

Wild World set to explode online for DS

08 Sep 2005

Essential Mario 128 details emerge – GameCube code still intact News

Controller, characters, more…

06 Sep 2005

Play-Yan Micro – Like an Animated Postage Stamp News

But very beautiful, of course…

02 Sep 2005

It Must be the Time of Year – Sony Savages DS – Full Story Inside News

Irrelevant, not a comparison, out of technical race, gimmick.

30 Aug 2005

DS Online This Year in Europe – Metroid and Mario Kart Confirmed News

Ahead of expectations, Euro DS hotspots emerge.

30 Aug 2005

Exclusive: Nintendo Revolution Controller Announcement Dated at Last! Mario and more… News

Finally – the waiting for the waiting is almost over

26 Aug 2005

Nintendo’s Kaplan in shock Microsoft slam News

Aggressive interview points to jitters in Kyoto?

25 Aug 2005

NintendoTon Explained! News

Calm down, it’s only a party

24 Aug 2005

Metroid DS Hunted out of 2005 News

Slips to next year

23 Aug 2005

Strong claim to Revolution controller News

It works like a motorbike apparently – Read on…

23 Aug 2005

Game Boy Micro – The one you know you need News

Famicom version whets appetites, wets knickers…

22 Aug 2005

Mario DS: Kart and Brotherly Screenshot Love! News

Proper Mario, proper screens…

18 Aug 2005

Game Boy Micro Priced and Dated for UK! News

It’s pretty, it’s cheap. And pink!

17 Aug 2005

Exclusive: Zelda Twilight Princess to miss 2005 News

Key GameCube title slips into distance

16 Aug 2005

Pokemon Overload for DS Revealed News

Zoo Keeper re-work, new Fushigi and Pearl and Diamond…

15 Aug 2005

Nintendo Pinging US Connections as Euro DS Online Dreams Slide News

Still, it’s good news if you live in America…

11 Aug 2005

Japanese Online DS Network Sees First Action News

Nintendo's new direction becomes a reality.

05 Aug 2005

Coming Soon: DS Wi-Fi News

Nintendo to celebrate with nation-wide marketing splurge.

01 Aug 2005

Nintendo Suffers Profit Plunge News

Slow sales, development costs blamed.

29 Jul 2005

Miyamoto: "Revolution controller easy to copy" News

Simple yet effective – 'The Secret'...again.

28 Jul 2005

Revolution Controller ‘Looks Like a Wavebird’ News

Developers kept away from core secret?

26 Jul 2005

Game Boy Micro Dated – Launch Games Announced News

Necklace GBA for September.

26 Jul 2005

Sega’s secret Revolution News

Old games, and new, loom

25 Jul 2005

Miyamoto on Revolution controller and games News

Luigi, Pikmin, controller and more

25 Jul 2005

Japan welcomes PS3, shuns Xbox 360 News

1,000 people can't be wrong, can they?

14 Jul 2005

Revolution rumour hints at truth News

It's there, if you look hard enough...

12 Jul 2005

More Animal Crossing DetailS News

Stop teasing us!

08 Jul 2005

We Want Different Colour Handhelds! News

Nintendo and Sony both set to make us wait

06 Jul 2005

Jump Super Stars Site Goes Live News

Go ahead, Jump!

04 Jul 2005

Hoax Revolution Controller Images: Part XVI News

Latest effort a bit rubbish.

04 Jul 2005

New Zelda: US Takes Priority News

But does the US want it?

27 Jun 2005

Reggie: 'Nintendo Revolution controller shown to key third-parties' News

Share the innovation! Reggie Corporate inside.

27 Jun 2005

Nintendo Revolution Ad? Massive Lie? News

You decide...

24 Jun 2005

Fake Disabled E3 Sex Stalker Busted News

The joke is, indeed, on him.

20 Jun 2005

ATi: ‘Xbox 360 Technically Superior to Any Other Console Planned for the Next Five Years’ News

The boldest claims from any quarter surface – Revolution downplayed.

20 Jun 2005

Message From Nintendo: We’re Going on Tour News

A lot of dates too – understand more inside.

17 Jun 2005

Exclusive: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Video – All Hail the ShakeyCam! News

First unrestricted media access to new LOZ.

16 Jun 2005

New Tedious Fake Revolution Controller Images Surface News

It must be a Wednesday or something…

15 Jun 2005

Exclusive Images: Game Boy Micro Stripped Bare News

Face-off action as SPOnG tinkerers get to work.

15 Jun 2005

No HD Support for Revolution News

Rumours confirmed - High Definition not an option.

14 Jun 2005

18 Breeds of Nintendog News

Forthcoming US version to feature new dogs.

14 Jun 2005

DS Cracked. Cards and Writers available, ROMS Proliferate News

Nintendo’s handheld piracy woes continue.

09 Jun 2005

Nintendo Pledges Full Catalogue for Revolution News

Large selection already exists – third-parties still unclear.

06 Jun 2005

Spring 2007 mooted for Revolution launch News

Conflicts with E3 talk

27 May 2005

More Revolution Details by End of Year News

Launch date, price...even the controller - but don't hold your breath.

23 May 2005

Link to the Web? News

Zelda DS will be all new, first-party effort.

23 May 2005

Dreaming of a Twilight Christmas News

New Gamecube Zelda to be released worldwide this year.

20 May 2005

New 2D Super Mario Brothers! News

All new side-scroller announced and shown for DS. For the second year running...

18 May 2005

DS Nintendogs a Triumph! News

Can gaming make your life better?

18 May 2005

Plenty of Big Gamecube Titles in the Wings News

Next Generation, Next Schmeneration...

18 May 2005

More Revolution Details Revealed News

Nintendo offers industry a Third Way.

18 May 2005

It's a Boy! News

Is that the patter of tiny feet?

18 May 2005

First Revolution Pictures! News

Nice looking, but no willy-waving for Big N.

17 May 2005

First Nintendo Revolution Details Emerge News

Backwards compatibility confirmed!

16 May 2005

Square Enix PlayOnline for DS – Revolution Likely News

SE poised to announce massive Nintendo support and Yamauchi era ends.

12 May 2005

Iwata-san Outlines Free DS Wi-Fi Program News

Why wait? This is a Nintendo Revolution.

10 May 2005

New Game Boy Set for E3 – Portable GameCube No Show News

A really good E3 mystery to ponder – insight inside.

06 May 2005

Nintendogs: The Biggest Game on the Planet Right Now News

Nintendo Money Mountain set to grow – the birth of a phenomenon.

29 Apr 2005

Hiroshi Yamauchi Retires. Again News

Nintendo president to step down another rung.

27 Apr 2005

Revolution functions mooted: Nintendo coy over E3 News

Hardware showing in doubt…

25 Apr 2005

It’s Finally Happened! Nintendo Announces Actual Online Plan! News

Reveals deal with Broadcom – wording offers future hints…

20 Apr 2005

Blue Gaming, But Still the Pink is Not Spread News

New DS colour first to be dated outside of Japan. John Lennon speaks.

19 Apr 2005

Revolution at E3 – Hardware Design Showing in Doubt News

Iwata paranoia pulls machine? Full story inside.

18 Apr 2005

Nintendo’s NES TV Game Rip-Off Crackdown Sees Four Arrested News

Long way to go as rampant cloning still for sale across world.

15 Apr 2005

DS Selling Strongly In Japan News

Black and White editions lapped up.

08 Apr 2005

Nintendo Fanboy Paradise Opens in New York News

A big shop. Full of Nintendo stuff. Cool.

07 Apr 2005

Three Versions of New Zelda in Planning – Two Likely News

Pre-order super bonus planned – current thinking inside.

05 Apr 2005

DS Sees Power Sales in PSP Euro Void News

Sony loss is Nintendo’s gain once more.

31 Mar 2005

Revolution Controller Mooted News

In a very secondhand way. Read on…

29 Mar 2005

DS Camera Debunked – For Now... News

Internet forums spew fake – closer than realised.

22 Mar 2005

Nintendo DS 'Powers Up' News

Online dev kits going out soon.

21 Mar 2005

Donkey Konga 2 track list - Feel the love! News

Happy clappy campness poised for GameCube return.

18 Mar 2005

Nintendo and Microsoft battle over land News

Planning tight in Redmond

17 Mar 2005

How Mario Was Used as Sweetener to Ensure Pro Evo DS and DDR News

Interesting tale of Konami and Nintendo’s recent snuggling.

16 Mar 2005

E3 conferences and workshops announced News

The boring bit before the show - Read all about it

15 Mar 2005

Nintendo DS and How it Touched a Nation News

Massive sales smash records – launch a triumph for Nintendo PR.

15 Mar 2005

Sony Addresses Past Mistakes: Ease of Use Promised for Cell News

GDC courtship battle continues apace.

10 Mar 2005

Nintendo DS: Will The Bear get a hard-on? Plus – Your Chance to Win a Girl! News

Launch shenanigans and midnight opening. The DS lands

08 Mar 2005

Nintendo at GDC: New Zelda Video Confirmed! Online Announcement Expected News

New Link dusted off – Revolution ‘Net plans mooted.

07 Mar 2005

New Nintendo DS Colours Revealed at Long Last! News

And joy of joys, a pink version is slated.

02 Mar 2005

Nintendogs Takes a Pokemon Twist News

Three versions announced.

02 Mar 2005

Game Boy Advance 2 set to stun E3 – DS to evolve into PDA News

New model to launch this year – Climb-down looms for NCL

28 Feb 2005

Nintendo’s DS Download Trial Begins News

Not a thrilling court battle, but free games in Japan. Read on…

28 Feb 2005

Mario Soccer Offered for Debate News

Fresh sports outing on the cards?

24 Feb 2005

Nintendo Offers Release Schedule Hope For Europe News

Springtime looking up.

23 Feb 2005

Play-Yan Recalled - Nintendo Engineer 'so fired' News

Product recall – the new black for platform makers.

23 Feb 2005

Nintendo to Offer Gaming Via Play-Yan News

Media player to see Garage Games.

22 Feb 2005

Exclusive: Iwata: Possible DS redesign looms News

Fresh hardware might be unveiled sooner that expected

19 Feb 2005

Tri-Force dreams revived as Mario Kart: Arcade GP rocks AOU First images! News

Misguided, beautiful, awe-inspiring. Nintendo/Namco co-work revealed

19 Feb 2005

A Nintendo DS You Really Want But Can't Have News

Heartbreak as Mario goodness is for Japan only.

16 Feb 2005

Legitimate Game Sales Soar in China News

Huge sales spike sees China’s case for inclusion strengthen.

15 Feb 2005

UPDATED: New Nintendo Patents – Best Explanation Online Right Here News

V-Pocket and PCGP – click to read more.

11 Feb 2005

Metroid Pinball for DS revealed. Really… News

Milking a franchise? Nintendo? How dare you…

10 Feb 2005

Need Hands-On With Nintendo DS? Here’s Your Chance! News

Sick of the wait? NOE rolls out free public tests.

07 Feb 2005

Romero predicts ‘something interesting’ from Nintendo’s Revolution News

No mention of television rights. Yet…

31 Jan 2005

Nintendo Reveals Finalised DS Launch Line-up, Price, Everything... News

Satoru Iwata underlines innovation – it’s like connectivity, just different!

27 Jan 2005

Nintendo Profits Down 43% - Sales Expectation Lowered News

Strong yen continues to trouble Japanese exports.

26 Jan 2005

PSP Edging DS in Japanese Sales War News

Stocks revived, Sony portable moves ahead.

24 Jan 2005

Nintendo Revolution Gossip Round-up Rationalised News

It’s like Guess Who? but without the flimsy plastic frame and eighties hairstyles.

24 Jan 2005

Australia to get DS for £80 News

Innovation, cheap.

12 Jan 2005

Nintendo Comments On Ball-suck Yamauchi Piece News

Strange racist ranting still making waves.

10 Jan 2005

Mario Revolution revealed! News

Dance Dance showing stuns.

07 Jan 2005

NBA Street V3 to Feature GameCube-exclusive Characters News

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach to feature.

06 Jan 2005

Review of the Year: March News

Beware the ides of March

29 Dec 2004

Nintendo DS. It Sells and Sells and Sells… News

And sells. Etc…

22 Dec 2004

Wario Ware: It is Art–Official News

Not the game equivalent of eating magic mushrooms - honest.

20 Dec 2004

GameCube killer-app swansong PAL dated News

Resident Evil 4 – The wait begins in earnest

17 Dec 2004

Nintendo Shows First Proper GBA Media Player News

And rather snazzy it is too!

15 Dec 2004

GameCube Pokemon RPG in the Works News

Online calling unlikely to be heard.

14 Dec 2004

Fans rejoice as big new Nintendo rumour emerges! News

And it’s not even a very good one…

10 Dec 2004

Iwata slams PSP – Really hard News

‘Golden formula’ mocked by Nintendo chief

09 Dec 2004

Nintendo bullish over shipments despite operating in false market News

DS as void-filler concept remains untested – Restock plans announced

09 Dec 2004

See Kong beating off in space! News

Fresh Jungle Beat images sees poor masturbation pun!

03 Dec 2004

Images expose Internet DS launch lies News

There was no one there at all… Except for…

02 Dec 2004

Nintendo demonstrates massive US sales power News

Huge sales Stateside – Money pit swelled

01 Dec 2004

Minish Cap: European hint blackout explained News

It’s okay! Were not that stupid after all!

30 Nov 2004

Read the Miyamoto interview in full right here! News

Mario, Zelda, everything – Full Famitsu translation inside

27 Nov 2004

£99 Nintendo DS expected in the UK News

Yarnton briefing triggers retail gossip attack

26 Nov 2004

Miyamoto underlines Mario 128 as GameCube project News

Revolution talk scrapped

25 Nov 2004

Donkey Konga 3! Screens and everything! News

Plus: An investigation into Konga madness

25 Nov 2004

More Kirby – More pondering News

Gay as you like, the round one returns

24 Nov 2004

New Zelda! New screens! Right here! News

New screenshots of next seminal Cube adventure.

24 Nov 2004

Mario Returns - Wielding a Baseball Bat! First Screens Inside News

Mario Baseball on the way.

24 Nov 2004

Pixel issues and reboot concerns hamper DS launch News

Shock NOA reactions inside

23 Nov 2004

Nintendo first to offer Turkey IP olive branch News

Amid rampant piracy, GBA and DS roll-out looms for Near East

22 Nov 2004

Nintendo DS gets full TV capabilities! News

Reggie’s ‘gold-standard’ media convergence revealed?

19 Nov 2004

Nintendo examines N64 GameCube relaunch News

Poll Stateside reveals company IP plans

18 Nov 2004

Nintendo: ‘No DS games from Rare’ News

Latest rumour nonsense quashed

15 Nov 2004

Obscure? Mario suit builder shame revealed News

A bizarre promotion for the good of humanity

12 Nov 2004

Nintendo DS sees awesome two million pre-orders in Japan News

US retail pre-order clampdown sees demand soar

11 Nov 2004

Radical Nintendo underpants go on sale News

Know your roots baby! Oh yeah!

10 Nov 2004

Nintendo backs away from portable media convergence News

No iPod-a-like functionality planned

09 Nov 2004

Nintendo pledges largest spend ever for DS roll-out News

Holliday season bagged, as head start shows

08 Nov 2004

Wario Ware DS adds microphone to the mix News

Nintendo mini-games to use voice control.

08 Nov 2004

New GBA SP special edition even uglier than Shrek News

Thankfully it's not available over here...

05 Nov 2004

Nintendo DS priced and dated for Europe News

The budgetary ball now in Sony's court

05 Nov 2004

Mario Kart DS confirmed for system launch News

Series racer to augment Nintendo’s touch-up drive

04 Nov 2004

PAL Metroid Prime 2: 60 Hz only News

Key title opts to ditch the switch

03 Nov 2004

Nintendo’s lawyers buy new Ferrari as porn site is sued News

What can be stranger than suing ten year-old Pokemon fansite webmasters? Read on…

03 Nov 2004

Nintendo moves against bootleg TV gaming News

Not cross-dressers with a foot fetish either

01 Nov 2004

Exclusive new Animal Crossing DS screens News

A whole two of them – some funky new interface seen too

01 Nov 2004

Princess Peach 2D platformer lives! Exclusive first screens! News

Nintendo shows yet more DS love

01 Nov 2004

Nintendo reeling – Resident Evil 4 confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Final exclusivity back down from Capcom compounds GameCube woes

01 Nov 2004

Nintendo enlists another old favourite to DS cause - Touch! Kirby revealed News

Kirby and a stylus powered magic paintbrush

28 Oct 2004

Nintendo unveils and dates solid line-up for early 2005 News

Capcom, THQ & Ubisoft covering the bases

27 Oct 2004

Super Princess Peach revealed – new first party DS action News

2D scrolling action featuring a princess and an umbrella

27 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS to target "full spectrum of hipsters" News

"Touching is good" campaign outlined

25 Oct 2004

Nintendo opens up another 32 Halo 2-poking promotional websites! News

Metroid Prime 2 - doesn't love bees

25 Oct 2004

GBA tilt-action duo confirmed for Europe! News

Exclusive details on Wario Ware 2 and Yoshi’s Universal Gravity inside

20 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS: Region free confirmed - Plus new wireless details inside News

Portable stance maintained 15 years on

18 Oct 2004

Pokemon still atop its game – Massive sales reported News

Red and Green reworks reach new generation of trainers

15 Oct 2004

World's first images of Nintendo DS thumb strap? News

Like an analogue stick. But not. Kind of...

13 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS: Complete first party round-up - screens and details inside News

Ten top titles (and a Mah Jong game) for DS pioneering stage

11 Oct 2004

Nintendo talks DS connectivity - "Possible and capable" News

DS to play part in Revolution?

08 Oct 2004

Nintendogs Explained - Barking Mad or Man's Best Friend? News

It's a virtual pet simulator apparently.

08 Oct 2004

DS Mysteries Unfurl: Wi-Fi Pokemon Wizardry Explained News

Movie to interact with number of existing GBA titles!

08 Oct 2004

Nintendo slams PSP in amazing two hour battery claim! News

Big guns blaze as portable launch mayhem flares

07 Oct 2004

Shock DS Revelations: downloads, free trials, cinema visits and more! News

SPOnG starts trembling with excitement

07 Oct 2004

Full DS launch details confirmed News

Nintendo "[feels good] about the number of titles"

07 Oct 2004

Metroid Prime DS – New details! News

Critics silenced as fresh build sees screen shift

04 Oct 2004

Nintendo buoyant as profits spike on weak yen News

Price cuts work – It’s all true

04 Oct 2004

Warp Pipe seals gaming contract News

Online GameCube protagonists shift office, hints at commercial offering

28 Sep 2004

Wario Ware Inc. 2 - First ever screens! News

News inspiring fear-tinged joy – Let the madness commence

24 Sep 2004

Nintendo DS teleconference reveals confident outlook in North America News

$40 million marketing budget for 4 million shipping target

23 Sep 2004

DS Games Save Themselves News

No more illegible passwords scribbled on paper scraps

22 Sep 2004

Nintendo DS – Release Dates, Full Spec Sheet, Pricing and More! News

Dual Screen first from trap with essential details

21 Sep 2004

Nintendo's World Touch DS Tour To Follow Full DS Press Conference News

Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto to answer DS questions

20 Sep 2004

GBA SP Special Edition Packs Unveiled: Zelda Gold and Mario Red News

Limited run bundles going for just under £90

17 Sep 2004

Nintendo Presents Ducks In Rotating Hovercrafts, Kururin Squash Screens Inside News

New to Kuru Kuru? here's a few clues for you

14 Sep 2004

GBA SP Down To £69.99, New Gamecube Bundle Revealed News

Nintendo bumps up the value

13 Sep 2004

Nintendo Working On New DS Puzzler "As Addictive As Popping Bubble Wrap" News

DS battery-life to face it first threat?

06 Sep 2004

Nintendo Europe To Launch Donkey Konga Bongo Bundle Paks News

£90 deal puts Gamecube onto Christmas lists

01 Sep 2004

Mario Party 6's 'controller-less' secret revealed News

Deja-vu alert as Nintendo explains another mystery concept

27 Aug 2004

Nintendo DS secret port speculation ends News

It’s a…

26 Aug 2004

Function of Nintendo DS's Extra Port "Is a Secret" News

"It does look like you plug something in there... but not the stylus."

24 Aug 2004

Another Round of Famicom-Mini Re-Releases? Nintendo Acknowledges Fanboy Hunger News

New batch of titles for 2.7 million selling GBA series?

24 Aug 2004

Nintendo Confirm All 2004 Release Dates - Christmas Line-Up Revealed News

Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Metroid heading up festivities.

18 Aug 2004

Nintendo DS ready for early November release? News

Talk of fixed release dates gains volume.

12 Aug 2004

Famicom-mini collection monopolises Japanese sales chart News

Old NES games sell another 2.7 million units.

12 Aug 2004

GBA tunes up to compete with GT4 Mobile News

Mario’s Kart performance enhancement explained inside.

09 Aug 2004

GBA Wario Ware 2 swaps D-pad for motion sensor News

Nintendo’s controller-less vision continues.

05 Aug 2004

Investors react to Gates’ off-the-cuff Nintendo dream News

Foolhardy speculators misinterpret spurious merger reports.

05 Aug 2004

Bill Gates pencils Nintendo onto his corporate shopping-list News

Very rich man expresses interest in buying successful company shocker!

04 Aug 2004

DS games list powers up with Castlevania, Dragon Quest and more... News

Nintendo update list of Japanese software currently in development.

02 Aug 2004

Wario Ware sequel confirmed – Maruwa Made In Wario on the way News

GBA to enjoy more mini-game madness

30 Jul 2004

DS final design unleashed! Stop everything – read this News

Nintendo seen angling for advanced aesthetic

28 Jul 2004

More F-Zero confirmed for Game Boy Advance News

Climax. It’s called Climax. Really…

26 Jul 2004

Nintendo Japan's Surprise Christmas Plans - New Peripheral On The Way? News

1st Party Gamecube roster: All eyes on Mario Party 6 and brand-new Kururin

23 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider-man Hangs in at the Top, EA gets Cheap News

Spidey breaks sales record as summer gaming famine deepens.

20 Jul 2004

Another GBA Re-design to make you green with envy News

This one's both Pokemon-related and also emerald-coloured

19 Jul 2004

Miyamoto: Wireless Internet Browsing a Possibility for DS News

Third-party assistance sought for Dual Screen emergence proper.

14 Jul 2004

Zelda GameCube Rumours – Round One News

First fantasy ‘details’ emerge.

14 Jul 2004

Madden for Nintendo DS News

Draw those funky American football lines – just like a real coach!

13 Jul 2004

Brand New Pokemon Medley Announced for GBA News

Emerald – Colour variants running thin...

13 Jul 2004

Nintendo Reveals Double Pikmin With Side-order of Extra Pikmin News

Japan-only Gamecube double pack pictured within.

12 Jul 2004

Nintendo Clarifies Wireless E-Reader Chatter News

Rumour defunct.

08 Jul 2004

GBA Videophone Peripheral Ready for Release News

Digital Act prepares Nintendo telecommunication accessory.

08 Jul 2004

Exclusive: No E-Reader for Europe. Ever! News

Content to migrate through 'different routes'.

07 Jul 2004

Exclusive: E-Reader European launch canned as wireless rumour ignites imagination News

NOE prioritises as ROW awaits news...

07 Jul 2004

AM3 Reveals GBA Downloadable Content Dispensers News

Vending machines to offer movies in a flash!

07 Jul 2004

New Famicom Mini Series to see legendary Disc System titles reborn News

Latest range explained inside

06 Jul 2004

Paper Famicom as Origami Console First! News

Here’s how to make one of your very own.

05 Jul 2004

New Limited Edition SP Design - For Japan Only...Again! News

The Naruto GBA bares its form.

05 Jul 2004

Nintendo Konga Beach Road Trip bringing joy to the masses News

Plenty of previews and the Donkey Konga Bongo Battle…

02 Jul 2004

Gosen quits Nintendo Europe News

Shock news sees NOE head walk

30 Jun 2004

Exclusive: Mario Tennis online debacle concludes News

Broadband use explained inside

29 Jun 2004

Mario Tennis Internet push flares again... News

GameCube online goes to umpire for decision.

29 Jun 2004

Wario Ware gets European release date News

'Cube multiplayer shenanigans for 3rd September

25 Jun 2004

US Gets GBA Movies as Europe Sees Christmas Pledge News

Pokemon series first to ship.

23 Jun 2004

Exclusive: Nintendo reacts to sub £40 GameCube News

UK price slash rattles nerves - Nintendo defends health of platform.

21 Jun 2004

GBA Evolves, Nintendo Admits to Developing Another New Handheld News

Advanced handheld war stretches beyond horizon.

18 Jun 2004

DS Edges PSP in Japanese Developer Poll News

Nominal survey reveals that DS has early lead in handheld race.

17 Jun 2004

MS Japan reveals Xbox Video Chat kit News

First image of Xbox Video Camera inside.

17 Jun 2004

Nintendo’s Predatory Strategy Outlined by Iwata News

Denies acquisition rumours, but admits to flirting with idea.

17 Jun 2004

Nintendo Requests Your Input on NES Classics Range News

No one mention the SNES!

16 Jun 2004

GameCube TimeSplitters 3 Still On News

No Nintendo rumour turns out to be false.

15 Jun 2004

Donkey Konga 2 Box Art! News

It's all good - Japanese bundle of joy inside.

15 Jun 2004

GameCube production to run and run News

Revolution will not depose current Nintendo king.

14 Jun 2004

Big Memory Card: Bigger Problems News

Nintendo's 1019 comes unstuck

14 Jun 2004

Nintendo Reveal Limited Edition GBA SP News

Banana flavoured handheld for Japan only.

11 Jun 2004

Nintendo’s Chinese Push Powers up – iQue Range Expanded News

Plus! South America is next target...

11 Jun 2004

GBA Wireless Freed From Nintendo Cynicism News

Bundle bond removed in Japan.

11 Jun 2004

Nintendo Europe Rallies – Gosen Hits Campaign Trail News

And they’re off! Guns blaze in first shots of next-gen war.

10 Jun 2004

Nintendo’s Iwata Makes Fresh Next-gen Warcry! News

Revolution underlined as market in Japan continues to shrink.

09 Jun 2004

DS Software Development Gains Momentum News

Raylight and Box Clever get in on the act.

08 Jun 2004

Zelda for DS Confirmed! News

Big Nintendo franchise on new machine shock.

08 Jun 2004

Nintendo iToy and the return of R.O.B.? News

Revolutionary peripherals hinted at.

02 Jun 2004

Nintendo Revolution, Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 for E3 News

Next-gen showdown on the cards – the hype train steams up.

02 Jun 2004

Microsoft on Rare's DS Support News

The saga ends as expected

02 Jun 2004

Former Nintendo President in Top 20 Rich List News

Yamauchi still riding high

02 Jun 2004

Nintendo Confirms DS Launch Titles News

First-party line-up takes shape

01 Jun 2004

Nintendo Shock: Mario 128 could be GameCube, Revolution or even DS title! News

Miyamoto makes amazing platform claims!

01 Jun 2004

Game Boy Advance production ends News

SP dominates - Nintendo's white lies exposed

01 Jun 2004

Nintendo Promises Next Gen Console For E3 2005 News

Offering a glimpse of the future.

28 May 2004

Donkey Konga: European Track List Announced News

Tubthumping with Tubthumping…

27 May 2004

Nintendo Sets DS Ship Targets as Profits Tumble News

Portable figures released – exchange rate blamed for cash slump.

27 May 2004

Miyamoto Sets Sail For Hyrule! News

If you sit quietly, you can almost hear the music.

25 May 2004

Exclusive: Nintendo Vague on Rare DS Support News

NOJ reacts in a strange way indeed.

25 May 2004

Simultaneous European Release Date for PSP and DS News

Nintendo and Sony opt for March 2005.

25 May 2004

Exclusive: Nintendo DS was Iwata’s Personal Concept News

President drives Nintendo forward - Iwata shows true strength.

19 May 2004

Animal Crossing DS Revealed News

The animals went in two-by-two, hurrah!

19 May 2004

Football Fever Grips as EA Claim Top Spot News

Ronaldinho may not be playing, but it seems everyone else is.

18 May 2004

Mario 128 Hopes Evaporate as Nintendo Gives the ‘Nod of Doom’ - New Name Revealed Inside? News

Tongue out of cheek, it looks as though Mario Revolution will launch.

18 May 2004

Exclusive Details: Iwata Steps Into Developer Breach as Miyamoto Focus Drive Continues News

Confirming reports from this year, Iwata fills gap.

18 May 2004

GameCube 2 named - Console takes shape... News

World Exclusive: Nintendo confirms working title only here

13 May 2004

E3 Round-up: West Hall uncovered: Nintendo genius overpowers Sony News

Hardware dominated, Nintendo Sony contrast unmissable to all

13 May 2004

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, or... News to make an omelette out of bananas.

12 May 2004

Samus Demonstrates DS Potential News

Metroid Prime: Hunters uncovered.

12 May 2004

New Zelda Game Revealed News

The legend continues...

12 May 2004

Lengthy Games List Confirmed for DS News

Roster of releases continues to swell.

12 May 2004

Animal Crossing Gets European Release Date News

Nintendo build an arc for European gamers.

12 May 2004

Sony shows PSP! News

Specs and first shots inside.

12 May 2004

Nintendo denied DS this year! News

Conference bombshell sees devastated PAL region

12 May 2004

Nintendo Conference war cry - Must read! News

Iwata – 'Technology means nothing'

12 May 2004

First Nintendo DS details waft over the Atlantic News

Mario backed up by Dynasty Warriors

11 May 2004

Miyamoto Resignation Rumours Quelled News

Forever and ever…Amen.

11 May 2004

Miyamoto to Resign? News

Hot gossip from sunny LA

10 May 2004

GBA ‘NES Edition’ gets European Release date News

Nintendo sees the light.

10 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

All-New Nintendo Franchise to Show at E3 News

'Key IP for company future' looms.

05 May 2004

Bang, Bang Clap! Donkey Konga 2! News

Nintendo brings drumming joy in phases.

05 May 2004

Mario Sunshine 2 to Emerge? News

Eyebrows raised as paint-cleaning spectre raises head.

04 May 2004

Paper Mario 2 – New Screens! News

Flat-tering Nintendo excitement looms for 'Cube.

29 Apr 2004

Metroid Prime 2 site launched News

New name, new screenshots.

26 Apr 2004

UK Games Industry Drinking Competition News

MCV Winners Announced.

23 Apr 2004

Incredible Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy row unfolds as new game confirmed! News

Square Enix explains portable RPG soap opera

22 Apr 2004

E-Reader Cracked – Make Games With a Pen and a Playing Card! News

Nintendo 'dot code' 'does an 'N-Gage'.

21 Apr 2004

New Tribal Game Boy Advance Coming News

Cheaper than a real tattoo.

19 Apr 2004

Game Stars Results News

The list in full from iTV’s celeb-filled award show.

19 Apr 2004

Company Insider Accuses Nintendo News

Allegations of seizure-inducing video games made.

19 Apr 2004

Metroid Prime 2 Multiplayer and More Revealed Inside! News

Next GameCube outing for Samus gets more interesting by the day.

15 Apr 2004

Nintendo in Developer Support Crisis News

Factor 5 follows Silicon Knights.

15 Apr 2004

Canadian Development Studio says "GoodKnight Nintendo" News

Silicon Knights cuts exclusivity ties.

14 Apr 2004

30 Nintendo DS Titles at this Year's E3 - Touch Screen Confirmed! News

Revolution in gaming poised to rock LA.

13 Apr 2004

'Xbox sales doubled' Claims Microsoft News

US price hack sees sales surge.

08 Apr 2004

John Woo’s Metroid Dated! News

Samus movie due next year.

07 Apr 2004

Massive GameCube Memory Card confirmed! News

1019 slated for retail

06 Apr 2004

GameCube 2 to Take Shape at E3 News

'Highest level' Nintendo comment next month.

05 Apr 2004

Confirmed: Nintendo DS Not Final Name of Twin Screen Handheld News

Nitro to re-emerge at E3?

05 Apr 2004

Nintendo 2004 US Release Schedule Updated News

New Mario titles, anticipated sequels and GBA wireless confirmed.

02 Apr 2004

Paper Mario 2 Details Emerge News

GameCube sequel more than just an RPG.

02 Apr 2004

Nintendo Profits Stumble as Yen Stays Strong News

Profit estimates lowered by Nintendo.

02 Apr 2004

Paper Mario Sequel on the Cards News

RPG continues on GameCube.

01 Apr 2004

Exclusive: GameCube Castlevania – It's Not Happening News

Kuju believed to be charged with key Konami offering – facts inside.

30 Mar 2004

US gets NES Game Boy Advance as Europe holds breath News

Delicious hardware and classic games revealed.

29 Mar 2004

Exclusive: Miyamoto's duties slashed as 'big game focus' decided for famed producer News

NOJ - 'Miyamoto to be working on significantly fewer games'

28 Mar 2004

Edinburgh Festival - Game On! News

The EIGF returns, with sponsors and dates for the Scottish shindig released this morning.

26 Mar 2004

Zelda for DS confirmed! News

Eiji Aonuma touts seminal RPG for Dual Screen.

25 Mar 2004

New Memory Card for GameCube looms News

Massive expansion of capacity for Nintendo home machine.

24 Mar 2004

Nintendo Questions Answered News

Japanese office makes commitments to the DS and more inside.

19 Mar 2004

Miyamoto’s Sentient Plant Dream Phase 2 - Latest Screens News

Pikmin 2 screenshot frenzy.

19 Mar 2004

Mario 64 two level demo running on Nintendo DS News

Pre GDC chatter sees legend return

18 Mar 2004

New Nintendo DS Details Emerge News

NDS plans to force Sony re-think?

17 Mar 2004

Pokemon Bonanza on the Way News

Nintendo bundle of fun comes to Europe.

17 Mar 2004

Revealed: Nintendo Planning Game Boy Emulation for PDA and Mobile Phones! News

Patent specifics show incredible strategy shift.

12 Mar 2004

'Leaked' Nintendo DS Spec confirms Touch-Screen, Wireless and More News

And loads of other stuff too.

11 Mar 2004

Nintendo Nitro to Replace the DS? News

Developers receive cryptic hints.

11 Mar 2004

GameCube 2 to miss E3 as current-gen software line-up takes shape News

Zelda, Animal Crossing and more confirmed

08 Mar 2004

Girlie Game Boy Revealed News

It’s pink and it's for girls – nice!

04 Mar 2004

Iwata on NDS: Unveiling fears, Wireless Possibilities, DS Hints at GC2 - More Inside News

Nintendo president continues charm offensive.

02 Mar 2004

PSP Slips! Sony Unable to Guarantee Launch Line-up News

Portable PlayStation meets expectations - slips out of 2004

26 Feb 2004

Reading This Article May Make You Cry… News

Famicom Mini Collection Box an unrivalled tragedy

26 Feb 2004

Former chairman Yamauchi sticks oar in over Nintendo future News

Outspoken as ever, Yamauchi makes headlines

16 Feb 2004

Nintendo DS to Incorporate Camera and Global Positioning System? News

More Dual Screen gossip - hints dropping like flies as Nintendo of Europe keep schtum.

12 Feb 2004

Zelda Four Swords Plus Gets Single-Player Mode News

Connectivity climb-down for GBA spawn.

11 Feb 2004

GameCube 2 Unveiling Date Officially Confirmed News

Nintendo comes out fighting, sets dates for new home machine.

11 Feb 2004

Nintendo DS touch-screen rumours News

Nintendo insiders point to pointing, if you will.

10 Feb 2004

Nintendo in Crisis: 'There is no way we are going to win': Software-only Exit Plan Hint From Japan News

A storm rages as Nintendo firefights disastrous Japanese reports.

10 Feb 2004

Sega Pledges Support for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP News

Full portable program this year.

09 Feb 2004

New Final Fantasy Screens News

Crystal Chronicles gets connected.

06 Feb 2004

Nintendo DS Hardware Preview Dated News

Nintendo sources reveal Dual Screen preview sooner than expected.

03 Feb 2004

Remember the Game That Made the World Say ‘What the…?” News

It comes free with R: Racing Evolution.

03 Feb 2004

Japanese trademark overload! Banjo for Xbox? New Square Enix game and more inside! News

More goodness from the Tokyo patent office.

03 Feb 2004

Nintendo DS Details Explosion - Screen, Battery, GBA Compatibility and More Inside… News

Nintendo adds meat to bones of NDS announcement.

29 Jan 2004

Nintendo Cheered Thanks to Glowing 2003 News

DS aside, things on track for Big N.

27 Jan 2004

Revealed: DS is Stepping-stone as Nintendo Confirms Game Boy PSP Challenger. News

Stakes upped as Nintendo prepares to fight!

23 Jan 2004

Slow LCD Production May Hamper Western Nintendo DS Release News

Nintendo of Europe clarifies launch situation.

23 Jan 2004

Four Swords Screenshot Overload! News

Latest build brings joy as shrunk-down fun-a-thon looms!

23 Jan 2004

Iwata Stakes Personal and Company Reputation on Dual Screen Nintendo Hardware News

‘The Thing’ revealed as Nintendo faces toughest test to date.

22 Jan 2004

Super Frustrating Japan-only hardware update News

Two Xboxes and a GBA SP...

21 Jan 2004

Nintendo Re-thinks Pokemon Appeal News

Day one shipping numbers slashed.

19 Jan 2004

Metroid Prime 2 lies News

Metroid Prime 2 to miss GameCube - this is not happening.

16 Jan 2004

Iwata – ‘Games have stopped selling’ News

Nintendo president media onslaught delivers more shocks than playing with plug sockets.

14 Jan 2004

More Ultra-Cryptic Nintendo Console Talk From President News

Iwata – fighting talk!

13 Jan 2004

Metroid: Zero Mission – Screenshot Explosion News

GBA set to host Samus’ latest modern classic.

12 Jan 2004

Monkey Ball 3 Online in 2004? News

European gossip spawns fresh world of hope and pain.

12 Jan 2004

New Nintendo Hardware Confirmed - to be global iQue variation/portable Nintendo 64? News

Nintendo rumour frenzy provokes iQue chatter

09 Jan 2004

Is Nintendo Cracking Up? News

Amazing Game Boy guidelines a bunch of ®s.

08 Jan 2004

New Nintendo Hardware to be Revealed Next Week? News

Aargh! Stop everything – ‘product briefing’ looms.

06 Jan 2004

Rumour Attack! GameCube Mario and Zelda This Year! News

Nintendo fan finger-crossing reaches endemic proportions.

06 Jan 2004

Metal Gear Solid Set For GameCube in 2004 News

Nintendo finally gets Tactical Espionage Action.

28 Dec 2003

Nintendo Europe 2004 Releases - Things Looking good News

GameCube and Game Boy Advance schedules of justice!

24 Dec 2003

Wish List 2004: Pokemon Colosseum News

Gotta fight ‘em all!

24 Dec 2003

Pikmin 2 for 2004. It’s about time News

Olimar returns for another RTS adventure.

24 Dec 2003

Mario Golf Beckons in 2004 News

Underrated golf sim set for Easter.

24 Dec 2003

Nintendo Makes Shock Zelda Climb-Down News

Iwata’s connectivity dream takes a knock as GBA now optional.

23 Dec 2003

New Game Boy Revealed News

Calm yourselves – new two-tone version first look.

19 Dec 2003

GameCube DVD: The dream is over News

Panasonic Q rattles the can

18 Dec 2003

Mario Kart Dominates America News

Double Dash!! outstrips everything – GameCube dream alive!

17 Dec 2003

Nintendo Tightens its Grip on the Handheld Market News

Are you watching, Nokia?

10 Dec 2003

Nintendo shifts a million consoles in one weekend News

Thanksgiving sees Massive GameCube and GBA sales across the US.

03 Dec 2003

Nintendo Chief Back in the Game News

Yamauchi - the man who could not rest.

28 Nov 2003

GameCube Now Available with Four Free Games for Only £79 News

Nintendo go Zelda crazy for Christmas.

26 Nov 2003

Exclusive: Nintendo Poised for New Product Roll-out News

Insiders reveal major conference for new ‘thing’.

21 Nov 2003

Nintendo to Give Away Four Free Zelda Games News

Stars Catalogue spells RPG goodies.

20 Nov 2003

GameCube Soars in Massive Software Increase as N-Gage Stagnates News

Double Dash!! powers userbase.

18 Nov 2003

Latest Donkey Konga Images! Hooray! News

Drumming and monkeys. It doesn’t get much better than this.

17 Nov 2003

iQue: Launch Titles Revealed News

Chinese poised for first ever official Nintendo release.

13 Nov 2003

All-New Nintendo Hardware at E3. Stop Everything, Read Now News

It’s make or break for Kyoto giant.

13 Nov 2003

Latest F-Zero: Legend of Falcon screens News

Anime driven racer update in the pipeline.

12 Nov 2003

Metroid Prime: Press Fast-Forward News

Incredible gaming power sees key Nintendo shooter conquered.

11 Nov 2003

GameCube hardware production begins again! News

Nintendo fires up the GameCube-A-Tron Series 4000.

06 Nov 2003

Donkey Konga 2 confirmed! News

Peripheral series roll-out planned.

05 Nov 2003

Nintendo showers Europe with limited edition GameCube/Mario/Zelda lovin' News

Zelda and Mario Kart joy - bundles confirmed.

04 Nov 2003

Pokemon: Feel the power! News

Sell, sell, sell! Five million shipped.

03 Nov 2003

Nintendo feels the PSPressure as GBA 2 video-playback plans revealed News

George Harrison confirms handheld evolution

31 Oct 2003

Double Dash!! Double Details News

Characters, circuits listed.

30 Oct 2003

Nintendo presents Pokemon presents News

Nintendo's Christmas presence (one more pun like that and I'll present you with - doh!).

28 Oct 2003

Nokia’s success claims hammered by Nintendo News

400,000 sales claim raises eyebrows.

23 Oct 2003

Nintendo slams Bandai buy-out chatter as nonsense News

"There's a gun - let's jump it.!"

22 Oct 2003

Donkey Konga full track listing announced! News

And it means absolutely nothing to us.

21 Oct 2003

No iQue outside of China News

Other IP-unfriendly nations out of running.

21 Oct 2003

Ahh bless. Mario and Luigi RPG – all-new screens! News

Under-hyped Nintendo love bomb shows its goodies.

20 Oct 2003

Nintendo shamed as Miyamoto Pac-Man is relegated to freebie! News

Damage limitation begins in earnest.

16 Oct 2003

GBA F-Zero sequel confirmed! Fresh details inside News

Anime spin-off sees no developmental change.

16 Oct 2003

Donkey Konga: detail blow-out! News

Bang, bang, clap!

14 Oct 2003

Price drop equals GameCube sales rush shock News

Nintendo delighted as userbase soars.

14 Oct 2003

All-new Made in Wario GameCube screens! News

It’s the same, but different!

13 Oct 2003

N-Gage – Nintendo not worried News

Harrison on Nokia threat.

13 Oct 2003

Nintendo at full-power as GameCube hammers PS2, Xbox News

What a difference a price makes...

10 Oct 2003

Nintendo reveals Nokia launch spoiler News

2 million announcement day after rival launch

09 Oct 2003

Another Game Boy you can’t buy News

Bah! Japan revels in millionth limited edition Ninty hardware this year

09 Oct 2003

Nintendo Europe in Zelda Bundle silence News

Comment of rubbishness spells PAL misery?

08 Oct 2003

NES Zelda classics ride high on GameCube News

Zelda Collectors’ Bundle revealed.

08 Oct 2003

Nintendo’s ‘conglomeration of hardware and software’ to be shown next week. Mario 128 due? News

Product briefings to show Iwata prophecies realised?

07 Oct 2003

Mario Kart Double Dash!! bonus disc full details! News

At last, the truth is out.

07 Oct 2003

Donkey Konga! World’s first screens! News

It's one of those 'not beating them, deciding to join them' moments.

06 Oct 2003

Oriental Blue was 64DD game News

Well, it didn’t harm sales of Mario Sunshine – and that was upped to GameCube!

06 Oct 2003

GameCube price slashed by £50 News

Nintendo steps up Christmas campaign.

03 Oct 2003

Mario, Zelda and StarFox confirmed for iQue News

Site launch gives away titles. China holds breath. (And piracy equipment)

02 Oct 2003

Nintendo wants you to know something very important… News

‘We're great, us. Look at all the awards we’ve won!’

01 Oct 2003

Wireless GBA emerges – first look! News

As lure for Leaf Green and Fire Red.

26 Sep 2003

Nintendo’s iQue – first hardware shot! News

Ironically looking like the type of thing Nintendo’s been fighting to ban…

26 Sep 2003

GameCube price hack confirmed News

US gets sub-£60 hardware.

25 Sep 2003

Price cut frenzy: Nintendo poised to slash GameCube News

Retail war predicted as GameCube sales slumps.

24 Sep 2003

Another screen revealed from new/old Pokemon games News

It’s Ash, outside his house!

23 Sep 2003

Game Boy Advance videophone first look! Fresh details News

Talk, play, more: GBA powers up

15 Sep 2003

New F-Zero for TGS News

Rumour mill spells high-octane portable racer soon

15 Sep 2003

GameCube online for real, soon News

Well, it’s better than nothing.

11 Sep 2003

Nintendo Europe in fresh ‘maybe we will, maybe we won’t’ shocker News

Animal Crossing: do you need it? Do you really care?

11 Sep 2003

See Sonic in Billy Hatcher! News

Look, there he is!

10 Sep 2003

Drink loads of pop and get your new fat likeness in a game! News

An unusual new tie-in contest…

05 Sep 2003

Pikmin 2 for 2004 News

Miyamoto follow-up delayed to ensure quality gaming

04 Sep 2003

Game Boy Advance gets SMS News

PDA, paging and more set for pocket market leader.

04 Sep 2003

Pikmin 2 slides away News

US date spells misery for Euro plant organisers.

04 Sep 2003

Mario Kart bonus disc in doubt. News

Bah! Blame Bowser

02 Sep 2003

ECTS Awards News

And the winners are…

29 Aug 2003

Exclusive: Mario Kart bonus disk confirmed News

Buy one get one free!

27 Aug 2003

Paper Mario confusion attack News

NOE confirms GameCube version – re-make unclear.

26 Aug 2003

Bonus disc with Mario Kart DD details News

It’s time to get happy, folks!

22 Aug 2003

Does Nintendo Europe love you? News

You bet it does! Forget moaning about Animal Crossing and look at this!

21 Aug 2003

Metroid Prime scoops top European honour News

Samus triumphs in Edinburgh.

21 Aug 2003

Nintendo speaks on Internet Euro e-Reader lies News

Over-reactive reports show Nintendo rage

21 Aug 2003

Nintendo e-Reader disappears from European schedule, questions unanswered. News

Euro Nintendo fans shafted again.

19 Aug 2003

Iwata confirms Donkey Kong and bongo controller News

What is going on?

18 Aug 2003

Nintendo stops all GameCube production News

Console on ropes, factory workers on holiday.

18 Aug 2003

Whisky-powered Monkey man on F-Zero News

Nagoshi speaks.

15 Aug 2003

Donkey Kong GameCube revealed News

Just like Jim Reeves, we hear the sound of distant drums.

14 Aug 2003

Exclusive: Nintendo poised to pack Game Boy Advance in DVD cases News

Ooh, feel the demographic shift!

14 Aug 2003

Argh! My appendix… need… GameCube… News

Sick kids get GameCubes.

14 Aug 2003

Rare deal shows Sony is common enemy News

Big players in back-scratch-a-thon

13 Aug 2003

Animal Crossing PAL release date News

You might be sick out of your ears when you read this.

12 Aug 2003

Nintendo revelations News

Loyalty cards and new machines.

07 Aug 2003

Kirby creator jumps ship News

No more Super Smash Bros?

06 Aug 2003

Nintendo confirms official ECTS line-up News

Pacman, Pikmin, Pokemon and so on.

05 Aug 2003

Mario and Luigi is Mario RPG 3? News

Online reports suggest that co-op platformer has greater role

01 Aug 2003

Pokemon phenomenon hits Europe - again! News

500,000 sales achieved in first weekend

30 Jul 2003

Nintendo brings bus to ECTS News

Really, a bus…

25 Jul 2003

Diddy Kong booted in favour of Banjo News

Ties cut as DKP makes way for Microsoft

25 Jul 2003

More Nintendo Japan-only cool stuff News

GameCube goes baseball

24 Jul 2003

Crystal Chronicles slips in US. Europe now doomed News

It's happening all over again…!

23 Jul 2003

Q a new Game Boy Player News

Nintendo. Limited. Frustration. Hardware. Japan only!

18 Jul 2003

New Pokemon gadget revealed News

Do the Pokemotion!

16 Jul 2003

F-Zero AX-GX connectivity for Japan only! Plus GX delay explained News

Lukewarm feedback and western memory card blackout revealed inside.

16 Jul 2003

Famicom SP causes global pain News

The ongoing Special Project complaint.

15 Jul 2003

Pokemon: Live and Unleashed News

Play Ruby and Sapphire whilst drinking Vimto. What more could you want?

14 Jul 2003

GameCube 2 internal codename News

Developer sewing circle throws up goodies.

12 Jul 2003

New Mario Kart Double Dash details! News

It's faster, with powerslides

10 Jul 2003

F-Zero LAN claims scuppered News

No Double Dash treatment for Nintendo racer.

09 Jul 2003

New GBA F-Zero revealed News

Link-up with GX too!

09 Jul 2003

Nintendo: ‘Screen quality is everything’ News

Didn’t gamers say that two years ago?

09 Jul 2003

New Nintendo games revealed News

Nintendo reveals new trademark batch.

08 Jul 2003

Bandai prepares ‘Swan song as Square Enix shifts classic to Nintendo News

Final Fantasy III looms for GBA.

08 Jul 2003

Nintendo dubious about GameCube 2 subscription model News

Harrison again illustrates Nintendo online paranoia.

07 Jul 2003

Yamauchi on Famicom, PSP and more… News

Nintendo old guard as sharp-tongued as ever.

04 Jul 2003

GBA successor gossip News

Bigger screen, more colours.

04 Jul 2003

More Nintendo Japan-only frustration News

This time, a Mana-Blue GBA SP.

01 Jul 2003

e-Reader confirmed for Europe! News

At long last, Nintendo Europe rolls out connectivity proper.

30 Jun 2003

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles character art emerges! News

GameCube ARPG shapes up as Euro release date remains secret

27 Jun 2003

Game Boy Player launched Stateside News

GameCube gets 1,300 new games to play!

25 Jun 2003

Game Boy Advance achieves massive sales News

Can it really be two years already?

25 Jun 2003

Nintendo to see GameCube interactive TV News

Hotel room joy for Ninty gamers.

24 Jun 2003

Lik-Sang speaks – accuses Nintendo of steamrollering case, says judge was inappropriate News

Legal might of Nintendo sees unfair play claim.

24 Jun 2003

Final Fantasy to see new GameCube hardware set News

Competition to bring delightful Crystal White GameCube and more.

23 Jun 2003

Mario 128 sees more Nintendo-noia News

Nintendo guarded over plumber’s secrets.

20 Jun 2003

Pokemon legal nonsense rolls ever onwards News

This time, trading cards and stickers – new Poke-word inside!

20 Jun 2003

Nintendo stamps out Chinese piracy, wins case News

IP protection in the East to become a reality?

19 Jun 2003

Nintendo to relaunch Famicom News

20th anniversary sees Nintendo mull over re-release.

18 Jun 2003

Exclusive: Nintendo patent heats up GBA successor talk News

In the words of Iwata, it’s all about connectivity.

16 Jun 2003

GameCube Final Fantasy gets US date as Europe holds breath News

Will Square Enix come good on its new Euro pledge?

11 Jun 2003

One million plus sales sees the arrival of chameleonic GBA SP News

Big sales, no shocks, new colours.

10 Jun 2003

Mario 128 for ECTS talk abounds News

Industry gossip points towards Euro debut.

09 Jun 2003

Panasonic happy with Q as console plans proper are snubbed News

Matsushita quashes console rumour.

09 Jun 2003

Mario 128 slips out of view as SpaceWorld is cancelled! News

Nintendo snubs key event as most anticipated GCN title leaves radar.

05 Jun 2003

Nintendo in concert! Saluting the music of Koji Konda News

Big gig in honour of Mario, Zelda composer.

05 Jun 2003

GameCube 2 dated! News

Development gossip leads to Nintendo leak.

04 Jun 2003

Iwata makes Nintendo hardware commitment News

Talks of next Mario and Pokemon.

29 May 2003

Pokemon RPG for GameCube confirmed! News

Does this spell online play for first-party GameCube?

23 May 2003

Nintendo aims for six million in the face of consumer apathy News

High GameCube projections despite slow sales.

22 May 2003

New model GBA gossip – New FX chip lights imagination News

Nintendo to N-Gage the phone…

22 May 2003

GameCube Demo Disc Hits US News

US gets Japan treatment, this time with Egg

21 May 2003

Free Game Boy Player bundled with Cube News

Nintendo to give away Game Boy base thingies

20 May 2003

GameCube Bundle Update News

It gets better…

19 May 2003

Price Cuts And Politics News

News from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

16 May 2003

A Plethora of GBA Titles on Show at E3 News

And here are some of them…

16 May 2003

Video Carts for GBA? News

Nintendo's handheld poses as a portable telly.

16 May 2003

Much More Mario Madness News

News on the forthcoming slew of Mario games

15 May 2003

Link Them Together News

Two new Zelda games and enhanced GBA connectivity.

14 May 2003

Pac-Man's Back, Man… News

And he's still a big yellow circle who eats little yellow circles

13 May 2003

New Metroid Advance revealed News

Nintendo announces Fusion follow-up.

08 May 2003

UK chart news: Zelda reigns supreme! News

Number one entry for Nintendo stalwart.

07 May 2003

Kojima and Miyamoto on Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes News

In a kind of PR release style.

02 May 2003

Exclusive: Iwata dates GameCube 2! News

Nintendo's new home console well underway

01 May 2003

Another day, another mystery News

Megaton fails to register as gossip frenzy engulfs Nintendo

01 May 2003

NEC makes GameCube 2 commitment News

Nintendo denies everything

01 May 2003

ATI confirms Xbox 2 and GameCube 2 talks News

New processor could be shared?

01 May 2003

Next Nintendo home machine to jump the gun? 2005 rumours spew forth News

It's everyone's favourite 'next-gen console race' story!

01 May 2003

GameCube steering issue forced News

All we need now is a decent car racer.

30 Apr 2003

Mario Kart network details revealed! News

Eight-player mayhem brings tears of joy

30 Apr 2003

New Nintendo hardware revealed! News

Swap share files via PC and more!

30 Apr 2003

Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube price cuts News

Rumour from the East hints at new wave in price war.

30 Apr 2003

Metroid Prime 2 News

E3 outing confirmed for Samus

28 Apr 2003

Zelda launch event, May 2 - participants wanted! News

Calling all Zelda masters.

23 Apr 2003

Pikmin 2 News

World showered with joy.

23 Apr 2003

Mario Kart on Gamecube. Screenshots News

We don't really need to explain this.

23 Apr 2003

GBA finds its Mother News

Earthbound confirmed.

15 Apr 2003

All-new Donkey Kong gamelets! News

Mini game joy for Country port.

15 Apr 2003

Nintendo to release new, high capacity SP battery News

Bigger, better battery that probably should have come as standard.

11 Apr 2003

Exclusive: Nintendo gives EA ‘cost of production plus a dollar’ as others wait News

Royalties adjusted as Nintendo fights for market.

11 Apr 2003

Nintendo considers moving Metroid Prime 2 back to 2D! News

More Nintendo polling action for ya!

11 Apr 2003

Got a new Game Boy Advance SP? News

Here’s the rest of this month’s game releases.

09 Apr 2003

Nintendo: ‘GameCube sales were bad’ News

Profits down as GameCube struggles, company buoyed by massive GBA appeal.

07 Apr 2003

Capcom backs away from 'Cube? News

Resi just too big for single format

04 Apr 2003

Spicy new model GBA SP revealed News

In Japan. Again. Bah!

03 Apr 2003

More F-Zero slippage News

Anxiety increases as life without game becomes unbearable.

02 Apr 2003

GameCube Anniversary Pak News

Nintendo goes platinum next month in birthday celebration.

01 Apr 2003

Nintendo drops banana skin on Mario Kart online track News

No Nintendo online? Don’t be so sure.

28 Mar 2003

F-Zero AC to go on public play-test News

TriForce futuristic racer debuts at the end of this month.

26 Mar 2003

UK Game Boy Advance SP running out already? News

Nintendo of Europe recommends queuing early.

26 Mar 2003

UK GameCube sees massive growth for fifth week running News

Nintendo party keeps on going.

25 Mar 2003

Shiny new GameCube bundle for Europe! News

Platinum ‘Cube and Zelda loom.

25 Mar 2003

F-Zero AC and SVC Chaos dated News

Coin-op heaven this summer.

24 Mar 2003

War in Iraq sees Nintendo’s Yamauchi miss baseball News

Mariners game cancelled amid security alerts.

21 Mar 2003

F-Zero slips again! News

Nintendo of America release schedule altered again.

20 Mar 2003

Resurgent Nintendo sees GameCube sales double News

Wind awoken as free game deal combines with AAA offering.

20 Mar 2003

Nintendos Voucherus Joyous! News

Well, you ought to have a basic grasp of Latin if you’re working in Currys.

18 Mar 2003

Write the new Pokemon theme tune! News

To catch them is my real test…

13 Mar 2003

Nintendo re-think over Wario and F-Zero News

Dates restored, confusion reigns.

12 Mar 2003

GameCube takes second place, beating software void News

Warding off Live, Nintendo makes a strong return.

11 Mar 2003

F-Zero and Wario World slip! News

Superbad news as ached-for racer goes distant.

10 Mar 2003

Wake up and smell the coffee News

Game Boy Advance gets Java.

10 Mar 2003

GameCube shakes off Dreamcast syndrome News

Lengthy discussions with Electronic Arts deliver.

06 Mar 2003

Online console gaming: claims, counter-claims, and a world of lies News

Sony picks latest numbers fight with Microsoft.

06 Mar 2003

Game Boy Advance camera and animation software looms News

Miyamoto in more ‘talking when he shouldn’t’ action!

06 Mar 2003

GBA successor: ‘Work underway’ News

All-new super-powerful handheld looms.

05 Mar 2003

GameCube II graphics chip work begins! News

ATI reveals new deal with Nintendo.

05 Mar 2003

Electronic Arts: ‘We expect hardware price cuts at E3’ News

Balanced speculation or insider knowledge?

05 Mar 2003

Nintendo’s Mother revealed? News

RPG franchise believed to be in for full-power remake.

04 Mar 2003

Soul Calibur II dated for Europe News

It’s not the best news, folks.

04 Mar 2003

Nintendo seeks to address GameCube problems News

Finally, an admission of issues – future plans laid down.

04 Mar 2003

Nintendo news round-up News

Pokemon Stadium, new Zelda GameCube and more.

03 Mar 2003

Nintendo cleans up at AIAS Awards News

Animal Crossing, Metroid and Mario lauded. And then some.

03 Mar 2003

Loose-lipped Miyamoto confirms Metal Gear Solid for GameCube News

And according to Nintendo, he’s personally involved.

28 Feb 2003

Pikmin 2 screens released News

Olimar returns, and he's brought a friend

28 Feb 2003

Game Boy Advance SP redesigned News

Industrial look exchanged for sleek shock-stifler.

28 Feb 2003

Nintendo harvests gamer information News

The Big N surveys you.

28 Feb 2003

New F-Zero screens News

More goodness from Amusement Vision

27 Feb 2003

GameCube doomed. GameCube set to triumph News

Analysts fight it out.

26 Feb 2003

Nintendo investment hints at Game Boy future News

‘Stacked’ portable from sector leader looms.

25 Feb 2003

Brand new Zelda GBA revealed News

At Capcom, no less!

25 Feb 2003

UK GameCube makes substantial sales jump News

Nintendo shakes off illness, impresses doubters.

25 Feb 2003

New TriForce game revealed News

GameCube link expected for Keys of Avalon.

24 Feb 2003

Miyamoto: ‘These days I ask seriously; what is the true meaning of dog?’ News

King of Nintendo signs all – marathon marker pen session astounds London

24 Feb 2003

Made in Wario takes a bigger than expected byte News

Wario to ‘borrow heavily’ from Nintendo’s finest.

24 Feb 2003

Nintendo says sorry News

Production and shipping methods under review.

24 Feb 2003

Gaming Legend Shigeru Miyamoto Visits London News

Over 1,000 fans from the UK and Europe meet the Nintendo genius behind Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda

21 Feb 2003

Nintendo makes assault on GBA piracy News

China, Mexico and Paraguay targeted for sanctions.

19 Feb 2003

PSO GameCube pricing confirmed News

More ongoing expense from Sonic Team.

19 Feb 2003

Game Boy Advance gets free kiosk downloads News

POS to Pod. Innovation makes gamers smile.

19 Feb 2003

Free Zelda bonus for Europe! News

Ocarina remake, Ura Zelda, F-Zero footage and more.

18 Feb 2003

Third party GameCube future in doubt News

Major publishers back away from Nintendo – exclusive details inside.

18 Feb 2003

Xbox comes of age News

With the help of the DOA girls – Japanese charts show GameCube outsell shock.

18 Feb 2003

SP sells out in Japan - First pics News

Gadget-san appeal powers GBA mega-spike

14 Feb 2003

Update: Nintendo - 'Euro GameCube online still on track' News

Network peripherals to launch on time? Not according to distributor

14 Feb 2003

Quarter of a million bonuses for the US News

Wake that wind! Free gold not on offer...

14 Feb 2003

Nintendo Takes a Kicking News

GBA outsold by Xbox as GameCube struggles

13 Feb 2003

Western Pokemon campaign initiated News

Limited edition coin planned for US as behemoth franchise gears up for second phase of world domination.

12 Feb 2003

Miyamoto spills more Mario beans News

AAA line-up for this year!

11 Feb 2003

Sega cans GameCube Sports support News

New phase to hit grown-up consoles.

10 Feb 2003

Latest Kururin Paradise screens emerge News

Bah, pesky stick!

10 Feb 2003

Price cuts in the offing? News

All-formats retail restructure looms.

07 Feb 2003

GameCube budget bonanza! News

Players Choice comes to UK.

07 Feb 2003

EA to buy Nintendo nonsense spews forth News

Misguided news muppets in ‘leaping before looking’ lark.

06 Feb 2003

Wario goes all Bishi Bashi News

Mini game meltdown with Made in Wario.

06 Feb 2003

Miyamoto confirms AAA sequels News

Short but good.

06 Feb 2003

Nintendo ups the GBA ante News

SP to power full scale assault.

05 Feb 2003

Madness! Euro GameCube GB Player information lock-down News

Will the GameCube add-on be black only?

05 Feb 2003

Nintendo confirms Metroid Prime 2 News

It’s official!

05 Feb 2003

GameCube Game Boy player blackout? News

Single colour option fire rages.

04 Feb 2003

Game Boy Advance media player revealed News

Cartoon series on SmartMedia cards.

04 Feb 2003

Free GameCube games for all! News

No really, Nintendo is giving away games

31 Jan 2003

Nokia N-Gage to launch in May News

New age for portable gaming dawns

31 Jan 2003

Metroid Movie news News

Samus Aran actress revealed

30 Jan 2003

Miyamoto speaks! News

To us. Yay!

29 Jan 2003

Amusing SP compatibility truth emerges News

It's behind you!

29 Jan 2003

F-Zero GC confirmation day News

Long-suspected functionality confirmed by Nintendo.

28 Jan 2003

Europe gets Zelda bonus disc! News

Guessing game commences.

28 Jan 2003

GameCube online Europe plans revealed News

Full power Nintendo service sees grown up gaming.

28 Jan 2003

Inevitable Final Fantasy slippage confirmed News

Crystal Chronicles disappears from the 2003 schedule.

28 Jan 2003

Mario Advance 4 gets the silence treatment News

Japes as Nintendo goes hush-hush – sparks gossip frenzy.

28 Jan 2003

Maximum evil! News

Animal Crossing never to make Europe.

28 Jan 2003

Everybody sing now! If I had a hamster… News

...I’d hamster in the morning, I’d hamster in the evening…

28 Jan 2003

Pokemon GameCube details emerge News

More questions than answers as strangeness and mystery blend.

28 Jan 2003

Five reasons to buy a GameCube this Easter News

If this doesn't convince you...

27 Jan 2003

Metroid Prime 2 announced! News

Metroid Paint?

24 Jan 2003

Tasty bird in a robo-suit? News

It’s got to be the Metroid movie!

23 Jan 2003

Pokemon trounces competition in Japan News

Top two slots for entire year filled with little monsters.

23 Jan 2003

Iwata speaks on disappointing GameCube sales News

Gosen's claims of second place prove untrue

23 Jan 2003

Free GameCube games for Europe? News

American policy looms for the UK?

22 Jan 2003

F-Zero GC dated! News

In the US, at least.

21 Jan 2003

Game Boy Advance SP: The truth emerges! News

Optimisation differences per model revealed.

21 Jan 2003

F-Zero AC shown for first time! News

Secret Tokyo unveiling for future racer.

20 Jan 2003

Curse our US cousins! News

America gets ruck of GBA titles as Britain forced to wait for localisation.

16 Jan 2003

Iwata on mergers, online, and the GameCube battle News

Will Nintendo merge?

16 Jan 2003

Nintendo show more connectivity News

Cash-flow bonanza e-Reader card to link to home console.

15 Jan 2003

GameCube takes a beating down under News

Shocking sales figures emerge.

14 Jan 2003

Iwata speaks News

GameCube price cut and Chinese piracy mentioned.

10 Jan 2003

Nintendo Europe 2003 release schedule News

Complete and unabridged.

08 Jan 2003

New Game Boy here soon News

Nintendo aims for adult market with flip-top Game Boy.

08 Jan 2003

Megaton tomorrow? News

Major announcement looms.

06 Jan 2003

Xbox 1.5 and portable GameCube chatter emerges News

Respected News source in E3 prediction surprise

03 Jan 2003

Nintendo Japan reveals devastating release schedule News

Full power gaming from Pokemon-powered Kyoto firm

03 Jan 2003

Pokemon immediately becomes Japan's biggest-selling game News

Massive sales sees chart-topping duo

02 Jan 2003

A new dimension for Samus News

A prime slice of Metroid for the GameCube

30 Dec 2002

Nintendo in ‘stealth’ price-cut shocker News

Rebate form sees secret snip stateside.

28 Dec 2002

English language version of GC Ocarina and Ura confirmed News

US approved as Europe waits.

28 Dec 2002

New GameCube Game Boy Player details spew forth News

Borders, boot discs and buttons explained.

28 Dec 2002

1080 Avalanche slides into view News

At long, long last.

28 Dec 2002

Latest Zelda screens emerge News

Move over Mario, it’s Link’s turn.

28 Dec 2002

The Dreamcast lives on! News

Sega squeezes Dreamcast online functionality into PS2 and GameCube.

28 Dec 2002

Final European and American Zelda name revealed News

Pass the sprouts, someone.

28 Dec 2002

Geller takes Nintendo east. Alakazam! News

Pokemon hearing moves to Japan.

28 Dec 2002

Odd Ura Zelda rumours emerge News

Separate release for US and Europe?

28 Dec 2002

Exclusive details: Secret Nintendo technical announcement looms for CES News

Megaton rears up again as new disc technology emerges

24 Dec 2002

Nintendo complacency explained News

Pokemon still an unstoppable force

24 Dec 2002

Capcom share slump as Nintendo buy-out dismissed News

President breaks silence as wave crest vanishes

23 Dec 2002

Zelda in 'selling like crazy' shocker News

Wake that Wind!

19 Dec 2002

Nintendo announcement looms today? News

Frenzy! Nintendo UK in Germany. World holds breath.

17 Dec 2002

Zelda details confirmed stateside as Europe waits News

Pre-order system mirrors Japanese - will localisation cost Europe again?

17 Dec 2002

Zelda in memory loss shocker! News

Third party blackout warning from Nintendo.

17 Dec 2002

Give up everything! News

First Animal Crossing 2 details unearthed! It’s online!

16 Dec 2002

Nintendo Update News

Megaton Announcement looms early next week

12 Dec 2002

Nintendo to buy Capcom News

Megaton Announcement revealed?

12 Dec 2002

Mario 128 and Pikmin 2 revealed! News

Glee as Miyamoto spills sentient beans

11 Dec 2002

Famitsu rates The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker News

Manages to ignore silly name.

11 Dec 2002

MEGATON announcement denied by Nintendo Europe News

Storm in a teacup as rumour overload proves empty.

05 Dec 2002

Pokemon proves a retail monster again News

Colossal GBA spike triggered in Japan.

29 Nov 2002

GameCube Phantasy Star discontinued? News

Full explanation inside.

28 Nov 2002

Xbox outselling GameCube in the UK News

Discount powerhouse irresistible in Blighty.

28 Nov 2002

First ever Nintendo software demo released News

Monumental policy rethink sees Japanese players smile.

28 Nov 2002

Click, click, squeak, click News

Finally, a Flipper the world understands.

28 Nov 2002

Nintendo to fight its corner News

New versions of both the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance revealed!

28 Nov 2002

Nintendo breaks GameCube Game Boy Player News

Game Cube rises by exactly one inch!

26 Nov 2002

Jewels in the crown News

Ruby and Sapphire shift two million!

25 Nov 2002

Nintendo president sees Rare closure News

By throwing stones...

22 Nov 2002

Pokemania Dead News

In other news, pigs seen to fly, Hell discovered to be cold

22 Nov 2002

Nintendo announcements spell drastic US price-cut? News

Information double-bluff and Ninty spies trigger price rumour frenzy

22 Nov 2002

Something big looms in the East News

Famitsu hint triggers Nintendo speculation.

21 Nov 2002

Nintendo Europe breaks release date silence News

Includes first Final Fantasy GC mention.

19 Nov 2002

More next-generation Game Boy rumours emerge News

Now it’s a portable N64. More inside.

19 Nov 2002

Play Game Boy games on games on your GameCube! News

New add-on sees 1,400 new games for GC portfolio.

19 Nov 2002

Buy one GC Zelda game, get two unreleased Zeldas free!!! News

Well, okay, a bonus disk containing the N64 classic and the unreleased 64DD version, Ura Zelda.

13 Nov 2002

Nintendo slapped with huge fine News

EU anti-trust scandal sees staggering costs.

31 Oct 2002

Team Rocket dumped from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire News

“To renounce the evils of truth and love”.

30 Oct 2002

NES Metroid lives! News

Link-up reveals forgotten classic.

29 Oct 2002

Nintendo faces fines in Europe News

Anti-trust suits filed as cross-border trading raises its grey head.

28 Oct 2002

Mario storms UK charts – straight in at number one! News

Sees off Sims, Unreal, Hitman, TIF.

28 Oct 2002

Nintendo takes a kicking News

Under-performance scares away prospective shareholders.

28 Oct 2002

Super Mario Sunshine released today! News

The wait is over!

28 Oct 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures News

Sony dominance ever-present as Xbox leaps.

28 Oct 2002

GameCube to get FMV at last! News

DivX GameCube dream realised.

28 Oct 2002

GameCube poised to make online leap Stateside News

Modem and broadband adapter ready to roll.

25 Oct 2002

PSO GBA link-up details revealed News

Goodies! You don’t know the half of it!

25 Oct 2002

Healthy Mario sales not enough to fend off Bill News

Sunshine sales bonanza, yet the ‘Cube still slips.

24 Oct 2002

World exclusive F-Zero AC details News

It’s bigger and badder than expected.

22 Oct 2002

First playable 1080 emerges! News

Nintendo rushes code to LA

21 Oct 2002

Game Boy Advance outsells PS2 in Japan shocker! News

Waah! Waah! Waah! Baby Mario enough to topple Sony.

16 Oct 2002

GameCube’s Legend of Zelda gets a name News

And about time too!

16 Oct 2002

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo show united front against mod-chip plague News

Nowhere left to hide as retailer busted.

16 Oct 2002

New version GBA details emerge News

More buttons, new battery, new screen and more inside.

11 Oct 2002

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire to see four-player mayhem! News

Link-cables at the ready, kids.

11 Oct 2002

Nintendo sign Des Lynam News

Well, his moustache, anyway. Bizarre marketing tale inside.

07 Oct 2002

Nintendo cuts annual forecast by 11% News

Strong yen causes financial headache.

01 Oct 2002

New Donkey Kong game announced News

Nintendo fills the gap.

30 Sep 2002

Yoshi leads Clash of the Tongues News

Well, you have to do something to market a game, we guess!

30 Sep 2002

Miyamoto: ‘It’s the game that troubles me the most.’ News

Mario Kart for GameCube heads online.

28 Sep 2002

New Panasonic GameCube Q revealed News

Does this mean it could get a western release?

27 Sep 2002

Nintendo severs Rare link: Official News

Final and conclusive proof as era draws to an end.

23 Sep 2002

Animal Crossing hits US as Europe waits News

Earth shattering ‘life inside a box’ title still undated for UK.

20 Sep 2002

JAMMA Show report News

Chihiro, TriForce and Naomi 3 in Japan.

20 Sep 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures emerge News

PlayStation 2 still spanking competition.

18 Sep 2002

New NES games announced News

Nintendo steps up 8-Bit E-Reader push

17 Sep 2002

New Mario and Zelda already underway? News

Miyamoto in 'no holiday yet' rumour

17 Sep 2002

Nintendo makes Rare comment News

Official statement: ‘No More Rare GameCube games’.

13 Sep 2002

Rare sold: Official News

X02 announcement in the pipeline, Rare makes first comment

12 Sep 2002

World Exclusive: Backlit GBA goes into testing! News

It’s what the world’s been waiting for.

11 Sep 2002

Trad shoot ‘em up forces Wario delay News

Ikaruga bounces Wario World into next year.

10 Sep 2002

Bandai Nintendo deal details emerge News

New GameCube games announced

05 Sep 2002

Nintendo toys about to launch News

At last! It’s not just the Japanese that get to buy weird game-related tat!

04 Sep 2002

Nintendo deal to sink the Swan? News

Bandai toys with our hearts

04 Sep 2002

Nintendo European press briefing details News

Grate, didn’t it?

30 Aug 2002

New screens of Super Mario Advance 3 News

Plus: Euro date revealed!

30 Aug 2002

Exclusive details: All-new Final Fantasy title announced! News

Final Fantasy N is named.

28 Aug 2002

Nintendo E-Reader details emerge News

Buy stuff, scan data, live the brand!

28 Aug 2002

Yamauchi Q Fund sees Dragon Quest start-up News

New Nintendo-powered game studio is born.

28 Aug 2002

Latest Japanese sales figures make for an interesting read News

All consoles see massive spike, except Xbox.

28 Aug 2002

First Star Fox details emerge News

It’s a whopper!

28 Aug 2002

New model Game Boy Advance on the way? News

Rumour says Nintendo to respond to Bandai threat with added GBA functionality.

28 Aug 2002

Nintendo makes its online pledge News

Japanese date for GameCube online revealed

23 Aug 2002

Yamauchi reveals interesting future News

The old man of Nintendo plans energetic retirement

22 Aug 2002

Animal Crossing shows its good-NES News

8-bit game transfers revealed

22 Aug 2002

Nintendo not-ECTS plans revealed News

It’s not that good really...

20 Aug 2002

e-Reader NES packaging arrives News

Is this what the world has been waiting for?

16 Aug 2002

Kentucky shooting case dismissed again News

This time at appeal stage.

15 Aug 2002

Does Perfect Dark Zero exist? (Reprise) News

Apparently not. Nintendo response inside.

14 Aug 2002

Yamauchi speaks on Iwata appointment News

The old and the new: Nintendo in transition.

13 Aug 2002

Ooh, look at that! News

First English Super Mario Sunshine screens right here.

13 Aug 2002

Latest Mario Game Boy Advance rumours News

Really Pleasurable Games loom?

06 Aug 2002

More from our Nintendo press do experience News

Hands-on with more Gamecube games you can expect to see released over the next year.

05 Aug 2002

Yoshi’s Island for Game Boy Advance due in December News

That’s Mario Advance 3 chaps!

02 Aug 2002

Nintendo secures new network partnership News

After days of speculation, Nintendo confirms new online push.

31 Jul 2002

European release date for Super Mario Sunshine finally announced News

It’s earlier than we thought! Plus: More Nintendo dates inside!

30 Jul 2002

Caution: European Fake-tendo products wash up News

Customs busts large-scale piracy of Nintendo goods.

29 Jul 2002

Video game slump in Japan News

The industry’s summer drought bites hard.

28 Jul 2002

Eagerly awaited GameCube titles playable for first time on UK soil. News

Hands-on with Zelda and Mario.

26 Jul 2002

Mmm...Monkey, Mmm...Monkey News

Super Monkey Ball 2 screens make us feel strange.

25 Jul 2002

Nintendo plans technologies centre News

Lucky Japanese punters get a place to see everything first.

25 Jul 2002

Super Mario Sunshine sells like crazy at retail shocker! News

Against all expectations, the latest Mario game has sold well in Japan.

24 Jul 2002

Danger: Super Mario Sunshine spoilers lurk inside News

Shines, lies and Waluigi.

23 Jul 2002

Super Mario Sunshine ships News

Most anticipated GameCube title in, ooh, ages hits Japan.

19 Jul 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures News

More interesting reading from crucial Japanese market.

19 Jul 2002

Nintendo warehouse cleaned out News

We mean burgled, not dusted.

18 Jul 2002

Pokemon Advance will be two games News

Biggest shock ever in videogame history. Well, not really. Not at all, actually.

16 Jul 2002

Nintendo plans free GameCube demo discs News

And about time too!

04 Jul 2002

Sonic to be Nintendo-only News

GBA and GameCube updates soon!

01 Jul 2002

First GameCube online pricing revealed News

Can you begrudge cheap online gaming to a people who pay £10 for a pint?

28 Jun 2002

If you don’t already own a GBA, now is the time to buy News

Well, next Friday, to be more accurate.

27 Jun 2002

More Xbox figures from Japan News

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The continuing story of Microsoft's Japanese misadventures.

27 Jun 2002

Latest Super Mario Sunshine screens promote happiness! News

Go Yoshi, Go Yoshi...

26 Jun 2002

Game Boy Advance Munches Xbox News

Shocking news sees THQ bring Xbox games to Nintendo portable!

26 Jun 2002

SpaceWorld 2002 canned News

Nintendo backs away from annual gaming expo.

25 Jun 2002

SpaceWorld cancelled? News


21 Jun 2002

Super Mario Sunshine slippage? News

Has Miyamoto encountered a banana?

18 Jun 2002

Nintendo comments on Mario’s Fake-iverse News

Impressive hoax sets Web alight

12 Jun 2002

E3 award nominations revealed News

Let the arguments commence!

07 Jun 2002

SquareSoft and Nintendo in new row News

They’re at it again!

07 Jun 2002

No Pokemon Advance until 2003 News

Grinding development sees Pokemon slip out of immediate view

07 Jun 2002

Nintendo management structure fully disclosed News

All under the watchful eye of Yamauchi

07 Jun 2002

E3 theft hinders Sonic Team development News

Why you little..!

31 May 2002

GameCube goes online tomorrow! News

Sega frog-marches GameCube all the way to the Internet.

30 May 2002

Nintendo in forecast re-jig News

Global price war forces sales adjustment.

30 May 2002

Square snubs GameCube and Xbox News

It’s PlayStation 2 for at least a year.

30 May 2002

Yamauchi: The President that would never leave News

Nintendo uber stalwart keeps grip on firm.

29 May 2002

Iwata, Miyamoto on the year ahead News

What does the next 12 months hold…?

29 May 2002

Yamauchi steps down (eventually) making way for Iwata News

Iron Satoru takes the reigns.

28 May 2002

Nintendo announces GBA cartridge price-hack News

Twenty-five quid? Ooh yes!

28 May 2002

Gamecube hits the UK News

The wait is over… full launch coverage inside.

28 May 2002

Nintendo E3 line-up leaked! News

All the GameCube games to be shown on Nintendo’s stand right here!

28 May 2002

Nintendo to announce online strategy News

Silence will be broken: date set.

28 May 2002

Metroid for Game Boy Advance News

Samus lives on to defeat more energy-wielding blobs.

24 May 2002

Star Fox Adventures screens and details News

Rare-developed Nintendo game lookin’ good!

24 May 2002

Wario’s surprise appearance welcomed News

Anti-Mario fiend gets a 3D adventure of his own.

24 May 2002

Zero hour is approaching News

Capcom takes Resident Evil back in time.

24 May 2002

Nintendo to storm E3 News

Gaming giant arrives in Los Angeles heavily armed with software.

22 May 2002

I am GameCube! News

You are Colin McRae! 3!

20 May 2002

Beat that, Sony and Microsoft! News

Nintendo undercuts rivals once more.

20 May 2002

Nintendo cans Game Boy Mobile service News

Consumer apathy ends gaming innovation.

17 May 2002

WaveBird controller looms News

Wireless first-party controller for GameCube earlier than expected.

16 May 2002

400,000 GameCubes snaffled up by Europe News

Nintendo makes its mark.

14 May 2002

Nintendo reveals online plans! News

Behemoth Iwata settles the score.

14 May 2002

Kirby TV show emerges News

He’s fat, he’s round, he bounces on the ground…

13 May 2002

Make your GameCube sound like a baby! News

More weird Nintendo turn-ons discovered.

13 May 2002

GameCube rampant in UK software sales News

More GameCube games shifted than anything else.

10 May 2002

Exclusive: official UK GameCube sales figures revealed News

How the GameCube fared, here, first!

08 May 2002

More US price-cut talk News

US to follow Euro lead?

08 May 2002

Retro consumed by Nintendo News

Metroid to be Primed in-house.

07 May 2002

New GameCube games emerge News

It’s Wario – Dishonour!

03 May 2002

GameCube launches in UK tomorrow! News

Impressive support for new Nintendo console ensures launch joy.

02 May 2002

New Mario Sunshine screens News

Yes, we know… we feel the same.

30 Apr 2002

GameCube pre-orders hot up News

And the price-cut still to kick in!

29 Apr 2002

Nintendo confirms Microsoft buy-out attempt News

How the GameCube was nearly an Xbox…

29 Apr 2002

Yuji Naka talks PSO GameCube News

Sonic Team chief speaks on Phantasy Star future.

25 Apr 2002

Sony refuses PlayStation 2 price cut pressure, denies end of PSone News

The midget survives as big brother keeps his wedge.

24 Apr 2002

UK GameCube price slash announced News

Game on: Price war underway

22 Apr 2002

Pokemon Advance battle screens released News

If it ain’t broke…

16 Apr 2002

New GBA Final Fantasy Tactics detail emerge. Plus: first Square mention of Xbox inside! News

How much Final Fantasy do you want? A lot more, and more, and more…

16 Apr 2002

Nintendo Share Price Takes a Tumble News

When almost a billion dollar profit can’t help, what else can you do?

15 Apr 2002

Rare - Multi-platform? News

Don’t you just love rumours?

12 Apr 2002

Capcom Vs SNK 2 GameCube details emerge News

Stands for Easy Operation.

11 Apr 2002

Nintendo to see second year of record net profit News

Powered by the unstoppable Game Boy Advance and a favourable exchange rate, Nintendo lifts net profit forecast for the year ending March 2002.

11 Apr 2002

Skies of Arcadia comes to GameCube News

Sega offers another for GameCube.

10 Apr 2002

Miramax to up-rate Pokemon movies? News

New Pokemon movies to leave Warner Bros behind.

05 Apr 2002

Pokemon Advance screens spill forth News

The first tangible evidence of Pokemon Advance (tentative title) has been released by Nintendo Europe.

04 Apr 2002

New Mario Super Sunshine screens and details beam down! News

As the clouds separate on the gaming horizon, a ray of sunshine reaches down and brightens everyone’s day.

03 Apr 2002

F-Zero Confirmed for E3! News

Arcade and console versions on show in Los Angeles.

03 Apr 2002

More F-Zero Details Emerge News

An update on the games and their names.

02 Apr 2002

Strange Virtua Fighter game announced for GameCube! News

It's not what you thought...

02 Apr 2002

Super Mario Sunshine gets a July release! News

Sunshine day is coming, and sooner than we thought too!

28 Mar 2002

Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee Revealed for GameCube! News

This could be the Mothera of all beat 'em ups! (Groan!).

28 Mar 2002

Joyful Sega news for Today News

Monkey Ball, Phantasy Star and Crazy Taxi confirmed for GBA!

27 Mar 2002

New Final Fantasy GBA Details Emerge! News

Square head spills beans.

27 Mar 2002

Mario Sunshine: New title and first Western Release date Revealed! News

Nintendo of America has released the first concrete details of the wildly-anticipated Mario update for GameCube.

26 Mar 2002

New GameCube Titles Surface! News

Tony Hawk in the (half) pipeline!

25 Mar 2002

Sony Boss to Block GameCube Final Fantasy? News

Rumour is that Sony is seriously considering blocking the Final Fantasy game currently underway for GameCube.

22 Mar 2002

Virtua Fighter for GameCube? News

Sega CEO Tetsu Kayama comments that the company might just release a Virtua Fighter game for Nintendo GameCube.

21 Mar 2002

Sonic Team Chief Admits that Phantasy Star for GameCube Will be Offline News

While Nintendo 'umm' and 'aaah' regarding online functionality, Naka mentions Xbox and PSO. The gaming world holds its breath.

19 Mar 2002

Miyamoto and Iwata speak out on adult oriented gaming News

Nintendo bigwigs comment on GameCube's target audience.

18 Mar 2002

SquareSoft speaks out on Nintendo development: Official statement inside! News

SquareSoft Japan has made the following statement relating to development progress for Nintendo platforms.

14 Mar 2002

Square Share Price Leaps Following Nintendo News News

Final Fantasy N prompts unprecedented increase in value.

13 Mar 2002

Exclusive new Nintendo Final Fantasy details arrive! News

So, does the 'N' stand for new?

12 Mar 2002

Final Fantasy Confirmed for GameCube News

Square/Nintendo partnership yields new development studio.

11 Mar 2002

Columbine games lawsuit thrown out of court News

Games companies not to blame for shootings

07 Mar 2002

Nintendo's Cube Clubs hit the UK News

Wonder if they’ll play any Sugarcubes..? Or Ice Cube! We could be here for hours...

06 Mar 2002

It's here! GameCube Packaging Revealed News

There are some folks who get excited about this sort of thing, you know.

06 Mar 2002

Back-lit GBA rumour update: It’s looking good! News

The world joins hands in the hope of a usable portable Nintendo console

05 Mar 2002

First rumblings of Pokemon Advance make themselves heard News

Mega-franchise update on track!

05 Mar 2002

More TriForce details emerge: Arcade hardware has never been this good! News

Sega release pleasingly specific details about TriForce, the GameCube-based arcade hardware developed jointly between Nintendo, Sega and Namco.

01 Mar 2002

Huge TriForce update: First game revealed! News

More news on the GameCube offspring.

28 Feb 2002

AOU 2002 Show: TriForce Unveiled! News

New arcade technology gets first airing.

27 Feb 2002

Yamauchi Retirement Date Set News

This time, he's not bluffing.

26 Feb 2002

Mother claims: ‘Nintendo killed my son.’ News

It shouldn't happen to a gamer, but we've been warned all along.

26 Feb 2002

New backlit Game Boy Advance model looms? News

We shed a little light on the possible solution to the GBA's screen problems.

25 Feb 2002

Shigeru Miyamoto Interview Part 2: The most complete interview anywhere on the web News

This is the reason you've been wishing the weekend away. We ask, Miyamoto answers - the conclusion.

25 Feb 2002

Miyamoto Reveals all in Exclusive Interview! News

Miyamoto exclusive part one: Creator of all things Mario speaks on future developments and Nintendo's European strategy.

22 Feb 2002

Europe turns its eyes on Nintendo News

Nintendo spills the beans to thousands of Internet-capable gamers.

21 Feb 2002

Miyamoto: GameCube Zelda graphics finalised, and Mario Sunshine for Europe in 2002 News

Your most pressing questions answered inside

19 Feb 2002

New arcade joint venture from Nintendo, Namco and Sega News

GameCube based coin-op platform looms

19 Feb 2002

Take 2 gears up with GameCube Developments News

It's not a toy!

15 Feb 2002

Nintendo Europe Chief Doubtful Regarding Online GameCube News

Will it? Won't it? No commitment as yet - read on.

13 Feb 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

More GameCube Horror! News

Yet more Evil screenshots.

04 Feb 2002

Disney and Nintendo join forces News

Walt’s company to publish its own for Game Boy Advance.

01 Feb 2002

Nintendo makes initial online move News

Looks like you may be able to buy a game online, but will you be able to play it online?

31 Jan 2002

Aussies draw the short straw News

Our Antipodean cousins will have to wait that little bit longer.

31 Jan 2002

Capcom’s Evil Focus Centred on Nintendo News

Influential survival horror takes over.

28 Jan 2002

Nintendo of America President steps down News

Minoru Arakawa has announced that he is retiring with immediate effect. The shock announcement brings 22 years of leadership to a sudden end.

28 Jan 2002

Nintendo Update! Here! Now! News

Mario Sunshine and GC Zelda in playable form, a secret title from Miyamoto and the lifespan of the GameCube revealed

28 Jan 2002

Trouble in Texas as Nintendo get tetchy with their GameCube Partners News

Retro Studios and Metroid Prime in dire trouble: New Senior Programmer needed as all other projects rattle the can.

22 Jan 2002

Crazy old Yamauchi speaks out on Japanese console future News

Pearls of wisdom from the Nintendo veteran.

21 Jan 2002

Smash Bros settles the nerves of Nintendo Japan News

Brothers gonna work it out! Japan stops 'umm-ing and aah-ing' and finally falls for the GameCube.

18 Jan 2002

Exclusive Sonic Advance screens: Here and only here! News

Seen these before? No, I didn't think so.

10 Jan 2002

Yamauchi to retire? News

Golf, honourable Mr Arakawa?

09 Jan 2002

Mario Party 4 confirmed for GameCube News

New Huson multi-player mayhem coming

04 Jan 2002

Looking Good for Nintendo News

ATI shares rocket thanks to GameCube sales.

28 Dec 2001

Has Miyamoto gone mad? News

Take a close look at Pikmin for GameCube

27 Dec 2001

Miyamoto and Iwata are going to Vegas! News

DICE summit to host Nintendo heavyweight speeches

20 Dec 2001

Euro GameCube shortage fears emerge News

Launch figure speculation reached fever-pitch

17 Dec 2001

Square and Nintendo development rumour update News

Final Fantasy for GameCube wanted by all...

13 Dec 2001

Nintendo commissions Pikmin flower: News

Finds pleasing marketing angle

12 Dec 2001

Nintendo makes Cube projections: News

Euro release date confirmed?

12 Dec 2001

What’s in a colour? News

GameCube sales soar in Japan following Spice and Jet launch

07 Dec 2001

Miyamoto reveals N64 to GameCube data transfer News

Nintendo continues tradition of ''nice gaming''

07 Dec 2001

New Super Smash Bros Melee screens News

Metroid and Fox get it on

07 Dec 2001

Nintendo speaks on GameCube success News

Gloating Nintendo flips the bird

30 Nov 2001

Secret Gamecube Title Underway at Capcom News

Ssshh. Is that the grinding of the rumour mill I hear?

28 Nov 2001

Cheap Game Boy Advance Screens Line Nintendo’s Pockets News

Nintendo of Japan has issued a revised earnings projection to its shareholders for this financial year.

28 Nov 2001

Nintendo in Over-Charging Scare News

That'll be $2000 please, Mr Shopkeeper.

28 Nov 2001

Sega Banks on Monkeys to Power the Cube News

Sega of America has announced to its board of shareholders that it expects Super Monkey Ball to be its best-selling game this year.

28 Nov 2001

China piracy boycott update: Sony and Microsoft speak News

Hardware wary of China - The players give their side

23 Nov 2001

GameCube sales figures begin to shape up News

Experts place estimates on success

23 Nov 2001

Nintendo is a sell out! News

It looks as though Nintendo cleared the shelves in America

22 Nov 2001

Game Boy Advance cartridge price set to fall! News

Nintendo lifts heavy production charge

22 Nov 2001

Resident Evil, New Screens News

Parental guidance is advised. You have been warned.

21 Nov 2001

N64 No More News

The black box that gave us so much joy rests in peace.

21 Nov 2001

GameCube US launch details. News

We take a look across the Pond as Nintendo begins the big count

19 Nov 2001

Miyamoto speaks on GameCube launch News

Plus online GameCube strategy and possible SquareSoft dig inside!

19 Nov 2001

More Microsoft Versus Nintendo Gubbins News

Xbox success will not harm GameCube launch, say experts.

16 Nov 2001

Mario Advance 2 Screens Update News

Nintendo of Japan has released two more shots from its hotly anticipated platformer Mario Advance 2.

15 Nov 2001

Nintendo wins buckets of cash in cyber-squatting victory News

Japanese giant shows it's not to be messed with

14 Nov 2001

A peek under the skirts of Smash Bros News

Game mechanic screens shown

12 Nov 2001

Namco/Nintendo link-up on new arcade technology based on GameCube rumoured News

GameCube to face Xbox in every department

09 Nov 2001

No GameCube DVD hybrid for America as Europe waits News

Will they or won't they? Amazing machine might be Jap exclusive

05 Nov 2001

New Game Boy Advance Colors revealed News

GameCube coordinated link-up displayed

05 Nov 2001

GameCube delayed until September: European industry holds its breath News

Nintendo fights smoke to prove there's no fire as delay rumour spreads

29 Oct 2001

No, it can’t be…Surely Not! News

Super Smash Brothers, hold the melee.

26 Oct 2001

New Screens for Rogue Squadron 2 on GameCube News

If you’ve ever enjoyed playing a shoot-em-up in your game playing career, Rogue Squadron 2 is a must-have title.

26 Oct 2001

GameCube hybrid details surface News

Piracy fears threaten GameCube

25 Oct 2001

American GameCube launch line-up revealed! News

A storming fifteen titles for America announced

24 Oct 2001

Microsoft begins marketing marathon as Nintendo stockpiles The Cube News

Game on as rivals prepare to lock horns

24 Oct 2001

Like Super Smash Bros: Melee News

Important and subtle marketing message from Nintendo inside

24 Oct 2001

Sega leads game company revival on the exchange News

Games bounce back to the relief of shareholders

22 Oct 2001

Game Boy Advance sales please Nintendo News

11 million before Christmas is not bad at all!

22 Oct 2001

New Game Boy Advance Model-First Look! News

Nintendo has released the first picture of the latest addition to its Game Boy Advance line up, the Midnight Blue model.

16 Oct 2001

Skies of Arcadia for Gamecube Revealed! News

Today Sony, tomorrow the world (well, Nintendo actually).

16 Oct 2001

Nintendo digs deep for smaller companies looking for next Pokemon News

Investment funds announced for developers

09 Oct 2001

GameCube DVD hybrid new details News

New info but Western release in doubt

08 Oct 2001

Nintendo to buy back shares from the West News

Western instability causes Nintendo retraction

02 Oct 2001

Four Mini Pokemon Games Revealed News

The Pokemon Mini game system from Nintendo was unveiled over the weekend. This handheld looks set to become another blank cheque for the big N.

28 Sep 2001

Iwata Speaks on Game Boy Advance Screen – “There will be no manufacturer change” News

They tried to screen (ho-ho!) the really important question, but we asked it anyway.

28 Sep 2001

Pokemon Mini Comes as Quite a Shock. Plus! Exclusive Hands-on Play Test! News

On Saturday there was a press-only event at the Nintendo Show at which, you will remember, we were promised “…an amazing Pokemon announcement.”

28 Sep 2001

Mario Kart Super Circuit tops the charts News

Latest GBA killer app does the business

27 Sep 2001

Nintendo stubborn over American launch: Company refuses retail extra units News

Japan comes first as Nintendo of America gears up for difficult launch

26 Sep 2001

Nintendo has lost the plot over its Smash Bros screenshot release strategy: Japanese options screens now available! News

Sorry about this! We wouldn't show you if we thought you didn't want to see. And you know you will take a peek

26 Sep 2001

1080 Snowboarding canned for GameCube? News

Nintendo not to go on the piste?

26 Sep 2001

American Retailers request more GameCubes. News

Microsoft makes tactical error.

25 Sep 2001

Nintendo Begins Launch Preparations News

Japanese giant to spend, spend, spend.

25 Sep 2001

GameCube Sales in Japan News

The way things are looking for Nintendo.

24 Sep 2001

Videogame share prices continue to fall News

Sell, sell, sell, Buy, buy, buy.

24 Sep 2001

Hands on with the GameCube News

The day we have been waiting for.

21 Sep 2001

Capcom and Nintendo Compete News

Companies get into bed, then go head-to-head.

21 Sep 2001

A glimpse of hope for Square on Nintendo? News

Come on Nintendo, you know you want to.

21 Sep 2001

Japanese Gamecube Launch Figures Released News

Nintendo of Japan has released details of the launch day sales figures achieved by it’s latest foray into the home console market, the GameCube.

19 Sep 2001

More Super Smash Bros Scr…zzzzzzzzz News

Nintendo has released even more screens of its upcoming GameCube fighter Super Smash Bros: Melee. And it’s starting to bug us a little bit.

18 Sep 2001

Nintendo Head Honcho Speaks. We Listen News

Nintendo Director talks on all things GameCube and why the Nintendo 64 had such troubles.

18 Sep 2001

Hope for PS2-owning Resident Evil fans! News

Exclusive, but for how long? Capcom speaks inside.

17 Sep 2001

Famitsu Rates Gamecube Launch Titles with Surprising Results: Luigi Celebrates News

Famitsu, the Japanese gaming bible, has released its scores for the launch line up of Nintendo’s GameCube console.

14 Sep 2001

Judgement Day for Nintendo News

GameCube launches in Japan.

14 Sep 2001

Nintendo Angry Over Release Date Breach in Japan News

Nintendo of Japan has reacted angrily to reported breaches of the Japanese release of its hotly anticipated GameCube console.

14 Sep 2001

TV tuner for Game Boy Advance, First Look News

More ways to entertain yourself whilst on the move.

14 Sep 2001

How to make your Game Boy Advance produce strange Mario-esque sounds! News

When it's too dark to play, enjoy sound-bites from Mario World!

12 Sep 2001

New Smash Bros: Melee screens. World in shock News

Latest Smashing shots

12 Sep 2001

A day in the life of the Nintendo hardware designer. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! News

Design guru speaks on the GameCube and Nintendo hardware history

11 Sep 2001

GameCube game and peripheral packaging revealed! News

American retail first look!

10 Sep 2001

Nintendo Elvis Talks of GameCube Controller and Possibly a Mario and Luigi Team Up News

Perfection and possibilities discussed at Nintendo.

30 Aug 2001

Diddy Kong Pilot for Game Boy Advance latest screens News

Flying monkey alert as Diddy Kong jets in

29 Aug 2001

Nintendo tempts fate and includes computer-giant logo on GameCube case. Is IBM about to do an Xbox type thingy? News

We give you the rumour that is likely to set the games world on fire

28 Aug 2001

Soul Calibur for GameCube first screens News

First look at GameCube fighter. Will the pad be up to the job?

28 Aug 2001

New Screens of Luigi’s Mansion 100% complete! News

Latest screens from one of Nintendo's stranger offerings

28 Aug 2001

Miyamoto speaks on all things SpaceWorld News

Nintendo savior give a glimpse of the inside

24 Aug 2001

Street Fighter Alpha 3 for Game Boy Advance first look! News

High grade portable violence in the palm of your hand

24 Aug 2001

Super Mario Advance 2 first look! News

He's fat, he's round, he bounces on the ground, it's Mario, it's Mario!

24 Aug 2001

Mario Sunshine and Zelda shown in running form at SpaceWorld News

At last, the missing Link for GameCube is unveiled with the help of Mario!

24 Aug 2001

IBM to License GameCube Gecko Chipset News

Consoles take the technological mantle as graphical race sees GameCube chip leave the games world.

23 Aug 2001

US GameCube Launch Delayed News

Trouble at Nintendo, or just final preparations for a perfect launch?

23 Aug 2001

Latest SpaceWorld line-up released by Nintendo! News

At 98% complete, this list is the stuff gaming dreams are made of. Further massive titles expected as surprise announcements

22 Aug 2001

Sega confirms Sonic for GameCube News

Nintendo confident of supremacy over Sega’s finest as Sonic hits the GameCube

22 Aug 2001

Xbox to headline at SpaceWorld 2001? Upstaging antics in the East News

The two new kids on the block fight for attention in Japan. This could be one of the most shortsighted marketing ploys in the history of the industry

21 Aug 2001

Nintendo secretive about Nintendo Europe Show News

Nintendo To show little new in Europe but good news for Poke-fans inside!

21 Aug 2001

Soul Calibur 2 confirmed for GameCube News

New fighting fabulousness is confirmed for GameCube

20 Aug 2001

Nintendo Still a good prospect despite share plummet News

GameCube destined for greatness. Well, duh!

20 Aug 2001

Antisocial, violent and under-developed brains. The latest attack on videogames. News

New Japanese report on the effects of gaming. Shock factor or genuine concern?

20 Aug 2001

Nintendo Releases New Smash Bros: Melee Screenshots Shocker! Captain Falcon Steps In News

Nintendo has released more screens from its upcoming GameCube fighter, Super Smash Bros: Melee, this time featuring F-Zero’s Captain Falcon.

16 Aug 2001

Sonic for GameCube about to be unveiled? News

Can Nintendo stand to be upstaged at SpaceWorld?

15 Aug 2001

GameCube online plans emerge: 2002 is switch-on time! News

GameCube to take over the Internet. Nintendo sums up business model, anxious not to trip into the hole Sega dug with the Dreamcast.

15 Aug 2001

GameCube regional lockout confirmed News

No importing for you! Waiting it is.

10 Aug 2001

Softimage GameCube Development tools complete News

Super enhanced polygon action headed to GameCube

09 Aug 2001

Nintendo unleashes Mario in Smash Bros Melee! News

It's-a me, Mario!

09 Aug 2001

Mr Serious Speaks! Kojima on GameCube coming soon? News

Kojima likes the GameCube. We also like the GameCube, and we like Kojima games. Are you thinking what we are thinking?

08 Aug 2001

Warioland Advance GBA screenshot bonanza! News

Evil old Wario back up to his old tricks. We love the to hate him. Except in Mario Kart when we just hate him

08 Aug 2001

Nintendo boss talks first and third party software and GameCube online News

What the future holds for GameCube

07 Aug 2001

New screen for Game Boy Advance as Sharp gets the boot. Thank God for that! News

Days of dull-screen Game Boy Advance gaming may soon be over. Let's hope so!

06 Aug 2001

Sega confirms two for GameCube at SpaceWorld. Argh! It sounds weird! News

Sega prepares for GameCube launch at SpaceWorld

06 Aug 2001

Rune for GameCube: First shot trickles out News

What is Rune? Tell us now!

06 Aug 2001

Nintendo stocks take a knock as city doubts sales projections News

Investors doubt Game Boy Advance sales potential

06 Aug 2001

Even More Smash Bros: Melee Shots News

Roll on, GameCube.

03 Aug 2001

New, Beautiful, Rogue Leader Screens News

LucasArts takes us into the snow. At-Ats!

02 Aug 2001

GameCube controller modified: Rumours untrue News

There are some changes, but not that many.

02 Aug 2001

Pokemon Crystal not mobile in the States News

No mobile in the States as Europe is left in the dark

01 Aug 2001

First GameCube launch details emerge News

Nintendo plays the first of its cards

01 Aug 2001

Animaniacs franchise heads to GameCube News

Warner franchise heads Nintendo's way

31 Jul 2001

Super Mario Advance 2 First Look! News

Yum yum!

30 Jul 2001

Sega boss speaks on Sonic in Melee and Nintendo RPG link News

How easy going is this guy? We like his tongue-slippery!

30 Jul 2001

Nintendo announces SpaceWorld line-up! News

But no Mario! Yet.

30 Jul 2001

Smash Bros Melee is the work of the insane. Proof inside! News

New batch of odd Melee shots. Boy this is crazy!

27 Jul 2001

Nintendo sues Enterbrain over Tear Ring Saga News

RPG dispute as employees move on

26 Jul 2001

Bowser enters the arena: New Melee shots! News

Grrr! He's big and angry, lives in a world of fire and hates having his tail pulled. Don't we all?

24 Jul 2001

Columbine publishers move to quash case News

Trial put into doubt. Poor reason given.

24 Jul 2001

Raven Blade canned as Metroid becomes Retro’s prime candidate News

Metroid stays and Raven leaves

23 Jul 2001

Exclusive: Mario Kart to be Mobile Adapter compatible! News

Racing from your phone. Eat my shell!

23 Jul 2001

New Game Boy Advance titles about to see the light of day News

First look at GBA SpaceWorld titles

20 Jul 2001

All Change at Nintendo America as Main steps down News

Nintendo prepares to say its goodbyes

20 Jul 2001

Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament News

Could be coming to London!

18 Jul 2001

Square still sniffing around Nintendo News

Wht can't we all just get along?

16 Jul 2001

New E3 Metroid screens for your viewing pleasure News

New Metroid Prime snaps!

28 Jun 2001

New Zelda and Mario GameCube details emerge News

Not long to wait now!

28 Jun 2001

Game Boy Advance: Friend or Foe? News

Rebirth of gaming or Monopoly of obsolete technologies?

28 Jun 2001

GameCube muscles up with new spec rumoured News

More powerful than we ever thought

28 Jun 2001

Pokemon outgrows Nintendo News

New firm announced to deal with the little monsters

26 Jun 2001

Tamper not with your Game Boy Advance News

Stop, take a deep breath and think about it!

25 Jun 2001

SpaceWorld promises new GameCube titles News

New Mario likely

25 Jun 2001

GameCube development runs into trouble News

GameCube development slows

25 Jun 2001

European Game Boy Advance Launch Titles Confirmed News

Launch day imminent!

21 Jun 2001

Nintendo and Sony Lock Handbags Over Sales Figures News

Let the console wars begin!

21 Jun 2001

Nintendo confirms GBA classics and renames one News

SNES games get a revamp

20 Jun 2001

Miyamoto talks about the transition to GameCube News

Elvis of games talks on Game Cube switch

19 Jun 2001

Sonic set for a rumble in Melee News

Sega and Nintendo love each other! Ahhh!

15 Jun 2001

Game Boy Advance sold out across America News

GBA shortages stateside

14 Jun 2001

Nintendo belatedly responds to Earth shattering emulation news News

Nintendo seeks to stamp out emulation

14 Jun 2001

Evidence, If You Needed It, That Pokemon is A License To Print Cash News

Pokemon sales continue make billions of dollars, literally.

31 May 2001

Tokyo Game Show Delayed News

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will have to wait an extra month to battle it out.

31 May 2001

Nintendo withdrawing all solid Game Boy Advances News

Only see-thru units from now on

29 May 2001

GameCube looks set take lead as price and date are confirmed News

Is the console race over?

24 May 2001

GameCube and Xbox launch details confirmed News

Nintendo and Microsoft set to go to war this fall.

17 May 2001

Witness the New Game Cube Logo News

We don't often get excited by logos, but we will make an exception this time.

16 May 2001

Amazing shots of new GameCube FPS News

This hot new title will keep us happy until Perfect Dark 2.

14 May 2001

Best ever StarWars Game headed to GameCube News

GameCube set to kick Darth Vader's but.

10 May 2001

Nintendo rumour mill in full swing News

What will Nintendo be doing this year?

10 May 2001

Nintendo talks about royalties whilst thanking Microsoft… Read on News

Microsoft pays for GameCube development

07 May 2001

Game Boy Advance Pretty in Pink + New Poke-word! News

One for the ladies

28 Apr 2001

Nintendo takes a beating as GameCube pessimism intensifies News

Forbes takes a swipe at Nintendo, misses, and falls flat on its face

28 Apr 2001

Can the GameCube really emerge on time? News

Is it possible that dear old Nintendo is leading us a merry dance

28 Apr 2001

GameCube Delay Confirmed by Nintendo News

Shock horror, GC hits a wall

19 Apr 2001

Mixed signals about GameCube News

The plot thickens

19 Apr 2001

Petition to Nintendo to allow Square to develop for GameCube News

Nintendo still moody over Square's N64 support.

18 Apr 2001

Game Boy Advance sells like hotcakes in Japan News

Japan goes wild for GBA

29 Mar 2001

Nintendo moves against Game Boy Advance Rumours News

GBA shortages? Not according to Nintendo

28 Mar 2001

Still no word on European release date as Nintendo pledges 1,000,000 Advances to the Americans News

What is going on at Nintendo towers? We endevour to find out.

28 Mar 2001

Namco, Konami, Sega and more comment on GameCube News

The big guns shape up behing the GameCube. Full write up.

28 Mar 2001

More good news for GameCube as IBM releases the Gekko News

The GameCube is ready to roll

28 Mar 2001

Game Boys in Shoes? Whatever next? News

We'll give you five pounds of real monopoly money for every pair of these shoes that turn up in shops.

28 Mar 2001

Saudi Arabia follows Turkey in banning Pokemon News

Evil Pokemon hoofed out of Arabia

27 Mar 2001

Metroid Advance to be a completely new game confirmed by Nintendo News

Nintendo boss talks on all things GBA especially Metroid

27 Mar 2001

Game Boy Advance shortages threaten News

Rumours spiral of Euro Game Boy Advance drout

26 Mar 2001

Nintendo Confidential letter kicks at store support for Xbox News

In store Xbox support causes rage at Nintendo HQ

23 Mar 2001

Game Boy Advance Launches in Japan News

Will all launches be like this forever?

21 Mar 2001

Gamecube To Be Higher Spec Than Published News

A combative measure against Xbox?

19 Mar 2001

Nintendo Reveals Retro Mario Madness for Game Boy Advance News

Next generation hand held to showcase 2D classics.

16 Mar 2001

Nintendo Confirms Pokemon Stadium 2 for Europe with Swanky Cart News

The Nintendo 64 battles on.

15 Mar 2001

Nintendo Uses the Tradesmens’ Entrance at Tokyo Game Show News

Sneaky goings on at TGS

15 Mar 2001

Nintendo Breaks its GameCube Silence News

At lst it's made official: You will get a GameCube... at some point in the future

14 Mar 2001

Nintendo reveals the first wave of GBA Incompatible Game Boy Games News

You really don't need to worry.

14 Mar 2001

More GameCube slippage speculation from Japan News

Is the GameCube about to make way for the Game Boy Advance

12 Mar 2001

Nintendo brings SpaceWorld to Europe, snubbing ECTS News

Pushing for show pulling power ECTS and Nintendo

12 Mar 2001

Nintendo displays massive confidence in Pokeppeal News

Pokemon Gold and Silver are set to be Nintendo's finest Euro hour

28 Feb 2001

Pokemon Gold and Silver get UK release date News

After what seems like a thousand years, Pokefans rejoice at UK launch date

28 Feb 2001

GameCube Chipsets Hit Mass Production News

Gekko chips ahoy!

27 Feb 2001

Chu Chu Rocket Game Boy Advance Details News

Frantic puzzle action to carry around

23 Feb 2001

N64 back on top as Paper Mario goes straight in at Number 1 News

Flagging N64 enjoys a rare moment in the sun

23 Feb 2001

Nintendo President on industry soapbox News

Outragous outbursts from Nintendo cheif

23 Feb 2001

GameCube Zelda Details Emerge, Miyamoto Not Directing. News

Nintendo talks openly(ish) about GameCube Zelda

21 Feb 2001

Metroid to Exceed Expectations News

Metroid shocker as Nintendo big-wigs change point of view

20 Feb 2001

Nintendo Opts to Fight Its Corner at TGS News

Japanese game giant returns to the park, bat and ball in hand

20 Feb 2001

Game Boy Advance Sees The Light News

Third-party peripherals on the way.

14 Feb 2001

Nintendo: To Delay Or Not Delay. News

There are rumours that Nintendo are now hinting at a November 2001 Japanese release for GameCube.

14 Feb 2001

US Game Boy Advance release date brings hope for Europe News

An official release date of June 11th 2001 for the American launch of Game Boy Advance was announced today, one month earlier than planned.

13 Feb 2001

Sonic gets into bed with Nintendo News

Sega have announced details of their first game for former arch-rival Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance.

12 Feb 2001

The Japan Entertainment Software Awards – the nominees News

Nominees for the 5th CESAs (Computer Entertainment Software Awards) have just been announced in Japan.

12 Feb 2001

First GameCube launch titles confirmed! News

Nintendo starts the wheels turning

07 Feb 2001

Game Boy Advance Dominates Console Sales – Shock Horror! News

Nintendo has proudly announced that its latest pocket wonder, the Game Boy Advance, has totally dominated the console charts.

07 Feb 2001

Game Boy Advance may face delays News

As Sony licks its wounds over PlayStation 2 launch, Nintendo starts to play with fire

06 Feb 2001

Squaresoft games on my Nintendo platforms, over my dead body! News

Now, now, children calm down. Shake hands, NO nose biting.

01 Feb 2001

GameBoy Advance Launch Preview News

If you have ever pondered how portable gaming will evolve over the next few years, the GameBoy Advance will have figured somewhere in your thoughts.

28 Jan 2001

New York Times damages Sega’s stock News

Financial speculation about Sega's future causes stock volatility

28 Jan 2001

The Nintendo 64 is ill, call a Doctor News

Puzzle game emerges to cure the N64

24 Jan 2001

Nintendo hard at work on Pokemon titles for GameCube and GBA News

Pokemon empire continues to grow, plus new Pokeword inside!

22 Jan 2001

Metroid Advance!!!! News

Not one but two new versions of Nintendo's classic platformer!

18 Jan 2001

The Game Boy Advance struts its multi-player stuff News

Lucky Japanese gamers are going to be able be play Mario Kart Advance on-line.

16 Jan 2001

New details emerge for Mario Advance News

The new Mario game that is making mouths water worldwide

15 Jan 2001

Pokemon Crystal is born a bit premature in Japan News

New Pokemon Game From Nintendo

18 Dec 2000

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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