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Established: 1955

1955 Namco began operations with the installation of two rocking horse rides on a department store rooftop. Increasing popularity of arcade video games fueled growth in the 60's and 70's. The Pac-Man game was a huge hit in the 80's. Leading each era by taking the concept of "play" in a variety of directions, Namco has actively pursued the creation of people's dreams.

In the 90's, Namco opened the theme parks Namco Wonder Eggs and Namco Namja Town.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Namco's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1982 title, "Xevious" (C64).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Arcade, Dreamcast, N64, Wonderswan, TurboGrafx 16, Sega Megadrive, SNES, 3DO, NEC PC Engine, Sega MegaCD, NES, C64, Spectrum 48K and Amstrad CPC. Of these, "Tekken: Dark Resurrection" (PSP), "Tekken 3" (PlayStation), "Tekken Tag Tournament" (PS2), "SoulCalibur 2" (PS2), "SoulCalibur 2" (Xbox) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2009 release "Tekken 6" (PSP).

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31 Jan 2014

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14 Sep 2011

Katsuhiro Harada: Tekken Movie is 'Terrible' News

Another Hollywood fail.

10 Aug 2010

Namco Founder Joins Miyamoto & Bushnell in Hall of Fame News

Pac-Man also welcomed.

10 Aug 2010

Street Fighter and Tekken Gets Crossover Series News

'History making' partnership sees two top fighting franchises go head to head.

26 Jul 2010

Japan Software Charts: Professor Layton Fails Rest Of Class News

Latest puzzle-adventure game only big-seller this week.

04 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Mario Kart Wii Holds Lead News

Japanese publishers dominate the top

22 Apr 2008

Apple iPod Gets Namco Classic News

Pole Position: Remix revealed

23 Jan 2008

Pac-Man’s Skull Found in the Wild - Picture Evidence News

Well, found in an art gallery

21 May 2007

Pac-Man Hits Virtual Console News

28 years old and still hungry

13 Apr 2007

What's New In The Arcades - March 07 News

Tekken 6, Afterburner, over-clocked PS3s and much more...

22 Mar 2007

Virtual Console: Turtles Vs Jason! News

Thank Nintendo It's Friday

16 Mar 2007

What's New In The Arcades News

Our brand new arcade series starts here...

26 Feb 2007

Virtual Console Update: Thank Nintendo It’s Friday! News

This week: Namco classic, Xevious

12 Jan 2007

Frame City Killer: DEAD News

Anticipated Namco title canned

18 May 2006

Ridge Racer 7. First Screens. Click Here Now News

Has Namco set out to dupe Microsoft?

28 Apr 2006

Katamari Designer Disses Revolution News

Takahashi the Heretic.

20 Apr 2006

Ridge Racer 7 for PlayStation 3 News

Confirmed. Details

20 Apr 2006

Ridge Racer 7 for PS3: More Obvious Than True News

Rumours of Namco racer true whether true or not

19 Apr 2006

Point Blank Comes to DS News

Shoot things with, erm, a mini stylus.

24 Mar 2006

Katamari – ball-rolling lunacy ends News

Keita Takahashi - SPOnG salutes you

20 Mar 2006

We Love Katamari Trailers of Joy News

EA to release Namco’s sticky ball roller.

01 Feb 2006

Japanese Publishers Outline 360 Plans News

Famitsu magazine quizzes major players.

30 Jan 2006

London’s Arcade Show Highlights News

Virtua Tennis 3 on Sega’s Lindbergh: First Look

25 Jan 2006

Play Katamari Everywhere You Go! News

Without fear of being imprisoned.

22 Dec 2005

Soul Calibur III Misses Arcade News

Shock as Namco fighter goes straight home.

16 Nov 2005

Ridge Racer 6 New Screens News

Japanese website shows RR6 coming along nicely.

07 Oct 2005

Genius! Pac-Man Movie Still on Track! News

Really. It has a director and everything…

19 Aug 2005

We Love Katamari Confirmed For Europe News

Finally, supply meets demand…

11 Aug 2005

New Xbox 360 Frame City Video Fresh From Tokyo News

Namco shows all-new action romp footage.

25 Jul 2005

Japanese Game Executives on all Things Next-Gen News

Especially money…

29 Jun 2005

Tekken 5.1 – A Revision Hits the Arcades News

Namco fighter to get tweak treatment.

24 Jun 2005

Ridge Racer Game? At a Console Launch? As if… News

Rumour mill grinds, produces videogame flour.

22 Jun 2005

Dig-Dug yes! News

Details no!

08 Jun 2005

Tekken 6 Shots Shown News

Teasing titbits...will next-gen outing relight the fire?

17 May 2005

PS3 Games list trickles through News

First news of what games you will be playing at or near day one.

17 May 2005

Namco and Bandai Deal Spawns Japanese Entertainment Behemoth News

Latest deal sees colossal new force emerge.

03 May 2005

Soul Calibur Escapes Sony Exclusivity, Makes Leap to Next-Gen News

SCIII or new game in the works right now.

06 Apr 2005

Soul Calibur III: PlayStation 2 exclusive – First Screens inside! News

Fighter goes rogue – Misses coin-op

24 Mar 2005

Tecmo’s Itagaki-san Rubbishes Tekken. Again! News

Outspoken perv-em-up godfather attacks Namco brawler.

28 Feb 2005

Tri-Force dreams revived as Mario Kart: Arcade GP rocks AOU First images! News

Misguided, beautiful, awe-inspiring. Nintendo/Namco co-work revealed

19 Feb 2005

Namco Vs Capcom Revealed. Really! Full Details Inside News

Strategy RPG with fighting. It’s just so Japanese.

26 Jan 2005

Original Tekken Augments Fifth Home Release News

Namco to revive polygonal classic.

10 Jan 2005

Katamari Damacy – Europe stunned by sequel promise News

Original to miss PAL region

30 Nov 2004

Ridge Racer on the grid for PSP launch - screens inside News

Namco's vehicular favourite shapes up on Sony handheld.

08 Nov 2004

Nintendo DS: Complete third party round-up - screens and details inside News

The first crop of games for the approximated launch window

11 Oct 2004

Tekken 5 hits London! details and screens inside News

Namco readies its new arcade machine

08 Oct 2004

Pac-Man's return bolsters early DS appeal News

Pac-Pix picks a pack of pictures

01 Oct 2004

Namco's DS Mr Driller doubles the fun News

Mmm, cartoon power tools

01 Oct 2004

Tekken Movie Details Emerge – Promise Shown News

It’s all about fighting, naturally

31 Aug 2004

Namco Vs Nintendo Soundclash! Drum Master US Tracklisting Announced News

Taiko Drum Master gets into the carnival spirit

26 Aug 2004

Katamari Damacy rolls out of Japan and picks up US release date News

Americans to enjoy addictive sticky ball action

20 Jul 2004

Japanese giants Sega, Sammy and Namco aim for consolidated online arcade offering News

Coin-op taking root in digital age as huge network looms.

30 Jun 2004

More cult Japanese stuff you can’t have! News

Hooray for plastic Namco sweet machines!

24 Jun 2004

DS bags Monkey Ball, Castlevania and Silent Hill? News

Big name developers to adapt popular franchises.

24 Jun 2004

Tekken 5 Characters Revealed News

Namco re-introduces Julia Chang, Craig Marduk and Jack 5.

21 Jun 2004

PS2 Drum Master With Drum Peripheral Confirmed for US Release News

Will a PAL version follow?

09 Jun 2004

New Ridge Racer set for Early 2005 News

Namco to revive 10 year old franchise.

08 Jun 2004

Namco Set to Unveil New Hardware for Tekken 5 News

PlayStation 2-based coin-op upgrade reported.

02 Jun 2004

Odd Dung Rolling Activity Continues News

Katamari Damacy 2 in the pipeline.

02 Jun 2004

Tekken 5 - Screens at last News

Namco fighter deluxe shows gameplay to world

01 Jun 2004

Donkey Konga: European Track List Announced News

Tubthumping with Tubthumping…

27 May 2004

Tekken 5 Chooses Platform, Sets Dates News

Namco fighter to see coin-op exclusive period.

26 May 2004

Tekken Movie Back on! Details Inside! News

Hot potato movie rights settling down.

24 May 2004

Ace Combat 5 Explained News

Like it says on the box...

14 May 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall shows expanding industry gulf News

Try and fight the cynicism beast with us as we enter publisher meltdown

13 May 2004

First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed News

Mainly from Japanese developers...

13 May 2004

Starfox Flies Cubewards News

Screenshots, scramble!

12 May 2004

Sony PSP Developers Confirmed News

Matching Nintendo’s 100-strong DS support.

12 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

Tekken 5 Confirmed: Namco Shows E3 Hand News

Fighter to show in some form – details inside.

05 May 2004

Splatterhouse! It Lives! News

Coin-op classic set for re-work at Namco.

04 May 2004

Ace Combat 5 Confirmed News

New Namco shooter in the works.

26 Mar 2004

Tekken 5 E3-Bound - Network Play Suspected News

Namco fighter hits, possibly kicks LA show.

15 Mar 2004

Japanese trademark overload! Banjo for Xbox? New Square Enix game and more inside! News

More goodness from the Tokyo patent office.

03 Feb 2004

Ridge Racer 6 Update – R: Racing Rivals Emerges! News

More patent-exposed gaming goodness inside.

21 Jan 2004

Ridge Racer 6 Taking Shape - Fresh Details Inside News

Online support, hard drive heavy and re-make loaded – first chatter emerges.

20 Jan 2004

Dead to Rights sequel announced News

This time, there's Hell to Pay.

22 Oct 2003

Donkey Konga full track listing announced! News

And it means absolutely nothing to us.

21 Oct 2003

Nintendo shamed as Miyamoto Pac-Man is relegated to freebie! News

Damage limitation begins in earnest.

16 Oct 2003

Donkey Konga! World’s first screens! News

It's one of those 'not beating them, deciding to join them' moments.

06 Oct 2003

Breakdown at X03! News

Namco newie steals the show.

17 Sep 2003

Namco and Ubi Soft win 3DO auctions News

Street Racing Syndicate and Might and Magic snapped up.

19 Aug 2003

Donkey Kong GameCube revealed News

Just like Jim Reeves, we hear the sound of distant drums.

14 Aug 2003

Microsoft and more see value in 3DO News

Asset stripping sees friendly vultures drop in

12 Aug 2003

Ridge Racer beater from Namco looms News

Details on R: Racing Evolution spring forth.

03 Jul 2003

Sega president Oguchi: Sammy merger talks still underway News

New boss speaks on future.

30 Jun 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

Time Crisis 3 details News

Grab a G-Con and unleash another hail of bullets

13 May 2003

Pac-Man's Back, Man… News

And he's still a big yellow circle who eats little yellow circles

13 May 2003

Kill, Force and then Breakdown News

Namco appeases the psychotic in us all with three more killer titles…

13 May 2003

Financial world queues up to kick Sega – EA rumour rides again News

Mismanagement blamed for merger fall-through.

09 May 2003

Update: Sega dumped by Namco News

It’s all going the way of the pear…

08 May 2003

Sega, the eternal harlot, dumps Sammy News

Escape from Pachinko slavery made good.

08 May 2003

Sega looks to Namco as way out of Pachinko slavery News

Namco confirms Sega link, gives dates

01 May 2003

Namco Spawns News

Spawn officially announced for next gen consoles.

24 Apr 2003

Sega saga takes a new twist News

Namco step into the picture.

17 Apr 2003

Coin-op Counter-Strike revealed! News

Amazement at amusement as Namco breaks ground

03 Apr 2003

New Namco girl makes us drool News

Line of excellence continues as Namco unveils latest game beauty.

21 Mar 2003

Tekken 5 under way News

Initial work down... More staff required

17 Mar 2003

Soul Calibur II dated for Europe News

It’s not the best news, folks.

04 Mar 2003

New TriForce game revealed News

GameCube link expected for Keys of Avalon.

24 Feb 2003

Soul Calibur 2 for GameCube expected next week News

Dreamcast update first look.

28 Jan 2003

Multi-format Soul Calibur 2 details News

Told you so!

15 Jan 2003

Two new game movies announced News

Tekken and Onimusha get the silver treatment

19 Dec 2002

No Soul Till Next Year News

Eagerly awaited Namco slasher is delayed. Again.

14 Nov 2002

First Ridge Racer details emerge News

Namco breaks four-year silence.

31 Oct 2002

Game rating system launches in Japan News

ELSPA/ESRB-style recommendations in games heartland.

15 Oct 2002

Electronic Arts snatches Namco European publishing rights News

Pac-Man signs with Chertsey powerhouse.

28 Sep 2002

New version of Soul Calibur II almost complete News

More balanced version of anticipated fighter ready to ship.

27 Sep 2002

JAMMA Show report News

Chihiro, TriForce and Naomi 3 in Japan.

20 Sep 2002

New Japanese game show emerges News

Osaka to see consumer event

16 Sep 2002

Tokyo Game Show titles revealed News

See what our sushi-loving gaming brethren will be playing!

10 Sep 2002

Tekken’s Yoshimitsu and Cervantes to appear in Soul Calibur 2! News

Namco starts to breed its very own crossover fighter.

12 Jul 2002

Ape Escape 2 European packaging, erm, escapes… News

At last, SCE gives us DualShock 2-powered hope!

02 Jul 2002

E3 award nominations revealed News

Let the arguments commence!

07 Jun 2002

A Rare move for Namco News

Star Fox Arcade looms for TriForce.

08 May 2002

Exclusive: Soul Calibur II European details! News

All-new gameplay details revealed.

03 May 2002

F-Zero Confirmed for E3! News

Arcade and console versions on show in Los Angeles.

03 Apr 2002

More TriForce details emerge: Arcade hardware has never been this good! News

Sega release pleasingly specific details about TriForce, the GameCube-based arcade hardware developed jointly between Nintendo, Sega and Namco.

01 Mar 2002

Huge TriForce update: First game revealed! News

More news on the GameCube offspring.

28 Feb 2002

AOU 2002 Show: TriForce Unveiled! News

New arcade technology gets first airing.

27 Feb 2002

Tekken to Become Hollywood’s Next Game-to-Movie Victim News

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Namco’s seminal 3D fighting series Tekken, will be made into an action movie in the not too distant future.

27 Feb 2002

Soul Calibur 2 Advance News

Totally sweet portable fighting from Namco!

21 Feb 2002

New arcade joint venture from Nintendo, Namco and Sega News

GameCube based coin-op platform looms

19 Feb 2002

PlayStation BB third party line-up revealed! News

Details have emerged concerning third-party support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s dedicated PlayStation 2 broadband network, PlayStation BB.

14 Feb 2002

Namco Announces Film Project News

Namco of Japan has revealed that it has commissioned its CG department to start work on a film, and set the release date for this summer.

11 Feb 2002

Soul Calibur 2 playable next month! News

GameCube N-hanced arcade title coming soon

06 Feb 2002

Tekken 4 almost ready for Release plus 3D Tekken Force: Assault News

A must have title for the fighting game enthusiast.

23 Jan 2002

Pac-Man to re-emerge onto GameCube! News

Pac-Man Worlds 2 revealed

18 Dec 2001

REZ to be launched into the arcades News

Using Namco’s crazy ORBS cabinet

18 Dec 2001

Namco unveils Smash Court Tennis for PlayStation 2 News

Warning - Not Virtua Tennis

12 Dec 2001

New Screens of Soul Calibur 2 News

"It looks really good" is the latest entry for understatement of the year.

10 Dec 2001

Tekken 4 porting on track as Japanese release date looms News

PlayStation 2 version to be complete sooner than expected

27 Nov 2001

Namco brings gaming to the disabled News

Tekken for the wheelchair user planned

26 Nov 2001

Namco/Nintendo link-up on new arcade technology based on GameCube rumoured News

GameCube to face Xbox in every department

09 Nov 2001

Namco Series is Ace News

Ace Combat on the horizon.

07 Nov 2001

Namco deep into production of an Xbox version of Soul Calibur 2 News

All games on all format seems to be the way forward for indies

02 Nov 2001

Capcom and Namco to host joint event News

GunCon showdown looms in Japan

29 Oct 2001

What’s in a Name? News

THQ in ‘Okay, here’s the deal’ record-straightening statement to all those news sites that got it slightly wrong.

26 Oct 2001

Sega leads game company revival on the exchange News

Games bounce back to the relief of shareholders

22 Oct 2001

Namco to release Soul Calibur 2 for GameCube News

The Legend Will Never Die.

01 Oct 2001

Tekken Advance Delay News

Oh well, just another day in the video games industry.

24 Sep 2001

Namco confirms three more for GameCube News

Nintendo's little box attracts more top titles.

19 Sep 2001

Namco Pulls Ace Combat ad following World Trade Centre Incident News

Sense and sensitivity (sic) Japan-style.

14 Sep 2001

Dead or Alive producer talks of Virtua Fighter 4 and Tekken 4, slamming Namco News

Battle for real as Tecmo man unleashes shocking attack on competitors

11 Sep 2001

Tokyo Game Show: First Confirmed Titles News

Major industry players unveil the goodies for Japan's home event.

07 Sep 2001

Namco and Sony Still Strong Partners News

Namco announces two A-list titles for PlayStation 2.

31 Aug 2001

Namco Lets Slip the Extent of its Xclusivity News

Support for Xbox swells as Japanese giant confirms two exclusive upcomers.

30 Aug 2001

Soul Calibur for GameCube first screens News

First look at GameCube fighter. Will the pad be up to the job?

28 Aug 2001

Namco treads carefully with Xbox announcing a deal much heralded by the US giant News

A vote of confidence or lip service for cash?

28 Aug 2001

PlayStation 2 fights to retain Tekken News

Exclusive title fight hots up as Sony feel the pinch of no upcoming killer apps after MGS 2

22 Aug 2001

Soul Calibur 2 confirmed for GameCube News

New fighting fabulousness is confirmed for GameCube

20 Aug 2001

Tekken for Game Boy Advance first look! News

The first game details and screens surface

10 Aug 2001

Tekken for GBA under threat from lawsuit News

Legal wranglings may halt Tekken production Stateside

06 Aug 2001

Tekken 3 Next for Bleemcast News

Upgrade for PSX classic.

03 Aug 2001

Tekken for Game Boy Advance coming soon! News

Portable violence in the pipeline

02 Aug 2001

Tekken 4 to duke it out with Virtua Fighter 4 in Japan News

The battle continues between Sega and Namco

01 Aug 2001

Tekken 4 detailed by Namco Arcade News

The full story for Tekken 4 detailed inside

27 Jun 2001

New Tekken 4 Details Revealed News

The king of iron fist - enter the Tekken... again.

21 Jun 2001

Namco Announces Beat-em-up Sequels News

A double dose from Japanese giant.

18 May 2001

Time Crisis 2 On The Way News


18 May 2001

Is it or isn’t it? Namco go on record about Xbox News

Namco breaks its Xbox silence

28 Apr 2001

Namco Museum set for GameBoy Advance News

Retro madness headed for GBA

24 Apr 2001

The first PlayStation 2 million seller in Europe News

Free prise if you guess correctly.

10 Apr 2001

Namco announces PlayStation 2 Soul Calibur 2 and Tekken 4 News

All new goodies from downtrodden Namco

28 Mar 2001

Is the GameCube the reason for Namco posting losses? News

Ridge Racer and Tekken rumoured

28 Mar 2001

Arm-ache evil returns with Point Blank 3 News

New details emerge for Namco's forthcoming shooting game.

28 Mar 2001

Namco tries to deal with financial strife News

PS2 to blame for poor financial results!

28 Mar 2001

Sega’s and Namco's partnership to continue News

Battling for the software tag-team championship of the world, in the left corner, introducing...

16 Feb 2001

Namco Guncon for PlayStation 2 News

Namco have finally begun development of a PlayStation 2 Guncon to replace the existing PlayStation peripheral.

12 Feb 2001

Advanced Driller Action! News

The number of reasons to buy a Game Boy Advance increases by the day.

19 Jan 2001

Tekken Advance looks to be on thin ice News

Following Nintendo Power magazine’s recent claims that Tekken would appear on the upcoming Game Boy Advance the title looked a dead cert.

16 Jan 2001

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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