SingStar - PS4

Also known as: Singstar PS3

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SingStar (PS4)
Also for: PS3
Viewed: 2D Static screen Genre:
Rhythm: Sing-Along
Media: Blu-Ray Arcade origin:No


Leveraging the social features of PS4, SingStar is now more community focused and inclusive than ever before, reinventing the classic experience for a new generation of social singers. The SingStar community continues to be at the heart of gameplay and is now seamlessly integrated into the experience. Finding friends and challenging rivals online has never been so simple and intuitive, and the new social features make it easier than ever to share unforgettable irreverent moments with friends and family, the SingStar community, or even the world. SingStar on PS4 also makes gameplay even more accessible to pick-up-and-play, introducing a new SingStar companion app that instantly turns a smartphone into a microphone and allows SingStar fans to create and manage their own playlists and ensure the party never stops!


• Turn Your Smart Phone into a Microphone – SingStar is specifically designed for the connected generation and encourages cross platform interaction, including using your Android/iOS phone as a microphone through the SingStar™ App. The free app gives players the ability to manage their playlists and queue up the best tracks to ensure the fun never stops.
• Gameplay Modes Add to the Fun–The choice is yours: play solo in single player mode, compete with a friend or family member in battle mode, sing a duet in cooperative mode, or connect with the SingStar community by sending score challenges to your friends on both PS3 and PS4.
• Enhanced Community Interaction – The social features of the PS4 make it easier than ever to introduce players to the lively and passionate SingStar community. Find and connect with new friends, rate performances and earn in-game experience and rewards for game activity, and then share your experience with the SingStar community or through social media channels, Facebook® and Twitter.
• Individualized & Personalized – SingStar offers a personalized experience for each user, introducing dynamically curated content within the main menu and offering song recommendations based on user preferences. Players can further customize their gameplay by creating their own playlists and even choosing how they share their performances.
• PlayStation 4 Camera Integration – Using the PS Camera, players can capture video and snapshots and personalize their own content for sharing. In addition, players can create cool effects during their performance using Augmented Reality, such as changing backgrounds, or choosing from AR masks on each player as he/she moves to the beat.
• Fan-Favorite Features Return on PS4 – The SingStar you know and love returns on the PS4 with classic features, including pitch detection, incorporation of real music videos, as well as microphone and camera support to enhance that on-stage feeling. With full access to the SingStore, players can access a robust library of PS4 tracks with regular updates, and themed track lists for inspiration.