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Established: 1955

1955 Namco began operations with the installation of two rocking horse rides on a department store rooftop. Increasing popularity of arcade video games fueled growth in the 60's and 70's. The Pac-Man game was a huge hit in the 80's. Leading each era by taking the concept of "play" in a variety of directions, Namco has actively pursued the creation of people's dreams.

In the 90's, Namco opened the theme parks Namco Wonder Eggs and Namco Namja Town.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Namco's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1982 title, "Xevious" (C64).

The company has been involved titles released on the PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Arcade, Dreamcast, N64, Wonderswan, TurboGrafx 16, Sega Megadrive, SNES, 3DO, NEC PC Engine, Sega MegaCD, NES, C64, Spectrum 48K and Amstrad CPC. Of these, "Tekken: Dark Resurrection" (PSP), "Tekken 3" (PlayStation), "Tekken Tag Tournament" (PS2), "SoulCalibur 2" (PS2), "SoulCalibur 2" (Xbox) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2009 release "Tekken 6" (PSP).

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Reach For The Stars… Ignition Signs Rhythmic Star!™ From Namco For Playstation® 2

Think you’ve got Rhythm, or do you dance like your Dad?

16 Feb 2006

Ubisoft puts full support behind European launch of PSP

New lineup of exciting titles to hit retail shelves in coming months.

26 Sep 2005

Street Racing Syndicate comes to Europe on PS2 and Xbox

Bling it on! Codemasters drives Namco's SRS: Street Racing Syndicate into Europe.

04 Mar 2005

Nintendo announces Street Racing Syndicate

Burn rubber with Namco’s SRS – Street Racing Syndicate when it launches in Europe on Nintendo GameCube.

08 Feb 2005

Pramesh Chauhan Joins Namco Europe Web & Mobile Content Division

Namco Europe today announced that Pramesh Chauhan has joined the company as Head of Business Development for its Web & Mobile Content division.

03 Dec 2004

PAC-MAN Grows Flippers!

Videogame legend appears in new cellphone title.

23 Nov 2004

Namco Europe Web & Mobile Division Appoints i-mode Manager

Company targeting Europe's other mobile content format.

15 Nov 2004

Mastiff Announces Technic Beat for PlayStation 2

Players dance to their own tunes in this innovative and addictive music game.

08 Jun 2004

Crisis Zone

Sony announces PS2 exclusive.

06 May 2004

Death By Degrees

Nina Williams has 'Tekken' up a new role.

07 Apr 2004

LSP announces Namco blockbusters for the PC

Hip Games and L.S.P. to publish and distribute two Namco titles on PC in Europe.

08 Dec 2003

Namco strikes strategic games partnership with O2

Namco's legendary arcade games now available on O2 Active.

14 Aug 2003


I challenge you to a dog-fight, at ten paces.

25 May 2001

Virgin Signs Driller Killer Deal

Highly-acclaimed puzzler kick-starts new Namco relationship

20 Nov 2000

Ridge Racer 5 almost ready for Western PS2 launch.

Ridge Racer 5 is about exciting gameplay, pursuing the sheer frantic fun of racing within the most realistic environment.

17 May 2000

Tekken Tag! on PS2 Oh Yes. Tekken Tag!

Tekken Tag Tournament is lightning fast and introduces one of the most intuitive control methods in gaming – ‘one button, one limb’.

17 May 2000

Dragon Valor coming shortly on PlayStation

Dragon Valor represents an all-new experience in the form of a Fantasy Role Playing game filled with swords, sorcery and giant dragons!

16 May 2000

Atari Games reclaimed from Namco

Employees reclaim Namco's share of the company

28 Dec 1986

Namco takes control of Atari Games

Japanese arcade giant acquires controlling share.

28 Dec 1985

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